Highlights: Liverpool 2-0 Aston Villa | Curtis Jones scores his first Premier League goal

Curtis Jones sealed the points for LFC in their 2-0 victory over Aston Villa at Anfield, after Sadio Mane had given Jürgen Klopp's side the lead.

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100+ comentarios:

If anybody is wondering, that Mane goal only took twelve passes from the free kick. Unbelievable.
i cant believe how reliable Alisson Becker is. Save us A TONS of crucial moments. Truly the best goalkeeper we had in this era
Sadio Salah
Sadio Salah:
Curtis will be a star in the future
Omar Adel
Omar Adel:
Salah did not take much help from his teammates today but his assist was wonderful..Go Mo!
Raniya Mubeen
Raniya Mubeen:
No body is gonna talk about Allison he made 3 crucial saves
Now that’s a start for a soon coming star
Mahmoud Farhoud
Mahmoud Farhoud:
So let me get this straight people complain about Salah being greedy yet for every goal he scores, there is another clip of him giving an assist to someone like Mane Firmino AOC and now the young kid Curtis Jones
EBUKA avatar
EBUKA avatar:
Sadio mane scoring as always😎
Curtis jones is really a special kid💪
Paul Barber
Paul Barber:
Great finish by Sadio and nice that Curtis Jones netted one too. Another 3 points in the bag. Oh! and we are League Champions again...already...👍😄 YNWA...⚽️⚽️

Btw..what a weird green away kit that Villa wore...😄
steve johnson
steve johnson:
Congratulations to Curtis! The first one is always memorable
Cody Gusto
Cody Gusto:
Hendo so happy for Curtis, love to see it.
Asrul Chong
Asrul Chong:
Couldn't be prouder for Jones, just signed 5 years extension contract yesterday and the next day scored his 1st PL goal..

