Highlights | Aston Villa v Manchester United | Pre-Season 2020/21

See all the highlights and reaction to Manchester United's pre-season friendly against Aston Villa at Villa Park.

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100+ comentarios:

C P:
Villa fan here, United played well and had amazing creativity, on another day you'd have won that 3 or 4 to 1 but credit to our lads they opened up the man U defending and made the goal look easy and was happy with the die hard defending against your attempts because last season that would have gone in, Villa beat Man United and Arsenal in the pre season games which is a boost for us but these games aren't where it counts and I'm pretty sure United will be firing on all cylinders as the season starts ;-)
Is it me or when we face teams their goalkeeper turns into prime Buffon or something
Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo:
Let’s appreciate DJ’s effort, he played well
Arun Hundal
Arun Hundal:
Really don’t understand why people don’t rate Ighalo? His finishing is not amazing but his all round game is great for a centre forward.
I feel awful for james because he created so many chances for his teammates 🙄🙄🙄
Raphael Solitario
Raphael Solitario:
Many positives to take from this. Lingard finding his form, mctominay balling, james better on the left, van de beek making dangerous runs, ighalo playing well. But we need to be more clinical
Anderson Ojo
Anderson Ojo:
Almost everyone played well in this game actually, Lingard is looking a lot livelier, at least our players can find the target, it's about finishing our chances now.
jxda764 d
jxda764 d:
a lot of positives taken from this game giving the youngsters a chance many chances created maybe James should've finished 1 of those 2 chances he had also great to see Mctominay out there 1st half of the last season he showed us what he was really about a mature CDM
Everything went through Donny, he’s gonna he huge for us this season
Nimish Londhe
Nimish Londhe:
1:53- the way Aston villa players were defending the corner putting bodies on the line. Thats the desire our Man utd defenders need
Scottie has improved technically, hope he will continue in the same way. Dan James is clinical with passes in the box he need to be more stronger and work dribbles.
Chukwuebuka Anafulu
Chukwuebuka Anafulu:
Never felt so satisfied with a performance that ended in a loss....they played well and I believe they'll do better this season than the last.
Abdirisak Awes
Abdirisak Awes:
Van De Beek Played Well. Can't wait for the actual tournament.
We need a backup for martial, you can see the difference when he’s on and off the pitch
Itchy Fingers
Itchy Fingers:
The quality displayed by Scott is enough to grab a XI spot.Versatility,vision,technique and a sprinkle of roughness.....a new Carrick in the making💪
Lil Redd
Lil Redd:
Van de beek makes the rest of our midfield that played look so poor he’s the prime example of why we need a clear out and why we need to buy more foreign players
Based on the highlight they didn’t played that bad,need to be better in front of goal and their goalie was great
Ñoor Sorrentiño
Ñoor Sorrentiño:
This was a warm up for united am sure , great season awaits us all❤
Nathram King
Nathram King:
If Daniel james plays like that this year, he's going to be a dangerous winger
Justice for Guts
Justice for Guts:
Dan James plays really well when he’s played as a left winger
Lionel Sibanda
Lionel Sibanda:
Lads played really well. James, Lingard, Scotty and VDB were excellent but I still think we need to be more clinical and having an outright striker would really help
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi:
Lingard actually played well, Villa's defence was amazing, that wasn't our first team so once out first team gets back, and once we hopefully sign Sancho, we'd tear up the PL 🔥🔥
Sam Sarfo
Sam Sarfo:
Amazing performance....👏👏👏👏
Joshua Matulka
Joshua Matulka:
I acc think we played quite well especially seeing the starting 11 we put out. Also nice to see ethan galbraithe betting minutes
Jon Stall
Jon Stall:
Behind Bruno, McTominay is our 2nd best midfielder. There, I said it. And this is taking into account that he is still pretty raw and improving. He is fearless and embodies how we should be playing all the time.
Carlos Dos Santos
Carlos Dos Santos:
Yes we lost we can’t hide it but the performance was decent even if it was our second team let’s get the REINFORCEMENTS that we need and let’s see how the season goes
We still miss that finishing touch . That knocked out us from last season's cups
keep improving lads ✋🏻 ! glad to see vdb on the pitch 😍
James' crossing has got 10x better, his reading of the game has also gotten better
Thanks Giggsy
N o T e
N o T e:
As much as that was a lost, I still saw improvements from last season. That wasn’t our strongest squad but creativity and movement was up there. Van took advantage of the spacing, McTominay confidence is getting even greater, didn’t see much of the defense, but if it stays the same as last season we will have to score to win or draw. Like Shaw’s looking great, missed him the last part of the season, Williams was great but the creativity and overlapping Luke Shaw brought wasn’t there.
