Highlights | Leeds United 1-1 Manchester City | 2020/21 Premier League

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khama wesonga
khama wesonga:
Fun fact: Leeds had more possession and more shots on goal than Manchester city.

Lorong Misteri
Lorong Misteri:
Football legend 😍
Ronni Arbitiaas
Ronni Arbitiaas:
Aside from the "traditional" big 6, we have Leicester, Everton and Leeds this season.
This is going to be brutal.
Emmanuel Sasu
Emmanuel Sasu:
Leeds deserved to win this game. Outstanding performance, now everyone knows they are here to stay.
Liverpool Ynwa
Liverpool Ynwa:
Bielsa is a football legend
Wonderful effort. What other manager, after being under the cosh first half, would've sent on a winger and told him to run at the opposition?! They would've sent on an extra defender. Not Bielsa. Attack attack. Fantastic. You could see the players suddenly believe in themselves. Rodrigo touch is sublime. Poveda pace electric. So refreshing. The world is watching boys. Be proud and go get em
Mythologies by Jack Adams
Mythologies by Jack Adams:
Absolutely awesome. As a Spurs fan, I cannot express how happy I am to see this Leeds team and their manager do well. For you fans, bloody brilliant after all you have been through. Sit back, don't enjoy it, just love it.
Around The World With Football
Around The World With Football:
imagine leeds vs atalanta 😂😂😂
not enough space on the scoreboard
Bien ahi Bielsa, contra dos grandes como Liverpool y Manchester City dando mucho partido, Bielsa esta llevando al Leeds a un lugar que nunca nos lo imaginaríamos, los felicito a los aficionado de el Leeds y muchos éxitos!
mark stead
mark stead:
What a game, so proud of every one of the players.
Leeds United overwhelmed Manchester City. I'm gonna keep rooting for this team.👍
From s.korea 😉
Marcos Tisero
Marcos Tisero:
Nice to see Leeds in 5th place, in europe league zone, cheers from Argentina!!!!
The Guy
The Guy:
We deserved to win this match.
We did better than them.

Let's go Leeds.
Welcome back Leeds United 🇮🇩 Success always for you
Btted 178
Btted 178:
From a liverpool fan, respect to leeds
Neil Shinde
Neil Shinde:
Being a Liverpool fan, I was amazed how good Leeds played. If Liverpool wouldn't have had those 2 penalties we would have lost the game. Here too, city were dominated in the next half beautiful play from Leeds.
Gardika Gigih
Gardika Gigih:
I am a Liverpool fans, but now I admire Leeds too. amazing team spirit, with a genius manager, respect!
Ben So
Ben So:
Leeds confirm , the king is back , It isn''t here for looking other team in prm lig play. 
It come back to win , make difficult, boot and get the cup so direction to champion ligue next year.
Proud for this guys and team .
Love Leeds
Sam Luckett
Sam Luckett:
I’ve waited my entire adult life to see us at the top table again - it’s been worth the wait. Thank you team & gracias Marcelo. MOT
Peter Krishnan
Peter Krishnan:
Samuel B
Samuel B:
So glad to see Leeds back in the Premier League, I've loved that club since I discovered them in the Champions League back in the beginning of the century when I was a kid. Since then I had been checking the Championship results regularly hoping they could come back where they belong and I have to say this debut is absolutely brillant. Pure football. Cheers from France!
juan roberto manriquez valencia
juan roberto manriquez valencia:
Felicitaciones, el esfuerzo y el sacrificio tienen recompensa, leeds debería haber ganado, saludos desde Chile.
Damn you guys play some great football! From Chelsea fan
Adhy Nugroho
Adhy Nugroho:
As a neutral, watching Leeds having an absolute go at Man City was inspiring. Those players are willing to run thru a brick wall for the cause.
Jeremias Silvera
Jeremias Silvera:
Me encantaria verlos competir en una europa league, espero que saquen los puntos necesarios para entrar. Me alegro que siempre le vaya bien a bielsa.
Aleef Mohammed
Aleef Mohammed:
Imagine Bielsa having to manage a club that has a bigger budget than Leeds , he could do wonders
Straight from the Source
Straight from the Source:
I watched the first game Leeds played this season and been watching most of their games since cause they are a joy to watch , great flow in play , good link up and understanding, attitude is great , self belief is high , hope you do amazing this season Leeds !!! - Arsenal fan
Leeds are such a breath of fresh air in the Premier League, Liverpool fan here have been rooting for you guys to come back to the top division since I started following you midway through 18/19 and now I can definitely say you're my second team in the league.
