Highlights | Brighton 2-3 Manchester United | Fernandes seals dramatic late win | Premier League

See all the highlights from the Amex Stadium as Bruno Fernandes' last-gasp penalty gave the Reds a dramatic late win over Brighton and Hove Albion in the Premier League.

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100+ comentarios:

Dean Winchester
Dean Winchester:
Fergie time: Score in stoppage time

Ole time: Score after final whistle
Statman Dave
Statman Dave:
GET IN!!!!!
scoring a 100th minute penalty after the final whistle has already gone, to win a game they deserved to lose, is the most man utd thing ever to happen in the history of man utd.
Bruno fernandes: I want to get a penalty in the next game
Ed Woodward : Im glad we sign that goal post. Best signing ever.
Rafi Ali
Rafi Ali:
Don’t let this win distract you from the fact that Glazers still need to get out of this club and so does Edwoodward
Info Kisah Nyata
Info Kisah Nyata:
MU 👍
God Great
God Great:
This match is probably the most hilarious thing I've seen 😂
Emily An
Emily An:
That second commentator was like "YES" everytime United scored a goal :D
Wesley Thuo
Wesley Thuo:
First team to win a game after the final whistle
Taking last minute win to a whole new level
F****** brilliant ole 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌😂😂😂😂😂😂
Max Lamberd
Max Lamberd:
in all honesty we were lucky to come away with the win, just goes to show that we need reinforcements
nahni arfi
nahni arfi:
just "wooden" go in for Brighton

I'll show myself out.
Uncle Gero
Uncle Gero:
The worst and lazy Manchester United I've ever seen
Goutam Suraj
Goutam Suraj:
Teacher: What is garbage?
Me: Manchester United's defence
Rajat Mungali
Rajat Mungali:
U can easily see the aggression on ddg face...he is sick of his defence....he wants new defenders....We blame DDG but it's not his mistake
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa:
Teacher: What is garbage? Me: Manchester United's defence
m mmh
m mmh:
ruben julienne
ruben julienne:
If I have to rate bissaka performance I'll give him an absolute zero... : (
Brian Siallagan
Brian Siallagan:
I'm sick that we conceded that 2nd goal when we used 3 fkin CBs, where was lindelof ffs , poor decision by bailly also
Abhirakshit Nawani IITB
Abhirakshit Nawani IITB:
United's NET SPEND :
The summer before Moyes got sacked = 60 Million
The summer before Van Gaal got sacked = 28 Million
The summer before Mourinho Got sacked = 47 Million
This summer (The summer before Ole gets sacked?) = 35 Million

(Figures include Janurary transfers, if any, too)

Who is at fault? The Managers? All 4 of them?

No manager can succeed at United as long as clowns make transfer decisions, Lawyers go to talk to players (to sign), Bankers run the Football club's day to day proceedings and Leeches own the club
2:56 cry now laugh later ;)
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss:
2:56 cry now laugh later ;)
That second commentator was like "YES" everytime United scored a goal :D
Teuku Muds Sulistiansyah
Teuku Muds Sulistiansyah:
Brighton : The croosbar king

Man utd : the last goal king
Scoring after the final whistle used to be a meme. Now it's reality.
After coming home when u realize that u forgot to see otherside of the question paper
Single Sexy Angle
Single Sexy Angle:
I love Bercelona 💋❤❤
hilmi ae
hilmi ae:
Finally This chanell upload highlight, because last match palace vs Manchester united i can't found a highlight😅🤣
1:21 I've heard Brighton team beat some world bobsled records with these moves
jackie moon
jackie moon:
Let's never mention this day again.
Shy Avda
Shy Avda:
1:49 "..again, United's defending, not great here.."
القارئ السيد توفيق وهدان
القارئ السيد توفيق وهدان:
الحمدلله رزقني الله بصوت حسن فجعلته فى خدمة كتاب الله وتلاوته ولكن للاسف لم اجد من يدعمنى فهل هناك من يدعم أهل القرآن.. وجزاكم الله خيرا🤲🏻🤲🏻🌴:
Hasian Nainggolan
Hasian Nainggolan:
1:01 Commenrator : YES!
crt djr
crt djr:
Penalty voucher...90"+10 add time
Electro Gem
Electro Gem:
Great Signing by deadwood why would u need sancho when u have the crossbar!
Baju Rombeng TV
Baju Rombeng TV:
Teman-teman, Mampir yuk ke Channel aku 🙏
Konten ku berisi Film Komedi Pendek Berserial, Konsep Film ku ini TANPA EFEK SUARA-SUARA ANEH.
insyaallah menghibur untuk kalian semua.
Kami Creator Film asal Tangerang Banten 🙏
David J'o Trudeau
David J'o Trudeau:
"Woodward" Save the day
Muhammad Rizky
Muhammad Rizky:
Feel sad for Brighton. That post was absolute Nightmare for them
Owen's goal vs City = "Beyond added time!"
Bruno's goal vs Brighton = "Beyond final whistle!"