Lingard will have a strong comeback this season I can feel it
blade runner6789
blade runner6789:
Van De Beek is already smooth. He is a nice playmaker. I like him. We need more.
I think Manchester United have done well in this match and it just goes to show us all how influential Bruno is and how Rashford can't really play without martial been around... I still don't think we need Sancho one bit
Just a slight tumble! Great thing is we got some minutes in for our players, hopefully with all the players coming back in we will be able to start the season strong.

The lack of pre-season games in between leading up to the opening will be worrying but let’s see how we perform.
Captain PyredBello
Captain PyredBello:
Mc Tominay seems to improve somehow. He shoud make the starting lineup this season.
Karim Scaterovic
Karim Scaterovic:
Why is nobody talking about the finish from Watkins. Outstanding finish 👏🏾
Sysvn Crvzy
Sysvn Crvzy:
Great game lads, was nice to see Scott dancing through the midfield, Donny looking like he belongs, Luke rediscovering his sharpness back so early and Ethan Galbraith running forward and taking chances. Still building from a great ending to last season, but it looks like United again ❤️🚨👹
Jahmani Maxwell
Jahmani Maxwell:
I think we played well, especially VDB, James and Lingard 👌
Saahil Nagar
Saahil Nagar:
We lost the friendly but who cares
Dan James was phenomenal
Tim Fonsu Mensah was amazing in center back
Donny Van de Beek was amazing with his passes and skills
Mctominay was fearless. We played well and GGMU
Kobby Osei
Kobby Osei:
I think we played well but this shows we need additional signings for squad depth and our forwards should train on their finishing since the Lask game we have been creating a lot of chances but we weren't clinical I hope ole trains them on that
TaeYoon Bangtanie's
TaeYoon Bangtanie's:
Beek saw James, but James couldn't ....
Rotten Tomatoes Review KE
Rotten Tomatoes Review KE:
This is exactly how we gonna play the whole season...No hopes of winning anything.
Cesar Milo
Cesar Milo:
honestly speaking james needs more game time ...since joining Man i never doubted him
Casper Sam
Casper Sam:
I think the forwards confidence must improve, I will love it when they shoot on target with that morale. Those who watched man u vs Tottenham knows what I mean, Rashford was a really aubamayeny ......
lingard did well. james did well. ighalo did well. donny did amazing. looking forward to the new season!
Sanket Rane
Sanket Rane:
James seems to have improved.. He put many crosses into the box.. VDB played well
You always know when Rashford is straight through past the last defender...that absolutely nothing is going to happen.
Epul Lee
Epul Lee:
Well played Manchester United 💪💪💪💪
Some great saves by the Villa keeper, keep an eye on him.
stormy reactant6
stormy reactant6:
Lingard is on fire this season🔥
I think James did great..i hope he gets much game time this season
Raghul Krishnan Rajamani
Raghul Krishnan Rajamani:
Dan James plays well on the left than on the right. Van De Beek has found his position. Scott McTominay's passing vision is great. Luke Shaw is back. Lingard seems more confident. Still Greenwood is the only person who can play on the right and the defensive woes continue.
Cascade L
Cascade L:
James is definitely getting better and that's because he had a long rest to have a look at what his teammates were doing.
Neil Luhar
Neil Luhar:
Aston Villa has one chance and one goal. If we want to be a high energy high possession attacking team then the defense always has to be switched on for the forays that the other team will have maybe once or twice a game. We saw it against Sevilla which was completely unacceptable.
Surya Antara
Surya Antara:
That's why we still need to sign one or two great players for squad depth..
Adrian Lim
Adrian Lim:
lots of chances created. finishing failed them. Signing a forward that matches MU DNA in current market is just a miracle. Ighalo is great all rounder target man, but we need that killer instinct like Ibra to make it count.
Diptarup Dhar
Diptarup Dhar:
Team was playing quite well... Specially van de beek, James, shaw and ighalo ...not so bad as reported in different news portals ... Let's wait to see the first game against palace .. I am optimistic
0:21 what a play, simple passing and dribling to open up the space and cross the ball to the middle. Just need to be more clinical or maybe a new fresh clinical forward.
Interesting what the reactions would have been if De Gea would have conceded such a goal 🤔
Elton Toledo
Elton Toledo:
Great highlights and thanks for no spoiler alerts.
We played well
But the Central Defenders need to perform better
That's why We want a CB
serdy ximi
serdy ximi:
If Daniel james plays like that this year, he's going to be a dangerous winger
We actually played quite well, just need that little extra quality to see the ball past the bodies.
