Crystal Palace take on Manchester United in the Premier League at Selhurst Park. Marcus Rashford puts the Red Devils ahead with Ayew making 1-1 soon after. However his goal was disallowed by VAR and then Anthony Martial went on to make it 2-0.

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Hazza0212 Paul
Hazza0212 Paul:
Everyone like for a pray for van Aanholt
Fredy Adisurya
Fredy Adisurya:
as United fan I'm happy for the win but i hope Van Aanholt is okay 🙏🙏 that was a very bad landing, so unlucky
Rahul Saha
Rahul Saha:
That moment when United's Youtube video shows more Crystal Palace chances than Crystal Palace's YouTube video itself 😂
Outkast1337 Reckoning
Outkast1337 Reckoning:
As a United fan I'm just glad Palace have evaded relegation. I always enjoy watching their matches and hope that they do better next season.
"V.A.R has a special habit of ruining things for Crystal Palace" even the commentators know" 😂
Saw the game live on TV.
Watched the highlights after the game.
Watched the highlights on hotstar app.
Watched the highlights on United youtube channel.
Then came here to watch the highlights one more time.

I know it's all the same, but I always do that, dunno why
Dayne Richards
Dayne Richards:
Man Utd fan here but you guys played really well
Good Putin
Good Putin:
Roy Hodgson should be teaching at Hogwarts!
“Highlights” is far too strong a word. “Clips” or “General dreariness” would be better.
Erick Richard
Erick Richard:
Rashford is getting better
Love how lingard responses quickly to call the medic team after the celebration
Umar Rayyaan
Umar Rayyaan:
The crystal palace commentator shows more enthusiasm in his commentaty when utd scored compared to utd's commentator on MUTV. 🙄

Kev Ndungu
Kev Ndungu:
VAR have an excellent habit of ruining goals for crystal palace 😂😂😂😂
Neil Cassey
Neil Cassey:
"Certainly we are not fortunate at the moment. The gods of fortune are not smiling on us with certain decisions." said Roy Hodgson just before signing the Magna Carta.
Ong Xuanzong
Ong Xuanzong:
Wow VAR is so precise😆
Get will soon PVA ❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️🦅🦅🦅
Jeremi Abdiel
Jeremi Abdiel:
Mr. commentator: "It's like three milimeters but who cares.."
VAR: "I do."
As a United fan I'll always respect Palace for making that comeback against Liverpool and saving football 😊❤️
Анжел Божинов
Анжел Божинов:
I hope that Pat van Aanholt will recover soon. Stay strong pal 💪👊
Vetu Khesohhh
Vetu Khesohhh:
Thank God United win..best of luck pat van annholt
Ikram Ahmed
Ikram Ahmed:
I love how as soon as the utd players see the defender injured they go and help him without doing a proper celebration. Thats called sportmanship
Anthony Rickard
Anthony Rickard:
Why is the palace commentator so excited when united score 😂
Fanny Bayu Aji
Fanny Bayu Aji:
Wishing speedy recovery for Patrick
Spencer’s Clan
Spencer’s Clan:
I’m getting fed up of continuous defeats now to the point I don’t even care! And thanks VAR you helped us out so much🙄 well played tho UTD
M Ilham Farrohi
M Ilham Farrohi:
Respect from united fans 👏
Fizie Adzurie
Fizie Adzurie:
I knew him!!! -Lord Lingard-
The Gaming Mentality
The Gaming Mentality:
We need to bolster our defence. I say we be ruthless and get Koulibaly onboard. We'll be sorted for 3-4 years and other young players would have a lot to look upto.
Izahar Kader
Izahar Kader:
Go manchester united! :)
Eric Vuyolwetu
Eric Vuyolwetu:
I honestly think man united is playing very well on an empty stadium😄
Harry Noke
Harry Noke:
You can't say we didn't play well, only thing that let us down was our finishing. We had as many chances as Man United and more on target
Man u is a joy to watch at the moment
Serdar Guner
Serdar Guner:
Aanholt beterschap gewenst hoop dat je snel herstel 💪🏼❤️
Shobha Bist
Shobha Bist:
when you will attempt trial in india??
Manchester United
Manchester United:
Hope Van Aanholt has a speedy recovery
Ish92 Messii
Ish92 Messii:
1.33 Lord lingard 😆😆
joseph reuben mrema
joseph reuben mrema:
Sory they knee-down for what? Somebody help
Bruno Tavares
Bruno Tavares:
Bruno is in every goal...i Love that guy...and he have a nice name too...🤭👌😁
ryan sebastian valles
ryan sebastian valles:
Crystal played well even tho I am of man utd
hui osc427
hui osc427:
As a united fan hope Van Aanholt is fine 🙏🏻
Joshua Kainja
Joshua Kainja:
Rashford brilliant calculated goal....
Rooney Naulak
Rooney Naulak:
Get well soon Anholt
Where is lindelof fault to Zaha on penalty box at min 43', 2 minute before Rasford goal???
bagas retno
bagas retno:
Good Game, Well Play
Pawan Naidu
Pawan Naidu:
When you realise Palace commentators do a way better job than Man utd commentary.
Luis Enrique Martinez
Luis Enrique Martinez:
Santos para campeón de México 🇲🇽
Ian Swittchild
Ian Swittchild:
Akbar Abidzar
Akbar Abidzar:
Get well soon for Patrick Van Aanholt from ManUnited fan
Lei Ha
Lei Ha:
ardian Gouw
ardian Gouw:
Lingardinho effect
Wahyu Ningsih
Wahyu Ningsih:
Jempolnya doang yang offside cuk..anjaayy..wkwkwk
Offside just 3mm?

