Highlights | Brighton 2-3 Manchester United | Fernandes seals dramatic late win | Premier League

See all the highlights from the Amex Stadium as Bruno Fernandes' last-gasp penalty gave the Reds a dramatic late win over Brighton and Hove Albion in the Premier League.

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100+ comentarios:

Dean Winchester
Dean Winchester:
Fergie time: Score in stoppage time

Ole time: Score after final whistle
Bruno fernandes: I want to get a penalty in the next game
Ed Woodward : Im glad we sign that goal post. Best signing ever.
Emily An
Emily An:
That second commentator was like "YES" everytime United scored a goal :D
scoring a 100th minute penalty after the final whistle has already gone, to win a game they deserved to lose, is the most man utd thing ever to happen in the history of man utd.
God Great
God Great:
This match is probably the most hilarious thing I've seen 😂
Johnny Johnson
Johnny Johnson:
Simply luck , see how many times they pass through our defense but the woodwork was on our side .
Rashford's goal was really nice 😎
Rizky Akbar
Rizky Akbar:
Congrats 10.000 goals🔥MU🔥

Proud of you Rashford
Statman Dave
Statman Dave:
GET IN!!!!!
Max Lamberd
Max Lamberd:
in all honesty we were lucky to come away with the win, just goes to show that we need reinforcements
thadeo kyombo
thadeo kyombo:
from what I see EDWoodwork and Wordward make a perfect match
Montell Francis
Montell Francis:
We need Sancho to give this team confidence and a boost
Eunita Kerubo
Eunita Kerubo:
Moupay scored a pananka against degea:
Rashford to de gea: don't worry mate, I am going to teach their defenders a lesson they will never forget😁😁
Andrew Last
Andrew Last:
Rashfords goal was a positive highlight. What I've seen over the two games this season has highlighted problems across the team, system of play, no intensity and very one paced. It's like there is something going on at the club that we don't know about and it is expressed in the football on display. Any suggestions??
Rafi Ali
Rafi Ali:
Don’t let this win distract you from the fact that Glazers still need to get out of this club and so does Edwoodward
Hare Krishna
Hare Krishna:
Loved the performance from the man utd players, they will ensure a seat in the car for Ole ! Ole at the wheel !
Ankit Ghosh
Ankit Ghosh:
After this game many told man utd didn't deserve it
But at the end of the season u will look at the points table get to realize how much important these 3 pts were
The goalposts had more saves than David De Gea in that game....
No, not a joke (Goalposts 4, De Gea 3)
Rashford's goal was pure class.
Aymaan .T
Aymaan .T:
Maguire taking credit for the own goal like the prisoner he is
agent stupid
agent stupid:
2:56 sorry mappy you deserved it
Rashy's ball control was absolutely brilliant
Mick Riverside
Mick Riverside:
Great game from Matic!!! Maupay scores panenka and does crying celebration. Matic first punches him in the face, then assists technically a goal. Played well, had a shot, and was lurking near goal at the last corner. A true slav
Owen's goal vs City = "Beyond added time!"
Bruno's goal vs Brighton = "Beyond final whistle!"

*Fergie time has evolved*
ASMR Sensations
ASMR Sensations:
Brighton had 4 Woodworks, FOUR WOODWORKS, The two matches just sums up how the rest of the season will be.
Ankur Ghosh
Ankur Ghosh:
I want to be lucky in life the way Man Utd was in this game 😂
Mark Khalil
Mark Khalil:
with the penalty you're gifted you will surely finish 6th :)
The Real Aladeen
The Real Aladeen:
This Brighton team has three players that can improve United . Lamptey, Trossard and Woodwork 😎
The funniest match i have ever seen 😂😂
CB250 Nighthawk
CB250 Nighthawk:
MU converts a draw into a win by hook or by crook. 🎣🎣🎣
Thank you VAR thank you VAR wkwkwkw
Taking the Fergie time to a whole new level. Check. Ole's at the wheel!!
Amazing Daily Works
Amazing Daily Works:
Brilliant goal! Rashford and Bruno Fernandes. I always support Manchester United, please get more super skill wing strikers to win the Premier League Champion and other Cup.
As Man United fan, tbh luck was on our side considering Brighton performance and how many balls hits Man United post...unbelievable! Brighton Manager said “LIFE IS NOT FAIR SOMETIMES’’ This game might affect Brighton team throughout the whole season, the whole team need counselling with immediate effect. On the other side the game has boosted Man United team moral, IT’S NOT OVER UNTIL IT’S OVER. What a game to watch! Glory Glory Man United 🥂🥂🔥❤️🙌👌
Mc Blazing
Mc Blazing:
I like Rashfords goal that was classic 💯
Goalpost really raising the bar for goalkeepers.
Maine Lettuce
Maine Lettuce:
The POST was the BEST Defender on my team today and He's the reason we won.

