Highlights: Liverpool 1-0 West Ham | Sadio scores to stop the Hammers

Sadio Mane converts a Trent Alexander-Arnold cross to give the Reds all three points in their Premier League tie with West Ham United at Anfield.

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100+ comentarios:

Purwanti Allan
Purwanti Allan:
Mane is always there to help the Reds. YNWA. 🔥
Vivy Chauhan
Vivy Chauhan:
Trent is one in a world at assisting. This game showed he can go beyond too.
Adedolapo Akindehin
Adedolapo Akindehin:
For me, T. A. Arnold was the MOTM. He was everywhere. 3 points in the bag. On to the next game.
Headlong SEGUN
Headlong SEGUN:
Klopp's celebrations to the fans is just too amazing 😍😍
I love every bit of it.YNWA
mo #LFC
mo #LFC:
What a player Diaz is and what a game from Trent
alioune diouf
alioune diouf:
So proud of you Sadio! 👏 👏👏👏👏you are the best.
Joshua Jerry Hanson
Joshua Jerry Hanson:
Nine of Sadio Mane’s 12 Premier League goals this season have come in home games. No player has scored more home goals in the competition this term than the Senegal forward
Not a single smile from Mane✊🏿 Respect dude you were everywhere on the pitch as usual defending, attacking. Luiz Diaz reminds me Neymar in Barca he s fire 🔥🔥
R G:
Whenever Luis Diaz gets the ball, I get excited! What a player he is, and hopefully will develop into an Anfield legend !
The sky is the limit!
Ayush Prabhash
Ayush Prabhash:
Thiago staying fit is the key to success and hope for any more silverware this season. We start a lot of pointless attacks despite being in the lead and risk counters. Thiago helps hold on to the ball better and brings calm amongst chaos.
Aly Gano
Aly Gano:
Sadio Manee a very good 9 🔥🔥🔥
martin mburu
martin mburu:
Am very impressed that mane was again in score sheet...
Serges Gaëtan EBELLE
Serges Gaëtan EBELLE:
The save that Arnold made was like a goal for me
Muhammad Mustafa Butt
Muhammad Mustafa Butt:
What a performance from Trent Alexander-Arnold. Be it offensively or defensively, he was just too good!
Kibol Kibolowski
Kibol Kibolowski:
Great performances from Mane recently, he is really hard working player! World Class
Babacar Gaye
Babacar Gaye:
Sadio is just amazing 😍
Miguel Dias
Miguel Dias:
What a fantastic game by Mané! 3 more points!!!
Cavalinhos do Brasileirão Série B
Cavalinhos do Brasileirão Série B:
Mané once again put on a show Liverpool you are one of the best teams in England, Europe and the world cheering for the Reds here in Brazil
Greetings from Brazil to all of England
Damar Fadlan
Damar Fadlan:
Mane is always there to help the Reds.
Yodit Yohannes
Yodit Yohannes:
Scrappy game but a win is what we needed and a win is what we got. 3 points in the bag now we move on and hope for better performances. Credit to Trent and Robbo thought they did great Hendo did good aswell.
A very difficult game tonight. Was on the edge of my seat all 90 minutes.
A dirty good win!
We move!
Fatuma Adan
Fatuma Adan:
What a game it was! Mane congratulations for saving Liverpool 👏 winning is our Talent Liverpool for Life💯❣️
Oumar Oumar
Oumar Oumar:
Sadio mane king 🤴🏾
Boubacar Best Of
Boubacar Best Of:
Proud of You Mané 🇸🇳🇸🇳. How can we Do without you? Full respect ✊🏼Très fier de toi, t'es un grand champion
Abiyoso Muhammad
Abiyoso Muhammad:
Mane perfectly fit his new position
king boy
king boy:
Love you big Sadio Mane⚽️ 🇸🇳🦁❤🔥💪
Alexander Arnold was on fire today. Saved our asses many times. 10/10 performance
Mané offered the 3 points LFC can be proud to have such GREAT PLAYER👍⚽️👏
YNWA 👌⚽️✊️
Manny G
Manny G:
HUGE 3pts! Man like Sadio come up big yet again! 💥
Portia Achumpo
Portia Achumpo:
Greatest team, greatest coach, greatest fans. YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE
The result doesn't sound as exciting but this game was amazing to watch, I think anyone who watched it will agree. Both teams played great football, very tactical and fast paced game, non stop action!!. Shout out to Virgil, Konate, Keita, Trent, Díaz (can't wait for him to score again, love to see how hungry he is, that's the mentality). Lastly shout out to my boy Sadio, dude's been killing it as a center forward 🔥🔥
Increible lo de Klopp al final del partido. Impresiona la conexión con los fans y el amor que tienen hacia él.
Dang Trung
Dang Trung:
Congratulations Liverpool. It was a difficult match, but the players overcame it successfully. Once again congratulations to the team and fans 👍
Khalo Kay
Khalo Kay:
Bless up Mane, u such a blessing to the team
Dial Fall
Dial Fall:
Hoooo ce grand monsieur au noirceur d'ébène, t'es unique et exceptionnel Nianthio 🦁🇸🇳Sadio mané meilleur joueur de l'histoire du football
Aisha 256
Aisha 256:
Arnold did a great job, Amazing celebration from coach, Sadio always be loved by all Africans and as an arsenal fun I credit him with "The man of match. Congrats liverpool for 3 points 👏👏
Exgle ゚椅案
Exgle ゚椅案:
27' Sadio Mane Goal!⚽️ 1-0 Liverpool Assist: Alexander Arnold💪
Dhavishsingh Bissessur
Dhavishsingh Bissessur:
Henderson ages like a fine wine! Incredible control in the midfield and defense piercing passes! Close with TAA for motm.
Dang Trung
Dang Trung:
Trent is improving himself more and more. The attack support is very good, the defense is getting better and better. He is truly one of the best full-backs in the Premier League at the moment
Flavio Araujo
Flavio Araujo:
O liverpool conseguiu uma boa vitória hoje, com um jogo brigado, mas o importante sair com os 3 pontos...e em busca do título ✌✌✌
Abri Sam
Abri Sam:
Thanks to Mane for the equaliser and Trent what a goal clearance, the best rb in the world!!! YNWA
Ng JS:
A hard fought win fr the team. Well done but special thanks to Trent for great assist & defence by Trent, Mane for gd timing to score & Ali for saving some shots.
Rob Pritchard
Rob Pritchard:
What a team , what a manager ! We Love You Liverpool We do!
Top scorer
Mane- 12
Jota- 12

