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City bounced back to form with a comprehensive 3-0 win over Burnley in the Carabao Cup.
Raheem Sterling bagged a couple and Ferran Torres opened his City count in a victory that a dominant City thoroughly deserved.



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100+ comentarios:

Roblox Master Trader
Roblox Master Trader:
That Burnley GK is class. surprised if a big club doesnt snatch him up.
ali kayosan
ali kayosan:
I don’t even wanna hear the word Peacock right now
Joe Seaver
Joe Seaver:
Burnely's keeper had one hell of a game despite those 3 goals.
Famoux Maniii
Famoux Maniii:
Ferran Torres with a wonderful performance🤩✌🏽
Nicholas Mintorogo
Nicholas Mintorogo:
This peacock pharrell dude is pretty good
Samuel DeRousse
Samuel DeRousse:
When mendy plays good he is actually a really smooth talented player.... that being said I don’t think he’s a LB but more like a LM
Why can't Ben Mendy play like this every week
I Am Him
I Am Him:
Mendy responded to the criticism 👏🏽
Abhiram R
Abhiram R:
This is why we can't judge a goalkeeper by clean sheets
What a game by the Burnley goalkeeper
Prima Manopo
Prima Manopo:
We surely need Aguero now to save our season, if Aguero on the front tonight City should win 6 or 7 goals away. Ferran is amazing tonight
Thariq Akbar
Thariq Akbar:
A lethal finish from Ferran. Its a good sign because Pep always give him a minute to play in every single game since the start of the season.
Izemrane Chakib
Izemrane Chakib:
Sterling as usual, in order for him to score 2 he had to miss 6.
mwesigwa eria
mwesigwa eria:
Torres so wonderful, big up to Sterling
pen art
pen art:
Burnley's goal keeper was on fire I must say
Burnley goalkeepers : I have already made 10 saves, but we still lost 3-0
Well done to this "Palmer" fella 🤔 more games on the way for you..
Rodrigo Santos
Rodrigo Santos:
Far, far better than what we saw on Sunday. We've got to build on this one.
ICG The Great
ICG The Great:
4:41 "It's a debut goal for Ferran Torres!"
Dangit Dale
Dangit Dale:
Officially the only Peacock that belongs anywhere near the prem
Mustafa Arif
Mustafa Arif:
Great performance from us after we lost 5-2 to Leicester City. Let's keep up the momentum.
this could’ve easily been 6-0. great win nevertheless 💙💙💙
Younes Ten
Younes Ten:
Manchester City must continue in this legendary performance 👍
Raheem Sterling is very good at attacking position, like Jesus👍
Mahrez and Torres are good 👍
Bay Bayu Firmansyah
Bay Bayu Firmansyah:
good jobs boy, congrats ferran for your first goall
I got a promising performance in his 3rd match
Aaron Bungei
Aaron Bungei:
Even if sterling scores two he has to miss five others
Tolo Bolo
Tolo Bolo:
Streling need to improve his finishing skills
Sterling is improving in playing in the box, this gives me champions league hope😁
Elijah Kamuanza
Elijah Kamuanza:
Perfect City performance ⚡
Keandre Evans
Keandre Evans:
Tbh good performance but they had alot of good chances infront of the goal and miss hope it can be fix good defending mendy play well but still dont like him there for big games
Taha Khineche
Taha Khineche:
Virgil Harriott
Virgil Harriott:
Rodri is such an underrated attacking threat. Aerial threat and never afraid to try one from distance. Sterling better be careful bc when our strikers come back he may be second to Torres. Definition of a runner 🔥
2:08 One of the best hardest goals ive seen raz score ..
Muhammad Adib Arham Alias
Muhammad Adib Arham Alias:
Good job Sterling and Torres, keep this momentum until the next match
Oi Jimbob
Oi Jimbob:
Commentator sounds like he’s explaining this to a blind person
Makavelli Maina
Makavelli Maina:
The way Mendy attacks reminds me of Alphonso Davies
City Man
City Man:
Wish mendy played like this every week
Olajide Samuel
Olajide Samuel:
Commentator: How much detail do you want?

