HIGHLIGHTS | City 1-1 Liverpool | Gabriel Jesus Turn + Finish! | Rodri Speaks!

A hard battled 1-1 draw with Liverpool at the Etihad saw City still in the hunt for the Premier League, and after goals from Mo Salah and Gabriel Jesus, we heard from Rodri on his thoughts about the match.

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irvan fatur
irvan fatur:
Mohammed score,
jesus level..
damn, i love this tolerance.
CK_ Lim
CK_ Lim:
Let's not blame KDB for that penalty miss, it happens to everyone. We had more chances just unlucky to convert them. Well played Liverpool .
yasir nurrahman
yasir nurrahman:
Highly intense game! So proud of the boys, Despite the result.. keep it up lads!
A bit disappointed that we didnt win but overall the team did good today, lets comeback after the international break and smash tottenham.💙💙💙
Sterling's touch, finishing and decision-making has cost us sooooooo many times. That was an easy cut back to Jesus at 00:26
Gaurav poudel
Gaurav poudel:
R we just going to keep on ignoring Sterling's selfishness, indecisiveness on the ball and his lack of shooting abilities
406 DZ
406 DZ:
الي تمناولهم لخسارة ايدير جام هههههههههههههههههههههههه
PhiStol TV
PhiStol TV:
Sterling & Ferran were absent, De Bruyné shriveld after that penalty miss, Jesus scores a difficult goal then misses a easy header, Walker giving away penalties as usual.

The only bright spark throughout the whole 90 mins was Cancelo, that man needs to play more, he was everywhere.
Study92 Song
Study92 Song:
Stering shouldn't shoot. He cannot finish many times these days... He seems so selfish.
scarface boualem
scarface boualem:
Mahrez le meilleur ♥♥♥💪
Alfan Mauladi
Alfan Mauladi:
We should be able to win by a score of 3-1, if Sterling immediately uses his left foot or passes the goalkeeper when he gets a pass from De Bruyne, and is added if De Bruyne scores a goal through a penalty
KDBoy chin up
You missing Penalty wont cost us League
You disheartened will cost us the League
Strong & Smart Mindset 🔥
Brian Brianchirume
Brian Brianchirume:
Its time for Guadiola to find a substitute for Sterling he is the weak link in the team nowadays
Lamin Sanyang
Lamin Sanyang:
Can’t imagine how selfish Sterling has became
awancloud 239
awancloud 239:
Tesla The Hedgehog
Tesla The Hedgehog:
Man city sure missed a lot of chances. They could've won
Nounou Dz
Nounou Dz:
We are against City’s racism with Mahrez
Aurellia Stenfield
Aurellia Stenfield:
Joao cancelo is underated .. !! Good to see him replace BM 😂😂
Itz Dan
Itz Dan:
I couldn't believe de Bruyne missed that penalty I literally pinched my self to see if I was dreaming
oktavian nur ramadhani
oktavian nur ramadhani:
Best gabriel jesus goal
Cory Fulton
Cory Fulton:
As a Liverpool fan i say this with full respect you played very well good luck after the international break against Tottenham huge respect to you
Fajrul Naufal
Fajrul Naufal:
I'm sure after international break KDB will come back strong and furious
Abubakr SM
Abubakr SM:
0:58 "Gabriel Jesooz" 😂😂
C'mon city💪
kdb still the man
ayan saha
ayan saha:
Rodri is the most underperforming player of this team. He is nowhere near to Dinho. The most useless buy.
Blazers Blazers
Blazers Blazers:
De bruyne is a shadow of himself last season
Alan Shanahan
Alan Shanahan:
How did Man city mess that up, they played well deserved a point.
We've found Aguero's replacement.
❤️ Gabriel Jesus ♥
Khai Eijamp Angah
Khai Eijamp Angah:
Man City would have won the match. They hve alot of chances and advantage. But still, a draw otw fine. Stay strong👏👏👍👍
Swagatam Debnath
Swagatam Debnath:
Man city missed so many targets man😔
A draw is a fair result but we knew we could have won..so keep going
Aldi Muhammad Santosa
Aldi Muhammad Santosa:
semangat terus man city💪
Even one of the best midfielder had miss penalty ⚽
Anyway enjoyed this match
I Love the way Ruben Dias pushes up against the Centre Forwards,like theres a wall behind them,cant back up,cant even move,then intelligently nicks the ball from them
Quality 🔥
Fajrul Naufal
Fajrul Naufal:
Superb match!! Respect for the lads 💪💪
everyone looked tired today, both teams
KIM 森林木
KIM 森林木:
大曼城萬歲! 藍月亮加油⛽!!!
💙17 💙9 💙MC💙!!!
Ledion The youtuber
Ledion The youtuber:
Cmonnnnn unlucky city keep it up we proud of you guys we still fight until the end cmon city💙💙💙
city city city
city city city:
Amogh Shetty
Amogh Shetty:
Relax guys it's just another game and I am sure that man city will get over it and win other games
brian avila
brian avila:
Good performance Lads!

