HIGHLIGHTS | Arsenal vs Manchester United (0-0) | Premier League

Watch the best of the match action from a keenly-contested draw at Emirates Stadium.

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Enjoy match highlights, training and behind the scenes to get closer to the likes of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, David Luiz, Vivianne Miedema, Nicolas Pepe, Alexandre Lacazette, Leah Williamson, Mesut Ozil, Bernd Leno, Danielle van de Donk, Willian, Hector Bellerin, Jordan Nobbs, Bukayo Saka, Kim Little, Gabriel Martinelli, Thomas Partey and more.

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Arsenal Football Club were formed in 1886 and amassed 13 League titles, 14 FA Cups. Some of their greatest players include: Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp, Tony Adams, Ian Wright, Robert Pires, Liam Brady, Patrick Vieira, Cliff Bastin and Charlie George.

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100+ comentarios:

Drill Man
Drill Man:
The fact that everyone is disappointed with the draw today even though we didn't have Saka , Auba and Tierney shows how much we have progressed as a team. We must take each game by game and continue to rise up the table. COYG
William Q.
William Q.:
Partey's passing was off today but the team just looks so much more stable defensively with him in there. Those driving powerful runs are also something we haven't had from a midfielder for us in such a long time.
North London's Most Red - Arsenal Podcast
North London's Most Red - Arsenal Podcast:
Unreal save from Leno! Most keepers won’t save that Fred shot! 🔴⚪️
William Q.
William Q.:
Imagine how cold it would have been if Pepe scored after hitting 6 stepovers on Shaw.
Vincent Seydel-Winter
Vincent Seydel-Winter:
Let's hope Lacazette is ok
Vincent Seydel-Winter
Vincent Seydel-Winter:
Xhaka has stepped up soo much after his red card. 👏🏻
Saka and Tierney were a big miss. We would have won if they were in the team.
We could’ve had this with the likes of Tierney,Saka and Auba
Vincent Seydel-Winter
Vincent Seydel-Winter:
Pepe stepped up again🔥
Arsenal Fury
Arsenal Fury:
Martinelli showed so much class
Update & Upgrade
Update & Upgrade:
Vincent Seydel-Winter
Vincent Seydel-Winter:
Smith Rowe was still key to all of the chances we created🔥🔴⚪
Sheikh Robbie
Sheikh Robbie:
We give david luiz a lot of stick but to be fair to him he was very solid today
Offical Flo
Offical Flo:
I love how much we've progressed, earlier in the season with this squad Man Utd would have thrashed us. Now without our important players like Auba, Saka, Tierney, Gabriel, Mari, and Martinelli still being kind of injured as well, we can still match the strongest Man Utd eleven. The sky is the limit for Arsenal Fc if we keep the momentum going!
Some dude on the internet
Some dude on the internet:
No one:
Pepe sees shaw: turns into Messi🐐.
Danny da goat
Danny da goat:
dont forget we didnt have auba teiney and saka so this was a decesnt game
Veteran Frostlander
Veteran Frostlander:
If Pepe continues playing like this, there'll be one hell of a competition on the right wing.
cute cat shorts✔️
cute cat shorts✔️:
Arsenal deliberately not putting Willian's tap in miss as he'd be slated here🤣😅😭
Pepe, Martinelli and Laca were playing really good today
Bobai Magaji
Bobai Magaji:
17 points out of a possible 21 says how far we've come. Fair play to the lads...
It's nice to see Pepe improving in confidence with every game and I hope we can see his decision making improve as well.
Great match for Pepe, starting to improve
I Really missed Our Starboy Saka
omil nongpoh
omil nongpoh:
Arsenal is starting getting point every match ❤️.
Zakaria Abdi Mohammed
Zakaria Abdi Mohammed:
Was that really Pepe or Messi 🤔
The guy was really on top of his game today, he deserves to play every game.
Vincent Seydel-Winter
Vincent Seydel-Winter:
This referee was a disgrace
Glen Kightley - Everything Arsenal
Glen Kightley - Everything Arsenal:
Really missed SAKA, AUBA and TIERNEY 😭😭 But fair play to the boys ✅ I'll take the Draw
Glunt Daniel
Glunt Daniel:
Unlucky but still a decent game. I hope auba, tierney, and saka available for the next one 👍
Albert Netteh
Albert Netteh:
Great team performance.
Everybody was on point.

