Highlights | Arsenal 0-0 Manchester United | Premier League

Highlights from the 0-0 draw with Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium in the Premier League.

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100+ comentarios:

Aatham Azhiqi
Aatham Azhiqi:
VDB deserves a long, proper run in the team. Martial had his chances.
Mahtab Ahmed
Mahtab Ahmed:
Why do you never play van de beek. Like seriously, you gotta play him
Usman Shamahil
Usman Shamahil:
Rashford was so bad I hope he comes back soon. He looks like he is playing for them YouTube skill vids. Poir decision making
Raksa E36
Raksa E36:
0:27 Fred almost run for celebration, His body language can tell
Saif Shereen
Saif Shereen:
I like the way Ole is getting Cavani settle into the team, credit to Ole, I hope Jose does something similar to Bale as well.
Luthfyangga Ibrahim
Luthfyangga Ibrahim:
What happen to wan bissaka man. He's onfire, he's getting bravier aswell, go into the opposition box.
Last year we held a superb record vs the big 6 by primarily being a counter attacking side. But this season we've expanded our play & want to dominate.
The Crazy Ninja
The Crazy Ninja:
This game shows that we need another creative midfielder. Having Bruno Fernandes as our main outlet of creativity is not enough! We should sign Jack Grealish !!!!!
Rashford was glitching harder than Cyberpunk 2077.
naman kush
naman kush:
Maybe we would have won if we let arsenal score first goal 😂
Ankit Ghosh
Ankit Ghosh:
Other clubs' fans support their teams and stick by their manager while going through a bad form
But if utd lose a game and draw one even after a fantastic run people starts to find fault in the manager's tactics and racially abuse the players. It is quite disgusting.
Pls stick by the club during bad times instead of trolling them unnecessarily.
Sick Kent
Sick Kent:
Our wide players need to improve!
Bin Al Hussein Kyesswa
Bin Al Hussein Kyesswa:
Imagine arsenal side can still manage two weeks table leaders like that hope something gd at end of season 💪💪💪👏😁
J Lowery
J Lowery:
Rashford is absolutely dreadful. Play stops completely every time he gets the ball.
Absolutely devastating to watch, innit?
Henry B
Henry B:
I love Cavani but had that been Martial missing those 2 opportunities he would be getting absolutely ripped apart
ro ry
ro ry:
We need to bounce back. And soon....
Wilson Marselino
Wilson Marselino:
Where is that when Rashdord miss? No clip from that? Geez.
Ali Safeer Hyder
Ali Safeer Hyder:
In ole we trust