Future is surely bright for him.
The humble Always
The humble Always:
He is a historic goal for this player for two reasons. The first is that he is his first goal and secondly, he is assisted by legend of global legend Salah
Art Collette
Art Collette:
What a team this is the best team I ever seen where to go Liverpool hope you take everything this year you deserve it
Jamil Uddin
Jamil Uddin:
With that goal Mane literally took it upon himself to to deliver that Villa defence with a deep penetration without any LUBRICATION out of pure frustration 🤣🤣🤣, YNWA ❤
William Anthony
William Anthony:
Nice to see Pepe Reina back in Anfield, best PL goal keeper by stats in the modern era. YNWA 🧤🧤
Maubray Mzoma
Maubray Mzoma:
And we are 23 points clear again. Southampton really pulled a shocker on Man City.
You could see the desperation in villas face after mane’s goal
Romeo Zuoza
Romeo Zuoza:
What a goal from mane 💪👏💪
What a head from mo. That's stunning!
C O:
1:23 How on earth did he make that save. Wowwww!!!!
Samba Mbaye
Samba Mbaye:
Congratulations 🎉 boy's well done Keep winning 💪💪💪💪👊👊👊 great team
Khoby Mike
Khoby Mike:
1:24 that Allison save 😲
Nahian Rahman Nehal
Nahian Rahman Nehal:
I love mane because he always try with his best ♥♥♥.
Every once in a while you are reminded why alisson is so good and vital to this team's success. If that was Mingolet, grealish scores and then we have a nervy last 7 minutes where the defense gets nervy and unsure and a simple win turns into a draw. It happens 6 or 7 times a season where we get full 3 points with alisson but would have dropped two or three with mings.
great to see Curtis score his first PL goal! bright future!
mane being mane! YNWA
Tkk na zonaa
Tkk na zonaa:
1:24 what a save!!!!!!!!
Biyoncca Frazer
Biyoncca Frazer:
Curtis Jones wow liverpool's future looks bright
Muhammad Akbar
Muhammad Akbar:
Great save from Allison 🤩
ProGamerCurtis1 uwu
ProGamerCurtis1 uwu:
01:24 what a save...
Abdullaahi Ali Jimcaale Ciiltire Official
Abdullaahi Ali Jimcaale Ciiltire Official:
Congrats Mi team Liverpool FC Keep Going ⚽️🙏🙏🙏
YNWA 96:
Happy for jones the future looks bright for the young lad YNWA
1:25 Moments like these make this man a true difference maker for us. In contention for another _EPL Golden Glove_ after missing 11 matches through injury. _Alisson Becker_ doing _Alisson Becker_ things.
_Pickford_ not looking too smart for his attempt at trolling _Alisson_ by quipping _"I won't blunder like Alisson"_ back in early September 2018. Now the Toff is only #1 for England because of _Southgate's_ personal preference. There are at least 3 English keepers currently better than him at the principal job...
Keep winning, you _Mighty Redmen!_ *_YN🔴WA_*
TS Tech Talk
TS Tech Talk:
What a goal feom Jones hope to see more of this
Talentless 'ᴋɪsᴇ'
Talentless 'ᴋɪsᴇ':
Alisson Becker is incredible🔥🔥
Mostafa Bakry
Mostafa Bakry:
Congratulations for the Liverpool win after the win we fly at the top
Hakim Abdul
Hakim Abdul:
Please no more Mane(79goals/34assists so far) Vs Salah(92goals/39assists so far) debates both are the best wingers in the world!!!
حسين سالمان
حسين سالمان:
الله اكبر عليك يا أبو مكه
إن لم تسجل تكون سبب ف صناعه الأهداف 👍
ProGamerCurtis1 uwu
ProGamerCurtis1 uwu:
Dyako Haji ali
Dyako Haji ali:
Man seeing reina as the opposing goalie breaks my heart
Curtis jones need to have a song if he keeps up with the progression. He deserves it :)
Joe Han
Joe Han:
Not a great performance..but a great result...well done
Cian Dolan
Cian Dolan:
Origi looking like a much younger Djibril Cisse. Great goal for Curtis Jones as well, delighted for him. He's definitely one to watch going forward.
Azita Saeidifar
Azita Saeidifar:
Lets Go For That 104 Points Baby !
I'm a fan of Van Dijk but he still looks drunk on this game 😂
Ismail Niyaz
Ismail Niyaz:
Curtis Jones seems to score every time he's given some minutes on the pitch.
Gerrard Steven
Gerrard Steven:
Great to see the champions play once again
Peter Baxter
Peter Baxter:
Mane shines again, what a season he has had YNWA
Cyriline Austrie
Cyriline Austrie:
Signs a contract Saturday and scores on Sunday! Curtis Jones is a baller for the future
S. Bergwijn
S. Bergwijn:
Oooh Mané Manéee🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳
Devendran Bose
Devendran Bose:
Nice win. Would love to see Neco for remaining matches. Harvey should get some minutes. Go for 104 points klopp.
Allison so good. Never doubt on him
That save from alisson vs grealish is brilliant
IIL Trequartista10
IIL Trequartista10:
What a week for CJ
New contract
First PL goal🔥🔥
Fiqri Akmanul Ichsan
Fiqri Akmanul Ichsan:
Well played young man
Alisson is so good !!
Assane SALL
Assane SALL:
Ohhh my super mane...what a big goal..YNWA
Prince Bootleg Channel
Prince Bootleg Channel:
💜 Allison Legend 💜
S Mac
S Mac:
Ah the good old days 😭
dave caldwell
dave caldwell:
This match shows clearly how important Allison is to our team, without him we would have lost not just this match but many others.
KC Phanith
KC Phanith:
I hope you should do a replay for a goal from our player in the next highlight video. Really wanna see that incredible goal in slow motion!
YNWA ✌️✌️
B Re
B Re:
Anyone here after 7-2?
Now we know why Alisson is crucial again,just like karius proved…
Anak Sholeh dan Sholeha
Anak Sholeh dan Sholeha:
Liverpool win again....
I love you MO Salah...
Birat Ghimire
Birat Ghimire:
Man, all these other youngsters scoring for their teams got me worried. Greenwood, Saka, Foden. Glad Curtis scored. I just hope in 2 or 3 years Curtis, Harvey and Neco would break into the first team and we shift Trent to midfield.
seynabou mbow
seynabou mbow:
good job liverpool you're the best team in the world
What a goal from mane
Kenji Kimkim
Kenji Kimkim:
Hang in there Minamino, we know you can do more!!!!
Definitiv nicht Sönke
Definitiv nicht Sönke:
And City lost ❤️ YNWA guys!
Mn Tv
Mn Tv:
Mané!!! Mané!!!🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳💕💕💕💕
Thembelani Mkhize
Thembelani Mkhize:
What a goal from Mane
جنون الكره الاوربيه
جنون الكره الاوربيه:
amazing team we love you salah gift for jons <3 <3
flyvon fernandes
flyvon fernandes:
Liverpool fc is perfectly maintaining social distance in pl points table from other teams🎉 YNWA
Craig Saunders
Craig Saunders:
Let’s start some of these youngsters. The main team gone of the boil abit. P.s firmino changed the game when he played
R Man Lundon
R Man Lundon:
Curtis is a Superstar💎
Imran Fiks
Imran Fiks:
Who’s here after 7-2😂
Sefa Alka
Sefa Alka:
alisson really made a great save look like a normal save
Oleg Laptovic
Oleg Laptovic:
Liverpool ❤️❤️❤️
that look from Alisson at the end haha.
Blue Navy
Blue Navy:
Will be First of many goals by Curtis Jones
Adil Uddin
Adil Uddin:
When are they lifting the title? Woah I’ve never had this many likes thanks
Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin:
Great win reds ❤️
Divine Retribution
Divine Retribution:
awesome result congrats on title it was well deserved and way overdue KRO SOTv
Ian Ngugi
Ian Ngugi:
I love Liverpool because of its coach
Keep it up man 💪💪💪💪. YNWA 🔥🔥
blessing phakathi
blessing phakathi:
Performance wasn't really there but overall good result happy for curtis Jones and mane keeps doing what he does Gomez needs more composure and robertson needs his confidence back it's like he is second guessing himself since the man city game but hopefully he will get back to his best bring on Brighton ❤❤YNWA
Hüsnü Çoban
Hüsnü Çoban:
Who’s here after 7-2 loss 😂😂
And now they lost 7-2 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Da Sports Fan
Da Sports Fan:
curtis jones aka mo salah with no beard is one impressive young talent
Mohd. Jishan
Mohd. Jishan:
Allison did great job 👍👏
Adel Balach
Adel Balach:
I think jons and Elliott is the future of Liverpool 💗💗
Co Vid
Co Vid:
Curtis= mix of Salah and Mane
Jono Harper
Jono Harper:
The first 60 mins shows the massive gap between our first 11 and the bench. Origi is so far off the level. We are clearly short of a goal scoring striker & creative midfielder. Werner was a huge miss.
Hasan Raza
Hasan Raza:
Curtis Jones will be a legend in future he’s a gem
Olivia Niamke
Olivia Niamke:
This is why liverpool's my favourite club
Antonio Pí
Antonio Pí:
I want Jones to be the next captain after Hendo.
Fifa Shorts
Fifa Shorts:
Liverpool are champions!!!!!
Fxit Effx
Fxit Effx:
I think the players are missing the 12th player......the fans in Anfield!
pernoh azimat
pernoh azimat:
Welcomed Jones and good to see Pepe Reina... Thanks PR you'll be part Liverpool player's...