COYG! We Move
Olow Khan
Olow Khan:
@1:26 If Pepe passed to Lacazette no doubt it could be goal & he would be unselfish.
What a great chance it was!!
Sometimes we overcomplicate the attack! There's clear moments where the ball could've been given to laca to finish off smh
Gabonto Gabjoe
Gabonto Gabjoe:
best match exciting but without goal😔 (Leno=MOTM)👏👏
Pepe was class today 🔥🔥
E. S.
E. S.:
Martinelli was doing great, he dominated his side with pressure and intensity.... so why change him with William?? Stop with the nonsense!!
Pepes step overs though 🔥 just wish he scored
real eni
real eni:
respect to xhaka playing every game 90min+ never resting or injured
Асланбек Салатов
Асланбек Салатов:
That Leno save is magnificent 😍
Jean Jean
Jean Jean:
If we can keep on going unbeaten the whole season i believe we can make it top 4
Love the intensity. Definitely miss Auba’s pacey run and Saka’s quick touches.
How to Mathematics
How to Mathematics:
I love what Pepe was going for. If he works a little more on power and accuracy he will be very lethal in the attack.
Uptodate Itc
Uptodate Itc:
So lucky. Congrats for one point. It would be great to secure a 2nd class league ticket 21/22.
kelvin nkenta
kelvin nkenta:
looking at the goal pepe missed, while laca was all alone unmarkeked. saka would have given that ball to Laca and that would have been a goal. we really missed Saka
agent bankz
agent bankz:
Pepe really played well, he was very good but the guy is selfish when passing creating chances, he could have passed the ball to laca but refused, he could have to the open player when the opportunity chance was there.... Good work team we did well
Firman Arvand
Firman Arvand:
Not at tge best performance but good work for this match, still need chemistry👏👏
I'm impressed with our performance despite only a draw. We didn't have Saka, tierney and auba
I'm a Spurs fan but Fernandez should've got a Straight red for that dirty tackle against Xhaka
Sena Tazbil
Sena Tazbil:
Thanks You 2 club... For ManCity💙 peringkat 1..Insya Allah konsisten😗😗
Rahul Satish
Rahul Satish:
We held off against a top form Manu with players missing from our side.. This was a good one.. Nerve wracking to watch but a good game with both sides having near misses.
Ferry Sitorus
Ferry Sitorus:
The team needs more work as a team, not only individual skill.

Pepe needs see another player's position before shot the ball.
Ruella Dlima
Ruella Dlima:
The fact that we didn't have 3 of our best players and still drew is very good
Gary The Snail
Gary The Snail:
Good display. Good work ethic and everyone dug in. We can't win every game
"It was an average Arsenal Side"
~ Paul Scholes

