Watch highlights from our 1-0 defeat to Brighton and Hove Albion at the AMEX Community Stadium in the Premier League.

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64 comentarios:

Idan Talker
Idan Talker:
Showed us exactly where we need improvements, and it’s like we always knew: striker, left back and a fast quality center back. Get those positions and we are sorted. I hope.
We need to enhance strike force and tighten up defense, Brighton played well and deserved the 3 points
We still love you .!!! LEEDS LEEDS LEEDS
If Brighton were slightly more clinical with finishing they could have won by 3-4 goals
Jacob Lupton29
Jacob Lupton29:
Deserved result today, poor performance from rodrigo especially, his selfishness was shown. We could’ve scored also but we weren’t clinical enough. No shame in losing to brighton tho graham is a great great manager and Brighton are a team we always struggle against.
Ernesto Martinez
Ernesto Martinez:
Poor defending once more. Particularly Llorente who was horrendous. After dreamland match against Chelsea our defense turned to shit once again like Cinderella after midnight and show us the real situation in which we find ourselves. Like I always said, we need a premier league class center back, like I always said Pontus and Ben White were both the last proper premier league class center backs we had. Struijk is quite arguably our best defender right now but he clearly cannot play as a left defender. Please don't get me wrong I'm not suggesting Firpo to come back. Not in a millions years. I rather keep Struijk as a left back. And as everybody knows we need to sign a striker. Finally is clear for me that we missed Bill and Stu so much on the pitch.
Freshly Picked Football Videos
Freshly Picked Football Videos :
We didn't play like we did against chelsea. We need an inform bamford up top, and a good left back.
Mick Gascoigne
Mick Gascoigne:
Fair result they did to us what we did to Chelsea
Michael Senior
Michael Senior:
We probably underestimated Brighton somewhat they are a very good team with a manager I'm beginning to dislike immensely he just seems so smug.....let's hope we can bounce back on Tuesday..against another manager I dislike intensely...
i [ Z ] G a t t o
i [ Z ] G a t t o:
Brighton is always tough for us
Stefan Joseph
Stefan Joseph:
An interesting game. The future of our attack is in the hands of those that are available Geldthard, Rodrigo, Joseph,and Perkins. This might hurt some fans but I think Bamford is coming to the end of his career at Leeds. Marsch needs to plan his attack around Sinistera Aaronson and the strikers that are available. It is possible if the service comes from both flanks and those two guys are looking very dangerous.
Peanut Butter
Peanut Butter:
Rodrigo was poor. Whole team had too many incomplete passes and were mostly poor in possession.
Bowie Doctor
Bowie Doctor:
That llorente header was bizarre. And was Struijk sucked in too centrally for their goal?
Bretts Allotment Garden
Bretts Allotment Garden:
Need a left back so Struik can go partner Kock and a striker who can hold up play for Aaronson and Roca to run off
Nadeem Khan
Nadeem Khan:
Leeds needs a striker ASAP !
In we Move! And march on Towards Everton and give them a right white rose slapping
Jubair 123
Jubair 123:
Even though we played bad there were chances to score an equaliser
Rodrigo's performance was very poor
Tom Ralph
Tom Ralph:
Rodrigo scores 4 goals in 3 games and now he thinks he’s a world class striker who’s justified in shooting from anywhere even when his teammates are in better positions.

Santhana Raj
Santhana Raj:
Another fast counter attack and the defence is caught flat footed once more!!
Paul Brennan
Paul Brennan:
Just wasn't our day today Meslier had a good game today .We need a striker & a left back a.s.p . I would start Sinisterra & klichy on Tuesday night 🌃 against Everton Elland Road 🏟️ should be on 🔥 fire we need a good result against Lampard. Still feeling positive come on Lads we can do this let's give Frank Lampard a nice Leeds United 🦚🇮🇨 welcome they won't forget. We All love Leeds, marching on together 👊✊🤍💛💙. Win,loose, or draw we always stay together at least until the world 🌍 stops going round . Looking forward to the match on Tuesday night 🌃.We All love Leeds. LGFM 🦚🇮🇨👊✊🤍💛💙On wards and upwards 👊🦚
Royle Mensah
Royle Mensah:
How come Leeds United have not been doing so well in this game? 😢 They have to remain unbeaten.
Musa Baig
Musa Baig:
Leeds United, chase Randal Kolo Muani who plays for Eintracht Frankfurt. This guy is an excellent attacker!
Christian Cambridge
Christian Cambridge:
No disrespect meant

But can someone explain to me how successive managers believe Adam Forshaw can change a game ?

Hes not a Prem player , creates nothing .If we don't sign a#9 in this window then it's a 2 fingers from rad to fans
Unfortunately, fair result..
Matthew Bell
Matthew Bell:
Kristensen really needs to step up sooner rather than later. Ayling will be straight back in at RB at this rate
Lets just hope today was a hiccup and after chelsea and barnsley they were fatigued .
Wisdom Nzube
Wisdom Nzube:
Wait, Leeds and their style didn't win again Brighton?

