Highlights Athletic Club vs FC Barcelona (2-3)

FC Barcelona won against Athletic Club with a goal of Pedri and a brace of Messi #AthleticBarça Matchday 02 LaLiga Santander 2020/2021

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100+ comentarios:

Šimun Ijima
Šimun Ijima:
Messi's game today was just beautiful to watch.
False 9 Messi is just breathtaking.
Doy Boy
Doy Boy:
That de jong assist was beautifull
Roko Markov
Roko Markov:
Messi and Pedri what a duo 🔥🔥🔥
That guy Pedri, what a player so far. every game he is doing important things. Just imagine him with Fati and Messi on their top🔥
Big Fish beatz
Big Fish beatz:
Messi is truly the greatest of all time. Its just about how he plays football.
Messi: **Shoots**
Post: I'm gonna ruin this man's whole day
angelle tracie
angelle tracie:
I was just smiling through the whole match 😂😂😂honestly I feel I needed this match today. Messi makes it look soo easy. I get chills everytime I watch him, just perfection I will say
Owain Thomas
Owain Thomas:
Pedri is going to be a star, what a young talent he is!
Real Nimrod
Real Nimrod:
Messi: Aight Imma score a hat trick in this game
The post: Miss me?
Kasper Oxholm Broesby-Olsen
Kasper Oxholm Broesby-Olsen:
Messi is the unstoppable GOAT. No like he is actually the best footballplayer of all time
Quick Note; even though messi gave away the ball leading to the second goal, he tried to get back something he didn't do in the bayern loss... messi is feeling a lot better mentally and his performance showed that. Visca Barca
John Davies
John Davies:
I love how even when he made the mistake messi still had the urgency to sprint back and compensate for it which is what a few barca players lack, urgency and passion
McBrian Miller
McBrian Miller:
I really love to see Barca win games. Messi the G. O. A. T
Imagine an attack with pedri ansu fati dembele and Messi
Messi back in form, whole team working together and playing well... I hope this signifies the turning point for barca
Feed Me To My Enemies
Feed Me To My Enemies:
Such a joy to see Messi back. Been playing with a broken heart for months and finally with Pedri as an understudy, he finally looks happy and sharp again
Thomas Nichol
Thomas Nichol:
Messi and Pedri were class but De Jong is also killing it.
Soler Deus
Soler Deus:
He needed that rest... GOAT
Rose Luca
Rose Luca:
Pedri never had bad game, he is just pure genius.
With Frankie and Puig, they are going to be new Xavi-Iniesta-busquets for future Barca.
Rialy Andriamiseza
Rialy Andriamiseza:
De Jong brings so much more in attack than a classic midfielder
Arnav Upmanyu
Arnav Upmanyu:
Messi was ever so brilliant but De Jong's assist tho....
Imagine if Messi was actually in a good team again
For those who didn’t watch the game, Dembele was amazing too. His passing set up so many opprortunities. Now we need him to stay fit, for Ansu Fati to come back strong and we will be firing.
Even though this team isn’t what it used to be there are still signs of life through Messi Pedri Dembele De jong and dest forca
pedri's chemistry with messi is so good
The way Pedri plays literally reminds me of a young Lionel messi and it’s beautiful
Great performance from Barcelona. I was watching the match, great chemistry, great determination and happy players. Great starting lineup. Keep going!
John Kelly Quilantang
John Kelly Quilantang:
Honestly loving how well Pedri’s rhythm with Messi is getting better and better after every game. Slightly reminds me of Iniesta’s or Xavi’s understanding of Messi’s gameplay.
Mark Donoghue
Mark Donoghue:
That messi pre assist is 1 of the best passes ive ever seen in my life. beyond mindblowing
Messi and Pedri duo is just breathtaking to watch 🥰
Breno Bibiane
Breno Bibiane:
Procurando um brasileiro? Eu aqui
Messi é pika, o cara joga muito é de outro mundo, o time sem jogar ele vai lá e dá um jeito
yuitr loing
yuitr loing:
Pedri is going to be a star, what a young talent he is!
Ally Brooke FanBoy
Ally Brooke FanBoy:
Messi and Pedri, wow.

