Watch key highlights of the Reds' Premier League tie with Tottenham Hotspur, as a late equaliser at Anfield wasn't enough to cancel out Son Heung-Min's opener.

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Мистер Огонёчек
Мистер Огонёчек:
It was a disappointing result but the players and coaches have been amazing this year. Well done lads!
Weinam Mok
Weinam Mok:
Even though i'm a die hard fan of Liverpool, Son scored 20 PL goals in this season without a single penalty, that's sick!
Two teams played well but Son was outstanding.
Edit: Guys I understand what you guys think but in my opinion and those who like this post think Son was outstanding.
Layth Barzangi
Layth Barzangi:
No one can deny that Salah is a world-class player as the numbers speak for themselves, but he's been utterly frustrating the last few games with his decision making -- choosing to dribble or shoot when there are clearly better options. I counted at least four times in this match where he ventured into the box then tried to force himself through defenders or shoot at goal when the possibility of a block is almost guaranteed, while players like Diaz and Jota were free a few feet away and unmarked. A simple pass would've made a huge difference in these cases.
Kirti Sawant
Kirti Sawant:
Not the result we would have loved to have, but Son is very good player and in form! Love that guy!
The bford editor
The bford editor:
Son world class 👏
Salah pass the ball for the love of god
Ford Aru
Ford Aru:
Spurs won 2 games against city. They helped you all in the fight for PL. Wishing you all the best.
Genuine Liverpool fans know our boys have tried and they are really doing their best.All our front 3 are amazing and if not then klopp knows what to do let's leave that to him .Let's encourage our boys coz they've been amazing and infact they are doing what most of us can't do and that's why they are on the pitch.If we complain abt our team what will man U fans do abt their own,come on guys.Congrats to Liverpool 💪
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman:
Luiz Diaz is an amazing transfer 🔥👏
johnny kwon
johnny kwon:
How did they manage to lose Son so completely??? The guy is the most dangerous forward in the world right now. Honestly surprised Klopp didn't respect him enough to have someone man-to-man him like Brighton did.
or was it Son who managed to slip into space like that??? either way, good goal from spurs.
Diaz what a signing 😍 despite the draw he brought back the momentum
Maxea Channel
Maxea Channel:
With all due respect to Salah, his decision making has been poor. He should know when is the right time to go for glory or to pass. There were a couple of times he could have passed the ball to Diaz since he was in a more favourable position to score.
Purwanti Allan
Purwanti Allan:
What a player, Luis Diaz! 🔥🔥
Alok Limbu
Alok Limbu:
SON is always my favourite
Fabinho's aggressive foul to Sonny was unacceptable. You should play like that in UFC not in PL. The referee should have given him a red card.
Incredibly surprised at how much space Son had though for his goal
Aoibhinn Mchugh
Aoibhinn Mchugh:
When son scored I was very very worried but when Diaz scored I was so happy
Chad Lategan
Chad Lategan:
Definitely proud of the boys, well done, this wasn't an easy challenge ❤
Taha Ouhabi
Taha Ouhabi:
What a goal from Tottenham perfect team work and what a steel defense , unlucky to concede that deflection
Andres Kramer
Andres Kramer:
Salah!!! Pass the ball!!!
that diaz goal made him my favourite player in liverpool as of current circumstances.
Dozen Roses
Dozen Roses:
Well done lads, you all have been through amazing game till this position. Good luck ini big games ahead!! Ynwa
Spurs had a lot to play for in this match , and it showed . The Reds still have a chance for an historic finish to their season .
Grande Lucho Días, el hombre continúa ayudando a reforzar el ataque del Liverpool, increíble!
David Huisman
David Huisman:
Come on, that was a great game, we were great and the boys did everything they could to score, they work their socks off again, and laid it all out for US, the fans. Couldn't be prouder of this team and manager YNWA
I am very proud of all our players and the staff. It’s been a long and though season, which is not over! Two finals to go and the league isn’t lost. Every other year we would be champions, but we have to compete against city…
Foreign Currency
Foreign Currency:
Spurs are actually a few players away from competing they got the hard bit right which is doing well against the stronger teams in the league once they get consistency against the weaker teams they will be up there
Diaz really just joins liverpool and becomes our best forward. Has been unreal every game
This was the game that defined the League for us. Salah wasn't clear minded enough that day to pass to Díaz on absolut key occasions. There are some painful lessons for us to learn. Still, our heart goes to The Reds that fought till the end and gave us so many astonishing emotions. And congrats to City for that persistent character. What an end of season! 🚩👏🏻
Amirhan Chantiev
Amirhan Chantiev:
Рад за Луиса Диаза, очень хорошо проявляет себя, конечно Клопп не жалеет что купил такого таланта.
Ishtee Rashid
Ishtee Rashid:
My heart broke watching the game. But okay, we can't expect to win every game. The league is done. But we move on. YNWA.
sokin jon
sokin jon:
Diaz what a signing despite the draw he brought back the momentum
Juan David Cristiano castro
Juan David Cristiano castro:
What a player Luis Díaz. 🔥
Aconk Stories
Aconk Stories:
In Klopp We Trust !!! 🔥🔥🔥
Arjun R
Arjun R:
There were a couple of times when Salah could have found Diaz free. Instead he chose to try the incredible and hit a wall.
