Highlights: Liverpool 0-0 Man Utd | Top of the table clash ends goalless at Anfield

Watch the key moments from Liverpool's Premier League stalemate with Manchester United, despite some close calls for Roberto Firmino, Thiago and more.

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The entire Utd backline today looked relaxed defending and clearing the ball away showed how out of form we’ve been attacking.
Ayush Prabhash
Ayush Prabhash:
We've become too predictable. When things are not going our way, we need to show some tactical flexibility. Just try a different formation, go back to the high intensity press or change the source of the goals. Everybody knows now that to get a point against Liverpool, you just have to sit deep and be ready for crosses because all they do is pass side to side to their fullbacks who are their only source of chances.
The first 10 seconds showed the exact problem we’re having. Indecisive and out of form. Robertson was in a great place to score and Bobby with all the time lashed out a poor shot 😔😔😣
This was a match for a player like Diogo Jota!! 😢😢
Shakil Amar
Shakil Amar:
From my opinions, i think this game a little bit boring. I mean, as I can saw, liverpool players seems to be scared to shoot early, more like passing-formation. But lastly, after few passes, still, there are only a few shots. I hope Liverpool will managed to win this year epl. If not then, still, YNWA ❤
Front 3 needs to WAKE UP. Thank GOD for Alisson and Fabinho!
Music hub
Music hub:
I will never stop loving you guys. I feel that they've known our style and found ways to counter us
Macy Ryan
Macy Ryan:
Well done boys there’s always another chance .
Adyan Safir
Adyan Safir:
What's happening? The beginning of the season we were relentless. And ever since we beat spurs and palace, we've lost it. We've gotta bounce back soon YNWA
This was a really good chance for Man United to lay down a marker... especially given Liverpool's shortcomings at centre-half and the lack of fluency among their famed front three.

Solskjaer would rue the sluggish start made by his side especially as Man City starting to cranch it up a notch but one cannot discount the tremendous development of Man United over the last year and a half. Let's not forget that Solskjær is the most disrespected manager in league and one has to acknowledge his role too.
Shush You clown
Shush You clown:
I don’t get how our board don’t realise that we are just a Fabinho injury away from being out the top 4
Ishtee Rashid
Ishtee Rashid:
Allison Becker, the iron 🧱. He was very impressive in stopping the deadly shots. I just love that guy.
Arpan Mathur
Arpan Mathur:
Great performance from United at Anfield, major setback for Liverpool... Coming from a City fan
case society
case society:
The front 3 looks so tiny compared to man utd defence, yet they still playing crossball
Arifandy Ifan
Arifandy Ifan:
Happened again, no plan b, only relying on obscure crosses. Even though all teams already know how to overcome the dominant game from Liverpool by piling 6 to 7 players in the penalty box and counterattacking from the TAA side
Margaret Parol
Margaret Parol:
Gee this was close I was shivering the whole match as a man United fan
cutback clips
cutback clips:
Firmino had so many chances that he could've scored a hattrick
That last shot of pogba.. so near to be the difference of 2 teams again..
Sumehr Singh Pasricha
Sumehr Singh Pasricha:
Man utds deffence was amazing
Maguire got the aggression
Adam Zammit
Adam Zammit:
Mane looks completely disinterested not getting involved in play. Missing that hunger that makes him the talent he is
Most of these attempts arent even on target😭😭
Military Update
Military Update:
"0": I still Love this team
Vast improvement needed. We’ve looked toothless recently
Imade Wiartana
Imade Wiartana:
When will Liverpool win again? I miss that moment
Diwa Alejandro Galvez
Diwa Alejandro Galvez:
Would've been 2-0 if it wasn't for Allison's goalkeeping.
yahya khelladi
yahya khelladi:
thank god we've alisson.
Sam Hackman
Sam Hackman:
I thought we would lose by well done to the boys
Firmino has to be more clinical.
Tomáš Opletal
Tomáš Opletal:
Alison saved tie! Salah again too many tricks instead of shot or pass... Thiago nice projectile but no goal...
We support in the good and the bad. I am sure that no one wants a win more than the boys. Given our current form and challenges, a draw against United is not the worst thing in the world. We go again.
Jack fosh
Jack fosh:
Alex Ferguson has always fielded the best fit players of the week for the game plan he had for a game. It didn’t matter if a core starter was being benched at MU under Alex Ferguson. Only Players in excellent forms were being rewarded and that’s why MU of Alex Ferguson has dominated for years.
Nazri Mansor
Nazri Mansor:
Disappointing play in attack... Looked lost in the final third of the pitch.
K Major
K Major:
Thiago in front the box looked more dangerous than Liverpool front 3..
Thiago was amazing
Kevin Lamarlière
Kevin Lamarlière:
i love firmino, but last year he had 2 goals at anfield ... the mans is clearly not confident at the moment, and he's not creating anymore ... keeping him in the field isn't helping him... origi waited 85 mins to come on ...
