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In the final game before the start of La Liga 2021/21, the Catalans look very convincing indeed against one of the giants of European football


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FC Barcelona
FC Barcelona:
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MoL Atay
MoL Atay:
Nuevo comienzo . Suerte para messi . Barcelonistas a seguir el camino . Adelante 😍❤️🌹🇲🇦
mikoy huio
mikoy huio:
Depay lifting the spirit and everyone is following it, you just love it.
Finally Coeman are giving minutes to riqui riqui is a excellent player with a huge potential
What a great BraithGod, he took responsibility for the club and Messi's place. He is the best player, goat 🐐
They all hugged each other in comfort after each goal, I think they’re really trying to get it together without Messi. But very strong start, hope they keep up the momentum all throughout the season.
After all it’s a new era for FC Barcelona.
Harry Fabulous3
Harry Fabulous3:
It's never gonna be the same again.
We will miss you leo.
My heart beats for you.
One love.
Forca Barca
Ian Leo
Ian Leo:
The Barcelona team is slowly getting more unrecognisable it’s actually crazy considering the word class players they used to have and when they used to be the best team in the world
El Dmoun
El Dmoun:
Depay es una bestia, nos va a dar muchas alegrias, y que golazo de Riqui!!!
so emotional seeing someone other than leo take the free kicks
Depay lifting the spirit and everyone is following it, you just love it.
Muneeb Shah
Muneeb Shah:
Leo's departure has devastated us. But as Culers we need to trust our team more, trust the youth from La Masia. Barca is nothing without fans and we're nothing without Barca. Leo's magic will remain at Camp Nou and with us forever!!
mike hawk
mike hawk:
This pained me as a Juve fan, but congrats barca hope we both have amazing seasons.
Semarose law
Semarose law:
Barca made a great decision in signing Depay...He's one of the greatest❤💙....but we're still heartbroken for Messi's departure💔
Teomen Teo
Teomen Teo:
Riqui Puig is a phenomenal player who when given the chance shines.....a player to watch in the future.....absolute wonderful talent
We need to stand strong with this team and the coach.
The Mysterious Princess DIY
The Mysterious Princess DIY:
It is and will never be the same without you Leo....
STARK eSports
STARK eSports:
Loved to see Messi's baton has been passed to the legendary Goatwaite. Make Barca proud 🥲
Jordan95 HD
Jordan95 HD:
Really nice win, and very nice to see Puig on the scoresheet. 💙❤️
Barça made a good signing this season really love it hope they still do well without Messi who has done so much for Barça. We will never forget him 🤗
Reece binx
Reece binx:
Barca are still looking great. This team is legendary
We need to see more of academy graduates to stay emotionally connected to this team after Messi.
yt b
yt b:
Im excited for this season even without messi, depay has had an amazing start
Meek DCG
Meek DCG:
love to see jordi alba making those runs and cut back passes
Buen comienzo de temporada! 🔵🔴
Steve Roger Nongsiej
Steve Roger Nongsiej:
Goatwaite strikes ❤️❤️I would love to see more minutes of him in the regular season.
Peter Grežo
Peter Grežo:
This seems actually promising, the young stars performed great and Memphis was amazing once again
zomorito vlogs
zomorito vlogs:
Messi is missing 😢😢 he will be always missed . He did so much for this club ❤️ 10
Laazeet Shahriar
Laazeet Shahriar:
Depay is excellent.he has learned the style of Barcelona very quickly
rudra narayan
rudra narayan:
Puig finished like a true legend
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo:
Leo must be smiling watching this match ❤️
John Blessed
John Blessed:
This is a good start to life without the goat Lionel Messi. That goal from Puig was amazing, we need to give the young talents time to grow and develop in our first team with playing time. 😃🔵🔴
Shilajit C.
Shilajit C.:
Great job from Memphis Depay yet again👍🏻
laskin riubn
laskin riubn:
love to see jordi alba making those runs and cut back passes
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom:
Loved to see Messi's baton has been passed to the legendary Goatwaite. Make Barca proud 🥲
Sushant Raut
Sushant Raut:
To be honest after leo's departure we need an outstanding forward
tet 7
tet 7:
I dedicate this win to Leo....Always in our hearts!♥️💙
Joan Rodríguez 🖕
Joan Rodríguez 🖕:
Suerte y ánimo al nuevo proyecto! La marcha de Messi ha sido dura pero el Barça sigue y hay que demostrarlo está temporada.
When mmphis pass to jordi, the ball was loss from the sight for a moment
moises tineo
moises tineo:
Cuando Riqui marco ese golazo, chellini dijo : ostias pero cuantos Messis quedan 😁
HH Gamer 77
HH Gamer 77:
I feel like it felt weird for Ronaldo when they had no messi
Tierno Sakho
Tierno Sakho:
Why we don’t talk about Braithwaite level ? I’m literally serious this guy is all around striker and we laugh all the time when he goals but this man is a real striker
Jheanpier Cirilo Capristano
Jheanpier Cirilo Capristano:
El primer título de la temporada xd 😂
Even if Leo leaves we will still stand with Barca forever ❤️💙❤️
Nigel Joseph
Nigel Joseph:
That Puig goal! Wow! Xavi's heir is here! 🎉🎉🎉
Jose David Quintero Oviedo
Jose David Quintero Oviedo:
cuman luego de ver tremendo golazo de riki : EFECTIVAMENTE va pedri
Asish Varghese Neil
Asish Varghese Neil:
Memphis is literally a beast but many doesn't realise I bet ya he's gonna be the next kluivert
Patrix Clan
Patrix Clan:
Memphis Memphis Memphis! I have a feeling am gonna be hearing that alot this season
Musical nights Prism
Musical nights Prism:
Sergio busquests is such a proud captain.. i wish he never retires .
