City were forced to settle for a 1-1 draw against Leeds United at Elland Road.
Raheem Sterling gave City a first-half lead, but the home side were much-improved after the break and levelled on the hour-mark.
Both sides went for broke in the last half-hour but it ended honours even.

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100+ comentarios:

need a new striker
Berita Sepakbola
Berita Sepakbola:
City lagi down haduh😩
الحارث بن بلال
الحارث بن بلال:
Raheem Sterling is a selfish player
We should sell mendy
Foden is a midfielder not a winger
Mahrez is a winger not a striker
mendy don't understand where he is. his moves are stupid and don't have any logic
john silawe
john silawe:
Fantastic leeds..
Owen Kogei
Owen Kogei:
Why you all acting like leeds didn’t just put on a stellar performance..City weren’t that bad..Leeds were pretty good..Top 6 may be in the sights
Akshit Manasvi
Akshit Manasvi:
Missing Sane in the attack. Always created chances and helped us in counter attacks, also his finishing was better than Sterling’s. And how on Earth is Mendy a 50M defender?
This prove to show that Leeds can really make a trouble in the PL.
Honestly I don’t think we are gonna do well this season..
Muhammad Yasin
Muhammad Yasin:
About mendy. Its not about the skill, but attitude and mentality
Look at him, didnt even run to recovery after did mistakes
Seems he believe that it will be a goal 100%
Robertson and digne will catch the ball for sure
Sterling is a selfish player and don’t know how to finish in front of the goalkeeper
How can Mendy still even be in professional football at this point?
far ouk
far ouk:
When is Aguero coming back😪 the one v1 which sterling missed he would have scored😑
wolfgang lauts
wolfgang lauts:
Mendy needs to sit on the bench start ake
Sterling should have scored, just bend it on the keepers left, he can’t save it.
Orange Juice
Orange Juice:
At this point i don't even know why we have mendy💀
An Thành Nguyễn
An Thành Nguyễn:
We need a striker
We need a left-back
We need to win
M. fachri jama'syari
M. fachri jama'syari:
wow... a billion dollar squad getting press and pushed by leeds...