DP Seven
DP Seven:
We all know what front 3 can do, I don't know what happened if they felt rusty or it's psychological problem, but they need to fixed the problems asap, these couple of matches, the front 3 are under peforming, I get it if it's one off match, but this is already several recent matches that they're underperforming
Redy Pajero
Redy Pajero:
_We'll be doomed if it wasn't for Alisson_
King James
King James:
Thiago was the only player who stood out. Salah was disappointing Firmino too, Mane did lot of running, that's all.
Back line,Hendo did enough, Alison saved the day for us.
Not good for title if we play like that
Liverpool could win 2-0 if jota was there instead of Bobby literally missing easy goals
Andy K.
Andy K.:
I have always defended Firmino in every way I could, but I’m done now.
Liverpool should sell him while he’s still worth anything.
jahangir hussain
jahangir hussain:
I have said it few times now firmino is a big problem that klopp needs to address. He gets himself into plenty of goal scoring positions but his too slow and his finishing is simply not good enough.
If origi is not in klopps plans then sell him and buy a cf
Harith Blakaj
Harith Blakaj:
I'll love liverpool, losing or winning
Normal players 😍👍🏆
Oscar Murphy
Oscar Murphy:
Salah and Bobby were awful 😢
Naftii- hure
Naftii- hure:
That was a big stop from the Liverpool goalie and if it was not for Farmino's greedy, it would be Liverpool's favor 😉.
Reagan Abrahams
Reagan Abrahams:
When Henderson plays in the Midfield we win. I think this eats Klopp on the inside as he clearly wanted Wijnaldum to replace Henderson.
Nikunj Bataju
Nikunj Bataju:
From scoring 7 away goals against Crystal Palace to recent goal less runs. Come on front 3. How i wish Jota to be back
FRONT 3 C'MON! if we play like this+front three actually being there we will win every match!
Mochamad Fahmy Abdillah
Mochamad Fahmy Abdillah:
Fair Result
Liverpool play nice attacking football
Man United play nice defensive football
MFadhillah Basyar
MFadhillah Basyar:
Thiago + Anfiled = Gorgeous🔥
Some say we need CB's, but we also need a tall striker too, but why we haven't any gossip around the transfer,the hell?!?
King James
King James:
Frightening thing is we didn't create sure goal scoring chances and didn't test de gea at all.
This is vary different from our past five years or so ,even when we lose we were creating chances and hitting the woodwork many times in a game
I am a United fan .... And I know for a fact that Alison was top class yesterday... frustrated the hell out of me....
Our forwards hit the ball the way I punch in my dreams.... no power.
Michiko Boris
Michiko Boris:
Allison and De Gea were superb
adriel wo
adriel wo:
The front three is losing their chemistry. It seems different from their chemistry those days.
Alley hartley
Alley hartley:
klopp knows! top 4 is going to be a struggle with what he has. last season he was very very optimistic about top 2 basically even before it looked like lfc were in for the title. however recent interview top 4 is the priority. It would have been the same without the injuries too because when jota was in the team only he really were scoring and the performances were sub par its been like that all season. everyone thought oh we've smashed palace this is where we kick on but I said to my dad its just papering over the cracks and here we are 4 or so games down line and not 1 goal scored. could this be the time where the beginning of the end starts for klopp because that dressing room looks lost and bored lol especially f3. If i were minamino i wouldnt have come to us mainly because he's such a top player and its kind of stunted his career leaving salzburg and he should have gone someplace else. you can say ohh its only 4 games but look at all season the performances we have scraped every one apart from palace.
peter kim
peter kim:
There's no creativity nor boldness to penetrate the opponent's defense . With this pace, the trophy would go to Man City's hands.
Maruf Padaya
Maruf Padaya:
I hope we qualify for Europe this season, if this is how we going to score!
Đạt Nguyễn Vinh
Đạt Nguyễn Vinh:
The problem with the attack not the defence
Portia Achumpo
Portia Achumpo:
We have missed your victory matches Liverpool.
Divesh Kumar
Divesh Kumar:
Felt like we played Burnley in the 1st half 10 manu players behind the ball. But regardless the front 3 should start scoring goals.
Basshead Chris
Basshead Chris:
0:55 Salah pass the damn ball 🙏
Aspect 2033
Aspect 2033:
Lakshana De Silva
Lakshana De Silva:
We had chances but couldn't take. No big match players. Our title difence seems to be over.
Ronny Nielsen
Ronny Nielsen:
Liverpool as a team has been so disappointing the past few games...time to make up and play as champions....YNWA ❤
Together Christian Media
Together Christian Media:
Liverpool don't have normal squad like before no Virgil no Gomez no Jota no Matip again that's why we don't win if Fabihno play to his position and Henderson Liverpool will win Every Match but few of Game will draw and lose if Liverpool have normal squad and position really Liverpool were about to beat Man United. We miss important players out of squad.
