Highlights: Liverpool 3-1 Newcastle Utd | Trent seals it with a screamer

Watch key highlights of the Reds' Premier League victory over the Magpies at Anfield, thanks to goals from Diogo Jota, Mo Salah & Trent Alexander-Arnold.

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100+ comentarios:

Military Update
Military Update:
I like Salah's style, he always tries to give his best in every match
عبد الله جابي
عبد الله جابي:
Whether Mane scores or not, his hold up play and ball retention is crucial to our progression in attack, especially when he drifts into the center. Great player
Salah pouncing on every opportunity like a lion. Wonderful player.
Leroy Lim
Leroy Lim:
Mane not going down and had to figure his feet quick, then stabbed at the ball for an effort that I would say is nearly godlike.
That effort allowed Salah to even have a chance to score.
Saaaaa Di O MANE!
mmm :
Liverpool set a new club record today by scoring in 34 consecutive games. Incredible
At this point in Salah’s career, he’s scoring so many goals he’s even amazed by himself 😂😂😂
Mohd Fadzel
Mohd Fadzel:
I am a Chelsea’s fan but I love watching Liverpool because of Salah! I hope he will be the Ballon d’Or in 2022.
What an amazing goal from Trent 🔥and Salah just made his look easy 💪 come on you Reds!!
Bara Noviandi R
Bara Noviandi R:
"Every Angel of Trent Alexander-Arnold"
After this 😂👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Jake Baker
Jake Baker:
I'm a Liverpool fan but the Newcastle goalkeeper was very impressive. If you watch the replays you will see that he got his hand on all of them and a few inches to the side they probably would have been saved
Just Jay
Just Jay:
This commentary is all that matters when it comes to all other commentary for LFC games ❤️ TAA is the next legend with only a fraction of his career played 👊🏾
Kop Squad FC
Kop Squad FC:
Take a bow, Trent! Phenomenal result after a nervy start to the game. The 3 points are all that matters. We keep rolling. YNWA.
Austin Reise
Austin Reise:
Great to see Shelvey. Good goal. Respects not over celebrating. Liverpool blood running in his veins.
Mohamed Hamed
Mohamed Hamed:
Arnold's goal was great, but of course Salah was terrifying. He could have scored 2 goals and made 3 assists. I like Salah's style, he always tries to give his best in every match
🤩😍He has magic in the left foot
Trent probably screamed GERRARD in his head when hitting that 😅🚀
Layth Barzangi
Layth Barzangi:
Trent hitting that ball like it owed him money. 💥
Rhy John
Rhy John:
Trent outstanding goal, having all the power and pressure to kick the ball.
Joel Wong
Joel Wong:
Mad respect for MANE to keep going and not just fall from that tackle , that last goal rho what a rocket
Neba Courage
Neba Courage:
What a start for Newcastle, but we are the reds. Wonderful performance from Liverpool though the lost the ball in some occasions. What a hit by Trent.
We are Liverpool.
Shahid HD
Shahid HD:
Mohamed Salah should have played until the end of the match 😢
Daniel Okere
Daniel Okere:
I'm not a Liverpool fan but that shot was just amazing 😍 🙌🏾
Yudi Eka Saputera
Yudi Eka Saputera:
That goal by TAA is superb and unbelievable. Even the best goalkeeper in Premier league won't be able to stop it.
Muhammad Yunus
Muhammad Yunus:
What a perfomance from The Reds 👍👍🔥🔥
Nazmul Sagor
Nazmul Sagor:
Salah the best. Always delivering 🥰
Dodo Hinganaday
Dodo Hinganaday:
Trent shows that he is the man Liverpool can rely on, especially for creating goals from outside the penalty area🚀
I love how you guys make game highlights pretty quickly after games, I like it like that!
Konate's reaction when Trent scored. Priceless. 😱🤣
Debojyoti Bhattacharya
Debojyoti Bhattacharya:
I feel bad for Mane. Man deserves a goal
Ahmet Ünal
Ahmet Ünal:
What a goal Trent!!! That 's insane.
What a goal from Trent Alexander Arnold
hassam saqib lodhi
hassam saqib lodhi:
Great performance by Liverpool 💚💚💚. Trent Alexander Arnold scored phenomenal Goal in winning cause 👍👍👍.
Regdu Geht
Regdu Geht:
what a great player ! Great performance boys !!!
Shaun Chetty
Shaun Chetty:
Hendo and Trents out of the box goals are always more impressive than the rest..miss seeing Sturridge pulling those off
Its a screamer, its an absolute screamer, simple unsavable... its electrifying
Immanuel Gill
Immanuel Gill:
Continue the good stuff Liverpool. And that man Mo Salah is always in on the action 🙏
Edison Chilekwa Kaya
Edison Chilekwa Kaya:
Trent's goal was out of this world and the commentary was the icing on the cake
Valentín Bon Cabrera
Valentín Bon Cabrera:
What a Team ❤️❤️❤️
Royal Member Entertainment
Royal Member Entertainment:
What a goal scored by Trent!!
Nothing to see here
Nothing to see here:
Trent doesn't always score, but when he does, oh my, it's always exceptional!
damn, that really wasn't Tiago's day. and so many other good things happening again and again in this club, let's hope they continue to happen.
G T:
I love how you guys make game highlights pretty
quickly after games, I like it like that!
Shamsi Ashurmamadov
Shamsi Ashurmamadov:
Trent remind me Gerrard on his prime. What a goal 💥
Trent! What a goal!😱 Nice game Liverpool!🙂
Manny G
Manny G:
Trent winning the game at both ends; goal saving tackle and then scores an absolute banger. The scouser in our team! ❤️🔥
I Read it somewhere
I Read it somewhere:
Mane's effort on the second goal is spot on
Yoel Arokeum
Yoel Arokeum:
Gorgeous goal from Trent 🔴💪🏽🔥
Nicola Vivarelli
Nicola Vivarelli:
Great Liverpool ! Another important victory and an incredible 34 games with a goal scored ! YNWA
Smart Traders
Smart Traders:
Mane deserve a goal in this match, considering his effort.
TAA had a brilliant game last night. With the exception of Leicester away in 2019, that’s the best I’ve seen him play. He was solid defensively, and the goal topped it all off. Deservingly MOTM
Trent can be very impressive in a formation with 3 CB. Just put behind him Defensive midfield not a box to box
Edit: he's is going to play rmf
Rachel Follah
Rachel Follah:
Sadio Mane is unlucky bt most of e goals is because of his hard work
Solomon Goitom
Solomon Goitom:
Well done my beloved club Liverpool. Y.N.W.A.❤
Senthuran Selvanesan
Senthuran Selvanesan:
Trent is so underated he has so much talent and he's just begun!
Osama Osama
Osama Osama:
Great skill Trent, Greetings from 🇪🇬 🎉
sharmila shathish
sharmila shathish:
what a goal man!!!!! what a goal that was!!!!👌👌
Anime Lord
Anime Lord:
That was the best goal I have ever seen by a right back
Юлиян Първанов
Юлиян Първанов:
What a hit TAA 🎯🤩🚀