Guys let's not go start rattling around our team already
Ole is really strict in training don't think he's just vibes And inshallah
We'd probably get back on top soon
Theo Paul
Theo Paul:
Poor from Cavani, if only he'd taken one of those two chances. Also Donny needed to have come on. But still, glory, glory Man United. On to the next match
Chinkho Haokip
Chinkho Haokip:
Sensational play by both of the teams I am supporting mufc go get em
Hassan Dawas
Hassan Dawas:
we need to get the winning streak back
William Hartono
William Hartono:
unlucky... but arsenal played well too
Fred has really improved, but if this team plays Southampton this way, they'll kill us.
Insta Mwas
Insta Mwas:
It was so exciting😍😍
I love those cavani misses :)
Ooii Sidley
Ooii Sidley:
Marcus just getting to predictable; infuriating! Dont them forwards know how to shoot on target now? And Martial, u gotta have a change of career son.
Hayden Lau
Hayden Lau:
I am Arsenal fan but I really think that Shaw played really well last night
Einstein Ray
Einstein Ray:
If mu still play inconsistently, city absolutely take the trophy
Ivan Ivanov
Ivan Ivanov:
Парни. Я скажу только одно 8 лет уже прошло ...
Vervito United
Vervito United:
Ole is Stubborn AF with Lindelof..we're less confident on the ball with those two.
Ole not playing to win, he's playing not to lose..
Ivan Ivanov
Ivan Ivanov:
Когда Манчестер Юнайтед наконец-то выиграет Чемпионат Англии ?
Tbh in the biginning of season, my hope was top4 so... why so mad?
Christian Strong
Christian Strong:
How on Earth did Cavani miss those two chances? 🙆🙆 We should have won this game easily.
michael ryoko
michael ryoko:
Solksjaer problem is he never play the same player / formation every game.. A players need playing regularly to be a consistent team
Justice Ojule
Justice Ojule:
Very balanced game from both sides.
Nathnael Tesfa
Nathnael Tesfa:
Ole needs to change players quickly, and idk what VDB did not to feature in this match
cacing cau
cacing cau:
make some united greatest videos again pleaseeee 👍😈
Can't wait for new signing
John Weez
John Weez:
Man United and Ole back to default setting.
Ronie Iebach
Ronie Iebach:
For all Manchester United players, the way to be able to win and consistently win is every time you want to undergo a match, you have to think highly of yourself that you can beat all the teams in the league. And high confidence can definitely be number 1 and the best in the league. . Please plant these words in your heart and mind
indranil barman
indranil barman:
Thanks to ole, we even bottled our chances of winning the premier league. What a visionary manager we have..instead of going with van de beek, he goes with out of form martial..
I think when McTominay had to leave the pitch, VDB should come in. Donny was average so far, but he definitely would put a better work and performance than Martial. We were pretty unlucky with Cavani's chances and Rashford was clueless at the biggest possible opportunity.
In the title race were we? I hope the one against Sheffield and this one teaches everyone here who thought we're "in the title race".
Don Lorenzo Ent
Don Lorenzo Ent:
Come on cavani, should have scored atleast one of those chances
Muhammad Arslan Aslam Sandhu
Muhammad Arslan Aslam Sandhu:
bring in VDB
VDB POGBA Mc and Fernandes with two forwards
Rendy Inrianto
Rendy Inrianto:
the focus of the next match, and must win to be able to stick tightly to Manchester City in the top flight of the league club .... 🛑🛑
The champion of dreams 😂
We had a lot of chance but didn't utilized a single one of them
I don’t like MU but man you need a coach like Sir Alex again ffs
Oisin Flaherty
Oisin Flaherty:
I can’t take this commentator seriously 😂😂😂
nurmansyah rio
nurmansyah rio:
Saya berasal dari Indonesia,, berharap red devil menang,,tapi seri pun tidak apa2. Bola sepak itu bundar. Yg membuat tim menang itu ada 4. Teknik,, mentalitas militan,, solidaritas tim,,dan jgn lupa keberuntungan.
Gos BS
Gos BS:
Man City 😎💙🔥
Surya Antara
Surya Antara:
We need new top class striker & winger such as Kane, Haaland & Coman🔴
Shouldn't be shy to show loss to Sheffield United
we need Lingard
Arjan Ndoj
Arjan Ndoj:
Martial is too lazy from an Arsenal fan. I was impresed by Fred. Luke Shaw looks on form of his life.
Brendon Lee
Brendon Lee:
We played like bottom team trying to escape relegation, there's no way United can play without winning spirit man c'mon ;/!!!
Dahono Pringgo Yudhono
Dahono Pringgo Yudhono:
Keeep strong Mu
Manchester United simply can't even beat big six this season...they either draw or loss..winning titles is miles away
Chelsea- draw
Manchester city-draw
Arsenal (home)-loss
Arsenal (away)-draw
Yogi Nur Ghozali
Yogi Nur Ghozali:
Rizkiy 17
Rizkiy 17:
manchester city sang juara,,itu pasti 😁👍
Rivaldo Channel
Rivaldo Channel:
Master ofBloom
Master ofBloom:
1:25 what an action,how cavani miss this
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman:
put rashford at left or just bench him
Rakib hasan
Rakib hasan:
Maguire looks so tired now
Yep, just park the bus against the top 6 and pray for manna from heaven
Of martial missed those that cavani missed, he'd be getting hate. I hope martial can pick up form soon. Cavani is class
Niltu Vlogs
Niltu Vlogs:
What happened to rashford! He is playing selfish from past few games :(
Chris Berd
Chris Berd:
fred juga ada masalah long pass..apabila counter attack brlaku fred slalu akan pass kepada defender untuk lakukan long pass... fred perlu membaiki dan kerap lakukan latihan tersebut..
Football Clipz
Football Clipz:
Rashford should of scored
Michael Habtegiorgis
Michael Habtegiorgis:
1:22 best part
Rajiv Ram
Rajiv Ram:
OGS is so predictable ... He can't turn around Manchester United in another 5 years 😌😌 He needs show his balls and do proper subs on time
Syaifudin Ahmaf
Syaifudin Ahmaf:
I LOVE YOU MU❤️❤️👍👍🙏🙏
Mind of Tytanium
Mind of Tytanium:
Didn’t show the Rashford miss. It was that terrible ! Oh well
Cavani how did you miss thoooose!!!!!!!
par k
par k:
amazing martial~~~~~~~~
Benny Boi
Benny Boi:
Van de beek needs to play more for Man Utd to win games. He deserves more playing time.
We never gonna win the league with Ole
Cavani ❤️❤️
Martial took a walk again today. I wish Donny had come out.
Saahil Nagar
Saahil Nagar:
It's a disappointing result tbh but we can still come back. We just have to play smarter and faster with the ball and we will be successful. COME ON UNITED 👹
Zayed abdillah Aziz
Zayed abdillah Aziz:
The communication problem at the back has been successfully fixed and a new problem for the front line is less sharp. Hopefully in the next match there will be no more problems and we can perform better come on we can do it👊🔴And for plastic fans, don't expect the team to go too far, your pressure can interfere with their performance
Ofunwa Sitholimela
Ofunwa Sitholimela:
Well ....we can forget about winning the title now😔
We will came back the way wining and best performance no matter that draw
Aju Ajmal
Aju Ajmal:
VDB need to be played consistently inorder to get sync with the team. Drop martial
Aldo Valyanda
Aldo Valyanda:
Oh its ok for the result,at least im happy lingard gone from this team
Another draw that feels like a loss
wkwk... liverpool get trophy epl in this season.
Carloz Tevez
Carloz Tevez:
Lucky that ManUnited didn't loss against Arsenal last night
Omar Jai
Omar Jai:
United forever 😍
naveen nayak
naveen nayak:
I am city fan....but I don't know why so many complaints. ....
I watched the game.....they played well.....just didn't finish with the chances they had
Rahadian Kelik Prayoga
Rahadian Kelik Prayoga:
Season sum up so far:
+ both wingbacks been improved individually.
+ our defensive team been improved even though could’ve been better

- still lacks of 20+ goals/season striker.
- when rashy, tony, bruno under performed no one else on the team could replace them.
- missing one CB to be paired with Maguire.
- Tony (25 yo, 250k/week) should’ve been in his peak but doesn’t perform.

Target needed:
Grealish, Kounde, Haaland
Sometimes iv feel like ole should play lindeloft as a cdm with mqaquire and bailly ...tht wil give pogba/vdb to move alongside bruno ..
Jake Driver
Jake Driver:
We needed a better result today. Could fall down to third or fourth depending on how others teams results go.
Petani Muda
Petani Muda:
ketika mu balik lagi ke asal dan tempat yang selayaknya 😁
Don't play Pogba and Fernandes together. One wants to move the ball fast, the other slows the game down.

This team needs 2 world class strikers.

Wan Bissaka Man of the match.