bielsa is a tactical genius....
Wex Val
Wex Val:
how come mendy cost 50 million is a package
Abdou Cheraba
Abdou Cheraba:
The stupid coach put mahrez in a front 😂😂
LilGanzioo 2
LilGanzioo 2:
Aguero we miss you dearly 😔😔😔recover fast we need u nw 😊
Pes Mobile Gamer
Pes Mobile Gamer:
Missing Aguero and Jesus. Also Mendy needs to leave.
Aymaan .T
Aymaan .T:
Ruben dias be like "what have i walked into" 😂
Isaac Hammond
Isaac Hammond:
Ratings for Man City:
Ederson (8)- Saved the day for Man City. Though error caused a goal.
Kyle Walker (6) - Did not play to his strength. He was caught out of position a few times. Did not coordinate well with Torres.
Mendy (4)- Looks like a player low in confidence. His mistakes and weakness are too glaring. Has very poor defending skills. He is average going forward and most of his crosses are not purposeful. Teams have found his weak defending skills and will use it against Man city. He has no presence in that position.
Larpote(7) - Good combination with Ruben. Played usual reliable game.
Ruben(7) - Good performance and looks stalwart on first match. Seems to be Mr Dependable at the back. Impressive performance.
Rodri(6) - The role of defensive midfielder is too much for him alone. He does better when there is support. Very comfortable on the ball but poor decision making. He is a suspect with speed.
Torres(5) - He has no killer instincts. His passes are not incisive. Did not contribute to the team. No coordination with Kyle. Yet to understand the EPL.
Foden(6) - Not sharp and did not make any incisive contribution. He was just a passenger. He learn to coordinate well with midfield and attack.
Riyadh (6)- Played out of position. No striking instinct. Made job easier for opponents.
De Bruyne (7) - He was frustrated a few times. He was not sure of himself with the ball and lost few passes. Failed to coordinate with Riyadh and Torres.
Raheem (7) - Looks like the only busy player. Too wasteful infront of goal. Hesitate to score goals. Played his usual game.
Fernah (7) - Supported midfield well and calmed down attack of opponent. Experienced and good decisions shown.
Ake (6) - Played out of position but able to calm incessant attack.
Silva (6) - Played better and understands how to play. More aggressive and passionate.
Pep(5) - Overwhelmed and making mistakes with his decisions. Need to go back to basics.
An Thành Nguyễn
An Thành Nguyễn:
Man city have to buy lingard so that he can help sterling to perform more jokes
I'm just glad we have football..win lose or draw..its gettin tougher so gotta work harder City
I know ederson made a mistake that lead to a goal but i think he deserves man of a match after that performance
Erick Jonas
Erick Jonas:
And big rivals are waiting for us omg this season is a scarely one
Aymaan .T
Aymaan .T:
If ederson wasn't there city could've easily conceeded 2 more
Be Yo
Be Yo:
I'm so happy for leeds United. Keep on shining
Bronco 31
Bronco 31:
Sterling would rather give you his wife than the fkn ball
Bronguero Nole
Bronguero Nole:
Bernardo Silva needs to start every fukin game. He was sensational in his game time.
Evangeline Wangari
Evangeline Wangari:
Leeds had more possession than city
terone walker
terone walker:
Sterling is good but selfish dont understand why pep let angelino go his way better than mendy
Hussaren Viktoria
Hussaren Viktoria:
Barber shop owner: How many beards did you guys say you wanted?
Leeds players: Yes.
Tani Sugian
Tani Sugian:
I knew its a good idea to come here while eating my breakfast since im running out of salt
farshan at
farshan at:
Man city almost made an upset win. Small teams are playing well this season.. well done small city
Set through on Goal
Trust Sterling everytime to astonishingly fu$k up the chance
we're going down, we're going down, we're going, city going down 😂
Joseph da Costa
Joseph da Costa:
Different year same stuff
Kawshik Dayalan
Kawshik Dayalan:
If manc had a different gk this would've been a result like leicester City.
Akhlak Al-boedhy
Akhlak Al-boedhy:
Yeeahh, leeds united 💪
Khalid AlSaeed
Khalid AlSaeed:
Aguero we need you!
Woon Chung Liong
Woon Chung Liong:
Leeds United was a great team during the early 1970s!
Mzi V
Mzi V:
poor Man City game again :(
Tohid Mujawar
Tohid Mujawar:
Leeds are leading their path to a Glory.
Well played 🔥🔥
i legit predicted it would be a draw,
Lez go Leeds united
Coby Makhoba
Coby Makhoba:
Sterling needs to start on the bench
Elio Olguin
Elio Olguin:
Everton, Leeds, and Aston Villa seem to be interesting clubs to watch this season.
seven henson
seven henson:
Wow Leeds can aim for top 4
ok lol
ok lol:
that was a good match from leeds💪
From the pressing, the amount of possession, the number of shots on target, without star-stud players, Leeds deserve to win this game! Well done!
Zahra `
Zahra `:
The citizens performance are down,especially in defend after kompany leave this team i guess....
I guess the only reason Mendy is still around is due to no club wanna buy him for more than 10m
Rahim Saaioud
Rahim Saaioud:
Sterling .....pass the ball to me
After 100 passes Stirling score just 1 or 2 goals !
John Rafa
John Rafa:
Leeds looks so interesting to watch, can't wait them to play at old Trafford.
Tiago Filipe Vaz TFV
Tiago Filipe Vaz TFV:
Leeds are a incredible team 👏
They almost stopped Liverpool and now they stopped our Mam City 😥
Gang TheBadass
Gang TheBadass:
Sterling always malding when he has 1 on 1 chance
وليد الشهران
وليد الشهران:
I think it’s the time to kick Guardiola out from man city and search for another manager
Cesar Leyton
Cesar Leyton:
Beautiful game, the team gonna improve when cancelo, gabi and kuni cameback, hope to see cancelo as LB,Bernardo should star over Foden or Mahrez in the next match
key miss
key miss:
Come on, let's change our strategy, we are annoyed with the game when it brings in high-priced players, but it's not a worse threat than last season.
PES ND mobile
PES ND mobile:
Leeds what a play , i never see mancity lost their ball possession in a match 💥
Pep's tactic has been found out.
Nor Priest
Nor Priest:
City not gonna make 4th place this season.
Screenshot my comment and come back again at the end of season.
Foudel Bouka
Foudel Bouka:
I think it is time to leave the coach every time, the same mistakes in defense and the same plan
9 % goal conversation rate that's some excellent achievement from a top tier team.
Keep up with it!
Human Beings R Thinking Beings
Human Beings R Thinking Beings:
Pep - We lacking Creativity
Aouar - Available
City Board - No
City Board - make do with Sh&t Foden
D Widjaja
D Widjaja:
City need 10 player like Mendy .. what a "player" he is 😎👍
D Widjaja
D Widjaja:
City need 10 player like Mendy .. what a "player" he is 😎👍
Leeds is looking forward to this season.
Susan Sanu
Susan Sanu:
Guardiola needs to do something play sterling at wing and play delap at strike and play ake instead of mwendy and Ruben dias and laporte very good great job ederson but still you cost us a goal
Birane Sara maroua
Birane Sara maroua:
Is really hard mach 💙💙
5O Nurul Nabila Aziz
5O Nurul Nabila Aziz:
Leeds are so scary this season 😂
Around The World With Football
Around The World With Football:
imagine leeds vs atalanta 😂😂😂
not enough space on the scoreboard
what the hell is happening to the citizens!! 😦😦
Some amazing secrets in Manchester United.
Only One
Only One:
Respect for Leeds👏👏👏
Smasher lol
Smasher lol:
Did you know Leed had more possession than Man City.
Jose Suni
Jose Suni:
Leeds 🔥🔥👍
Aldy Baron
Aldy Baron:
Amazing Performance by Leeds, Except Bamford...
Please to the club mendy must change his profession to admin instagram account city
kichou said
kichou said:
Pep's driving the team straightway towards the wall!
Hari Susanto
Hari Susanto:
De bruyne had a dangerious shoot😱
Mark mycro
Mark mycro:
As city we miss Aguero;we wish him the best of recovery.
Diogo Adão
Diogo Adão:
I didn't watch the game. My boy Ruben did it well?
Kapempe wera
Kapempe wera:
Grand shell Louie
Grand shell Louie:
Thanks city for giving away two points vs Leeds from a Liverpool Fan
It’s really sad to see what has happened to Mendy. His first few games at city he’s was quality, but now with all the hate he is getting he’s playing so bad. It’s the same thing as kepa. Hope he regains his confidence
phenyo itumeleng
phenyo itumeleng:
Laughing at Former City Academy player, Ian Poveda, cooking Mendy
respect leads there doing incredibley gud for the teame they have
Matthew Eames
Matthew Eames:
Kevin so close
Danindra Daffa
Danindra Daffa:
Sell mendy:(
Victor Eke
Victor Eke:
I expect so much more from City 😐💔
Ariffin HR
Ariffin HR:
We need Messi! enuf said.
Edii Rokie
Edii Rokie:
😂😂😂😂😂 This is Manchester City
AB coustic
AB coustic:
Just liverpool can defeat leeds,😁
i am a city fans , we did unwell, more inprove , we can be strong!!Come on City!
Adly Parmonangan
Adly Parmonangan:
keep the spirit of my manchester city despite the series results