Pedri is a Gem.
Galera vocês viram aquelas assistência do grisman de calcanhar Nossa foi doidona e o Pedri fez um golaço de cabeça
The Barça Boardroom
The Barça Boardroom:
Messi is still the best in the world
Николай Извеков
Николай Извеков:
Messi legendary!
Faaris Knight
Faaris Knight:
Messi out here performing so well, even the opposite team gets set up.
Vico Fewiandika
Vico Fewiandika:
I saw the higlights Barca vs Huesca before and this game, Pedri played very well and linked up to Messi so good. He is the one who understand Messi
Learn more
Learn more:
Dembele becoming solid!! he is like the maestro of the team
Ramzan Gazuev
Ramzan Gazuev:
Messi should have done the 1-2 with Griezmann. (2nd time he hit the post)
Pedri and Messi ❤
U can begin to feel the amazing link up play between pedri and messi pedri is growin out to be an insane player
Nicolas Buela
Nicolas Buela:
Messi = GOAT 🔥🔥
seldomseenkid Jonathan Doherty
seldomseenkid Jonathan Doherty:
Still the greatest of all time
Dead account read about page
Dead account read about page:
Man that was a great game yesterday:) I couldn’t watch the game on TV because I had zoom meeting classes when it was live,so my Dad watched it live and he told me that we won 3-2
Regdu Geht
Regdu Geht:
I love how even when he made the mistake messi still had the urgency to sprint back and compensate for it which is what a few barca players lack, urgency and passion
Messi genius🇦🇷💥🔥❤️
Remby 02
Remby 02:
messi and the post are a sick duo
fantastic work from both of them
Diego Sousa
Diego Sousa:
MESSI monstro !
Mrniceguy Motivation
Mrniceguy Motivation:
I already knew this #2021 is a good start for FCB indeed since they first defeated Huesca 1 nill at home 💪
Keep up the good work guys!
You can do it , I look forward to seeing you at the top of the table
#Camp nou
Valdus Ambrizzi
Valdus Ambrizzi:
Messi came back after so much deceit .... Hope he keeps that rythm...
See, Koeman.. 4-3-3 is a real Barca formation and it really works
Στο δεύτερο γκολ της Μπιλμπάο ο Μessi κάνει λάθος πάσα αλλά αμέσως σπρινταρει για να διορθώσει το λάθος του!!! Αυτό κ μόνο δείχνει τι υπερπαικτης είναι κ πόσο ταπεινός έχει παραμείνει πάρα τα τόσα χρόνια στην κορυφη
Kelly Mungomo
Kelly Mungomo:
Messi & Pedri..I see a Spark 🎆
Sam Andati
Sam Andati:
Messi's style is so beautiful though 👌🏽
all football highlights
all football highlights:
3' Iñaki Williams (1-0); 14' Pedri (1-1); 38' Lionel Messi (1-2); 62' Lionel Messi (1-3); 90' Iker Muniain (2-3)
Okeke Nwachukwu
Okeke Nwachukwu:
Even the post was against Messi tonight 😂😂😂
Julio Rafael
Julio Rafael:
We miss that Messi
What a wonderful squad~~
Василий Алексеевич
Василий Алексеевич:
Месси красавчик. Приятно смотреть. Легенда.
4onko 04
4onko 04:
Nice Messi ❤️🐐
Nurdolot Seyitov
Nurdolot Seyitov:
Pedri is great talent
Ivan Pineda
Ivan Pineda:
Que regalo de Messi en el segundo del atlético.
Nabeel Muhammed
Nabeel Muhammed:
Messi and pedri😍😍
Great combo
Prateek Agarwal
Prateek Agarwal:
2 goals
1 pre-assist
2 crossbars
Amazing 🪄
tony freedom
tony freedom:
Hes still the best in the world without a doubt.
To ReĐa
To ReĐa:
From iraq with love 🌴🇮🇶🌴

*Força Barça 🔴*

Visca Barca🔵
Adde boY Officiall
Adde boY Officiall:
Leo messi magic ⚽⚽⚽🏆🏆🏆🏅
messi second goal was beautiful
G M:
I hate the woodwork. Messi always hits it.
Χαραλαμπος Σιωκος
Χαραλαμπος Σιωκος:
I like how Messi and Pedri communicate. It reminds me old barca times..
Mejorar hasta Que El Barcelona ocupe lo mas alto de la clasificacion.
Estoy seguro, de que Barcelona puede hacerlo.
Visca Barca
Rak Aldhaheri
Rak Aldhaheri:
Pedri is something else I swear
Mike Wazowski
Mike Wazowski:
I'm happy to see everyone saying positive things about barcelona again 🙏🏼🔥❤✊🏻💪
Taufiqur Rohman
Taufiqur Rohman:
Barcelona's goal😍
annag cocl
annag cocl:
Imagine if Messi was actually in a good team again
Alex Hrisca
Alex Hrisca:
Ayrton Cordeiro Gonsalvez
Ayrton Cordeiro Gonsalvez:
He makes it look so easy , its like he ain't even trying . Messi in a good team is scary.
Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi:
Messi is the best player in history
Mufok Yt Channel
Mufok Yt Channel:
Awesome Game!
Jordan Cardona
Jordan Cardona:
Messi couldve probably made that small mistake but he scored two and assisted for the other, also hit the post twice.
And he tried to recover the bal once he lost it, he knew it was his mistake but I mean it happens even to the best.
Pedro Pelaez y Cervino
Pedro Pelaez y Cervino:
Muy buen resumen!!
The goalie on that 2nd goal!
Ömer Tekin
Ömer Tekin:
Messi two second time direct 😱😱😱 messi legend 💥💥💥
Pedri good assist😎
Vaschni Nkelani
Vaschni Nkelani:
At least we got to see Messi smile again
Nguyễn Ngọc Kha
Nguyễn Ngọc Kha:
Messi 😍
innocent LN
innocent LN:
Messi scores beautiful goals
Hoàng Anh Lê
Hoàng Anh Lê:
Double goal and double the post, but all are so beautiful :))
يوسف محسن
يوسف محسن:
the GOAT
Messi is too good in the game even the poles love him
Inaki Williams 🔥
Lionel Sami
Lionel Sami:
Messi ♥️💪💪❤️
Pedri is genius
Maicon Linhares
Maicon Linhares:
Tudo aconteceu com o Messi nesse jogo kkk
Michel Toledo de Souza
Michel Toledo de Souza:
When Messi is on fire, its something else.
Adde boY Officiall
Adde boY Officiall:
Força barcalona
Eduardo araújo
Eduardo araújo:
Messi the best player the word 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Магомед Магомед
Магомед Магомед:
Месси легенда.