Unfair result. And Keep ya head up Kevin.
Let’s move on and Win vs Tottenham 👍🏾
أسرار الحياة
أسرار الحياة:
#26 🧐 !?
أسرار الحياة
أسرار الحياة:
#26 🧐 !?
Fun Fox
Fun Fox:
we should of win this game. players need to improve their realization.
xdwin 10
xdwin 10:
overall we played really well if we play on this level each week the champions league dream is possible
Ishtee Rashid
Ishtee Rashid:
This manchester team is what I'm scared about. The only worthy rival for us. tough game we had. But it was enjoyable. Respect for pep and jürgen
Mr. Chantrea
Mr. Chantrea:
Sad for the results! We will come back strong
Kry Menghong
Kry Menghong:
Kinda sad how KDB missed that penalty 😞
Teuboua Pristelle
Teuboua Pristelle:
I think we should sell Sterling already I'm tired of seeing him pushing his booty behind and loosing so many chances he is so annoying
Juan Hernández
Juan Hernández:
Love Manchester city 🇭🇳
Human Beings R Thinking Beings
Human Beings R Thinking Beings:
Wide open spaces Man City found
Thanks to Peps Tactics
If City Board bought players he wanted
Would have finished chances with ease
5-0 at least
Heru Blawong29
Heru Blawong29:
Highlight man city attack..
Even thought Liverpool have had more shoots on goal..
Unlucky lads, we need to stop giving away pointless pens good game overall💙
George Mchedlishvili
George Mchedlishvili:
Man City played well, victories will come.
Madara Uchiha
Madara Uchiha:
if kun aguero was there and take penelty and the header, i swear they have scored 3 - 1.
Jagdeep Singh Uppal
Jagdeep Singh Uppal:
That de bruyne miss would have made sterling so proud.
Wajahat Moledina
Wajahat Moledina:
Haha kdb missed a penalty he loves liverpool
Srinivasan K
Srinivasan K:
I request sterling to play in right wing .In 2018,19 with sane in left sterling in right was a great combination.But sterling definitely not good at left side
Andriy Shevchenko
Andriy Shevchenko:
KDB’s movements are so intelligent even without the ball
Football Moderne
Football Moderne:
Did you see when Mahrez missed the penalty kick against Liverpool in 2018, you started to hate him and attack him, but when Kevin De Bruyne missed the penalty kick against Liverpool, you did not speak and you will not speak. You are racists, City fans.
Donie Sujatniko
Donie Sujatniko:
sterling played badly lost the ball a lot when it was in the penalty area, most of the pockets were not clear.
salam yoojii
salam yoojii:
Common City 💙⚽
They need an Striker. Aguero has Injury, and that Definitely has decreased City's definition, they created a really good Options, but they cannot finish them properly with a goal. They need a good striker cause Gabriel It's not constant, and also not an Elite Striker, He's good but not more, and Sterling? He's also a really good player, way better than Gabriel, but has a pour and weak Mentality, He can play good in the pitch but only he sees someone with confidence that Transmits him this confidence, a Leader (Aguero, usually)
Philip Tamino Albrecht
Philip Tamino Albrecht:
Omg Kevin...
Power Tech
Power Tech:
HELP Mahrez !HELP Mahrez !HELP Mahrez !
Not easy, but Great Performance!
ffactor FATAH
ffactor FATAH:
what is the difference between the missed penalty of DeBruyne and the missed penalty of Guardiola??? " آخرسبولة قطع يده" this is what is happend with G.
RM you have to know how to leave the club when the ball is empty.
den Lepcha
den Lepcha:
Missing Augurio or special penalty
Arunava Roy
Arunava Roy:
City make penalties look so difficult.
De Bruyne Junior
De Bruyne Junior:
it's your first missed penalty it doesn't matter be strong and keep going the best is yet to come KinG of Assists 🧙‍♂️❤💙✨
Jesus turn is amazing
Fares Tig
Fares Tig:
I have not seen the ugliness of a coach of this size, a crushing star, @YayaToure, @ZaltanAbrahimaavish, @MasoudOzil, @JadonSancho, @BoyanKarakic, @SamuelEto'o, @FranckRibery, @JoeHart ... and finally @Mahrez22 , a coach who does not have things under the control of the players. Is this weird ??
M.Dzulfikar Alfian Jauhari
M.Dzulfikar Alfian Jauhari:
What's that circle thing Pep and Klopp holding means in the start.. anyone knows? Cheers🎉
Sebastian Bissinger
Sebastian Bissinger:
Aguero need to come back
StuTheBru me
StuTheBru me:
errm you missed all the liverpool chances out haha
Song Loh
Song Loh:
What a match!!!!!
Brian Brianchirume
Brian Brianchirume:
Its time for Guadiola to find a substitute for Sterling he is the weak link in the team nowadays
Death Machine
Death Machine:
De Bruyne has been taking lessons from lookman
Oussama Boub
Oussama Boub:
The best player in City is Riyad Mahrez. They gave him the freedom to play
smoke kush
smoke kush:
This salah penalty style is becoming iconic
Tesla The Hedgehog
Tesla The Hedgehog:
Crapppp KDB missed a penalty? That's unexpected
Sports And gaming
Sports And gaming:
Gianluca Lapadula
Gianluca Lapadula:
Best Coach 👑