I call that bullsh*t
Bryan Borg
Bryan Borg:
Nobody noticed that Zaha put his leg infront of lindelof! no tv pundit no youtuber seem to have noticed it. Go ahead, look at it again! it wasn't a penalty. Zaha put his leg in front of Lindelof's line of run!
Sumit Bhatnagar
Sumit Bhatnagar:
United looking sharp asf
Lalnghakliana Hnamte Official
Lalnghakliana Hnamte Official:
United must always try a very fast gameplay. That's how they'll win upcoming games..
Crystal Paiace
Crystal Paiace:
Crystal Palace🔵🔴
Mr Goose
Mr Goose:
How many in a row now?!

Edit: where was the foul that should have been a pen
Kenneth Carvalho
Kenneth Carvalho:
They are more comfortable when Chelsea has won
Coro Sam
Coro Sam:
2020 Nepal
Philip Davis
Philip Davis:
not going to show the penalty call then?
Mr. Ritesh
Mr. Ritesh:
deep inside we know van aanholt was injured because he scored the winner at old trafford😂
How was Thimothy?
Spot Tube Indonesia
Spot Tube Indonesia:
Before the match, i think crystal palace can make a goal by Van anholt.
Did what we had to do. You guys play excited futbol especially against the bigger sides
Nugroho D. ERY
Nugroho D. ERY:
Adi Pardita
Adi Pardita:
anyone knew whose idea was it? VAR?
Abhishek Bhat
Abhishek Bhat:
Bruno bruno bruno
Abdullah Abdul Jaleel
Abdullah Abdul Jaleel:
Am United fan...but it hurts me that my country player 🇬🇭🇬🇭, Jordan Ayew goal couldn't be counted
Like i am dani i live in indonesia
Friendly neighborhood Spidey
Friendly neighborhood Spidey:
I still think this kind of accurate VAR is chaos
Mahruaii Tlau
Mahruaii Tlau:
Sorry i dont know van annholt injury
mobile expeller
mobile expeller:
Who saw that German suplex by Martial 😂😂
Lei Ha
Lei Ha:
Im a man u fan and i think that we played terrible. We got Lucky because of 1 cm and also palace should have gotten a Pen because of lindelof. Our attack is good but our defense is terrible
opick 34
opick 34:
De gea ok
myki pd
myki pd:
VARchester United is coming
Moun Sokundara
Moun Sokundara:
Man Utd commutator should learn about Crystal Palace commentator
Rashi Malappuram
Rashi Malappuram:
Iike who one loves Aron wan bissaka
james oluwaseyi
james oluwaseyi:
VAR - Very Against the Rights..
Rahol Star
Rahol Star:
that offside is outrageous.
Palace4Life EagleArmy
Palace4Life EagleArmy:
Stop with the 'As United fan' comments, if you support this club just watch and don't comment.
TheXGamers 2020
TheXGamers 2020:
As a united fan prey for Aanholt very bad injury and broke hand hope he is ok to the next season
Santyllana 2020
Santyllana 2020:
Gam sena yêu thầy giáo va
tropoja poja
tropoja poja:
united till i die
Himawan Ramadhan
Himawan Ramadhan:
Gordon Law
Gordon Law:
Whoever edits these videos is awful! They cut out Zaha's penalty appeal and Luka's free-kick. They managed to keep in the BLM knee at the start when Sky and BT don't bother any more.
Anyone else here him say rarshial
Eagle Bob
Eagle Bob:
De gea back to his best
frank simba
frank simba:
Palace were robbed?
Max G. Hunter
Max G. Hunter:
Can Manchester hire the Palace commentators...
babagana lawan dalorima
babagana lawan dalorima:
Get well soon Van Aanholt.
Akbar Silmi K
Akbar Silmi K:
Pemuda Netizen
Pemuda Netizen:
David Costales
David Costales:
Crystal Palace
Caho sfc
Caho sfc:
GWS Van Aholt
roberto segovia
roberto segovia:
Cuidado con el manchester la proxima temporada esta encontran el equipo ideal con ese bruno fernandez y pogba en el medio , rashford y martial en la delantera
Sorin Tassa Drax
Sorin Tassa Drax:
Nothing wrong with palaces goal
Zola Zola
Zola Zola:
Crystal palace vs VAR united
Bao Not
Bao Not:
The VAR rule is screwed. Not a Crystal Palace fan but 3cm offside tho?
Levente Molnár
Levente Molnár:
United best