HIGHLIGHTS | Leicester City v Norwich City |

All of the action from the King Power Stadium as City draw 1-1 with Leicester in the Premier League.

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50 comentarios:

It would be a shame to go down having played so well against such good teams
John Carter
John Carter:
Can we appreciate how perfect that buendia assist was. The way it slowed done when it got to pukki 😍
sean locke
sean locke:
Nothing can stop Pukki from playing, not even a broken toe! 🐐🐐🐐
Scotty Bee
Scotty Bee:
Teemu Pukki baby 🔰🐐
The Firminator
The Firminator:
Norwich deserve something this season lfc fan ❤️🤙🏻💪🏻🔴
s1mble vincere
s1mble vincere:
Feels bad for Norwich. should win the game.. but anyway Thx for hold Lei.. #YNWA
Kevin Bane
Kevin Bane:
We kept at it for the whole 90 minutes this time, and what a excellent display, very proud of the boys, just get a bit of consistency going forward otbc!
existentialboii 254
existentialboii 254:
Some of the best football commentary I've heard in a long time. Puts you on the edge of the seat the whole time.
Joshua Caunt
Joshua Caunt:
I'm a Leicester fan and good on Norwich for coming to the king power to play against us not just defend
alex cairns
alex cairns:
should have got all 3 in the end
If we get relegated we can at lease say we beated manchester city and draw against Leicester
Zimbo had a great game! That tackle and those two nice balls forward show what a class act he is...and what we missed earlier in the season.
Always the best highlights. Unlucky not to have got all 3 points but I'd be lying if I said I would take 1 before the game. Also you're welcome liverpool 😉.
Deimos The Chosen One
Deimos The Chosen One:
Krul, as much as i love the man, had a nightmare this game.
Don Fandango
Don Fandango:
Deserved all 3
Scotty Bee
Scotty Bee:
Great performance overall from the lads but why on earth was Vardy not being man marked on the near post for that corner?! "Right boss, who do we look out for?" "How about the guy who's scored a goal every game for the last eight?" "Nah, we'll just let him run onto it and head it in"
Fifa PFootball
Fifa PFootball:
He’s are best player
Ivor Scrotumic
Ivor Scrotumic:
Norwich City, fast becoming our 2nd favourite team. :-)
Scotty Bee
Scotty Bee:
play max aarons as a left back, make him a right footed robben, worked as a world class player in fm
🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 💚💛
Djms&capo DeMorais
Djms&capo DeMorais:
Poochie shud have finish 🏁 Lester off in this game.😤😂 🏁💣
Денис Мартынюк
Денис Мартынюк:
Pukki ⚡ Lester City
Niall Nine2
Niall Nine2:
get in
Pukki was close to scoring four. First chance the ball is just an inch too far away, first chance in the second Soyunchu makes a brilliant block on a volley and his last chance he takes a bad touch. None the less it was great how many good chances Norwich produced, Stiepermann also had a golden chance late in the game. xG was 1.06-1.16 in Norwich´s favour
Scotty Bee
Scotty Bee:
Brilliant result very happy we can build on this 🔰✅⚽️🥅🏆🥇🏟🔊🐐
Dihar Efendy
Dihar Efendy:
Pukki wawukkkkk jiosss kok wkwkwk
Morten Braender
Morten Braender:
Don't know if it is possible, but I would personally like if we had the time in the corner, next to the score. Don't know if there's a reason why it isn't there, if so can someone explain why?
James Grant
James Grant:
Bloody Dover
George Curtis
George Curtis:
Bit harsh on Vardy that it was given as an OG
danielle b
danielle b:
I was happy with this result as I’m such a fan of James maddison and Norwich
The Spark
The Spark:
Temo is one of those players that don´t exist in manager games. His development has been so immense for the past 2 years and he is a later bloomer, you never see that kind of improvement in a player in his late 20s in any manager game.
Le Nguyen
Le Nguyen:
Tơ sao da vơ the
Scotty Bee
Scotty Bee:
Nice seeing Maddison again 🔰
terence w
terence w:
pukki mak
Nathan Simmons
Nathan Simmons:
That ball was not in the quadrant ! Pause at 3.06
Fifa PFootball
Fifa PFootball:
Let’s have vrancic back in the starting 11
Digital Marketing Hacks
Digital Marketing Hacks:
Pukki making Söyüncü look like David Luiz
David Campbell
David Campbell:
Please Yellows. Just stay up. You are so much better than Villa and Sheffield. Just need to play up to your potential. Coming from an American fan.
Mr Chode
Mr Chode:
Make no mistake that on our day and when we're not being cheated by VAR (only once this game) that we are hands down play the nicest stuff in the league. Mental that we have the best striker in world football right now too.
Adam Coulter
Adam Coulter:
Dan Fincham
Dan Fincham:
Hernandez didn't want to be responsible for not getting the 3 points at the end so shifted it to stieperman aha
Margaret Goh
Margaret Goh:
I don't get to see much Real football So can't stop watching highlights just wow definitely will be challenging next season under farke if they get a decent budget
Mo Zealous
Mo Zealous:
its almost art how consistently terrible they defend set pieces
Thomas Rouland
Thomas Rouland:
Todd Cantwell is going to be a top player
Kunde Jäb
Kunde Jäb:
Stiepperman again with the astounding screamer. What a baller
Much improved but the damage has already been done.
The teams early injury crisis and the fact Its taken to long to adapt. Teams in and around us have taken advantage. I like Daniel and he should stay regardless of what happens this season. Compare him to Steve Bruce who has knowledge of both leagues (a) to get you out of the championship (b) experience for the Premier league, knowing what players he needs to bring in and how to set up against teams who sit back, park the bus and hit you on the counter.
Norwich are playing better against teams of similar offensive mind set. They are struggling with teams who sit back, park bus and counter. Identify these teams and change the formation slightly home and away, partner tall Srbeny or Steipermann upfront with Pukki in a 442. Advise the midfield to aerial assault/long ball more and focus on set peice delivery in particular goals by headers. tall Zimmerman getting forward for corners and free kicks. I know its not sportsman like however the team should look for the occational penalty,. Against Leicester there was some minor contact on Pukki on one chance and maybe his mindset should have been to go down. Fahrmann cost 3 million for 12 months and needs to be used, Krul has been good however that was a genuine goalkeeper mistake to make it 1:1. rotate the keepers more regular. the back 4 should be ok with a new keeper by now. As for January the board MUST reinforce the squad regardless to create competition. Again when selecting the team pick your best players every time if fit, pick players who have scored you the most goals even in at championship level. Balance the squad with defensive midfielders yes but don't leave it to late to bring on your subs who can score goals.
as a neutral, tettey is one of the worst players I've ever seen