Highlights: Brighton 1-3 Liverpool | Salah's double & Henderson's screamer wins it

Watch all the key events from the Amex where the Reds overcame Brighton & Hove Albion to secure all three points and reach 30 Premier League wins for the season.

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100+ comentarios:

Azel Dinangga
Azel Dinangga:
just wish salah keep score goals til he got the golden boot
Football Club
Football Club:
*Opponents : lets have a match.*
*liverpool: so you have chosen death.*
Da Sports Fan
Da Sports Fan:
salah has one of his best games of the season yet people are still crying that he couldn’t pass it once or twice 🤦‍♂️ most under appreciated player in the league
التاروت وتوقعات الابراج الفلكية مع داود
التاروت وتوقعات الابراج الفلكية مع داود:
العبقري مو صلاح
Aamir Bashir
Aamir Bashir:
Vardy: 22 goals, 4 assists
Auba: 20 goals, 2 assists
Salah: 19 goals, 9 assists
& still Salah is selfish!
Soli Playz
Soli Playz:
2 goals 1 assist the Egyptian king hard mode is on 😎
What a shot by the skipper, and a brilliant performance by King Mo! Third golden boot incoming?
And He Scores! !
And He Scores! !:
Salah is now officially a 3 season wonder! 😅
Love you firmino....He left the shot for salah!!
He deserve the same respect as mohammed salah
Phyo Kyi Latt
Phyo Kyi Latt:
Haters be like "Mo Salah is just a three season wonder"
Sherlock Holes
Sherlock Holes:
Salah is clrealy fighting for the third consecutive golden boot. Hope he catches up and stunning performance by the team as usual
Thaariq Hasyim
Thaariq Hasyim:
Salah is one of the best player in liverpool history. He is already a legend
একজন বাংলাদেশি লিভারপুল ভক্ত
একজন বাংলাদেশি লিভারপুল ভক্ত:
Salah thank you 😚
Ross Stevenson
Ross Stevenson:
Salah was on fire fingers crossed for golden boot
Malakai E Ronald
Malakai E Ronald:
Selfless Bobby in full display for first goal 🇧🇷✨ Si senõr.
Damn salah could’ve got 3
Salah is gonna take that shining boot 🤫
Naby keita is so underrated since the league started hes been one of our best players.
94 goals 40 assist salah for Liverpool
23 goals 13 Assist salah this season
Get number 10 Liverpool his numbers will only grow
Pelle 3000
Pelle 3000:
Naby and Salah was amazing
Khalil Young
Khalil Young:
Liverpool support is increasing everyday. Anyway good match although we shouldn't have conceded. Also I want liverpool to break the epl points record with 100+ points and to top it off salah getting his 3rd golden boot 👑
Aditya Verma
Aditya Verma:
Just look at the work rate of Salah
Nouf Ajran
Nouf Ajran:
That was a good header for salah and assist that’s incredible and that’s a good goal for Henderson from far away I say
abanob shehata
abanob shehata:
Salah goes to top score premier league
Wahyu Nofendri
Wahyu Nofendri:
Moo saalaah 👍👍👍👍👍💪💪💪
Chidube Nwankwo
Chidube Nwankwo:
Another masterclass by the Egyptian king
Dawei Sun
Dawei Sun:
Salah should get a hat trick!
H Duncan
H Duncan:
Well done Liverpool Fc and team, Salah heads goal was good look at the angle ⚽⚽⚽👏
Fan of Valentina shevchenko
Fan of Valentina shevchenko:
Williams will have bright future such a great young lad ❤️
Jamil Uddin
Jamil Uddin:
Williams put in shift in the first half, defo one for the future, plus Ketia needs to stay fit as a fit Keita can offer a lot, YNWA ❤
فرعـــون مـــصر
فرعـــون مـــصر:
Salah numper one
Egyption king 👊😎
Simon Siju
Simon Siju:
If Salah keeps preforming like this then the 3rd Golden Boot is for sure on its way considering that the two players ahead of him are playing g for teams that are having a bit of a tough time finding the back of the net
Fan of Valentina shevchenko
Fan of Valentina shevchenko:
Hendo my capitan 😍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Van Dijk Memes
Van Dijk Memes:
OMG, I was cheering when Salah took his last chance! But his header went right over the crossbar! Wow, how unlucky.
Jubb 1919
Jubb 1919:
Running Down the wing 🔥
Micah king
Micah king:
Almost hatrick salah good effort salah
Andy Andy
Andy Andy:
Salah bang on form again tonight well played Mo!
S A:
MoSalah is in his best, left leg, right leg, head, he is amazing! I saw him passing the ball all the times in all previous games when he had great chances to score, but he’d rather passed the balls. The golden boot is not for Mo Salah only. If he got it, it would be a great record for Liverpool. Go Mo go, we, Liverpool, want the golden boot 💪🏻❤️ I love Bobby too, so classy, he let the ball passed by Keta goes to Mo, this team with his big boss, Klopp, is a classy school of good manners, true team spirit, love, passion, determination and success. We are Liverpool 💪🏻❤️
مسلمون ومسالمون
مسلمون ومسالمون:
Vardy : d'ont chase me
Salah : nop
KDB - 29 goal involvements
‘He’s world class, best player in the world’