- David De Gea.
Showtime Reds
Showtime Reds:
Best match ever 😂😂
Memphis Osarfo Redeemer
Memphis Osarfo Redeemer:
Telles and Sancho coming will boost the team 🔥🔥❤❤❤
Mh Channel
Mh Channel:
Glory glory man united 🔥🔥
Craig'z Channel
Craig'z Channel:
Can see this turning out to be another topsy turvy season just for a change, they'll be lucky to get to the EFL Cup semi's again.
Bagus Aditya
Bagus Aditya:
that run from Rashy is all I wanted from Rashford in every match, kill the opponent by speed and dribbling.
Dennis baya
Dennis baya:
I thought I'd seen everything in football until a penalty after the final whistle of extra additional time the game was supposed to end at 90+5
Medan Adventurer
Medan Adventurer:
Great match 👍👍
Tube Dis
Tube Dis:
We need fitness and proper coaching of players before reinforcements. Come on ole let’s goo !!
Electro Gem
Electro Gem:
Great Signing by deadwood why would u need sancho when u have the crossbar!
Satish Mungali
Satish Mungali:
U can easily see the aggression on ddg face...he is sick of his defence....he wants new defenders....We blame DDG but it's not his mistake
10 minutes 1 completed pass €40 mil
45 minutes 75 completed pass €25 mil
James Barker
James Barker:
Congrats United. Well deserved win against one of Europe's elites.
Asaalinda Aajowe
Asaalinda Aajowe:
Badman No.1
Badman No.1:
One thing to take away from this match
1.Rashford... if he stays fit for the whole season (and I pray he does)... He's gonna be lethal...
Cheuk Hei Isaac Ng
Cheuk Hei Isaac Ng:
Woodward is like: Wow, we won it, we don't need to buy players
Francina Rametsi
Francina Rametsi:
Amazing assist from Bruno fernandes to Rashford
ruben julienne
ruben julienne:
If I have to rate bissaka performance I'll give him an absolute zero... : (
Osy Alex
Osy Alex:
This game reminds me of Fifa 20 when EA does not want you to win. Hitting the wood work over and over again and then conceding a penalty at the end of the game. Sorry lads, the house never loose 🤓
Salsa Putri
Salsa Putri:
UNITED! Never give up!
Ali Alzahawi
Ali Alzahawi:
To be honest we didn’t deserve to win 😔
Baagi Nkakelang
Baagi Nkakelang:
Cant wait to witness Percy Tau🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦 rescuing the team
Simply luck , see how many times they pass through our defense but the woodwork was on our side . Rashford's goal was really nice 😎
Term Thesi
Term Thesi:
When Woodwork does more for the club than Woodward
Trubble Maker
Trubble Maker:
Surely the Mancs have used up *ALL* of their luck for the season in this one outing? 🤪 🤦‍♂️
Abdirisak Awes
Abdirisak Awes:
That is absolutely brilliant from Marcus Rashford.
deniyelicious !
deniyelicious !:
Refree : it's full time
All players go home and sleep at night
VAR checking
Also refree : go back to field now! We're gonna do a penalty shoot
Esse gol do Rashford tem que concorrer ao Puskas.
Fanly k
Fanly k:
Honestly, before the game i hope we lose so it will make the board become more serious in the transfer market. But Ole sent the same msg to the board with a win. So relief
FifiLove Ug
FifiLove Ug:
Team man utd FOREVER ❤🔥🔥🔥
jackie moon
jackie moon:
Let's never mention this day again.
Rinaldy Maulana
Rinaldy Maulana:
I think we need to sign a new club owner.
larry david
larry david:
Woodward: Our new signing - the woodwork
Shaik Aftab
Shaik Aftab:
Amazing game. Man Utd were lucky to get a win.
Sudharshan v e
Sudharshan v e:
I have a eery feeling that Maguire was told since he costed 80, million he has to compensate that with goals. Thats why he seems far more a goal scoring threat than a goal saving colossus. At least he is doing that. Lindelof's defending is outrageous!!! 🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦
Kipple Pipple/ KLB
Kipple Pipple/ KLB:
Funny when maupay done the cry celebration, but he was the one who was crying after the match.😂😂😂
Faris Alongjb
Faris Alongjb:
The best penalty ever 😅😂🤩
Every match MU is like a final UCL
miri gore
miri gore:
Hmm, can you add Park Ji Sung at coaching team. We need discipline player like him to teach how to attack and defense at same time.
Teuku Muds Sulistiansyah
Teuku Muds Sulistiansyah:
Brighton : The croosbar king

