HIGHLIGHTS | Brighton 2-1 Arsenal | Premier League | June 20, 2020

We slipped to a second straight defeat after the Premier League restart, with Brighton coming from a goal down to claim a 2-1 win at the AMEX Stadium.

Bernd Leno was stretchered off in the first half, before Nicolas Pepe opened the scoring in the second. But strikes from Lewis Dunk and Neal Maupay saw the hosts claim all three points.

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This is the Official YouTube channel for Arsenal Football Club. This channel will aim to showcase the personality of Arsenal Football Club and give fans more of an insight into what it's like to be at this fantastic club. This channel will look behind the scenes and get closer to the likes of Mesut Ozil, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Nicolas Pepe, David Luiz, Alexandre Lacazette, Bernd Leno, Granit Xhaka, Hector Bellerin, Gabriel Martinelli, Bukayo Saka and more.


Arsenal Football Club were formed in 1886. They have amassed 13 League titles, 13 FA Cups and many other major trophies since then. Their greatest players include: Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp, Tony Adams, Ian Wright, Robert Pires, Liam Brady, Patrick Vieira, Cliff Bastin and Charlie George.

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100+ comentarios:

Arnold Ncube
Arnold Ncube:
who else gets bullied because of this club?

Edit: Bruh, how have I managed to get 3k likes with this comment😂
Ahmed Behzad
Ahmed Behzad:
Play for the badge or leave the club it’s a disgrace
User 245
User 245:
Lmao I just realised we're back to 10th and below Crystal Palace😭
Kami Champ
Kami Champ:
Arsenal Till I Die
Arsenal Till I Die:
Where would we be this season without auba and Leno
Right boys, everybody go to AFTV
Sharvan. Ambê
Sharvan. Ambê:
Admin was like: should we really upload this?
3 seconds before Pepe shot i was thinking West Ham flashbacks
Kepa Arrizabalaga
Kepa Arrizabalaga:
i though i would not have to say this but i am embarrassed to steep outside with an arsenal shirt
A I:
I've muted my socials because of the banter, I legit can't bear to see it, who's still on twitter, are we being slaughtered?
yathindra dev
yathindra dev:
My story for the last 15 years:

After a match like this: I am never watching this team play again, I can't take it anymore 😭

Next weekend: Maybe they have adapted themselves for the better🤔. Let's watch😁

After the match: I am never watching this team play again. 😭

And so it goes ....

This shows that arsenal fans are most loyal, optimistic and patient blokes on the planet. Ladies take notice 🤣🤣🤣
Ãnz Ãll
Ãnz Ãll:
I haven't Played football in my whole life but I Swear I can play For arsenal
I'm embarassed. Play for the shirt or leave the club. Don't buy merchandise and don't buy tickets. Once they see they're not getting any money maybe they'll do something. Unless you want I cant force you lol
Στεργιος Τσεας
Στεργιος Τσεας:
Dislike that vid guys Come on we have seen enough

Make arsenal great again, play for the shirt or leave the club.
Emmanuel Yusuf
Emmanuel Yusuf:
It is like Arsenal have no shame they have uploaded this game knowing it is disgraceful performance and that they don’t care
I died from Heart attack when we play man city... Now ive woke up from stress cus we lose against BRIGHTON!!
Haseeb Hussain
Haseeb Hussain:
Ngl that goal from Pepe was quality
Zico Kohler
Zico Kohler:
Leno’s screams made me want to cry. Who else?
Hasan Akcan
Hasan Akcan:
this club will seriously kill me one day
Huns CT
Huns CT:
15th place finish incoming 😭😭 ... hello Darkness my old friend , I have come to talk to you again ... about Arsenal !!!! 😭😭😭.
Samsonite 890
Samsonite 890:
Why would you put highlights, your just making us feel bad more. I'm just depressed
Alex Shadbolt
Alex Shadbolt:
Why would we want the highlights
Ãnz Ãll
Ãnz Ãll:
Arsenal Fans are suffering more Than Coronavirus Patients
At least not being in any European football next season might gives us a damn wake up call
Kudakwashe Kadzungura
Kudakwashe Kadzungura:
Why destroy my beloved Arsenal😭. Revamp the whole team. It’s time for change. You’ll lose it in the long run
Compilation world
Compilation world:
It's so fun watching an arsenal game when you ain't one😂
Nykhil Sandhu
Nykhil Sandhu:
You lot still have the audacity to post these 😂😭
This is Arsenal we love to see again
bobo jobo
bobo jobo:
It probably hurt the admin/editor more to make and upload this video
Paddy Mac
Paddy Mac:
The Guns, Have Rusted...
Rachel Soledolu
Rachel Soledolu:
we don’t need highlights it’s still pretty vivid in our brains
Forget new signings. This club needs therapists. These players are clearly suffering from trauma and have been for many many years.
Pandurang Gireesh
Pandurang Gireesh:
Leno getting injured is like a pin in the coffin, it’s getting worse and worse....
Banana Bread14
Banana Bread14:
Who else is watching the highlights to see Leno’s injury and if Neil Maupay was in the wrong
Fede Zerkalo
Fede Zerkalo:
Macallister will be a star in the future, I have no doubts. I've seen him do amazing things. Brighton have hired a huge soccer player. Greetings to all from Buenos Aires. and good life.
Armari Maybury
Armari Maybury:
There were no highlights. Take this down.
Just passing

