Highlights | Brighton 0-3 Manchester United | McTominay Mata & Pogba fire Reds through | Carabao Cup

See all the highlights from the Amex Stadium as goals from Scott McTominay, Juan Mata and Paul Pogba saw Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's side progress in the Carabao Cup after a 3-0 win over Brighton and Hove Albion.

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100+ comentarios:

Ari Filmmonger
Ari Filmmonger:
Seeing Pogba smile in a Man U Jersey is a sight I never thought I’d see again. 2020 isn’t as bad after all 🤷🏽‍♀️
Mata, a model professional, always ready when he is needed a true team player.
im more confident with our defence when Bailly is playing. He's a fookin soldier i say!
arjun p
arjun p:
Mata can play a big part this season, especially in European outings.
Class act.
Mihzvol Wuriar
Mihzvol Wuriar:
No matter how old he is, Mata is always class, I really want him forever on this club, even after he retires...
Henderson is a class gk, no doubt.
Info Kisah Nyata
Info Kisah Nyata:
Bravo MU 👍
Everyone is talking about mata. He was amazing yesterday but don't forget that assist from van de beek, excellent.
Muma Ndubula
Muma Ndubula:
Everyone is talking about playing with a diamond mid but do we have the fullbacks to provide width going forward🤔. Great cross from dalot for the pogba header, great game from man utd overall🔥🔥🔥
SM 99
SM 99:
Henderson is killing it. He is top class and should keep his focus in the coming seasons to become the best.
Christian Ozorio
Christian Ozorio:
This is the Juan Mata that all of us Want and what a pass from Van De Beek
Great performance from Pogba, Van de Beek, Henderson and ofc Mata
Lal Nghilhlova
Lal Nghilhlova:
Wonder why Mata is never in the squad... i always knew he still have the skills, u could see it right here.Start Pogba Fernandes VDB then bring in Mata .... gonna be honest Mata is the most creative player in the team right now.Henderson deserves first eleven as well as Bailly.....GG MUTD
Brilliant Assist From VDB. He deserves in starting line up
mjaister 115
mjaister 115:
So nobody is talking about Donny’s assist?
Faris Irfan
Faris Irfan:
Never sell Mata to other club, because he is masterclass
Alan Bernard
Alan Bernard:
Mata (as always) & VDB were excellent. And a happy Pogba, you love to see it.
Would appreciate if you made all highlights a bit longer than 5 min.
Fardil Husain
Fardil Husain:
1:43 that pass from van de beek🔥. Pure class
Easy Drawings
Easy Drawings:
Mata will play a big part this season, especially in European outings.
Class act.
So... Um... When is Henderson going to start in the EPL?
Aeryl vales
Aeryl vales:
Thank you all goal scorers and most importantly what a performance from Henderson
Mochammad Sabri Syafridho
Mochammad Sabri Syafridho:
starts Bailly and Henderson on the next match !!
Easy Drawings
Easy Drawings:
Mata will play a big part this season, especially in European outings.
Class act.
Benneh Agyeman-Dua
Benneh Agyeman-Dua:
Henderson, Bailly and VDB deserve a start this weekend
Kristo Sterkeshi
Kristo Sterkeshi:
I saw mata with the ball on TV and thought it was a game from years ago, that’s how badly Mata has been misused
George Lilwinz
George Lilwinz:
Pogba recovers from his adventure scoring a free kick.
Easy Drawings
Easy Drawings:
im more confident with our defence when Bailly is playing. He's a fookin soldier i say!
Andez Sitepu
Andez Sitepu:
Juan mata the best midfielder,
Ole, U see with your eyes?, or u see with your knees?
Bailly and Henderson should start against Tottenham.
Ziyod Mustafoyev
Ziyod Mustafoyev:
Match summary: Henderson must play, Mata is needed to play with rotation,
Easy Drawings
Easy Drawings:
im more confident with our defence when Bailly is playing. He's a fookin soldier i say!
Benjamin Remberto
Benjamin Remberto:
Churkoo Nikhil
Churkoo Nikhil:
Everything is so positive when Maguire is not playing😶
Wahyu Aji Cahyana
Wahyu Aji Cahyana:
Mata's actually a great off-ball movement typical player. His positioning is amazing but we know he's getting old.
Chiranjan Sahu
Chiranjan Sahu:
Never let Mata , Van de beek, McTominay slip past your formation, ole and try to play Henderson as much as you can
Dejan Putra
Dejan Putra:
fun fact : Bailly and Mctominay was dueling to score to brighton's goal...
Vireak YUTH
Vireak YUTH:
Dalot played really well hope ole won’t sell him
did you all realize that Dean Henderson got 2 clean sheet in his last 2 games? superb!
Komhe Afegbua
Komhe Afegbua:
Pogba is world class when he's feeling it, great freekick by my boi 💯🔥🤙
fatma Osman
fatma Osman:
It was a well played overall 🔥🔥👌
Lcj Films
Lcj Films:
Brilliant game well done lads 🔴⚪️⚫️❤️❤️❤️
Henderson looks promising! Let's hope he'll consistent in every match.

