Highlights | Lingard & Martial confirm Europa League Quarter Final | Manchester United 2-1 LASK

Enjoy the highlights from our 2-1 win of LASK as the Reds confirmed their Europa League quarter final clash with FC Copenhagen.

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100+ comentarios:

Can we just talk about Lingard scoring two goals in two matches?- Its not fantastic but hopefully he picks up form.

Lads, Instead of sending hate to Jessie we should motivate him.

Now Lets Get The Europa Leaghe Trophy To Old Trafford. 𝑪𝒐𝒎𝒆 𝒐𝒏 𝒀𝒐𝒖 𝒓𝒆𝒅𝒔!
Now lets get the Europa league trophy back to Old Trafford!
Alen Jiji Tom
Alen Jiji Tom:
Uploading so late , just like our Sancho transfer :p
Isihaq Abass
Isihaq Abass:
Wasn’t the Match like 3 days ago why’s it up so late 😂😂
Vireakyuth Oeurn
Vireakyuth Oeurn:
Martial is the most underrated striker in europe
Ben Palmer
Ben Palmer:
1:17 points at ole cos he begged him to comon cos he saw gaps in the defense and ole listened to him, love to see it
BL Gamer
BL Gamer:
nice to see united spending time on the sancho transfer rather than uploading highlights🙌
Martial and Rashford make me moist
Martial and Rashford make me moist:
Wow,a highlight has never been quicker,well done Man Utd...
Edwin Kawa
Edwin Kawa:
Why did this take so long
But any way, let's bring this trophy to Old Trafford
siddhant bipin
siddhant bipin:
Mata is soo underrated... Whenever there is a dull match happening let him come on he's very creative 💥✨
Myso Paak
Myso Paak:
Hope we win it so people stop doubting Ole's credentials and trophies. I am so happy as a United fan and have been ever since Jose was sacked. I know we need to sustain success, but how can you not be positive when you have a revival of all the things that made this club great? With Sanchez gone, the last vestiges of Jose's crap era looks to be over.

Jose out since day one, Ole in since day one. Have been proved right so far, will be proved right without doubt. Just get behind your club and don't be plastic like Chelsea or City fans and turn this into a corporate shitclub that keeps firing managers for success.
Ho Long Fung
Ho Long Fung:
Martial brings so much quality. Great to see our ice cold assassin to be so happy. He's gonna be even more ruthless next season 💪
Bossin N Flossin
Bossin N Flossin:
Was Refreshing for so long for this
YouTube admins sleeping? The match was on Wednesday lol 😂
Evan Albury
Evan Albury:
Took a while
Brar Records
Brar Records:
0:30 what a strike
Martial player of the season!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Indi Beatz
Indi Beatz:
Why didn't include Romero last saved at the very last minute? It saved manchester united from having a draw. 😐
백수단 선배
백수단 선배:
in 89minute
martial : hey boss i will score, let me in
and scores...
Johannes Storo
Johannes Storo:
Like: Man Utd
Ignore: Liverpool
Kamalesh Tummala
Kamalesh Tummala:
Jesse actually played so well this game.
Sean Rues
Sean Rues:
honestly they release this now🙄
When Lord get up from his seat.
Kunal Patil
Kunal Patil:
Jesse lingard
The goat is back he really is a goat
Back in his old form love that
ullysis abaya
ullysis abaya:
What took you soo long
I've been waiting like hell
Babatunde Akatunji ➐
Babatunde Akatunji ➐:
Hopefully lingard goes back on top form again he was a joy to watch then
Min etlaV
Min etlaV:
So late to upload .everybody already watched the highlight from anthr channel
Zxenon Nemrod
Zxenon Nemrod:
Lingard is a phoenix. Martial 😍🔥🔥🔥
Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong:
It’s clear they’re late ‘cos they’re working on an Announce Sancho video
Antwone Bailey
Antwone Bailey:
This youtube video took 3 days to show i recommend the man utd app
waavyjones waavyjones
waavyjones waavyjones:
Pogba needs to try and lose some weight, he seems too heavy. He keeps falling unnecessarily
can't wait to see Man U make it to the finals, *looks at Greenwood Road to Finals card*
Cholid Tusitala
Cholid Tusitala:
Martial looks sharp and fit..
I hope the same with the others

Mr. Ritesh
Mr. Ritesh:
You could have posted it when we would Start playing in UCL
Rashif Hadiyan
Rashif Hadiyan:
why, waiting long time for me to see..😵😭😭😭
0:41 amazing Lingard!!!
But bye bye🤚🤚
Kelvin Mensah
Kelvin Mensah:
Lightning fast release. Took them no time at all. Well done 😒
Honza Sikora
Honza Sikora:
It would be great if we faced Inter with Lukaku in the final💥
Lava Himawan
Lava Himawan:
2nd goal is so beautiful..one two touch!
If you want to watch it earlier or a few hours after the match itself, you can watch it on DAZN YouTube channel itself.
i know it was a few months since the first leg but come on united 🤣🤣😭
jevi R9
jevi R9:
Respect the name Martial
Shiv HD
Shiv HD:
In the semi I want United to get wolves