Chris Bradley
Chris Bradley:
Watched this here on the west coast of Canada (thank you NBC Sports). My nerves were almost shredded in the first 15 minutes, but then we settled down and played well. I get the feeling the team is still a bit awe-struck by the Premier League, but with the passing of every game they will get more confident - and better and better.
Lim Steven
Lim Steven:
Bielsa hardworking team and tactical brilliant will take them to Europe
Ilex Iller
Ilex Iller:
Wlcome back Leeds..... We miss you so much.... From Indonesian Fans🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩
e guy
e guy:
Rodrigo played well 👏
Cristian A. Gomez
Cristian A. Gomez:
Saludos desde Honduras! 🇭🇳
Vamos Leeds!
Oda Nobunaga
Oda Nobunaga:
They play really entertaining football. Keep it up Leeds
Jadon Daley
Jadon Daley:
Rodrigo was looking good hope he gets in form for leeds
Coladean 28
Coladean 28:
Having more possession then pep’s man city is impressive! Well done Leeds
Ameya P
Ameya P:
Ederson made all the difference for man City, if he wasn't there we could have been easily up by 2 goals.
Very proud of Leeds great play
husham noor
husham noor:
Leeds United is a legend....
It is rippling pl giants
tado Wad a voice
tado Wad a voice:
Leeds United 🔥 could have scored more 😭
Edo Saragih
Edo Saragih:
Great game, Leeds. YNWA.
flaspoint terry
flaspoint terry:
I'm happy with the draw, we could have lost the match if City more clinical. Let's keep the good performance going. ALAW. MOT.
Blue TKRF.
Blue TKRF.:
As a Chelsea fan, im so proud of you Leeds fans. Im so proud you bought players and become strong team, i hope you will beat top english teams!
Ifrad Hasan Nafiu
Ifrad Hasan Nafiu:
Leeds and Everton are gonna rock the seaso for sure.
Sajjad Raad
Sajjad Raad:
As a Liverpool fan, i gotta say it.. Leeds are incredible. And it was the toughest team we faced since season began. And honestly i wish they will have a position among UCL teams this season bcz they play Classy football.
Mr God Mode Gaming. MOT
Mr God Mode Gaming. MOT:
This team🤩. Poveda a different class and had a point to prove. So happy for Rodrigo.💛💙
Leeds will stay up that's for sure, i admire them lot.
Guru Sri Charan
Guru Sri Charan:
I love how Leeds played this match im a arsenal fan but I started liking Leeds from past 2 seasons. But Kudos to Ederson it was a fantastic save by him in the end👍
Shah Yaqoob
Shah Yaqoob:
Leeds had most of the chances should have won it. Damn, so happy to see Leeds play such amazing football again.
Sai Nogo
Sai Nogo:
What a game, I know Leeds capability to attack is incredible. But I was surprised Leeds win possession against Guardiola's.
Great job Bielsa...awsome match, Leeds had so many opportunity to score and win the match, but unfortunately the god of luck seems on City's side.
ari regowo
ari regowo:
I can sense Leeds united deserve at TOP 6 This season... They have no fear agains Liverpool and Man City.. What a great team 👍
robert mitford
robert mitford:
Great result get in there 👏👏👏 Rodrigo happy days welcome to the family Leeds Leeds Leeds 👏👏🍺🤗
#3 trending in Argentina, Leeds must be doing something right
roberto carletti
roberto carletti:
Que grande el Leeds, cuando los jugadores se empiecen a entender, no los para nadie Vamos Leeds Carajooo
Aufstieg und Fall
Aufstieg und Fall:
Outstanding Leeds
In Leeds United we trust
From Belgium
ramadhan mohamed
ramadhan mohamed:
that was fantastic
Cristine C. Gallano
Cristine C. Gallano:
thanks for the draw against mancity 👏🔥🔥🔥
Derrick Ozoemelam
Derrick Ozoemelam:
I love watching this Leeds United team. There is just something about them that just excites me. I know that’s messed up coming from a Man United fan😂😭😭😭😭 but honestly great game of football. They could have won Ngl. Pumped up to watch the Leeds vs Man United match soon
Leeds you have a new fan.
Love from India.♥️
Vervito United
Vervito United:
OMG as a United fan, I'm glad to say that we should take a Page out of Leeds Book. They've conceded 7 goals In 2 matches. Bielsa saw the defensive problem and fixed it, quickly. The players are fast learners. Unlike United, we never learn from the mistakes we make. We make the same mistakes time and time again. Like preventing the player from getting space to shoot outside the 18yrd box by getting close to them, we always choose to stay miles apart. Look how quick they learned that. Leeds has one of the best Attacks apart from City and Liverpool. But Bielsa told them to focus in defending, this is why they're not scoring that much, but still is able to create a lot of Chances. And that was the problem that Norwich had.
