Highlights: Bayer Leverkusen vs. Independiente Sante Fe - Florida Cup

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Bayer Leverkusen kicked off the Florida Cup campaign for the Bundesliga sides. A strong Leverkusen side including Chicharito, Hakan Calhanoglu and Christoph Kramer faced Colombian side Independiente Sante Fe. Find out how they got on for their first match of 2016.

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40 comentarios:

Diego Alejandro
Diego Alejandro:
It was an honour playing against Bayer Leverkusen , nowadays one of the best clubs in Europe. Till the day of the match we only had 4 days of trainning , our last game was on december 9 , so i think we did it pretty well. Good luck for you guys on this season , you have a great team. Grettings from Colombia , hope we could find out in other opportunity for a rematch :)
Matheus Sombra
Matheus Sombra:
The goalkeeper of Santa Fe saved the team in conceding goals !!!
Timothy Hermanto
Timothy Hermanto:
If the keeper didn't raise his hand for a call, he may have saved it. Otherwise he seemed to play great
Calhanoglu missing a free kick?
No wait a minute that's not right
hakimi Aiman
hakimi Aiman:
this is one of the best channel on YouTube !
Yury Prokhorov
Yury Prokhorov:
Do top 10 disallowed goals!
Or do top 10 goals that almost happened (hit the post, disallowed, cleared off the line, etc.)
Jesus Lopez
Jesus Lopez:
players from leverkusen are still adapting to the atmosphere in the stadium. They are adapting to how the team is now run with chicharito as a starter, they were used to Son, and aggressive attacking. However, i feel chicharito brings a missing piece to bellarabi and Kiesbling. I hope the players can find a common ground and they can all work together in a better rhythm. If they did that, they would be unstoppable!
N F95
N F95:
Brandt is amazing
Angel DG
Angel DG:
Imagine if he missed lol
Via Brasil
Via Brasil:
por que esta partida não foi disputada em um estadio ?
Ricardo Luevanos
Ricardo Luevanos:
Mace Windex
Mace Windex:
Wait, Calhanoglu misses free kicks?
roberto Jack
roberto Jack:
I miss son~!! I want son come back REVER!!!! Aren't you??
Mohamed HOUMAM
Mohamed HOUMAM:
nice match
jaap ten dijk
jaap ten dijk:
lol the other team had 0 chances?
DR 290
DR 290:
Corinthians Champions of the Florida Cup👏👏👏
Nathan Lanfear
Nathan Lanfear:
Good match
Dang, i live in FL but couldn't make it to this cup
FatFree BaconStrips
FatFree BaconStrips:
LOL, Frankfurt think they got the new Chicharito by purchasing Fabian, yet, in reality, they got a hybrid between Bofo Bautista (post 2010), and Cuahtemoc Blanco (post Sinaloa).
Ivan Huerta
Ivan Huerta:
chicharito well be needed in this but he is going to win with Mexico
Do the winners of the Florida cup like actually win something like money or something else?
Ruben Lodder
Ruben Lodder:
Ajax beated hsv
I hope you put top ten players in the bundesliga
Juan Pablo Jimenez Rios
Juan Pablo Jimenez Rios:
chanda B malo ahi se demuestra la calidad de nuestro pais jajaj
Quem veio pelo fred +10?
Juan Daniel Cordoba
Juan Daniel Cordoba:
jajajaja and Santa Fe was playing with the second team. With the first team Santa fe win 2-0 minimum
Dante Lozano
Dante Lozano:
no Chicharito no like
Alberto Moreno
Alberto Moreno:
How long is there break God, I mean it's way to long
Fer Meoniz
Fer Meoniz:
I was there
Oh Yeah Yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah:
I Was There
Juan D5191
Juan D5191:
This shows that Santa Fe has a great defence
Chase Lambert
Chase Lambert:
This stadium just goes to show how much Americans really care about football they can't even put up a decent stadium ffs
Your Mom
Your Mom:
two german in leverkusen?, leverkusen is from Germain,? rigth, this team is compound for africans, turkeys, and more bullshit.
David Posso
David Posso:
Santa fe local en EEUU [] °)
I'm from Colombia
Football Tek
Football Tek:
Shows how bad bundesliga really is