Like : Pep Guardiola 🇪🇸
Comment : Jürgen Klopp 🇩🇪
Wadia Kherici
Wadia Kherici:
I hope City will lose all the next matches😏😏 ... because the best player 🤔🤔Riyad will not participate
Abubakar JR11
Abubakar JR11:
We go again..........No problem.......I know we r the smallest club in Manchester but we go again
De bruyne was fantastic untill the penalty
From all matches he had to miss in this one, just no words really
Kamel Kimou
Kamel Kimou:
Kvn dbr hhhhh penalty hhhhhh club raciste pep raciste no good club like Mahrez king
zeus zeus
zeus zeus:
Yunus K
Yunus K:
What about Ferran Torres performance? Absolute Anonymous, Stats on Ferran Torres game: “With just 19 touches before he was hooked 15 minutes after the break.” So that’s 19 touches in 60 minutes of football, Torres Offered absolutely nothing going forward, there was no running into the box, and his workrate and tracking back was shocking and abysmal.
Torres didn’t help out defensively at all, left Kyle Walker in 2 v 1 situations. But because he ain’t Mahrez he won’t be criticised. Compare Sadio Mane’s Workrate Today and Ferran Torres Workrate.... Workrate tracking back is non negotiable. I’m not understanding the hype of Ferran Torres.
Liverpool fan here. Both teams did really well. Personally top team quality like what Klopp said in the post match interview. Keep it up Man C and good luck for tottenham match
Rindra Alfiansyah
Rindra Alfiansyah:
Dapet penalti aja bangga
Kevin was tooo baaaaaad
Vladyslav Kurbatskyy
Vladyslav Kurbatskyy:
Football Moderne
Football Moderne:
Did you see when Mahrez missed the penalty kick against Liverpool in 2018, you started to hate him and attack him, but when Kevin De Bruyne missed the penalty kick against Liverpool, you did not speak and you will not speak. You are racists, City fans.
Kit Kat Animations
Kit Kat Animations:
They cheated so dang much against us I mean everytime we even touched them they dive and the referees are so bad!
farid bouhitem
farid bouhitem:
Man city without mahrez like lion without teeth