Top assist
TAA- 11
Salah- 10
Robertson- 9

Top 3 all liverpool
lord man
lord man:
If the opponent was unselfish, the result would be a draw. Brilliant save and assist from Trent, and Mane the cheetah. Yea and Diaz was deal of the century
Bi Han
Bi Han:
Always felt Sadio is so much better in the centre position then a winger. He always scores more there and it’s proving. This only means Jota time is now limited 😅
Great instinct goal from Mane. The man can play in any forwards position
Toasted' Nugget_'
Toasted' Nugget_':
What a pass by trent. Amazing game by him
Taa was sublime assisting and defensively...diaz has had an amazing start and is exactly the busy type of player klopp wants and needs . All we need is a couple more goals from him and he's the full package YNWA
Avergreen STEM
Avergreen STEM:
Trent Alexander-Arnold, defender, attacker, even goalie!!! Love this Liverpool team YNWA
What a tough game! But the most important is 3 points. The title race still going.
Euro Fut
Euro Fut:
Alexander-Arnold 11 assistências só nessa Premier League, 17 em todas as competições... o garoto é craque!
Importante é a vitória 🤙🏻
rabya sadio
rabya sadio:
Congratulations Liverpool and good continuation Mané. A great player with a big heart
really really amazing performance trent did in this match wow
Mo also in first half was amazing but second half was ok
Diaz ma man also amazing performance but we all was waiting for a goal but he didn't score
Mane the same as he always in shape

In the end a lot of opportunities but only 1 goal (gg) 3 points is what we want 🙌
Soy hincha del Arsenal.
Pero el Liverpool juega hermoso.
stefan fandy
stefan fandy:
Big respect for Liverpool from Real Madrid fans, almost in every liverpool match i watched is outstanding
Rhoddry Ice
Rhoddry Ice:
0:07 That’s just pure brilliance. Trent’s understanding of the game and what a pass.
New heroes every week and this time is TAA. Damn, what a save
Lincey Pierre
Lincey Pierre:
Klop's Energy is fire🔥🔥🔥🔥he loves what he doing
Watched the game, I can't believe it ended with just one goal in it. Solid win against a good side
Chibuikem Ubesie
Chibuikem Ubesie:
TAA put in a good shift, even defensively. Dude is just improving.