Goat ❤️
Timothy Hui
Timothy Hui:
leo messi, sign of barca, we all miss you, we will still be here to wait for your return.
WH Chan
WH Chan:
Muy buen desempeno! 👍
Muhammed Faris
Muhammed Faris:
I was literally searching for leo on the whole pitch. Then it hit me, he's no longer there.💔. But young talents like Puig gives me hope❤️❤️.
It Pennywise 666
It Pennywise 666:
What a game 💙❤
Sadia Roja
Sadia Roja:
I'm so proud of Neto <3
ElPipe 10
ElPipe 10:
0:43 Memphis te quiero!!!!!
¿encontramos nuevo idolo?
Juan Felipe GALLARDO
Juan Felipe GALLARDO:
Somos el Barça,hemos tenido el mas grande de los jugadores y tendremos otros….el futuro esta por delante…visca el Barça
Danny Phantom
Danny Phantom:
Puig showing his worth on standing on the field proud of him hope more goals from him
david brock
david brock:
Looks like Memphis has found his footballing home. Also Riqui coming good now he's getting game time.
Wow Memphis Depay is an absolute baller, who needs Messi anyway! Lol jk...great start to Depay career at Barca he's on fire
Estefy Errote
Estefy Errote:
Cada vez más parecidos al levante!
Andrew Feng
Andrew Feng:
Loved how this match turned out but can’t help but think that something feels off without Messi. Idk how to explain but with Ronaldo there and us with no Messi, it doesn’t feel the same though I feel happy about the results and the team.
Sparsh Pandey
Sparsh Pandey:
Let us just take a moment to appreciate Ronaldo's performance today, he didn't touched the ball today and was fouling every barca player cuz he was so angry that messi left
Depay is lifting us after Messi departure, love to see it.
Football is Love
Football is Love:
We will miss you leo😭❤️
loved when the fans were chanting messi when ronaldo was taking a freekick
Jdjjdjd Jfjdj
Jdjjdjd Jfjdj:
The fans sound is amazing u gotta love it
Sky Walker
Sky Walker:
Depay hizo bien al barza, nunca dude de el en ningun momento
Força Barça❤️💙
Ethan Sinclair
Ethan Sinclair:
I love how they were shouting Messi after Memphis scored
Demir will be the Future Messi! 💯🙌🏽❤
Manuel el atlas lover
Manuel el atlas lover:
Yesss a great pre-season for barce.....hope that can push us to big things later in season
Karan Abraham
Karan Abraham:
A new era🔥
18•ID Chenel
18•ID Chenel:
The more successful Barca you are always in my heart
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss:
We need to stand strong with this team and the coach.
Aras HD
Aras HD:
We Miss Leo💔😥
Neto needs to be playing regularly in another team. He is a great goalkeeper. I'm a barca fan but he deserves to play.
LARGO papi
LARGO papi:
A pesar de la salida dolorosa del crack messi ... Veo que ay equipo 😥🤔🙏
Nizam Ahmad Babajo
Nizam Ahmad Babajo:
We still here even without LEO 😢 BARCA FOREVER 🔴🔵💯❤️
Sera Chifuyu
Sera Chifuyu:
I can’t believe after several years supporting barca , this year my eyes are dying looking barca 21/22 kit ☹️💔 but goodluck ❤️
Mathias Leth
Mathias Leth:
Great goal from Martin Braithwaite🇩🇰🇩🇰
HMG10 Tierra Y Universo
HMG10 Tierra Y Universo:
Is someone going to talk about the great performance Neto did?

That goalkeeper is really good
Ter Stegen can rest and recover peacefully, he has a really good substitute
Halloween Jack95
Halloween Jack95:
Strong performance! I didn't expected that tbh
Edson Silva
Edson Silva:
Without the Legend we will rise together!
Elchapo _
Elchapo _:
Juve was playing with their strongest team tho😳
God 01
God 01:
It was really weird to watch this game without having Messi in there, it definitely is something that really hurts to see and it saddens me, but every wound heals with time.
FM Stegen
FM Stegen:
Woah we are amazing
even Ronaldo couldn't score against an emotional Barca team, Huge up to our Players
Visca El Barca
Valeseks virsual
Valeseks virsual:
Good job Barca semoga juara Champions league musim ini
Pacis Ndahiro
Pacis Ndahiro:
Begins a new ERA!
Prasun Show
Prasun Show:
I could feel the sadness when Messi didn't come out of the tunnel 😓💔
Rabbit TKO
Rabbit TKO:
As a Messi fan, I’m so proud of this club still going after losing the most valuable gem…
Mochammad Fajar Kurniawan
Mochammad Fajar Kurniawan:
It's new era. Depay will be the main man this season alongside Lord Braithwaite 🔥🔥🔥
Vương Quốc Rượu
Vương Quốc Rượu:
Barcelona have had a good game! Waiting for new season with super big chance!
Jay Gill
Jay Gill:
I really wanted to see Messi and Memphis duo🔥🔥😢
Ricky Arafat
Ricky Arafat:
आशिष खड्का
आशिष खड्का:
Puig's goal looked like Messi scoring with his left foot from that range
liouy cnny
liouy cnny:
Despite the victory, the atmosphere seemed very sad, no one seemed to be happy. Maybe in the future it will be the Lionel Messi trophy
Memphis Score again❤❤
I loved this club bcuz of Messi and i still love this club bcuz of him.
Barca's new jersey is just AMAZING