Highlights: Leeds United 3-1 Tottenham Hotspur | Rodrigo seals win! | Premier League

Premier League highlights from our 3-1 win over Tottenham Hotspur at Elland Road in the Premier League. With goals from Stuart Dallas, Patrick Bamford and Rodrigo.

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100+ comentarios:

Tesega Habte
Tesega Habte:
"A guy with great ideas is a mad man. Until his ideas pays off." Biesla
Andras Medo
Andras Medo:
Commentator: The so called "Super League" sides. LMFAO Shots fired even before kick off 😄😄
Faizaan Khan
Faizaan Khan:
Can I just say that Meslier is one of the very best young players in the league. And his talent is very unnoticed. So underrated
Terrific performance, Leeds. MOT. In Bielsa we trust!!
Jack Jennings LUFC
Jack Jennings LUFC:
Koch to Raphinha to Rodrigo. All of them new summer signings along with Llorente playing very well. Victor Orta👏👏
This Leeds squad under Bielsa is a Pandora's box...you never stop being surprised with every new game they play ! What a superb campaign these lads have given us this season !
Go Leeds...Go Bielsa...from Amazon Peruvian
fur king el
fur king el:
i fucking love were taking on world class multimillion pound players and winning haha
Matthew Bell
Matthew Bell:
Can't decide if this or City away was the better performance, we were terrific today 👍
diego patricio
diego patricio:
Impresionante el Leed, con una base de jugadores de segunda división, juegan de igual a igual con los grandes. Para Bielsa, en el fútbol, todo es posible.
Adrián Guillermo LENZIN
Adrián Guillermo LENZIN:
Proud to be an argentinian fan of Leeds United.
Regis Spiriptictiberne
Regis Spiriptictiberne:
I am from Brazil. I love the LEEDS United.... !!!
Bielsa el loko is the BEST OF THE WORD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mupp Gzl
Mupp Gzl:
Lloris vs Meslier 🔥
L G:
Its great that Senor Bielsa has brought his South American cousins to Leeds .....W E L C O M E amigos !!!!!
Mohamed O
Mohamed O:
I 've been Bielsista since 2000... When Bielsa decided to accept Leeds United offer i was completely confident that leeds will be back to their glory times.
Laura Molano
Laura Molano:
Leeds is Robin Hood of premier...steal points to the rich to give it to the poor...
Judd Philby
Judd Philby:
it's days like today that almost make the pain of relegation and the lost years in the lower leagues worth it.

I think what makes us so good is not the results per se, but the manner in which we play, be it win, lose or...very occasionally.... draw.