Also, the lines man should be raising the flag for offside and not cause our defenders to extend so much energy.
Ojei Yanyak
Ojei Yanyak:
Salah and Diaz had missed lot of chances.. Anyway, I would give Alex 10 of 10 and Mane 9 of 10 and the rest also played very good but not of 10..It is a big win for us❤❤❤❤❤❤
Leider Gordillo
Leider Gordillo:
1:00 Esa salvada de Trent es completamente surreal.
Andi Qalfi Zaputra
Andi Qalfi Zaputra:
0:57 I thought Alexander Arnold won't save it, but sure he accelerate in no time 😲
6pack banana
6pack banana:
after looking at this display from taa, even the doubters would say that hes a great defender
Doesn't matter if we win 5-0 or 1-0, its still 3 points at the end of the day! Made up with the win, roll on Inter and get through to the quarter finals now! 👏🔴👍
Kloop after every game that cheer is wonderful
Sir Joe
Sir Joe:
Great performance great results, well done guys
Anime Lover
Anime Lover:
0:48 amazing save 🔥🔥
Raffasya Abizar Bus & Truck
Raffasya Abizar Bus & Truck:
haters said Arnold bad at Defense

fact : he saved us and score an assists 😎
Babacar Fall
Babacar Fall:
Sadio mane the best player in the world
My God. That was unbelievable defending from Liverpool. How did they manage to save that goal. Well done Trent and Allison, konate as well. Proved very vital for the result at the end. What a complete team. Excellent!!!
Adama Boo
Adama Boo:
I just enjoyed the celebration from the boss at the end of the game for the fans, it was amazing

Tricky game and great performance by Diaz today, he's all over the pitch it's amazing. And well it's happening, I'm actually cheering for United tomorrow lol.

edit: United is useless
Irwan Kurniawan
Irwan Kurniawan:
A tough game, but we secured 3 points. Thank you!
Cesar Cedillos
Cesar Cedillos:
We’re making it harder than it should be. Too many chances missed that keep the opposition in the game.
Wahabo Luali
Wahabo Luali:
The connection between Klopp and the Fans is absolutely beautiful 😍

Those vibe 😍🔥
Theophilus Alamu
Theophilus Alamu:
what a connection with coach and fans... energy
P. Guevara Al-Ghifari
P. Guevara Al-Ghifari:
What A manager..!!! we got everything from him. Confidence. Entertaining. Enterprise. Humble. And etc. Danke Jurgen 💪💪💪
Love Klopps energy at the end of game 😀
Alexander Arnold were excellent playing with excellent defending
ori harari
ori harari:
Diaz is hungry!!! Lovely to see him so passionate
Emmanuel Akpan
Emmanuel Akpan:
We need to talk more about Alexander Arnold's reactions. He thinks so quickly 💯💯
Mane’s transition from winger to cf is lit 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
WHAT A WIN, tough game tonight.
Not a convincing win but luck surely seems to be on our side which is a must to win the league, especially this season 😉
One of the best thing about dude is that he never take credit for himself when he achieves something. he always respect us, the audience and his team, and is polite in all video. We congratulate Overselves on this achievement more to come. 😇
Osmane Ibrahim
Osmane Ibrahim:
Mane,Trent and Diaz what a performance from them
Bravo à l'équipe et surtout merci sadio mané pour la victoire 👏🏿 !
Ray Stand Up
Ray Stand Up:
Trent's performance in this match puts him in the world's top 3.
Dania A
Dania A:
thank you to sadio for scoring the winner I know not many Liverpool 'supporters' will say this.
djiby dia
djiby dia:
Sadio mane the king of the Anfield💪⚽🏅🏆💟💟🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳🦁🦁🇸🇳🇸🇳💪💪
Gorbi Norbit
Gorbi Norbit:
One of the best games of Naby lad this season🔥👏
Great Mane, the best player this season
Rujal Kawan
Rujal Kawan:
0:26 Superb control & assist,👌😍 Finsihing too 🔥
2:06 ❤🥳
Come on Reds!!! Another huge 3 points and we keep on going until the end. Come on Liverpool YNWA ❤️🔴❤️🔴❤️🔴
Three points are all that matter. We got the job done.
Trent A-Arnold on the line clearance is as important in getting us a 3 points. An assist for Mane. Crucial blocked denied goal for the Hammer. Overall, Arnold have a superb performance deserved MOTM.
kdus mebea
kdus mebea:
Oh mané mané 🔥😉