Employer: Yes
Mickelé Thompson
Mickelé Thompson:
Mendy with the form🔥
Zom T
Zom T:
He's a Peacock !! You have to let him fly..LOL
What a sound effect for player name banner! I thought it was a kiddo saying "what?!?"
Sunaina Jayee
Sunaina Jayee:
Hahaha 😂😂😂😝😛😜 I thought sterling would have missed that second goal too
Jonathan Fa
Jonathan Fa:
Finally an 0 scores from opponent 👍
That keeper is good but his name 😭😭😭🤣🤣
J Flam
J Flam:
Solid performance from Mendy.
mohammed Hussain
mohammed Hussain:
Mendy in this game 🔥🔥 u can see why city bought him, his passing and crossing ability is 💯
Wesley Bart
Wesley Bart:
Great match,I once recommended RightPlug some couple weeks ago on my old acct when I got my valid dumps and later Lessons too,go check Rightplug on TELEGRAM, Thank me later
Evcil Lahmacun
Evcil Lahmacun:
4:40 "it is a debut goal wait not a debut goal but a goal" hilarious
Qala Darcq
Qala Darcq:
Yall still see sterling useless after this ?! I love him
Guy EXZit
Guy EXZit:
1:30 amazing reaction save
Aden Hoyer
Aden Hoyer:
For me the best player last night was mahrez despite sterling who score 2 goals but miss like 3 goals
Mohammed Cherifi
Mohammed Cherifi:
Riyad Mahrez, his left foot makes a wonder
B Nam Anh
B Nam Anh:
Peacook Farell has a good match too
kirubel biruk
kirubel biruk:
city are back in form we are coming leeds😤😤
Wayfaring Stranger
Wayfaring Stranger:
For an official club production, the quality is low.
Lesgo lads a good way to bounce back after that game at Leicetser
Mpho Noh
Mpho Noh:
Mendy does well alongside laport
Dylan Saisi
Dylan Saisi:
Mendy finally played well
Sterling was on 🔥, and the GK was determined to put that 🔥 out. Great goal keeping!
kolim jone
kolim jone:
What a sound effect for player name banner! I thought it was a kiddo saying "what?!?"
31-37 seconds-Kdb-he's having a laugh-he must see it all in slow motion!
1:31 sterling ran so fast he almost entered the speed force
Lil Ce
Lil Ce:
That Burnley keeper though..what was his name? lmao
Hüseyin ÇETİN
Hüseyin ÇETİN:
Something started since Lyon game with Sterling, c'mon mate get yourself together.
sin tae yang
sin tae yang:
Well, I thought we could have watched the debut of out new gaurdian- Dias!
Alok Vishwakarma
Alok Vishwakarma:
This match seems like Goalkeeper vs Manchester city
edwin mendoza
edwin mendoza:
I might actually put Sterling and Mendy in my FPL
Ayo Olaloye
Ayo Olaloye:
Swear down. If I hear one more Peacock-Farrell, ima loss my head!
Patrick Duncan Jr.
Patrick Duncan Jr.:
Just incredible how Sterlings speed and awareness gets him into so many goal scoring chances.
Farah Hassan
Farah Hassan:
thanks for not letting me down man city unlike against the foxes ur always my fav
Duval In The Wall
Duval In The Wall:
Man I keep forgetting it’s City and not Spurs playing
Man City Goal Saviour please buy this Goal Keeper I like how he show his style of playing and this how you stop Sterling.
P.k Sackey
P.k Sackey:
Props to Burnley’s keeper 🔥
Faquir Md Iqbal
Faquir Md Iqbal:
That goalkeeper though 🔥💯
This is how I know city play
Never seen so much plastic in my life :0
William Thiama
William Thiama:
Finally Manchester city wake up now
Septian Siregar
Septian Siregar:
Sterling 🔥🔥🔥
Muhammad Fahmi Bin Mohd Fazil
Muhammad Fahmi Bin Mohd Fazil:
yeah ferran need more playing time from now
Bronguero Nole
Bronguero Nole:
“It’s a debut goal.....not a debut goal...but its a goal for Ferran Torres..its his first city goal” lmao
Sulton agung Wardana
Sulton agung Wardana:
Akshay Lal E.S
Akshay Lal E.S:
A good cross from Mendy after along time. Last time it was with Leroy Sane in PL
77K waves
77K waves:
that keeper is something else dang he made good saves imagine overpowered defenders and him lool
خير الدين الدراجي
خير الدين الدراجي:
The focking Stirling lost 3 chance face the goal keaper.
He juste finish the atack when the goalkeap was in the floor.
Xx_Ali _xX
Xx_Ali _xX:
More winning interesting do someone notice we are winning almost every game for now damn this is cool but winning isn’t everything.👍😁
Aizawa DAL16
Aizawa DAL16:
Next Delap Starting🙏💪
tribawono sarjono putra
tribawono sarjono putra:
sterling's finishing : 75
Elias 엘리아스
Elias 엘리아스:
Lovely passes from Riyad Mahrez !
Respect is to all
Respect is to all:
Edwin ng'ang'a
Edwin ng'ang'a:
peacock farrell is good to go. to me he was the man of the match despite lossing 3 goals
This game could’ve easily been 6-0 if it wasn’t for the Peacock dude
Trueno AE86
Trueno AE86:
Mendy was excellent today. He needs to work on his defending but he provides a lot going forward
Grzegorz Marciniak
Grzegorz Marciniak:
Sterling had 2 100% chanses... Every time this same... He muss have pass at empty goal. Like Always
Pritam Modak
Pritam Modak:
Sterling's finish is so bad....if he finishes every chance than he could be up there top 7 players in the world
Aaron Robertson
Aaron Robertson:
Sterling must have had about 10 shots on target jesus
ah this is the city we all know and love
Funny Junny
Funny Junny:
Our neighbours (Man City) won 3 nil ,too!!Love ya my brothers!!(I am a united fan)
Andrew S.
Andrew S.:
these man city jerseys look like tottenham and it’s really throwing me off