Highlights FC Barcelona vs Real Sociedad (1-0)

FC Barcelona's win against Real Sociedad at the Camp Nou with a penalty Goal of Leo Messi in the second half #BarçaRealSociedad J27 LaLiga Santander 2019/2020

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No fan in the stadium realized this was the last time they saw Messi in real life with a Barça kit.
This the last time the fans saw Messi playing on Camp Nou😥
Decay Xyxy
Decay Xyxy:
Things you wouldn’t expect to see In football

Messi doing a step over
King Writes
King Writes:
Força Barça
Ivan P
Ivan P:
My opinion is that this handball shouldn't been awarded with penalty for Barcelona although I'm their fan, Barcelona improve some segments of play but still they lack better finishing. Today half back duo was perfect, but when it comes to defending whole team have to defend together, not only back line because on wide space against quick players they have no chance.
Jacob Julie
Jacob Julie:
Don't think ive ever seen Messi do a step over before
Jakub Kuberka
Jakub Kuberka:
Ligę Hiszpańską oglądnę czasami i powiem wam że jest imponująco ciekawa.
messi's last camp nou goal in front of a crowd
møh la claßse
møh la claßse:
Messi was epiv and phèmenal 💪💪💚💚
Messi my idol hes so good that he could score a penalty that easily! Hala messi!
Real Nimrod
Real Nimrod:
If Barça keep playing like this, they're not going to win La Liga. The defenders were guarding the air smh
braithwaite is indeed a much better signing than griezmann
Messi 👑
The G.O.A.T Messi❤️✨🔥
Thora Adam
Thora Adam:
I like Busquets. Especially that chip
Наталья О
Наталья О:
Месси топ
Hang Ly
Hang Ly:
Chingiz Mirzabekov
Chingiz Mirzabekov:
Leooo leooo leoooo what a pass🔥👏
Olavo Matos
Olavo Matos:
Mais um pênalti pro Barcelona alguma novidade?
Footballers Goal
Footballers Goal:
So your going to tell me this was last match for Messi on Camp Nou with fans??!💔😔
Lionel Mexxi Axxxel
Lionel Mexxi Axxxel:
Messi had lot Opportunities that’s ok👌🏾 at less Messi scored penalty 1-0 real sociedad .. Messi just trying find that younger Messi 💕but I’m just glad Barcelona won💙...x
VAR is a joke. They were supposed to give a goal at the end and not give a penalty at the first. Such incidents have destroyed our charms.. Football has never been the way as it was.
Sam Mulder
Sam Mulder:
I'd be really suprised if Barca wins a single trophy this season.
Dean Wood
Dean Wood:
ive been in this empty stadium it was amazing xxxx
Normal One
Normal One:
wow braithwaite really fast...
|Y| Marius Chivu |Y|
|Y| Marius Chivu |Y|:
Hahahaha, great "penalty".
Gauri Shanker
Gauri Shanker:
Messi’s last game with Fans at Camp Nou
Liam Johnson
Liam Johnson:
Last goal with fans for Messi
That referee should just let that goal in that offside wasn't even useful enough to break the rules.
Barcelona are over using Lionel Messi now, they’re wasting his prime years Aswell. They’re lack of planning and professionalisms is gonna cost them BIG TIME when he leaves or retires. He’s having to be super human AND play 90 minutes every game time and time again, even against small teams he can’t be given a break firsty due to depth because Suarez and Dembele are our injured but secondly because if he doesn’t play, then Barcelona are in serious trouble even against small teams. He’s the only reason they still are where they are especially with the recent league titles they’ve won recently and it’s starting to take a toll on him fitness wise. Although he still puts in a shift. Hopefully this braithwaite once he settles will take the load off and hopefully Suarez can return sooner rather than later.
Roko Markov
Roko Markov:
I wish it was 2-0 but still its a win
Superior Gaming
Superior Gaming:
I think Barca will win Laliga
Cause the have the GOAT🐐

Braithwaite the GOAT🐐
C. Fariddio 7
C. Fariddio 7:
Man of the match : Referee 😂💯
Timur Такажуков
Timur Такажуков:
Месси кароль
Tanay Thatte
Tanay Thatte:
Last match with fans 😭😭😭
Sh*t ain't much, but 3points is 3points.😎
Okeke Uzoma
Okeke Uzoma:
It's a big shame barcelona board is brainless, making useless signings, bringing coaches without records to 'one of the worlds top club like barca' and bringing in injury prone and non-quality players without proven records for quality. Messi is suffered so much. The club and his team mates should be very ashamed of themselves he brings the cash flowing in they use to feed their families and buy exotic cars. No competition in the team to match messi level of football or even play better than him. #FCBarcelona #Laligasatander #Soccer #Football
An Fre Za
An Fre Za:
Luis moragas batista
Luis moragas batista:
Primavera qué no llega Primavera que no llega el Barca se kabrea el Madrid que se chotea el Depor se regodea y el Valencia se la menea.
