Highlights | Aston Villa 2-3 Tottenham Hotspur

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Crip Cooke
Crip Cooke:
Reina is right to fume at the slow response following his penalty save. That was ridiculous and cost us a goal.
Head up lads, if we can attack like that for the rest of the season we’ll be fine. Defence still scares me but hopefully Tyrone coming back will help that UTV
jeremiah Jonas
jeremiah Jonas:
Anayeamin kuwa samatta akitokaga lazma jamaa wasawazishee golii aweke like😃😃
Find it bizzare Connor is on the bench every game and shitewater starts can't pass a ball a yard in front of in without giving it away
You can tell on replay that Samatta had perfect timing for the header on that ball if the defender didn't get a foot to it, so likely a goal either way.
Gido Salapion
Gido Salapion:
Aston villa, you cant believe all Tanzanians now we are fans of you. Keep going we are with [email protected]
Bob Morefire
Bob Morefire:
Keep it up VILLA... keep it up SAMATTA 🇹🇿🇹🇿
philly d
philly d:
Need to go with a back 4 again. Mings and Engels was very solid at the start of the season and now with Samatta up front we should be able to attack better than we was doing the last time we played 433.
Kilaga online
Kilaga online:
Mtanzania wa kwanza kfka hapa like jaman🇹🇿🇹🇿🇹🇿🇹🇿🇹🇿
Paul Waring
Paul Waring:
Taxi for Drinkwater now a complete joke. UTV
Moses C Ulinje
Moses C Ulinje:
Team samatta like apa nijue tuko wangap 🇹🇿🇹🇿
Phil McAvity
Phil McAvity:
Villa players should have been sprinting into the box as that penalty was struck! Those 1%ers make all the difference.
Daniel Simon
Daniel Simon:
Kama unaamini Jamaa kajifunga kwa kumwogopa samatta gonga like
Winfred Bespoke
Winfred Bespoke:
I'm so disappointed that we have lost the game! But I hope you will do better in the next match, LOVE FROM TANZANIA
DeAndre Doncic
DeAndre Doncic:
well, it was painful
Fair play to the Beeb, they gave a good analysis of the game tonight, praised Jack and said again that he must be in the England team. Interestingly when the pen was taken some of the spurs plays were well back from the edge of the penalty area, but made a run in when as the kick was about to be taken. So they had a running start at that point. Our players mostly just stood at the edge of the box like ornaments.
Keith Bates
Keith Bates:
Story of our season really very poor defensively concede way too easily... Running out of time to fix it.. Come on villa we have enough to stay up... We have to beat Southampton just have too
Hip 2 Da Game
Hip 2 Da Game:
During the course of a season, when you can play well but always find a way to throw it away (multiple times) , or you can have a man advantage and not make it count (multiple times) you can also find yourself relegated at the end of the season. And we will because we clearly aren't learning
Ian Tarry
Ian Tarry:
Once again we give it away in the last 10 - 15 mins.
Frank Francis
Frank Francis:
Am really in awe with the spirit of this team, we can almost see if you get the right ball in the box, Samatta is like a fox in the box, he can smell a space to exploit inside the box, we need to create more chances, to make our odds greater,
Young Kiddy
Young Kiddy:
Keep on going samatta
Lucas Shayo
Lucas Shayo:
Tatizo mlimtoa samata ndo maana mmefungwa 😒
owen bancroft
owen bancroft:
Pepe reina 🤝 grealish 😍
Villian gaming legend
Villian gaming legend:
What the point in having one of the best defenders the premier league has ever seen as a coach when we still can't defend. Our centre backs need a hammering because all 3 made costly errors today.
D F:
Drinkwater cannot start another game for us if this is how he performs, looks like he's won a competition to be in our side. Nakamba should've started the game and then Hourihane should've came on if we needed energy. Just don't see what Drinkwater brings to our team.
Kelvin Jonathan
Kelvin Jonathan:
Yo just have to be careful with those last minutes, good game though.
Son deserved it he really hassled for it.....
akash narain
akash narain:
The best commentating line was : It's Pepe Reina from Defoe to Son.