*Fergie time has evolved*
Dennis baya
Dennis baya:
I thought I'd seen everything in football until a penalty after the final whistle of extra additional time the game was supposed to end at 90+5
When you win a game after it ends
Very unprofessional partisan commentary. "Yes!" when the first and last Man United goals went in?
Forza Juventus
Forza Juventus:
"And hits the woodwork again"
Ali Alzahawi
Ali Alzahawi:
To be honest we didn’t deserve to win 😔
Rizky Akbar
Rizky Akbar:
Congrats 10.000 goals🔥MU🔥

Proud of you Rashford
Amr Asal
Amr Asal:
The funniest match i have ever seen 😂😂
vivo 123
vivo 123:
10 minutes injury time 🤣🤣🤣 varchester united 🤣🤣🤣
Righty SnipeZ
Righty SnipeZ:
Goalpost really raising the bar for goalkeepers.
Tony parker
Tony parker:
Hero of the match
Man uniteds goal post😂😂
You need to give treat to that non living thing
Genderuwo Metal
Genderuwo Metal:
please, woodward see that struggle for win, if mcity or liv it can be easily win with high score
anhar santana harahap
anhar santana harahap:
Hate Glazzer, Love United, look city, you must dare to invest like them. build the facilities world class, academy..
larry david
larry david:
Woodward: Our new signing - the woodwork
Kipple Pipple/ KLB
Kipple Pipple/ KLB:
Funny when maupay done the cry celebration, but he was the one who was crying after the match.😂😂😂
Ankur Ghosh
Ankur Ghosh:
I want to be lucky in life the way Man Utd was in this game 😂
and what have we learned ?

that fifa actually gets it right XD
I amazing how Bruno hasn’t missed a penalty since 2016. Almost scary imo.
Raynanta chanel
Raynanta chanel:
United butuh seperti richalison Everton
Maine Stewy
Maine Stewy:
The POST was the BEST Defender on my team today and He's the reason we won.

- David De Gea.
Revo Niaga
Revo Niaga:
Man of the match: woodwork
Taking the Fergie time to a whole new level. Check. Ole's at the wheel!!
The Gus
The Gus:
It's painful to watch united these days
Everything is wrong systematically
jjagwe dennis
jjagwe dennis:
Man of the Match: Woodwork
Abdirisak Awes
Abdirisak Awes:
That is absolutely brilliant from Marcus Rashford.
thadeo kyombo
thadeo kyombo:
from what I see EDWoodwork and Wordward make a perfect match
Sumeet Kumar
Sumeet Kumar:
So the highlights of this game was uploaded very quickly. For the game against Crystal Palace, it still has not been uploaded.
adhi aja
adhi aja:
Penalty FC with all great talent 😂😂😂
Nixer Doyle
Nixer Doyle:
1:59 "They must be going for a record Brighton of...hitting the woodwork." Wow. What insightful expert commentary.
MJenius MJ
MJenius MJ:
Maupay did the crying celebration not realising he was gonna be the one crying later
Manchester United's Transfer signings of 2020/2021 season:

1. Referee
2. VAR
3. Goal Post
Wandile Mkhize
Wandile Mkhize:
Sits him down once, sits him down twice 💀
The Real Aladeen
The Real Aladeen:
This Brighton team has three players that can improve United . Lamptey, Trossard and Woodwork 😎
Yoodo Frost
Yoodo Frost:
Just imagine Man United without Bruno🙂
Memphis Osarfo Redeemer
Memphis Osarfo Redeemer:
Telles and Sancho coming will boost the team 🔥🔥❤❤❤
reza maulana
reza maulana:
this is the first time of my life watch a penalty after refree ended the game. lol
Johnny Johnson
Johnny Johnson:
Simply luck , see how many times they pass through our defense but the woodwork was on our side .
Rashford's goal was really nice 😎
deniyelicious !
deniyelicious !:
Refree : it's full time
All players go home and sleep at night
VAR checking
Also refree : go back to field now! We're gonna do a penalty shoot
Berita Sepakbola
Berita Sepakbola:
Siapa yg ngira imbang? 😂
Evos. Miracle
Evos. Miracle:
Lol Varchester
Sepawi Morsidi
Sepawi Morsidi:
Ole is watching How to be a Klopp😂
Zim Pranks
Zim Pranks:
Did you hear that YES on the second commentator lol
Term Thesi
Term Thesi:
When Woodwork does more for the club than Woodward
Bagus Aditya
Bagus Aditya:
that run from Rashy is all I wanted from Rashford in every match, kill the opponent by speed and dribbling.
Aymaan .T
Aymaan .T:
Maguire taking credit for the own goal like the prisoner he is
Karim Kerim
Karim Kerim:
Welcome ponchentino 🔥🔥
C Joe
C Joe:
Alexi Romano
Alexi Romano:
Victor Lindelof is the most clumsy, out of place center back I've ever seen in a United shirt. He has to go. We need a strong pair that we had in the Ferdinand-Vidic era. Also not convinced that Harry Maguire is up to it.
Cheuk Hei Isaac Ng
Cheuk Hei Isaac Ng:
Woodward is like: Wow, we won it, we don't need to buy players
Kiky Anel
Kiky Anel:
love MU from indonesia!
Esse gol do Rashford tem que concorrer ao Puskas.
Mh Channel
Mh Channel:
Glory glory man united 🔥🔥
Chetan G.C.
Chetan G.C.:
Edward woodwork Man of the match 🤣🤣🤣
Manchester United fan
Manchester United fan:
When I checked my phone and it said that it was full time but they score then
Me :😶
Henry Kurniawan
Henry Kurniawan:
Man of the match : VAR & woodward !!!
Aaron Rawago
Aaron Rawago:
Brighton had 4 Woodworks, FOUR WOODWORKS, The two matches just sums up how the rest of the season will be.
Suka Tanaman
Suka Tanaman:
Yng Dari Indonesia, fans MU mana nih??? Moga dapat temen baru. Amin. 🙏
Dendy Kagami
Dendy Kagami:
Trending di indo.
GGMU united indonesia.
Scarred Hunter
Scarred Hunter:
Ok that's one of them mad games.
But Jesus Christ spend some money and buy a defender FFS man Harry and Victor together give me heart attacks.
fffeewwhhh... so scare to see another EPL club with their new players n game.