Villa park looking stunning as ever 🦁
Nisam Ti Ja Kriv
Nisam Ti Ja Kriv:
0:48 this counter is crazy 😍😍😍
Mohd Hafiz
Mohd Hafiz:
All eye on van de beek 🔥
Shallia Sam Kamanga
Shallia Sam Kamanga:
Regardless of the results, the lads put up a great game. The line-up was so, so wrong!!
Narendra Deva
Narendra Deva:
James amazing gameplay ♥️
Arctic Firefly
Arctic Firefly:
Created a few chances, denied by a few brilliant saves from Steer, and minutes in the bank. It's a weird pre-season, so we'll only have to look forward.
We'll have to be more clinical though.
Vivek Mathai
Vivek Mathai:
Shaw, James and Lingard looked pretty sharp. We still look weak at CB though. Maguire was caught out a bunch of times.
M Z:
Not a bad performance tho, shows that we really need a top striker with pure finishing touch
Martin Cadwallader
Martin Cadwallader:
The teams starting to come together now
Not gonna lie. I'm worried about Villa this season. I love Deano but I think he's taken us as far as he can. He has a lower league mentality. We could have signed Benrahma for less than Watkins.
United's kit makes them look like zebras!!! 🦓
Aston villas goalies save was superb!
senni bgon
senni bgon:
Mc Tominay seems to improve somehow. He shoud make the starting lineup this season.
yasio bolo
yasio bolo:
Mc Tominay seems to improve somehow. He shoud make the starting lineup this season.
Rock girl
Rock girl:
Mc Tominay seems to improve somehow. He shoud make the starting lineup this season.
Joshua Monye
Joshua Monye:
Ighalo's touch to pass to rashford was 👏 at 0.55
Denzel Ng
Denzel Ng:
So many chances wasted in the box from crosses Edit: Lingard finally playing well
Craig Davies
Craig Davies:
The kit reminds me of the camouflage used on ships in ww2 to confuse the enemy of the heading of the ship. His could be happening to the players passing the ball to other players.
Ben baller did the chain
Ben baller did the chain:
I think I know our finishing issue. We don’t smash it enough keepers predict the placing shots way tooo often.
Lukeuntld072 V
Lukeuntld072 V:
That first header tough. Head of stone
balakrishnA vangavallu
balakrishnA vangavallu:
I think Dan James should find some other team because this man United team cannot use him ....I'm a man United fan and I like this fantastic lad who scored some beautiful goals at the start of the season for us
Adhi Rekso
Adhi Rekso:
I thought we played bad. But we played decent though. Not the full team yet but Van Der beek fits in perfectly. Hoping for more signings whether its Sancho or not need more quality to fight for premier league. GGMU
L A W D:
i know its just a friendly, but McTominay is looking really sharp ! gonna be interesting to see who Ole is gonna pair Pogba with in midfield
Jake March-Jones
Jake March-Jones:
That first ten seconds showed EXACTLY the problem with United defensively. Villa pressed and it was hoofed up out of play. Poor.
Syaddad Alfaris
Syaddad Alfaris:
Scott still got it, he's ready to fight his position.
3:01 c'mon Marcus it doesn't always work, u can cross it to Maguire in the box
Criz TheKid
Criz TheKid:
i dont know the more i see this kit i like to love it
takatso mampuru
takatso mampuru:
james was looking lively this game, we should carry on playing him in LW instead of RW
Well hello there
Well hello there:
Van De Beek and McTominay bossed it out there. Steer was great for them as well
Paul Rodgers
Paul Rodgers:
A positive display even though Utd lost
Procheto Das Gupta 0039
Procheto Das Gupta 0039:
This match proves that we desparately need Sancho and Upamecano.
Manish Lama
Manish Lama:
Wow ...what a performance red great.yes we didnt win still we have now qualite in some position and vdb was awesome
Will the Cua
Will the Cua:
James and Lingard improved a lot from the break! Well done
Hassan Ahmed
Hassan Ahmed:
we probably wouldve won with bruno we made so much chances but didnt finish.i think lingard and mc tominay didnt have a bad game tbh
We need to strengthen our squad.
Andrew A. Garshong
Andrew A. Garshong:
VDB is quality. James should keep working on his finishing and delivery, only things left for him to get up there
AFK News
AFK News:
Villa was destined to play Manchester on Saturday and to win, sadly it didnt went as planned and to play vs City. :(
Tristan Dos Remendos
Tristan Dos Remendos:
Van de Beek was pretty solid for a first game
The Silent Melody
The Silent Melody:
Those valuable minutes all gone without winning.. 🤧🤧😤😤