And never realize we got Juan Mata as Legend for United.. what a contribution!
Juan Mata and Paul Pogba have shown some quality of display in this match, well done!!!
love to watch this, when Lindelof try to play more aggressive.
Aayam Acharya
Aayam Acharya:
That assist from VDB was amazing
Bailly and especially Mata were quality this match 👌🏽
Tbh, De Gea and Romero can rest for a while since Henderson was at his best.
Joga Bonito
Joga Bonito:
Mata and Bailey were great. Mata's movement is something we've been desperately needing.
AbdulHai Ibrahim
AbdulHai Ibrahim:
We need more of that performances from our key players and consistently to finish any where near top 4 this season!
Rezha Velly
Rezha Velly:
That's we need, a creative midfielder like Juan Mata.
the resurector
the resurector:
Dean should be given a start in the Premier league!!!! That guy is awesome
Kemmy Lately
Kemmy Lately:
This is beautiful. MANU still strong 🤗🤗
Jamie Oneill
Jamie Oneill:
Seeing Pogba smile and laugh always makes my day 😄
sfa aji
sfa aji:
look how it better when fred and scott back here 🔥🔥🔥
F Jr II:
Juan is genius as always, the day his is playing either we win or play great football
nice to see mata still playing, i hope ozil too :<
Rey Honzey
Rey Honzey:
I leant from this game that , we need to start Henderson, Bailey should be starting (maybe Maguire or Lindelof should be rotational) Matas movement is crazy , he should be a regular .. start VDB and let Pogba move forward, a more attacking role ..
Yong Han Song
Yong Han Song:
The player forgotten by manager the most, Juan Mata
Chidera ann ugwu
Chidera ann ugwu:
Awesome performance by Manchester united ❤️❤️❤️👑🙌🙌
Suvit Manomaiyanon
Suvit Manomaiyanon:
Glad to see Pogba smiled 😀
Oh solskjaer, why not juan mata?
Ndally bravely
Ndally bravely:
Thanks Man United, keep shining. 👏👏👏
Can we play like this in the league pls
Adrian Lukmansyah
Adrian Lukmansyah:
Dean absolutely amazing...
Nurul Ihsan
Nurul Ihsan:
What a beast Bailly in defending and what a quick reaction by Henderson
Abukar culusow vines
Abukar culusow vines:
Who wants to see mata in the champions league squad ???

We need experience thou
Wilson Moktan
Wilson Moktan:
The defensive was better than previous match.
Wow what a match
Berandal Kaos
Berandal Kaos:
Sejak matchday pertama pada musim 20/21, baru pertandingan ini yang enak dilihat, pass and movenya mengalir, cair, tektokannya juga oke. Sip!
Abell Seyfu
Abell Seyfu:
One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates♥️Non-Duality
Nas Toro
Nas Toro:
The best Dean 🔥
amanuel elias
amanuel elias:
wow! beautiful goal from Pogba 👍👍💕✔
Joep Berghof
Joep Berghof:
That pass from Van the Beek is pure class🔴😍
Parvez Khan
Parvez Khan:
Amazing performance by Juan Mata, rightfully deserve a place in the starting 11...
rommy rusli
rommy rusli:
Nice win, superb play for goalkeeper and mid...
John Kitur
John Kitur:
Deano and Bailly need to start every match going forward.
ule wa Karen
ule wa Karen:
Woooow thank you boys ..that squad was fire..GGMU FOREVER
I have love for Mata as I did for Scholes... Pure Class 👊
Rafid Sobhan
Rafid Sobhan:
That backhil assist from De Beek in the 2nd goal was class 👌👌
Finally a great match
Islam Blaili
Islam Blaili:
That's an insane free kick from Pogba👏👏
Islam Blaili
Islam Blaili:
That's an insane free kick from Pogba👏👏
Alemshilu Longkumer
Alemshilu Longkumer:
Wish we had a young Mata..
Nimish Londhe
Nimish Londhe:
Finally! Van de beek in the starting line up and it did paid off❤️
Mohammed Rashid EK
Mohammed Rashid EK:
Wonderful freekick goal from pogba✌️
Axmad B. 🎶
Axmad B. 🎶:
1:19 look at that great save from our own young hero D. Henderson ❤Really love it❤ underrated

First two games ✅
First two clean sheets ✅
I’m happy right now. GG united.
Darren Yeoh
Darren Yeoh:
Great assist by Van De Beek
Senoaji Purwanto
Senoaji Purwanto:
amazing game,, amazing save,, amazing strike,,, glory man united
Gedion Endalkachew
Gedion Endalkachew:
What a goal pogba!!!!😍😍😍
Eddy Diansyah
Eddy Diansyah:
Henderson, mata dan bailly layak menjadi starter minggu depan
I love Brighton's Goalkeeper.... 😂❤️
Elijah Potter
Elijah Potter:
Love seeing Pogba thrive like that. Beautiful goal.
Moha Brihmi
Moha Brihmi:
Wonderful free kick from Paul pogba🔥🔥🔥💪
Yowh Avelin
Yowh Avelin:
Send de gea to bench ! Keep growing dean 👌
Aris Setiawan
Aris Setiawan:
Ayo Pogba... semangatttt..
Khadavi Maulidan
Khadavi Maulidan:
Now u have no reason to put hendo on the bench, he is amazing
Wtf Youtube
Wtf Youtube:
I wouldn’t mind the Caraboa cup as Oles first trophy. It’s a start at least...
Sulemane Amiro
Sulemane Amiro:
Dalot deveria jogar mais
Bailly a titular
Mata not James 🙏🏾
BocVen Gaming
BocVen Gaming:
always support Manchester United, love from Indonesia.. 🇲🇨