BARCA double TREBLE sixtuple
BARCA double TREBLE sixtuple:
Overall we played like shit tonight but we got away this time...
We rarely get good result with such bullshit play...
Everybody wasteful in front of goal especially Rakitic and Busquet horrible performance like always...
Sociedad played and dominated better in 2nd half...
We need to sell Rakitic, Busquet, Dembele, Braitwhite and Griezmann to buy Neymar...
Barca is proven shit without MSN...
might be barcelonas last match.. who knows
Umut02 Akyuz
Umut02 Akyuz:
Messinin frikik bugını bulmuşlar la
Christian Nielsen
Christian Nielsen:
Why exactly are people crying about VAR? It was clearly a handball so the penalty is fair, no? Vidal can't be offside because he doesn't go for the ball. He doesn't interfere. The defender clears the ball, a touch that's intentional and controlled which starts a new situation of play. Therefore, Vidal can't be offside. It would only have been offside if it was a deflection.
Battlefield Gamer
Battlefield Gamer:
At 0:57 wasn’t it offside?
Nikita Zaikin
Nikita Zaikin:
Barcelona should have won this match by more then 1 - 0 goal it should have been more goals and a 2 - 0 result because of that idiot refferee that thinks alba is on offside possition witch he is not very idiotic Call and decision from refferee there.
Dahen Khoder
Dahen Khoder:
MESSI is pro
Felix Diaz
Felix Diaz:
Still can't believe how borong and emotioneless English commentators are😣
Luis B
Luis B:
And the VAR didn't see that VIDAL WAS OFFSIDE just before the penalty when Messi long passed him the ball !!!!
المعزة كوسال بابا
المعزة كوسال بابا:
Lil Herb
Lil Herb:
*The goat has entered the chat*
Ansu titular
Panashe Chinhamo
Panashe Chinhamo:
we need pep back
Victoria Ruiz V
Victoria Ruiz V:
El Rey a messi messi España messi messi España messi España messi messi España messi España messi messi historia a messi
Fati did well
2nd goal should of counted
Rustemova Xosgul
Rustemova Xosgul:
Mr Ginanjar
Mr Ginanjar:
with great effort almost......
daniel oliveira
daniel oliveira:
¡El Poeta, Caballero, veloz y gobernante,cabalga sobre el lomo de acedera blanca, bajo la sombría luz de la luna de los callejones encadenados,¡ El hombre de poesía, cabalga, veloz y dominante, bajo la sombría luz de la luna de los bulevares encadenados, sembrando la palabra de la juventud inmortal! ¡Los acordes de melancolía suenan melifluos en el viento de los versos! Las estaciones abren sus armarios exóticos y mágicos y el otoño revela el camino amarillo en las copas de los árboles! ¡Y el Poeta se complace en escuchar al pájaro naranja cantar el preludio de la primavera! ¡La Poesía, publica el carnaval de mariposas sin el confeti humano! ¡El arlequín del hombre interior del corazón llora lágrimas púrpuras de ironía! ¡La temática poética de la flor y el cuchillo aborda la fatal pasión patológica que transita por los laberintos del alma humana! ¡El miedo reverbera y viaja en el túnel del tiempo del árbol genético! ¡Es el villano antagonista de las ideas! ¡La pantomima de la cofradía de títeres y la eminencia marrón conceptual describen la geografía actual de las caricaturas y los ceños fruncidos! ¡Debido a la palabra de la juventud inmortal! ¡Los acordes de melancolía suenan melifluos en el viento de las estrofas! ¡El poeta conduce a la velocidad del pensamiento eterno! ¡Las estaciones se abren simultáneamente esta noche, el poeta está afinando su guitarra poética al diapasón de las estrellas! El hombre de ls poesía es un transeúnte de la inmensidad de la apariencia y conoce la carta escrita en su apariencia ¡Dios es el poeta de los poetas y el hombre de la poesía es su alumno, en la sombra indescriptible y dichosa! El Pescador de estrelle vive en la peña de la noche más profunda. El Pescador de estrelle vive en la laguna marina del amanecer. Llevar historias milagrosas de vidas rehabilitadas. El pescador estrella, conoce el camino y el tiempo para pescar. La estrella! El pescador estrella