Highlights | Chelsea 0-2 Manchester United | Premier League 2019/20

Enjoy the best of the action as goals from Anthony Martial and Harry Maguire saw the Reds run out 2-0 winners over Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

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100+ comentarios:

Hamiisii M.
Hamiisii M.:
I appreciate the high 5 in Maguire’s celebration
Not scored all season off a corner then Bruno whips a corner in like that!
Mohintan Athavan
Mohintan Athavan:
Wan Bissaka : 'Im the best at defending'
Bailly: 'Hold my yam'
Soma Bhowmik
Soma Bhowmik:
Why isn't anyone talking about Eric Bailly's rock solid performance!
UmerPK 4
UmerPK 4:
Bruno is class!
His movement on & off the ball, was very calculated.
Reminded me of David Silva, in his Prime for Man City!
The second goal is one of the reasons why bruno is so important for united.
Lawrence Jim
Lawrence Jim:
Man Utd have 99 problems but beating Chelsea isnt one of them..😆
Productplacementadz 24-7
Productplacementadz 24-7:
Ole: I want players who would break their noses to score goals
Martial: Does it have to be my nose?
Ole: Uhh...
Martial: Not another word, I got you boss
someone random
someone random:
Can we just take a moment to appreciate Eric Bailly's performance
Derrick Cusby Owusu
Derrick Cusby Owusu:
Who else believe Eric Baily (Aggressive) and Maguire (Tactical) defensive partnership can be one of the best in EPL?
T Sh
T Sh:
Lampard wondering where all this tech was when he scored against Germany in '10
Retro Fury
Retro Fury:
Feels like this is the first corner we scored from since the 1999 UCL final
00:13 I love his intensity. Looks like a leader to me.
Man I was screaming IGAHLO during his last minute big chance 😂 I wish he had scored but there’s always next time
Leo Mo
Leo Mo:
I like how Maguire high fives a random guy during a busy celebration. He is a leader.
Bruno showing these players how take a corner. You have to drill it. These floaters that united used to do never work
Cabelero diving to save it when it's already across the line is priceless
Legends has it that caballero is still chasing martial's header till now 😁
Let's talk about King Bailly 😂🔥this guy should be doing a better work in millitary. It takes him only 15minutes to calm down and beast the game🔥🔥. Lovely united ❤
lionél Richie
lionél Richie:
Bruno is the best signing Manchester United has ever done . Cheers for this guy🤞💥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Andy Smith
Andy Smith:
Can we just appreciate how solid Bailey was for us tonight
Martin Eriksen
Martin Eriksen:
That high five maguire gave the fan after he scored gave med goosebumps
CheN Xi
CheN Xi:
Bailly tackle stopping Kovacic to score, should be in the hightlight.
Shadow X Trading
Shadow X Trading:
As a ManU fanboy it brings tears of joy in my eyes to finally see us progressing and things making sense in the field. 😭🥺🥺🥺😭
I seriously can't even remember United ever scoring a corner! Bruno MVP!! GGMU!!
Sayyam Nasir
Sayyam Nasir:
Eric was rock solid in defense. There is a reason why United kept the most clean sheets in 17-18 season.🌟
Brian Oduk
Brian Oduk:
An assist from Bruno Fernandez and more to come brunoooo🔥🔥🔥
see this is what fernades can do. We needed a player just like him but this doesn't get you off the hook WoodWood ur still on our sacking list.
Miss you Bruno, but I am loving to see you playing with this class for a club like Man United!
Flame ARS
Flame ARS:
See the effect of bruno? We scored from the corner in his 2nd match. And we couldnt even score a single corner kick goal the whole season.
Great return for Eric Bailly played really well and Bruno Fernandes is the player we needed to pick up the pace well done lads ⚽️❤️
Reece Goatley
Reece Goatley:
Man Utd vs Chelsea. Aggregate score. 8-1 United. You love to see it!😍❤️
X Æ A 21
X Æ A 21:
when pogba recover, i hope to see pogba, fred and bruno play together
hen ko
hen ko:
Can we just take a moment to appreciate Eric Bailly's performance
Imagine if ighalo had scored at the end
The laughter from the commentator when Martial scores😂😂
Benji Godzilla
Benji Godzilla:
watching this highlight today 18 july 2020 just for a boost . thank you chelsea for the 6 points hahah without your generosity we would of been fighting for europa league again. thanks easy frankie lampard
For Players
For Players:
Congratulations my favorite "Manchester United" for this fantastic win 👌
0:37 Wan-Bissaka what a player, poor William.
finally, there's someone who can really kick the corner and freekick
Señor Hisoka
Señor Hisoka:
how is Bailly's block not in these highlights?😒😒 it was INSANE 🔥
Great to see a decent set piece taker in Bruno, and great to see Bailly back. Hopefully he can hit the form he had in his first season.
aron abraha
aron abraha:
I love how the crowd screams: „Fernandes, Fernandes, Fernandes“
Dark White
Dark White:
Well DESERVED!!! It's great to see shaw again.
I hope Bruno continues. But i have to say that Fred played amazingly too
Two very nice signs for UTD taking us in the right direction......love it
Nelson Kimathi
Nelson Kimathi:
Martial never used to smile it's refreshing to see. Wish ole plays attacking system we might score plenty
Afiq Harith
Afiq Harith:
Bruno's first assist in pl and Maguire's first goal as a red in pl👌🏻👌🏻🔴
Demilade Durotoye
Demilade Durotoye:
Just to put into perspective, Manchester United have now beaten Chelsea three times in a row in all competitions with an aggregate score of 8-1.