Nyalys MswatiJr
Nyalys MswatiJr:
Hakuna kukata tamaa💪🏿💪🏿
Mohamed Nabil_76
Mohamed Nabil_76:
Nkampa has a defensive balance from the stadium text and is supposed to play continuously from the beginning, and if easy and naive mistakes continue, the team will pay for it very expensive
Seif Zongo
Seif Zongo:
Love from Tanzania ....samagoal
Marcus Aries
Marcus Aries:
I was there
Raha Comedy
Raha Comedy:
Tanzania we still here til end
Get in the spurs!! #KRO
Young Kiddy
Young Kiddy:
I need like for samatta
Well done Engles i always knew you were terrible 👏👏👏👏
A MoTiari
A MoTiari:
Great channel
Gucci J
Gucci J:
Samata 😂 ndo kanileta huku
La Mas Conchuda
La Mas Conchuda:
Mou Crack!
FFS! How is it only 1 Villa defender is running in on that penalty, yet my under 11's will all follow in on any penalty kick?
muhammad fauzan al hafidz
muhammad fauzan al hafidz:
Reina save was 👍 but so pity of him conceded later
N Fa
N Fa:
On what planet was that not a penalty. Third rate managers like Dean Smith have their excuses ready when they bottle games
I wave
I wave:
Douglas luiz was fantastic for us today, as for drinkwater, well just awful his name should be d.hydrated
charles bill
charles bill:
In the end we're all going to run out of excuses, just not good enough.
Samagoal Samagoal ralalalallllllllllllll
Орест Стриківський
Орест Стриківський:
Fatma Haroun
Fatma Haroun:
Should have stick to Son like glue!
Kieran Harriman
Kieran Harriman:
There today. Left with a real bad taste in my mouth. Not the balti pie. First please Deano don’t play Drinkwater over Hourihane or Nekamba. He’s just not match ready. Looks amateur. We played well overall. Promising performance. But yet again we just can’t play out games. It’s not even funny anymore. Worst defence in the Prem. more goals conceded than anyone else on set pieces. Deano I love ya but please work on our weaknesses. You’re coming across as stubborn. Mings is such a good leader we missed him. When Jack goes and he will, Mings needs the captains armband. We have lost so many points on draws it’s untrue. All those single points lost will ultimately cost us. Until today we had same number of wins as Arsenal. Tells a story. Come on Villa. Please pull out the stops and get some bloody points!!!!
Reet Pateet
Reet Pateet:
Sadly, Dean is getting on my nerves, why oh why Drinkwater is chosen over Hourihane is beyond me. I’m beginning to wonder if he’s the right man, and that hurts me to say it.
mad max
mad max:
Villa played well. Once again let the lead slip away. Need to start hourihane if anyone can take a free kick it's definitely him. Utv
Sean Lee
Sean Lee:
I felt like Aston Villa should've won that one. As a spurs fan your offence was dominating. good luck to aston villa!
Рабочий Городок
Рабочий Городок:
Pepe Reina very good.
Paul Callender
Paul Callender:
Keep right on !!
Диас Диасов
Диас Диасов:
SON ❤❤❤❤
Hoang Viet Vu
Hoang Viet Vu:
So many mistakes, than you will be condemned
I think it's a bad dream.. It's not true..😠 Nature has conspired against us but ASTON VILLA it is like a Lerna Hydra in Greek Mythology.. It has many heads 💪 COME ON VILLA fan from Greece
Nassal Nassor
Nassal Nassor:
Samata big ap
Where was mings?
Gemma Gaskins
Gemma Gaskins:
How was that a penalty?!
just play like this for the rest of the season lads. deserved to draw if not win this game.
K Liu
K Liu:
Correct me if I were wrong, we lost every single game when Engels is on. For this match, first penalty then he lost the ball... a simple kick away, i'm not sure why his on the first squad.
Robert Peter White
Robert Peter White:
Big Let out disgusting.
Frankley Talking
Frankley Talking:
Never a penalty
The Mskhouse
The Mskhouse:
VAR is a lier
Nurdini Mndeme
Nurdini Mndeme:
libeki lijinga limekosa mpira na kuikosti Team !
angalau ingekua droo tupate point 1 ....so sad