no camina en la dirección del viento, las emociones del alma El pescador de estrella es guiado por la brújula divina en su corazón emprendedor. Tu mirada es mansa y humilde. El pescador de estrella pesca a los humanos en el mar de la vida. El Pescador de estrelle , no escucha. a las fábulas del comerciante de ilusiones. El Pescador de estrelle cree en quien puede hacer todas las cosas. Él es perseverante y nunca se rinde en sus victorias. ¡El soldado Omicron milita en la trama tenaz del diamante en bruto! ¡El soldado Omicron, navega por la ardiente estrella de la mañana, abrazando el sello heráldico de la fe en llamas! ¡El soldado Omicron con la máscara del anonimato, no para ocultar algo, sino para mostrar algo! El soldado Omicron trabajando en la temperatura de la muerte. ¡Porque él es un Prospector espiritual y con su paneo de fuego, busca gemas en las venas telúricas! ¡El soldado Omicron se disfraza en un rango de luz incesante, y el casco de Kevlar es estupendo, de moléculas de amplitud incorruptible! ¡Tu cuerpo es un guerrero, en el humo del agua atómica! ¡El soldado Omicron tiene el genoma de la guerra y su amor es un sentimiento ardiente! El Soldado Omicron toma los tres estados de la materia literaria: ¡Mar Poético que libera la mente de la horrible sombra de la modernidad! ¡La bruma de ensueño que destaca la ciudad de oro y cristal, prominente, impresionante! ¡Y la solidez de la palabra, más fuerte que el cielo y la tierra! ¡El soldado Omicron le dio órdenes al general invierno, ganador de las guerras, domina solo las cimas del agua! ¡El soldado Omicron sigue la jungla de los sentimientos humanos en busca del fruto virtuoso! ¡El soldado Omicron yace en lo [email protected]@@ZZZZ
Barcelona is getting messi!
Kid: "Is the divorce real?"
Mom: "Yes it's Real So See Ya Dad"
Luis Fernando Tirado
Luis Fernando Tirado:
Quiten el título engañoso de highlights, por que por definición eso no es un highlights, voy a denunciarlos por ese vil timo
1-0 from a penalty -_-
2011 version of barca always more than 3goals.
Jakub Kuberka
Jakub Kuberka:
Lepszy jest Ronaldo. Nawet mam jego koszulkę.
La liga is got so much
And i like barca and real madrid
Refree think it seems like Messi hand ball goal..unfair..
rakitic needs to go he makes the worst decisions
Wahyu Firmansyah
Wahyu Firmansyah:
Tobias Gultom
Tobias Gultom:
Video: 1:30 minutes
*gets 2 minute ad*
badroo badroo
badroo badroo:
WTF!!!!! its offside!!! whats wrong with the VAR??
Umedjon Kamolov
Umedjon Kamolov:
Месси пир шди дига бози накун
VAR helped them once again!
Dêlir Hasan
Dêlir Hasan:
# بارتيمو انقلع #
سارابيا sarabia ✌🏿
VAR vs RS : 1-0
Randy Flores
Randy Flores:
Not a penalty!
Zacky Alfarizi
Zacky Alfarizi:
Penalty voucher time ahahahhah
Daniel Baggins
Daniel Baggins:
I want Ernesto back so badly:(
The VAR won the match not Barcelona
Janeth James
Janeth James:
We are suffering pep and xav disease which is dream instead of enjoying the reality of setien at the end they will bring us worse coach ever than setien like after valverde I fill disappointed we no longer having a sysme we a only winning unexpectedly
Shuel Ahmed
Shuel Ahmed:
How is that offside?
Sam Allardyce
Sam Allardyce:
messi : we wont win this
ref : hold my whistle
This game probably cost a shit ton of lives.
Rocken Rock
Rocken Rock:
Тураев Тимур
Тураев Тимур:
More Baklava pls شكرا
More Baklava pls شكرا:
How does isak p play for vsociedad if he's not Basque
its corbeaux
its corbeaux:
Джон Коннор
Джон Коннор:
Varcelona 1 - 0 Real Sociedad
Did someone say PESSI?
James Bond
James Bond:
It was offside from vidal 🤦‍♂️
what a penalty 0.56 second that says it all var and the judges open your eyes shame real Sociedad didn't lose
bartomeu"s wife was on loan at the referee friday night
Amjan Kobani
Amjan Kobani:
Daniel Fuentes
Daniel Fuentes:
tayveon Sanderson
tayveon Sanderson:
smooth jazz
Superior Gaming
Superior Gaming:
No Penalty no Party Pessi
What’s up with the fake lipth?
Football is ruined !!