What happened?
harry bailey
harry bailey:
Mate everyone moans all time does my head in, get off there backs, go again Tuesday night boys, don’t let negativity get in your heads. No one were moaning last week 😂
Jonny Smyth
Jonny Smyth:
So tactically unaware from Marsch to mitigate Brighton's strengths. We all knew they would play with width and play long and our sole counter press tactic was made to look toothless. And oh the irony that in possession (well such poor attempted possession of the ball) we could not deal with their M2M marking! Rodrigo/ Llorente / Harrison so poor in everything they tried to do. Wake up call for the manager and the team ... And for our recruitment team too.
R u k a w a _ 1 7 H i k e r u y a
R u k a w a _ 1 7 H i k e r u y a:
Sinisterla deserves to be in the starting lineup. The front doesn't try to pass the ball to each other, everyone wants to shoot for themselves. but not for the team This defeat affects the morale of the players. The real one should change a couple of positions in the next match 😞
Zig Zag
Zig Zag:
One day we will win at that place 🙄 Such a bogey team! Can’t wait till potter leaves them and they can be sh!t again!
We go again 🤍💛💙MOT ALAW
Brighton should've had 4 or 5. We were terrible. Terrible tactics. Couldn't play out because of the pressing, nothing changed for ages.
leeds 💛💛💙
Liam Bailey
Liam Bailey:
Why are people acting like we lost? That’s wolves
reece cal
reece cal:
Unlucky not to get a point there looking at the highlights on another day a few of those close calls go in, just wasnt our day brighton are a good team an we never quite turn up against them for some reason😂😂MOT
Carlos A. Gómez
Carlos A. Gómez:
Keep calm, we must start the game with Gelhadrt, power from the beginning, then change for Rodrigo...
Soccer F.C
Soccer F.C:
Poor Performance From Rodrigo And Leeds Seriously Need New Players
Matt LUFC:
Bamford is done completely unreliable now be lucky to get 15 games out of him, this board need to get a decent left back and put pascal back in the CB position with Robin and we need a god dam striker, why is the board penny pinching have we not learnt from last season, still a decent start to the season however things still need to be sorted before Thursdays deadline and if they are not we could possibly suffer again
Leeds Yank
Leeds Yank:
Can we please get a striker? Pretty please with sugar on top
roman picisan
roman picisan:
Two team who play high pressing system meet
Yellow :D
Yellow :D:
We got unlucky today just need to be more consistent
Bad performance bad result shockingly bad kit.
Leeds poor performance, deserve win for bHA
We showed Leeds how to play football again. Disappointing that we went into the break at 0-0. We were all over Leeds. Third in the table now. Can I dream of Europe?
Douglas Harley
Douglas Harley:
lots of loose passing in the final third, and poor on set pieces. referee was quite bad actually. lol, do they not enforce kicking the ball away for a yellow card in england?..we did that twice in 2 weeks! 🤨
Please change the away strip or jesey!!
Sanchez is Mr. Baik's US name.
Jacob Lupton29
Jacob Lupton29:
Alex McDougall
Alex McDougall:
Poor all round team performance, Rodrigo was terrible back to his selfish worst.
Where is bamford??
United States of Leeds !
Nazrul Suani
Nazrul Suani:
One bad game for Rodrigo y'all are looking for a striker ffs u call urselves fans
Martin Chavez
Martin Chavez:
again the same, again this shit directive leeds IS NOT MADE TO DEFEND IT IS MADE TO ATTACK, PRESS, TOUCH, HIT THE GOAL LIKE THE BRIGHTON DID TODAY until when as shit is it going to cost us as much to play as we did games previous and please ask the board to have a little dignity and resign as it is possible that our key players ayling, dallas are still injured that they return and bamford is already a case of crystal, firpo the same so I do not worry, that they buy poor we are not like not to sign quality players, I'm not saying that the ones we signed are bad because they are magnificent but at least two more are missing let's go leeds to death with you go leeds and please stay at least 6 and shut up everyone who they praised this great team
Ese equipo es una b 4su ra los leeds en el fifa lo ponen como equipaso es una k 4gad 4 🤣🤣
Should have been 5-0, what a clown of manager
Wisdom Nzube
Wisdom Nzube:
If Leeds are not careful, they will be relegated this season.
Neil Bateman
Neil Bateman:
Truly awful performance, 1-0 flattered us.
Rodrigo, Llorente & Adams were atrocious with only Meslier putting in a decent performance.
It seemed like we were back in Bielsa land, trying to play out from the back when we just needed to release the pressure. Stupid football.
Colorado's Last Hope
Colorado's Last Hope:
You people are incredibly harsh on your club. A bottom side like Leeds with 7 points in 4 games and your complaining!!!! Be happy you got any points in your first 3 games! Maybe you'll finish midtable if your lucky!!!
Cockoff Gewgle
Cockoff Gewgle:
Leeds Yank
Leeds Yank:
Jesse’s missed the mark again with subs. 🤦🏼‍♂️
Premier league fans really are the worst. You lose one match against a good team and then you call to fire the head coach, and you call to sign players at like 5 positions? Do you (people already calling for those things) actually find any joy in watching a team develop?

Seriously, the mentality you have is why all of OPEC and Russia (until recently) owns your league… your solution to everything is to ask your ownership to spend millions of pounds. Pathetic, and completely disloyal
Alan Jackson
Alan Jackson:
That ref was lousy and Brighton have 11 (talentless) Neymar's rolling about for no reason that is not football.
Radrizzani Orta and Marsch OUT