You love to see it😻 GGMU🔴🔴
Martin S.
Martin S.:
I was thoroughly enjoying myself watching this action on Monday Night. What a win and what a game. Let's do that again against Watford. If we don't, this game was all for naught!
Prince Chinjekure
Prince Chinjekure:
can we play chelsea every week.tears in my eyes lmao
B Rahul AP 071
B Rahul AP 071:
Motm : Lingard for his inspiration from the bench, " C'mon boys, dab on em yeet "
grey ray
grey ray:
United 8-1 Chelsea in the past 3 matches and we've played at there ground twice 😁
Love the passion Maguire showed here 👍
Karushere Karen
Karushere Karen:
What a across from AWB! Amazing. Maguire is soon proving who he is,let's just give it a wait.
Niko Baloch
Niko Baloch:
Completely outclassed by Ole there. To bring on VAR as a super sub was just sheer brilliance.
Priyanshu DUHAN
Priyanshu DUHAN:
Our club will remain at its perch🖤
Gerry Melia
Gerry Melia:
Can't wait to see more of Fernandes and Ighalo
Well done lads we were having a rough season
Kal El
Kal El:
Eric Bailly = Pure BEAST 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💯
EM Music
EM Music:
Manchester United has always been in the heart of my young age of 15 until now?💓💓💓💓😍
Lisa Delaney
Lisa Delaney:
De gea=Spanish roots
James=Welsh roots
Maguire= square roots
Cyrus Virus
Cyrus Virus:
Well done Ole.. Hope this could maintain till end of the season
muhammad fauzan al hafidz
muhammad fauzan al hafidz:
At the end, everyone (still) loves Ole
Oshojeme Adelemoni
Oshojeme Adelemoni:
Now THIS is the Manchester United I know. Glad to see we're doing just fine without Rashford.
Keshz 28
Keshz 28:
That cross from Bruno and AWB is super awesome
Dylan Burns
Dylan Burns:
Everyone be talking about the controversies and I’m looking at the pointless dive from Caballero into his own net at 1:00 😂
Bruno is all we need since SAF's departure :DD
Congrats Red Devils for the great win 👏👏
MU Revival. may you continue to win until the end of the season😉
Man I was screaming IGAHLO during his last minute big chance 😂 I wish he had scored but there’s always next time
Albert Torot
Albert Torot:
This is the Man United we love to watch
trezik 3
trezik 3:
Glory glory man utd
Glory glory man utd ❤❤❤
Charles Wanjau
Charles Wanjau:
0:22 this would have been a goal had martial passed the ball to AWB
Nicolas Ds
Nicolas Ds:
Força Bruno fernandes português !!!!!! Sporting clube de Portugal
Arafat Yussuf
Arafat Yussuf:
imagine this is Bruno only without him and pogba's combination hhhhh let's wait pogba to see their combination
Jesse Audu
Jesse Audu:
Magnificent boys❤❤❤
Utkarsh Gupta
Utkarsh Gupta:
For Maguire's header, Dalot (near the flag) told Bruno to float it in rather than taking it short and Bruno changed his mind.
Wyatt Hunter
Wyatt Hunter:
Bruno combination with Fred early in the game was sick. He made a few unique passes too. I think the two will get along well, both speak portugese, both passionate.
Fahri Husaini
Fahri Husaini:
Glory Glory Man United 🔥🔥🔥❤️
R.nwldn 24s
R.nwldn 24s:
Clean sheet ✅
3 points ✅
Bruno assist ✅
Bruno MOTM ✅
Maguire goal ✅
Bailly rock solid ✅
AWB brilliant ✅
Martial great header ✅
Great day at the office ✅
Dian Edbert
Dian Edbert:
Epic skill from Wan Bissaka and perfect header from Anthony Martial
Along Aier
Along Aier:
As a Utd fan, I must admit the second disallowed goal was a bit too harsh where Giroud and Chelsea deserved that one.
Silkmen Til I Die
Silkmen Til I Die:
Another example of getting up for big games but not for the ones we should be winning easily
Grâce à ce match peut-être giroud aura plus de temps de jeu 🤞
Ryan Kanungo
Ryan Kanungo:
BREAKING NEWS: Phil Jones has just announced his early retirement after a brilliant defensive display by Eric Bailly against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge!
why is nobody talking about Wan's assist in the 1st goal? Quality passing! :D
Bos Kecil
Bos Kecil:
Glory² Man United❤️
greenboy 93
greenboy 93:
What a performance from every player especially shaw
Asiya Ahmed
Asiya Ahmed:
What a solid perfomance 👏👏👏👏👏
Bruno and Fred chemistry looks dangerous
Nur Arifin
Nur Arifin:
Eric Bailly showed an outstanding performance I hope and all fans and Ole keep this defender with Maguire.
Those VAR calls made my day :D
Silkmen Til I Die
Silkmen Til I Die:
FINALLY someone who can get a decent cross in!
angga Andika
angga Andika:
Luan Nguyen
Luan Nguyen:
Oh my, just hearing the sound of Bruno corner kick at the second goal.
That's some power there.
Samora Tirop
Samora Tirop:
Maguire and Bailly have the potential to produce one heck of a partnership. Bailly is so wild lol
Olaoluwa Samuel
Olaoluwa Samuel:
I love United in this match
And I Believe we should stick with this tactic and formation☺☺
Thanks VAR!! You helped us a lot.
fred&bruno...amazing perfomance