We were missing key players at the front but Cavani was really close to scoring against our defence multiple times! Its a worrying situation at the back when against high-intensity teams like Manu and Liverpool
Fernando Odorizzi
Fernando Odorizzi:
Vincent Seydel-Winter
Vincent Seydel-Winter:
Maguire should have got a red
Yo CLicKZ:
The fact that we managed to get a draw against that United squad without Saka, Auba and Tierny is a huge deal as I am sure if we had them in the line up then tonight the result would have been different.
oidov tumurbat
oidov tumurbat:
Pepe is a good player nice performance. But maybe he needs to improve his passing skill.
Obasi Chukwuebuka
Obasi Chukwuebuka:
Noticed Nicolas Pepe got into the box more frequently on the right than usual.... We need more of this
Abhishek Thapa
Abhishek Thapa:
Pepe played well today but why can't he pass Omg 🤧
Lyon Joel
Lyon Joel:
World class save from Leno 🤩!! Keep it 💯!!
Mubashwir Rahman
Mubashwir Rahman:
Arsenal played well,Arteta is doing good💝
Natenael Nesibu
Natenael Nesibu:
Missing SAKA!!!!! :(
My man Cavani having the most shots off target
Mr Green
Mr Green:
The result doesn't do much for us in the table, but it was a solid performance that will hopefully keep our momentum going into a run of tricky but winnable games.
S. Perkins
S. Perkins:
first half pepe was the 72mil we bought him for.....hope e continue running at defenders like that
It can be hard to start watching highlights of a game that's ended 0-0
Omar Yahya
Omar Yahya:
We take the point and move on to Wolves on Tuesday
LoganCLBANTA Loganbantz
LoganCLBANTA Loganbantz:
Good performance and good draw
Blessed One
Blessed One:
Our team played well am impressed by our progress as a team.
Rebecca Blumstein
Rebecca Blumstein:
Leno what a keeper
Samuel Nesina
Samuel Nesina:
I think it was a good match except that Pepe and Cavani forgot to target
Eric Asante
Eric Asante:
Now we have seen differences in our team performance guys should take their chances clearly and score goals for us 🙏🙏🙏🇱🇾🇱🇾
Man City : "Arsenal thank you"
Liverpool : "Man City Please Wait".
Evan C
Evan C:
As usual, Man U getting away with all the fouls. Bruno's tackle on Xhaka should have been at least a yellow
Noble Arch
Noble Arch:
Foken hell, pass the ball lad!
Ishmah ke
Ishmah ke:
Arsenal should be grateful to manu, this is the third consecutive season and they have been awarded for points in each season....
Tbh I closed the TV straight away when I saw agent Willian come on 😂
Ilham Fumii26
Ilham Fumii26:
hasil yang adil untuk kedua tim😊😊😊
William actually didn't play too bad..did move forward and find spaces but his final touch always let him down
frank gunner
frank gunner:
With certain players putting in below average performance's and key players missing a draw is ok imo.
Sam Rowbotham
Sam Rowbotham:
8 weeks ago we would have lost that game so I see it as a point gained the most pleasing aspect is another clean sheet. When everyone is fit I am sure we are going to really smash some teams by 5 and 6 goals. The best starting 11 is now starting to take shape in the manager's mind. If Xhaka can maintain that form the club won't need to bring in a Bissouma, just need a left-back to cover Tierney. Pepe is starting to show his ability its all starting to come together after a difficult start to the season.
Ritesh Acharya
Ritesh Acharya:
Shortest highlights of the season 😂?
The game was really even though.
Tondiku Tondi
Tondiku Tondi:
A less slick attack requires strikers and wings who can really contribute to attack. keep the spirit of the gooners
Shinomiya Kaguya
Shinomiya Kaguya:
Both teams went for the win,And defended well.Both had their chances but no goals.On to the next game COYG
Maaniu Mohamed
Maaniu Mohamed:
Foul on Xhaka, if reversed ( arsenal player foul on Man Utd player, ) it would have been an easy yellow at the very least.
0:10 damn great save
"Start saka and gabriel" - Albert Einstein
Khairul Arief
Khairul Arief:
Cavani and Pepe just so unlucky, the games gonna different if one of them scores.
People thought we were gonna get turned over but even with 3 key players out we show we can compete with the best
Gallant Fajar Rahmadan
Gallant Fajar Rahmadan:
Fair result for arsenal without 3 key players on the pitch. Luiz-Holding played well and could cover the overlapping wing back. Air domination, great zoning + man-oriented pressing combined, relatively calm and stable behind. Arteta made a right decision to put Luiz over Gabriel, fairly due to aggressivity, experiences, and calmness.

Pertey played poor today, perhaps due to his fitness rate or injury. But, I still prefer xhaka-ceba as double pivots to xhaka-partey or ceba-partey cuz xhaka has offered more devensive duty and ball winning role (he can dictate the tempo as well) and ceba fits as a roaming playmaker, instead of a conventional box-to-box.

For martinelli, I prefer to put him as number 10 as a shadow striker, instead of winger (either interverted or cut inside). He has a goal instinct and it's a bit wasting if he is put on the wing (assumption when all is fit). He will be the option if arsenal'd like to play more opportunistic and count on rebound/ second-line shots.

Hopefully, Arsenal can march on
Edinson cavani doing what he does best!
Little B
Little B:
It is a miracle to get 1 point.
Remember *Willian* came in after the break.
Ole exposed for his lack of coaching once again. Man management and that’s all he offers. OLE OUT!!!
D K:
Somebody add the deadeye chemistry to Pepe please, the boy got everything but the finish.
Mario •Death To All• Yamasaki
Mario •Death To All• Yamasaki:
Thank god cavani and maguire was playing😂
Aiden O'Lone
Aiden O'Lone:
when i seen William come on at half time my hope us winning completely went but i do think he made more of effort this game, I just hope he can push on and improve because I don't like to see a player get abused as much as he is
foday david mansaray
foday david mansaray:
The result is encouraging
Please Pepe, train your shots
Visor View
Visor View:
Cavani = Pepe finishing chances in this match🤣
Arya Karkera
Arya Karkera:
Whenever Pepe and Willian play we have a goaless game.
We are fortunate Cavani didn't score his sitters, coz you can only wish that opponent doesn't score as you know you are not going to with the likes of Pepe and Willian upfront.
This is the same type of game when we were in the goaless streak in 2020