We need a bit more selflessness from Salah and Mane if we are to win against Chelsea and Real.
City won't drop points. We had an exceptional season and I'll take this second spot in the league.
Lahiru Nimesh
Lahiru Nimesh:
Spurs fan here, You can win the quadruple Liverpool ✌ Go for it lads ❤️ We'll do our best to qualify for top 4, I hope we'll meet at UCL 🍻
Hefipale Burp
Hefipale Burp:
Luis Díaz hope we can keep him. A gem that's is still in development. On the other hand, the League is going to be very hard to get. Not only they have to keep wining but also with many goals. Seeing now that City is 3-0 (minute 68 and counting) against New Castle proves the later. Let's keep fighting till the end! LFC YNWA.
Bader AlQahtani
Bader AlQahtani:
This was the toughest remaining match. Spurs were brilliant, they beat city and almost won against us home. Proud of this team, its not easy to stay in 4 competitions and just win successively for months!! They are Humans and did us proud. We’re still in it until the math says otherwise.
Musa Rafiq
Musa Rafiq:
I think we could have done better that day but we fought so hard and that's what we need. No matter what happens we will always fight back. Btw what a way we came back from 14 points
Ankit Dhali
Ankit Dhali:
The boys looked tired. In two weeks Liverpool played 5 matches while in the same time frame Spurs played just 2, these things do make a difference at the end of a season.
miko foin
miko foin:
What a goal from Tottenham perfect team work and what a steel defense , unlucky to concede that deflection
Smart Venture Capital
Smart Venture Capital:
Its been a long season and the boys have been magnificent: ✊ respect to the Manager and the team: we are proud of every single one of you! ❤️ YNWA
Vikram S.Tiwari
Vikram S.Tiwari:
Sad for the result 😕😕 but respect to Spurs for playing really well... Let's focus on the two finals now.
Simon Chuks
Simon Chuks:
Am not taking anything away from this team, though it's a disappointing result bt the boys have been so amazing
Pushpender Gusain
Pushpender Gusain:
I have often observed that Liverpool is very comfortable in a free flowing game and finds difficult to operate in highly defensive approach of the opponents.
Ibrahim Malik
Ibrahim Malik:
The roar after diaz goal..🔥🔥
Tamale Joseph
Tamale Joseph:
Well done our boys😍😍
Wow the defence in their goal…just shocking
Le-Roy Cletto
Le-Roy Cletto:
I hope he's form doesn't stop.....this boy amazing 🔥🔥built for Liverpool...Diaz✊✊
Peter Romov
Peter Romov:
Tottenham was really good tonight!
What a performance from Diaz 🔥
Aanisah Mohungeer
Aanisah Mohungeer:
I think there was some player who did not play like they could like I didnt see Thiago play as he plays and also TAA passes were not on point well this was the game I was most stressed about and am happy that we did a draw and didn't lose. It's not over yet.
Proud of each and everyone involved at LFC.....
Vamos liverpool todavía hay esperanzas de ganar la premier esto no se acaba hasta que se acaba
It's not over till it's over. We'll keep on fighting to the end. Go Reds!
pramadya alfitra
pramadya alfitra:
What ever the result, proud with you guys!
Pausing the play in the build-up to Spurs’ goal... poor defending from Liverpool. We were lucky with the Diaz goal - huge deflection.
Юлиян Първанов
Юлиян Първанов:
Klopp and his men did everything right in my opinion ! 😔🙌
Credit to Spurs they deserved this point with great discipline in this half and sharpness infront via Son and Kane ⚡💥
I personally believe that (We) the Liverpool fans were surprised by the fact that "the man of the moment" didn't come from the bench (Origi 😔)

Disappointing result for us, but as people say "hope dies last"! ❤️⚽🙏
YNWA reds 🔴🏆
Impossible for a great DT like Klopp to be blind and not see that what does not allow the team to perform at the optimum level is the individualism of players like Salah and Mané towards Diaz
We should have shot more from far. There were too many instances where the midfield had the opportunity to shoot but played it out wide instead. With that many defenders in the box a deflection or corner is almost guaranteed. That's how Diaz scored.