Chris Lathey
Chris Lathey:
Vamos Leeds Carajo!
King- Khan-Playz
King- Khan-Playz:
Come on lads, lets push for the Europa Conference league
Matías Canevaro
Matías Canevaro:
Gran juego de equipo. Creo que él gran maestro Bielsa encontró su lugar de juego en el mundo; que tanto se merece y merece también el equipo. Brindo por el fútbol! Desde Argentina abrazo de gol!
Gfspa 78
Gfspa 78:
Flavio Haggis
Flavio Haggis:
i don't support any team anywhere yet i can't help but find myself attracted to leeds.
we've got a mini elland road here in the comment section where some kind of season ticket holders gather at every fixture.
majestic indeed !
Marcelo Rojas
Marcelo Rojas:
Cómo sufrí el partido estaba que me comía la tele pero en fin se ganó que es lo más importante y jugo muy bien el equipo ojalá los partidos que vienen sean positivos para sumar
Pablo Diaz
Pablo Diaz:
Arriba el leeds. Me hice simpatizante del equipo por Bielsa. Saludos a todos los hinchas del leeds desde Argentina
Bravo champ
Bravo champ:
A modest just promoted squad gettin unbeatten against 5 of the so called superleague sides in the last 8 games. 2 of them in CL final n 1 in EL final.. R we witnessing the birth of a legend?
Harvey Here Leeds Fan💙💛
Harvey Here Leeds Fan💙💛:
We deserved that I watched the game and when we scored every goal I went crazy
cristian chan
cristian chan:
i still remember when Leeds is giant team in late 90s.. Harry Kewel, Lee Bowyer etc.. ahhh such a good memories...
Siddharth K
Siddharth K:
Terrific shade thrown by the commentators in the beginning😂
So enjoyable to watch Leeds playing this way.
Hans Gruber
Hans Gruber:
Bielsa and this squad are a match made in heaven.
Adrián Guillermo LENZIN
Adrián Guillermo LENZIN:
Bielsa has found his place in the peak of his brilliant career as a head coach
It's almost now that I'm no longer surprised by results like that. I think without the injuries we've had, we'd be looking at a Euro place for definite.
Alioski was superb today perfect game
Sam 'n' Ella Cooke
Sam 'n' Ella Cooke:
No passengers today, everyone played magnificently.
Broken Native
Broken Native:
Koch was man of the match he was quality today his passing phenomenal today he deserved to be man of the match
King Armish
King Armish:
Superb Game Leeds United 🔥
From Chelsea fan💙
What a performance from leeds united, MOT.
Robert Billing
Robert Billing:
Absolutely dominated the midfield.
Roberto Fala
Roberto Fala:
Grandeeee locooooo!!!! greetings from LA,Ca
Matias Pérez
Matias Pérez:
End of the premier league and leeds united finished undefeated against the big six at Elland Road, nothing more to see. Salud, maestro Bielsa desde argentina
Sebastián Rodríguez
Sebastián Rodríguez:
Great game! Love from thousands of Leeds fans in Argentina
Heel Moxley
Heel Moxley:
This team will go down in history, what a transformation.
Joseph Rafferty
Joseph Rafferty:
Great today looking forward to watching them next season ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
im happy to see bamford score and rodrigo picking up his form
granit xhaka
granit xhaka:
Bielsa is the best manager in leeds
Chetan Anand
Chetan Anand:
"Against the so called Super League side"
Maureen Tait
Maureen Tait:
Just knew the lads didn't want to lose at Elland Rd what a fantastic game, much deserved win..
Roberto Grecco
Roberto Grecco:
Greetings from AR! Let's go Leeds.
Dini’s Realm
Dini’s Realm:
Come next season, this Leeds United team is bound for greatness
Ziyech Hakim
Ziyech Hakim:
Mason : We play the Totenham way. - Losing 3-1. (I mean it is their way, losing and bottling)
Sim estava com raiva dos Spurs,pois no primeiro turno dominamos mas perdemos,agora para próxima Temporada não vejo a hora de encontrarmos com Brighton e M.United .. Vamos Leeds Vamos EL GÊNIO LOCO
Hi LUTV! Please upload the extended highlights if possible. Our build up plays for goals or even some missed attempts are great to watch. These highlights feel too short
Señor Dallas, vístase 🥵🥵🥵
James Kirk
James Kirk:
Llorente catching up with Raphi for our best signing! Wow
Carlitos Ignacio
Carlitos Ignacio:
So proud of my club ⚪️🟡🔵
Hans Norrman
Hans Norrman:
Absolutely top class from this team. LEEDS LEEDS LEEEDS
No Name
No Name:
Superb team performance today. Koch looked very good as CDM today.
Felix Masese
Felix Masese:
I love the way the commentator says Bamfords name
Paweł Szypkowski
Paweł Szypkowski:
Watching LU it`s such a pleasure! What a coach, what a team! MOT!
Joseph Threapleton
Joseph Threapleton:
I just want to say that this is my no1leeds squad of all time the speed and the quality we have is next level ecstatic football lads well done you are phenomenal!! MOT
Mr Sewe
Mr Sewe:
Great performance by Leeds with the two best players on the bench along with the clubs most expensive player and the captain. Bravo.
Mark W
Mark W:
Fantastic result, the lads done themselves proud.
Kunal Thakur
Kunal Thakur:
This is exactly spurs deserve for sacking murihnuo😂😂😂
Arlind Bushi
Arlind Bushi:
I'm so happy for my team leeds😁
Mara Arzachel S
Mara Arzachel S:
Great game, great win. Keep up the good work, lads!💙 💛
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui:
Bielsa has found his place in the peak of his brilliant career as a head coach
Dani Mutaqin
Dani Mutaqin:
Mourinho laugh on rome 🤣🤣🤣
Alex Idarraga
Alex Idarraga:
Well deserved win !!!
Milas Ados
Milas Ados:
come on leeds !!! a big hug from Formosa, Argentina
Leeds Lately
Leeds Lately:
Fantastic performance yesterday, my match reaction is up now! I upload one after every game!
Daniel Reilly
Daniel Reilly:
Magnificent stuff, lads!! ALAW 💛💙
Ian Maguire
Ian Maguire:
This team is special ❤️
3:35 I love that Bielsa made. Seemed a bit smug I Must say haha
"the so called super league team" this idea has just changed the teams view from fans
Massive improvement from the lads from last weeks dismal performance, great win and rivals the city performance in my eyes
Robson Guimarães
Robson Guimarães:
Grande abraço do Brasil 🇧🇷🇧🇷
Augustine john
Augustine john:
10 September Jose Mourinho said to Tottenham player "the team of good guys never win" SO I think Tottenham are a team of good guys who never want to win anything🤣🤣☺, Jose Mourinho is not a bad coach Tottenham player didn't gave everything.
Even one of the most arrogant player like zaltan ones said "I would died for Jose Mourinho"
Richard Bullough
Richard Bullough:
Great it was like watching the leeds from the 60 and 70 in parts of the game !!
Michael Koyce
Michael Koyce:
Bamford back amongst the goals
video kere aktif
video kere aktif:
Mantap yuk trendingkan 1..
Tukang Dislike
Tukang Dislike:
thank you leeds
Twins One Febuary
Twins One Febuary:
ลีดส์ ยูไนเต็ด ♥️
Bayar Oyun
Bayar Oyun:
Bielsa must coach Argentina again, when he leaves LUFC!
Favio Rodriguez
Favio Rodriguez:
Bien Leeds!!!..💪❤
Shouta Mco
Shouta Mco:
Leeds unied son altos capos
Random Chaos
Random Chaos:
I’m boycotting Sky Sports so it’s great that the clubs post their own highlights 👍
Mark Isbister
Mark Isbister:
Super proud of the lads,what a performance and result,keeeeeemon Leeds United mot 💙💛🤍
Ishtee Rashid
Ishtee Rashid:
This is the second team in pl to amaze me.
Lucas V
Lucas V:
Bamford = GOD
gg leeds, nice win
Erwin Agustin
Erwin Agustin:
Love you Leeds!
tanmoy singha
tanmoy singha:
I want Chelsea vs Leeds United ❤️❤️....what a tremendous match it would be🙏🙏
husen husen
husen husen:
csc csc
csc csc:
สุดยอด !! ทีมในดวงใจกลับมาแล้ว
สาวก ลีดส์ ยูไนเต็ด ♥️🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
Tiago Gutierrez
Tiago Gutierrez:
Soy el único argentino hincha del leeds?
Tony sanderson
Tony sanderson:
top team play from Leeds today, Meslier is such a great keeper, Alioski imo played particularly well. In all the entire team pulled together a entertaining performance.
Hussein .m
Hussein .m:
Important 3 points 👏
Daniele Maiese
Daniele Maiese:
Grande LEEDS!!!!