Info Kisah Nyata
Info Kisah Nyata:
Banyak peluang
What a game! Keep play like this leeds will finish in top 4👍🤟
el Loco
el Loco:
What a fantastic performance. We're here to stay 🤍💙💛
b h
b h:
are leeds united the most exciting thing football has seen in awhile? id say they are.
Me encanta la forma de jugar de este equipo, ojala queden en puestos de champions o europa league, greetings from Chile ❤
Victor Chang
Victor Chang:
respect for the leeds players who plays every game like is their last game of their life
Sergio Arguello
Sergio Arguello:
Let's go Leeds, from 🇦🇷
So proud of our lads, all work hard for the team wouldn’t swap any of them
David Wong
David Wong:
Man Utd fan here but It’s no doubt that Leeds are way ahead of us, in terms of quality and the way they play, absolutely brilliant Football 💪💪
Gesa Nalapunda
Gesa Nalapunda:
Europa League spot gonna be awesome.
Jeyakumar Sundralingam
Jeyakumar Sundralingam:
Leeds gave City way too much respect in the 1st half. That was a tactical master class by Bielsa bringing on the effervescent Poveda and clinical Rodrigo in the 2nd period. We could have nicked it on another day. A thoroughly well deserved point. Proud of Leeds. MOT
Around The World With Football
Around The World With Football:
leeds eyes french farmers league's Raphina nicknamed "O Magico Do Brazil" !!!
felipe co
felipe co:
Grande Leeds, este equipo será campeón de la Premier
RamY Adel
RamY Adel:
From Egypt i love leeds united ♥️
Leeds have impressed me in the premier league so far.
butti fdft
butti fdft:
I’ve waited my entire adult life to see us at the top table again - it’s been worth the wait. Thank you team & gracias Marcelo. MOT
Haytham Kenway
Haytham Kenway:
Not a Leeds fan but you've definitely been my team of the season. Putting 3 past the champions and playing aggressive, fluid football against City and being unlucky not to win it, you've been a great addition to the league. Hope you guys do well and at least end up in the top half.
Irfan Prabowo
Irfan Prabowo:
Man, Leeds really makes PL this year more interesting
Leeds I love U ~
Always support : ) From S.Korea~ 💖
Prof Mohamed NasrAllah اد محمد نصرالله
Prof Mohamed NasrAllah اد محمد نصرالله:
A little more confidence & assertion in front of goal and we could have won.
If things stay like these LU may be in champions league next year
Bielsa "El Loco", what a great man.
grapes gamer
grapes gamer:
Leeds is a very good club with history and a tough club to win we almost tied against you 4-3 am a Liverpool fan
joel mathew
joel mathew:
Leeds, Everton and Leicester going to be top teams this season
Mohammed Rashid EK
Mohammed Rashid EK:
Leeds may make history im this season..
Tommy Jordache
Tommy Jordache:
Happy you're back - can't wait to our two clashes - Leeds - United, United - Leeds :D :D :D :D
Love ur commentator - old school passion thumbs up!
Monang Siringoringo
Monang Siringoringo:
This is amazing beyond anyone expectations, the on target and possesion stats are not City's ..great job Leeds 👍👍👍
doire aintu
doire aintu:
Having more possession then pep’s man city is impressive! Well done Leeds
Alexander Diaz
Alexander Diaz:
Gran equipo 🔥🔥🔥🔥🇵🇦
TheMan JH
TheMan JH:
David vs Goliath, yet David prevails. Wow, so proud of you guys. You're bringing new life to football. Love and support to all the players , your awesome manager and all the staff @Leeds from India. Stay fearless guys. Love and prayers again.👍🏼
Nii Tackie
Nii Tackie:
Everybody be loving Leeds until they become a Sheffield Utd. Hope everyone still backs them when things get rough. Well done to the lads.
Arnau Colomer Bondía
Arnau Colomer Bondía:
I miss you rodrigo...
From a Valencia fan
Clarence Cher
Clarence Cher:
Leeds , Leicester , Everton is playing very good this season
Go leeds!!! im korean fan
Well done Leeds. You guys really win lot of chances
ramzi Rin2
ramzi Rin2:
I still remember when i play playstation.
I always pick leeds because his player viduka and kewell 😅
Gergely Bodi
Gergely Bodi:
Every time Alioski showed up near the City goal I thought it was Alan Smith
The Irish Man
The Irish Man:
Live how loud the commentator is when Leeds get on goal
felicio fernandes
felicio fernandes:
I am Leeds Fan from Timor Leste..Hope Leeds can win Premiere League. God Bless Leeds
E K:
I'm an Arsenal fan but Leeds please stay in the prem long term🙏🏼