Man utd : the last goal king
Maupay did the crying celebration not realising he was gonna be the one crying later
Pradana Hafiz
Pradana Hafiz:
Harry's goal is a foul plus woodwork is playing fantastic for MUnyuk
Taufik Rahman
Taufik Rahman:
Penaldes 🔥🔥🔥
Muhammaddd Rifqiii
Muhammaddd Rifqiii:
Still imagine about Pochettino as our Manager
Oliver Prendergast
Oliver Prendergast:
This is a much more accurate depiction of the game than the sky sports one, which is surprising to. Me because i assumed this would be more, Biased. Well done!
Hassan Abdirizack
Hassan Abdirizack:
I don't know what happened today man we were saved by some Vudu magic. The game should have ended 6-3 if Brighton took their chances well
Look, I'm glad we won the match. That's all thank you
Vishnu Vipin
Vishnu Vipin:
That "Yes" from the commentator!😍
Dhika Pribadi
Dhika Pribadi:
Lazy defending...lucky to win the match ggmu ❤️👍
That Marcus Rashford dribble tho 1:37. Awesome.👍
AbdulHai Ibrahim
AbdulHai Ibrahim:
Brighton literally deserved a win they were passing through our defense as they weren't even there 😑
Brian Siallagan
Brian Siallagan:
I'm sick that we conceded that 2nd goal when we used 3 fkin CBs, where was lindelof ffs , poor decision by bailly also
snoopdodoublegeezy S
snoopdodoublegeezy S:
That second commentator was like "YES" everytime United scored a goal :D
Brent Tauro
Brent Tauro:
Woodwork doing more than Woodward this game
Mindflower 89
Mindflower 89:
3rd Brighton's number was tremendously demolished by Rashford. I hope that guy's spine is ok now.
Dev K
Dev K:
In all honesty signing sancho wouldn’t solve our problems. We need defenders, we can’t be conceding 2-3 goals per game. It’s ridiculous.
Ashish Samant
Ashish Samant:
We're playing in patches. There is no consistency. There is no game plan. We haven't outclassed any team. Most goals that we score could be attributed to individual brilliance. The luck will run out.
Nixer Doyle
Nixer Doyle:
1:59 "They must be going for a record Brighton of...hitting the woodwork." Wow. What insightful expert commentary.
Lucidemouandza Jazmine
Lucidemouandza Jazmine:
if we could change lindelof, it would be great, cause he aint confident about anythnig he is doing giving the ball away as soon as he recieves it
Arfan Lee
Arfan Lee:
As usual the man of the match is LINGARD ft. VAR. GG Lord Lingard
Subscribe to an Egg
Subscribe to an Egg:
Don’t let this win distract you from the fact that Glazers still need to get out of this club and so does Edwoodwared
berat kaan
berat kaan:
Adam Fithri
Adam Fithri:
Ole is watching How to be a Klopp😂
Thatguyiswiar d
Thatguyiswiar d:
They should make that goalpost they new main man u keeper, he is a rising star, 4 spectacular saves in one game