Literally couldnt sleep knowing we wasted our chance at the trophy 😔 well done never the less
Harry Kane Zad proved to me that he is a great player in this match, exhausting the defense of the invincible Liverpool
Jae Koh
Jae Koh:
As a heung min son's fan, i really want sonny to play on this liverpool team. There is no doubt sonny could contribute much more than mane. And that luis diaz was simply amazing
Mikhail Jordanov
Mikhail Jordanov:
The egos of our front three (not Diaz) costed us this game. Granted, Spurs played shockingly well both defending and attacking but our front three's ability to waste attacking chances is unmatched .. plus Trent was shocking today
Damar Fadlan
Damar Fadlan:
Well done again lads despite disappointing results that we had.
cai jin hui
cai jin hui:
Anfield the happiest stadium for Spurs, that everyone said it’s scary 😂🦶
muhamad aiman za
muhamad aiman za:
Liverpool...we stand with you...we love you...🔥🔥🔥🔥
Essvari AI
Essvari AI:
Many might not agree with my view here, but, tbh, our players are knackered playing almost all the season's (incl. International friendlies/qualifiers) I understand some would say we dropped 2pts but I'm happy we gained 1pt. I just hope Firmino will be fit during our cup finals and Salah back to his goal scorer role instead of playmaker (which he does well too this season 👏🏾) Up the Reds! 💪🏾🔴 YNWA
Cheeky Monk
Cheeky Monk:
Coming from so far behind (14 points), the margin for error was always slim. A tremendous effort to get something against a savvy Spurs side. Doesn't change too much as we're still hoping for City to drop points 🤞
But I am happy for how they have progressed this season
krishna jadav
krishna jadav:
There were two instances where diaz was open and salah didn't pass him . Could have had our 1st goal early. When a team parks the bus you gotta pass to open players buddy.
Lumius ToCyan
Lumius ToCyan:
Both team were superb that day
Is what it is, proud of the lads.
Hydarnes ii
Hydarnes ii:
Well done team very proud of you guys winning quadruple or nothing you are the HEROS
Same lapse of focus costed Liverpool the title 2018/2019. We lost it to City by one point, they had 98 and we had 97, and it is happening again. The defenders were looking at Kane and the goal looked so easy...
Chief Von
Chief Von:
I think at a point we should've brought Keita on quite early, his ability to play passes through the lines would've helped over hendo's tendency to go for balls over the top. Good game though.
Waqar Arshad
Waqar Arshad:
Conte a person who build a damage team huge respect for him
H Duncan
H Duncan:
Look at the attempts in come Diaz👍😀✌️did you see How easy Son goal was, Good goal Diaz and attempts😀
Tofu Teh
Tofu Teh:
No matter what happens, we're all still proud of how you lot pushed it this season
Mark Murithi
Mark Murithi:
It was a tough match!!! But let's continue believing...
It's not over till it's over!!!
You'll never walk alone
dolita windo
dolita windo:
Incredibly surprised at how much space Son had though for his goal
Stephen Vlogs
Stephen Vlogs:
Facts, salah after the internationals hasn't been the same. Usually for the big games he always turns up. He's been quiet for awhile now.
hassam saqib lodhi
hassam saqib lodhi:
In my view, Liverpool missed the chance for phenomenal Quardriple by sharing points with Tottenham.
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi:
Incredibly surprised at how much space Son had though for his goal
Asghar Ali
Asghar Ali:
Klopp has made me falling in love with Liverpool, the front 3 has made me falling in love with this team, the mid 3 has made me falling in love with this team, the back 4 has made me falling in love with this team and one of the best goalkeepers in the world has made me falling in love with this team❤️❤️❤️💪💪💪
Zaki Mubarak
Zaki Mubarak:
at 0:54 Konate runs with Son to mark him, that made Van Dijk move up to defend Kane, then midway Konate changes his mind to defend Kane aswell and leave Son behind. I think in a game like this i think Matip would've been a better fit. Unfortunate5
Hishaam Hussain
Hishaam Hussain:
Spurs played really well and Liverpool were shocking I cant understand why klopp dont give chance to Origi and Diaz have become Liverpool's key player Why Matip is not starting ahead of Konate Klopp's decision makings is haunting Liverpool big time I hope city lose against Newcastle Wolves West Ham or Villa
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I love playing football, being out on the pitch with a ball, and I will be a little sad when that ends. -Dennis Bergkamp
Hamza Abd
Hamza Abd:
Miss the premiere league with this match !!
kemitha medawala
kemitha medawala:
Luis diaz come and clutch again ! ❤️‍🔥
Maurice Toh
Maurice Toh:
Liverpool needs Diaz x3 in their front line, cos he has the hunger and selfless to score and becoming a match winner, and he’s not selfish type of player that go for personal glory like Salah and Mane.
In Klopp and Diaz we trust👍🏻
I love Luiz Diaz, I mean what a player. Very hardworking and hungry. He doesn't even dwell on anything, its always on to the next one.
no matter what happen i am always with Liverpool
Nasha Files
Nasha Files:
What ever happen in Premier League, Iam proud of my team YNWA
It's hard to break down a stagnant wall like spurs' but credit to our reds. What a player Diaz 🚀 I'll take a point over nothing any day
Moothi moothi
Moothi moothi:
Keep moving and hope lfc ❤️
-1Ns3RT C01N-
-1Ns3RT C01N-:
Always there for our team. Devastated though. Am I the only one.
Well done Spurs!! I'm thinking of becoming a supporter. 🙄
Wieslaw Sobocinski
Wieslaw Sobocinski:
Bardzo dobry mecz z przewaga Liverpoolu i brakiem skutecznosci strzeleckich