Ben Maina
Ben Maina:
Obvious statement of the day! We need a CB or two
XI BDP 1_05_Althaf Pratama Hardiansyah
XI BDP 1_05_Althaf Pratama Hardiansyah:
Alisson God Mode 😦
Liverpool seriously needs a central striker to rely on unlike firmino
Good performance from thiago
Neutral Observer.
Neutral Observer.:
LiVARpool simply haven't got the strength in depth to cope when a couple of crucial players get injured especially someone like Van Dyke. If Ole had been more aggressive from the start and played a playmaker alongside a defensive midfielder instead of 2 sitting, United would have won this game as going forward, they have more players on form. Ole also needs to learn quickly that neither Martial or Rashford are natural finishers and should never be played through the middle. Cavani is the obvious choice with Greenwood on the right and either Martial or Rashford coming in from the left. Fernandes also now needs to be rested "whenever Ole can" as he's getting a bit stale. United HAVE to find a system to win when Fernandes isn't available! Anyway that's 3 games without a goal for LiVARpool and none of their usual dodgy decisions to help them. With a tough run of fixtures ahead hopefully United have destroyed any title hopes for that horrible club!!!  LUHG.
Wendy Said
Wendy Said:
On that match fabinho,thiago,allison on fire
Beyond Tourism Beyond Tourism
Beyond Tourism Beyond Tourism:
Firmino is the a proper striker, Period
Jack fosh
Jack fosh:
Klopp lost his moral authority by allowing Salah to remain a solo player in the last 3rd and also not working enough defensively for the team. As the result, it is no longer a first instinct from the Mané to make a center inward ball penetration like he used to do that would draw defenders and open Salah as suitable finisher. By changing his plays and making 90% of his ball penetrations in the wing, Mané only last pass options are Firminio or midfielders who are less better finishers than Salah.
Erwin Kaka
Erwin Kaka:
Come on van Dijk,the Reds needs you ❤️🔥
david miller
david miller:
got to start winning or the seasons over , other teams have improved , we have stood still , and ran out of luck
it was not top of table it was 1st vs 3rd !
Manoj Nayak
Manoj Nayak:
Liverpool are struggling with goals as arsenal had earlier in season
Abdulrahman Alalawi
Abdulrahman Alalawi:
Wow is an excellent club, Liverpool.
Hend Deeb
Hend Deeb:
A lot of misses from front three
A top 4 and a fa cup would do for us
Sandy Ape
Sandy Ape:
Alisson the best. But finishing forward must be improve a lot

Nikhil K G
Nikhil K G:
It's a complete waste of time to watch the whole game..
Very poor strategy by Klopp,😔😔
Mustafa Waggeh
Mustafa Waggeh:
Another game with us not taking chances haunts us
Rhushabh Rajbal
Rhushabh Rajbal:
HAHA, now sitting at no 4 in the table !!
Sanal Hak
Sanal Hak:
Preston Alvares
Preston Alvares:
We need jota 😔😔😔
Droped so many points man 😭😭
Mohammed Salah
Mohammed Salah:
Alisson the best for a reason❤️
Lockey Cityzens
Lockey Cityzens:
Congratulations MANCHESTER CITY CHAMPIONS 2020/2021 😍🤩💙
Kaanchi Maharjan
Kaanchi Maharjan:
Yes front 3 need to go for good shots and goal
Jay Xan
Jay Xan:
Still a great match
Muzafar. M.K.
Muzafar. M.K.:
shaqiri shouldve played on the wings. maguire totally controlled him and there was no chance to reach a clear cross to him.
Jack fosh
Jack fosh:
Klopp killed his bench performances and confidence by not allowing them enough game time to the contrary of Pep who rotates players and makes timely substitutions, allowing substitutes 25-30 min game time most of the time to enable them to feel real time his game strategy, allowing players to make necessary personal adjustments in the role they are given to make the difference. But that’s not the case at Liverpool where 50% of clopp’s premier leagues substitutions occurred after the 85th minute, 45% past the 80th minute, and only 5% After the 60th minute. This is an absolute disaster for the style of high intensity tempo play he would like Liverpool to maintain. All premier leagues teams now understand that they just have survive the first half waves from Liverpool and then it becomes an open game they can win in the second half.
Glad I didn't stay up to watch this, but I am looking forward to the next Inside Anfield episode
no penalties in this game??? both teams are ridiculous
Abdifatah Ali
Abdifatah Ali:
At 0:01 that's where we should have won the game, only if firmino would pass to Roberson 😫😩😩
Stan Lha
Stan Lha:
Whatever I like Firmino Skill. I love it
Mithul B
Mithul B:
Sad that Klopp and Liverpool have become so predictable now . Shut out Trent and Mane, game over .
Liverpool got luck!