A pure English battle

Enough with the highlights and casual stroll down the memory lane. DO SOME TRANSFER FOR GOD'S SAKE!!!!
Alim H
Alim H:
This was uploaded already b4
Jimbo O3 DarkLane music
Jimbo O3 DarkLane music:
Waiting for this highlights all week so sad😞
Pan _ Gian
Pan _ Gian:
That was like playing fifa against norwich and putting your 99 ronaldo in to remind you that without him you wouldnt even get bronze 2 in squad battles😂😂
Ma Devi
Ma Devi:
35th to be here. that's a first for me😄❤️
B Hew
B Hew:
They did well to get almost 2 mins of highlights from that game, those of us who sat through it know...
Иван С
Иван С:
when you play fifa and need to change cpu to easy in order to win in the end hehe
Faizan Ahmed
Faizan Ahmed:
I'm worried about Inter and Sevilla.... They will be tough🙄
sayyam nasir
sayyam nasir:
Tony Martial scores again 🌟
Dan's Daily Vines
Dan's Daily Vines:
Lord Lingz 🙌🏽🙌🏽
Wow... So early!!
Paul Guthrie
Paul Guthrie:
Lask played well tbh
ryan damon
ryan damon:
Paris Naks
Paris Naks:
Well done lads lets go and win it
Jordan jervis
Jordan jervis:
United v Leverkusen in the final 3:2 martial x2 ⚽️ ighalo ⚽️
Sign Jadon Sancho
Wow. So so early
Phát Hữu
Phát Hữu:
New epic M.U kits...
Si The Jancook
Si The Jancook:
please Manchester UNITED buy Harykane
the next striker R.Vanpersie
Quân Nguyễn
Quân Nguyễn:
Second time Lingardinho scored :)) 2 goals in 2 game, the Lord is back
「λlik」 jr.
「λlik」 jr.:
Lingard scores, now give him number 7
I don't know why I like lingard though he has scored few goals.
We need lingardinho, pls stay
Rtz Star
Rtz Star:
Romero go Premier League please..
Should we give Lingard last change??
Muhammad Hadriasnyah Hinra Husain
Muhammad Hadriasnyah Hinra Husain:
Lord Lingard : 2 Match 2 Goal, 🤣🤣
Harry Doyle
Harry Doyle:
The latest highlights ever
sogood forever
sogood forever:
king mufc !!
Gilang Saputra
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someone is sleepimg at work

how can this upload come today??
Is it uefa champions league??
Ramdha Jafit Furqon
Ramdha Jafit Furqon:
Lingardinho 👏
Ashish _
Ashish _:
Finally he is listening to our comments and doing something to stay at United but I believe it's too late now . But still I want him to score more so that we can win Europa League . Go go Lingard !!
Always FLY
Always FLY:
My club Manchester United.😍😍😍
Jahnu Lahon
Jahnu Lahon:
They took so long to post
Jake Driver
Jake Driver:
Why have we made it a thing of first goal conceded being a banger. First one at Old Trafford in the EL was a banger & the first one in the FA cup was a screamer from Cantwell.
kushraj singh
kushraj singh:
de gea is great keeper than romero....
Michael Patrick
Michael Patrick:
It took three days to post 1:50 of highlights? Considering most people couldn’t watch the game on tv I’d hope they would post at least a few passing plays and creative opportunities from both sides. Glad we’re through nonetheless
Aldo Aryaputra
Aldo Aryaputra:
Congrats lads
myke jaxon
myke jaxon:
lingard will score again tonight. Mark my word
Hahaha Lol You can only battle for Europa League hahahahahahahahahaha. Washed up has been club!!!!!!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Thinesh Mahendran
Thinesh Mahendran:
Faster sign sancho
Arthur H
Arthur H:
Come on😈💪
I just don't want any Manchester United player injured during this summer Europa League tour (that is what it is to me).
Insane jonski
Insane jonski:
Ole You has to pay Jadon Sancho
Itz Abz
Itz Abz:
Man united 🤮
Nanda a
Nanda a:
Sancho deall???
oluwabusuyi ayodeji
oluwabusuyi ayodeji:
Took so much time to post this
Abood Aka abood09j
Abood Aka abood09j:
a d b
a d b:
Suprisingly Tahith Chong plays really well as a Wing Back tonight, he pushed forward brilliantly and so clever to make use of his pace and positioning when defend. Too bad Fosu-Mensah, James, Mata and Lingard plays far from expectations.
About the new home kit, I guess Covid-19 really hit them hard for using an old design instead make a new one for next season home jersey. It is really resemble the 2016/2017 away jersey but in red color instead of blue.
Nasr Zubi
Nasr Zubi:
ah yes its all coming together lingardinho is back
Abi Cruise
Abi Cruise:
Let’s go! Ready for Monday! 😆
Lord Boss
Lord Boss:
They aren't allowed to show highlights from European games before around 3 days after the match. That's why it's always a bit later then highlights from an Premier League game.
Indy Yeung
Indy Yeung:
it's simple. Put Mata at position 10 and put Lingard at position 11
Abiang Baguy
Abiang Baguy:
Lingardinho single handedly sent United to next season Champions League and this season UEFA Cup Quaterfinal. What a player!
The Gus
The Gus:
Why it's so late to upload? Europa league copyright?