Michael Boateng
Michael Boateng:
U lot get me bullied I can’t even be happy anymore because of this club
Ryan Coyle
Ryan Coyle:
You man have the balls to show the highlights?
Bg vipex
Bg vipex:
Everyday I feel a shamed for wearing my arsenal jersey,I have had enough of this
Risakov zuzu
Risakov zuzu:
Thank God I dint wake up early this morning to wacht arsenal.
Daniel Aguilar
Daniel Aguilar:
I beg just tell us what martinelli has done we’ve used 10 subs and he hasn’t been involved and ozil cmon guys🤦🏽‍♂️
Wow, Arsenal really had the balls to up-load this 😁
Elie Anthony Gemayel
Elie Anthony Gemayel:
Maupay is scared of Ty now that he threatened him 😂
Edwin Kawa
Edwin Kawa:
Pepes goal was class
The Logical Thinker
The Logical Thinker:
As long as Stan Kroenke is the owner of this club, this club will always be 💩.
Kroenke Out
Dangote In
mohamed hassan
mohamed hassan:
when are we arsenal fans gonna except the fact that we are just middle tabell team
Rickafc X
Rickafc X:
We need Kroenke to invest this summer, urgently
Gumball Gombio
Gumball Gombio:
Everything is going downhill now. Having Leno injured just makes it worse
Jarrett Thomas
Jarrett Thomas:
1:57 mustafis face 😂😂😂
Iliyas Uddin
Iliyas Uddin:
Ruined my birthday today. Thanks lads.
M E:
When you realize that the problem is not “only” in David Luis but in the whole Club plan and vision. As an ACmilan fan and after Ancelotti era... I can see that the same mistakes is happening .. poor and funny summer signing which led to a complete disaster team, hopeless for the whole 23 players squad “except for only 3-4 players) so just remember this: if Arsenal will keep buy and waste money in players like most of those on the pitch; by time(2-3years) Arsenal FC will lose its identity and become the next ACmilan. (A team who just give a bit of hope in the first weeks and then fights just for a place in the europa league)
Abdul Kareem
Abdul Kareem:
Wenger back! Pls😭
Lèrshon Edwin
Lèrshon Edwin:
Well today it wasn't David Luiz's fault...Btw speedy recovery Leno
Mr layinax
Mr layinax:
Fam how u gonna upload this 😂😂
David Olajide
David Olajide:
Who here after Manchester United won 3-0 against Brighton
А. А.
А. А.:
Arsenal lives matters🤣
Nooooo i thought i forgot this by now
Renan Augusto
Renan Augusto:
MARTINELLI 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 arteta OUT
Fahmi Ardiansyah
Fahmi Ardiansyah:
no ozil no party😁..this karma for every arsenal coach if ozil dont starting line up🤣
The Man
The Man:

Arsenal fan: Bets against their own team everytime😭
Amar S. Ramadhan
Amar S. Ramadhan:
Good luck for The next match 🙏
Evans Yaran
Evans Yaran:
Arsenal lives matters😂😂
Aditia Arif
Aditia Arif:
Okay, that's enough for this season..
Tandri Anditya
Tandri Anditya:
I've had enough, maybe this is a good time to give up for this Club
The Brick Designer
The Brick Designer:
Brighton did the double 😁😂
Learn It
Learn It:
Imagine having to watch this every week lol
Some things just never change 😪

My dream is to become a successful YouTuber
Paul Davis
Paul Davis:
Arsenal’s defence couldnt even defend themselves from someone throwing a paper ball at them.
Spineless, gutless and heartless
joe Arsyi
joe Arsyi:
Bring back david luiz!!!
I switched club to Arsenal ladies from now on.
Amaan Mahmood
Amaan Mahmood:
Why post this . No passion from the players bin most of them . Kroenke out
Everyone watch this banter. The club needs some income from this
R H:
This is the strongest team on PES 2019 :D
EyeEye Kay
EyeEye Kay:
Just here for the Lols😁
Zak Zaky
Zak Zaky:
Why you posting this is heartbreaking
Ragga Yute
Ragga Yute:
We can forget CL football this season , especially with Leno out now 😪
Jessica chan
Jessica chan:
Arteta out, wenger back! We are way behind his era 😭😭😭
Renan Augusto
Renan Augusto:
Ebuka Ogbuefi
Ebuka Ogbuefi:
If you're watching this during quarantine you've hit rock bottom
Petr Moravec
Petr Moravec:

We’ve seen enough guys
Jason George
Jason George:
Laughing stock 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Michael Shoemaker
Michael Shoemaker:
Don't know how you want to create chances when there's no creative player in this squad. Plus i trust our young players will bring more than this senior squad
Dont worry arsenal united taugh him a nice lesson 😉
Love to watch AFTV after this 😁
I think I might live to see Arsenal getting relegated someday.
Mussa Naidoo
Mussa Naidoo:
sell the club and cease to exist!!!
Mouradinho Gaucho
Mouradinho Gaucho:
Lovely behaviour from Mustafi After the second goal
Big Brother Universe
Big Brother Universe:
London is Blue! 💙
Aubameyang 14
Aubameyang 14:
I wish you a speedy recovery Bernd Leno
Chavez -SAUCE- Mendez
Chavez -SAUCE- Mendez:
😆 all this time I've been searching for the fans that are making those noises
George Mwangi
George Mwangi:
This mid table club is going down to ZERO
Fatah Norris
Fatah Norris:
IT'S 2-1 AGAIN!! 😂
Raftar cc
Raftar cc:
Mac allister what a assist man
Michael Waithaka
Michael Waithaka:
this team is literally finished. from that lineup you should keep pepe, auba, saka. the rest sell/loan
Alvin Irafor
Alvin Irafor:
We need dayot upamecano and Thiago Silva plus Thomas partey and ziyech
Finlay Tripp
Finlay Tripp:
easy W for the brighton boys excellent challenge from maupay i call that one light work