Salah - 28 goal involvements
‘Quite overrated, one season wonder’
Zico Kohler
Zico Kohler:
19 goals and 9 assists now for Salah yet people think he’s a one season wonder
الهدف الثالث حكايه يا ملك ⚡
Zedd A.g
Zedd A.g:
Salah 2 goals and an assist, the dude is something else
fahri husaini
fahri husaini:
0:07 no one would gonna talk about how unselfis human name Roberto Firmino is.?
Ahmad Malik
Ahmad Malik:
Masya Allah
Mist ram
Mist ram:
a brilliant goal by Henderson!!! nice goals by Salah!
Salah seems to have found a formula that works for him at liverpool.
Kyra WS
Kyra WS:
1:19-1:23 another unlucky Minamino😭 He always in front of the goal and had big chance to score but the ball never come to him. I hope he will get his PL debut goal soon.
Pablo David
Pablo David:
Awesome henderson's goal
Omar Fayad
Omar Fayad:
Mo Salah Mo Salah
Running Down the wing
Salaaah the Egyptian king
Dan nang
Dan nang:
Virgil superbly carrying the defence alone, he's a Colossus
I don't know why Gini is still can't be seen in midfield since City, but i can see a little bit of him in 2nd half 😂
Ox is not a Winger, Firmino and especially Salah superb, hope Salah can take over Vardy.
Burnley next 🔥🔥🔥
Mohammed Ashraf
Mohammed Ashraf:
Congrats liver pool
Congrats Mo Salah son of my country
Óscar Vásquez
Óscar Vásquez:
good game, i'm from mexico but i support liverpool with all my will 🇲🇽♥️
alastair knowles
alastair knowles:
priority No1 for LFC now.

Salah Golden Boot
M.zulfikri son
M.zulfikri son:
Alhamdulilah mo salah.liverpool winner 👍🏽👍🏽🎉
Danang Kurniawan
Danang Kurniawan:
The first goal should have belonged to firmnino but he relented to Moh.s_lah, good Firmino, sacrificed for the team
Yani apriani
Yani apriani:
Liverpool win again...
I love you MO Salah...
Liverpool Win Champion Premier League England...
Mo salah😍
Liverpool won the League 🏆
Next Misson Salah for the Golden boot 🥾
Moses Samuel Mulia
Moses Samuel Mulia:
I can't believe that Henderson's goal! 🤯 Absolutely incredible
Ahmed Karam Alloudi
Ahmed Karam Alloudi:
Welcome from Egypt 😍😍
3 more Goals and Salah will be the top scorer for the 3rd time on a row. And they said "one season wonder"
Lizandro Souza
Lizandro Souza:
Well close to getting the hattrick! Hendo’s goal was sick 🔥
Hendo’s goal is very much like his one against Norwich back in 2013/14. Flashbacks🥵
Toomi Baker
Toomi Baker:
Im so proud of Henderson! He is definitely improving
Candycobee 23
Candycobee 23:
Great performance from the lads! 💪❤
Congratulations Liverpool fan's🎈
TS Tech Talk
TS Tech Talk:
Salah for the Boot am sure he can make it, not giving up
Fernando Pizarro Villagarcía
Fernando Pizarro Villagarcía:
Salah wants his hat-trick so hard
Slayer CF
Slayer CF:
Sri Harsha
Sri Harsha:
0:23 when hendo scored like Steve G
Hendo with the banger 🔥
Great performance from Williams today

Erwan tout court
Erwan tout court:
A beatiful goal for my favourite player, henderson you are THE best
Kayfabe Zone
Kayfabe Zone:
Keita offers a lot of creativity to our midfield.
irfan wafiq
irfan wafiq:
how firmino give his goal to salah 👏👏👏
Abdo koora
Abdo koora:
It is Liverpool, gentlemen🔥
Ahmed Elazab
Ahmed Elazab:
Salah was on fire last 20 minutes
Tamara Tamara
Tamara Tamara:
Huge Shout out to Bobby Firminho💪 for leaving the ball for Salah for the first goal so he can win golden boot.

Cakoroi Ganja
Cakoroi Ganja:
The first goal

I love the way how bobby hold his kick to make salah top scorer. Bobby is world class. All mane and salah achievement should give credit to firmino.

The complete false 9
Roopa Moonoo
Roopa Moonoo:
Bright, bright future for Neco... got a bit of Trent's style.
Hope Mo gets that Golden Boot.
Nady lad strong too... Hope he maintains it.
Well done, Reds!
Fallen Colossi
Fallen Colossi:
with the stadium empty, feels like watching U19s
tomy hendra
tomy hendra:
Impossible Is Nothing, YNWA Forever 🔥🔥🔥♥️♥️♥️🔥🔥🔥
Yoga Setya
Yoga Setya:
Shaunak Furtado
Shaunak Furtado:
That Henderson goal😍💯🔥
Andrei Pereira
Andrei Pereira:
Passamos vcs liverpoll❤🖤
Omar Fayad
Omar Fayad:
Mo Salah Mo Salah
Running Down the wing
Salaaah the Egyptian king
Maria Del Pilar Cortes Cartagena
Maria Del Pilar Cortes Cartagena:
Bien mi Liverpool, vamos por el record de puntos. Ese es un campeón. 😊
Princess Sarah
Princess Sarah:
That awesome video deserves to be trend in YouTube Come on ~~☆
Ibrahim Zayan
Ibrahim Zayan:
Salah is incredible player in liverpool
one season wonder they said ~~~
Mahmud Foysal
Mahmud Foysal:
God bless you mo salah...
Love from Bangladesh.. 💜💜
300 Subscribers Challenge
300 Subscribers Challenge:
❤️ *Egyptian King* ❤️
Manuel Perez
Manuel Perez:
Robertson must beat David Silva, old and small, like Messi. Refferee looking Liverpool money in the sky night
Mero M.
Mero M.:
This Salah is one season wonder

OH Wait......
Zohaib Bashir
Zohaib Bashir:
Salah 1 assist and 2 goals