The boys reacted so well after that great strike by our former red Shelvey 😎

Amazing to see likes of Bobby and Naby back again 👊

Dominant from the very beginning, always trying to put the oposition under pressure!
Thats the Kloppo's machine in action 🔥⚽

YNWA reds 🔴
突擊手 我不是外掛【〆Ƀløød】
突擊手 我不是外掛【〆Ƀløød】:
Wow the goal from Trent is legendary ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥 😍
Aariyan Senthuran
Aariyan Senthuran:
Trent has improved so much throughout these years it's unbelievable!.. but don't even get me started on the G.O.A.T Salah!
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose:
It's like game after game we seem to break records,love this club YNWA
Samir 🥀
Samir 🥀:
I don't expect those things from experienced Thiago but hope he improves and what a rocket from TAA 🔥🔥👏👏
what a goal Trent 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Dane Null
Dane Null:
Salah equalling another record, set previously by vardy, scoring and/or assisting in 15 consecutive games, and the lads having their own Goal of the Season competition. Trent hit an absolute rocket, and after a long time trying he has hit one. Bet there's more to come!!

KOP cheered on even after we went behind. Love it lads ❤😍 YNWA
Mohammad Shishir Ahmed
Mohammad Shishir Ahmed:
Absolute screamer by Trent ❤️
Arnold breaks the net again!
What a great performance ❤
I love how you guys make game highlights pretty
quickly after games, I like it like that!
Oh My God Trent's Flying High This Season
J king
J king:
It's like game after game we seem to break records,love this club YNWA
That Arnold goal was *spectacular* 😤🔥🔥
To be honest, the game was at around 4am my time. I woke up for like 1 minute and saw the score at 1-0. but i wasnt worried, i was sure we gonna win and we did. It is bad, i am getting comfortable knowing what a great team we have. We dont even have VVD Fab and i aint worried
I love how you guys make game highlights pretty quickly after games, I like it like that!
mmpj twod
mmpj twod:
Mike Dean probably be like: I got out of the way just in time, basically an assist for me. What a goal by Trent.
@1:43 Mike Dean reacted quicker than the whole Newcastle Defense😂😂
Israel Ayeni
Israel Ayeni:
Trent's screamer was in front of Jonjo Shelvey... How poetic 🔥🔥😩😩
Cornellius Dimas Berlin
Cornellius Dimas Berlin:
What a strike from Trent Alexander-Arnold 👏👏👏
17 Scorpio Fitness
17 Scorpio Fitness:
This is why I love and support this football club, Jürgen Klopp fill these boys head with determination, they strive sweat and blood to be their best everyday, they don’t disappoint fans ! Did you see the passion, the strength and determination, Sadio Mane puts together to hit the ball when the defender slide cut him ? am I the only watching it over and over, what a great player ! Great performance boys !!!
Kelvin Ong
Kelvin Ong:
The contrast between Mane remaining on his feet and the Newcastle defenders lying on the ground feigning injury is stark.
Klopp has not only built a team of elite footballers, he's also based it on basic decent human behavior. That not enough is said about that is a travesty and reflective of the society we all live in today
Akash Goplani
Akash Goplani:
What a pass from Shelvey to Mane. Can't remember another player who scores and gives away a goal everytime like him.
Andrzej Szlapka
Andrzej Szlapka:
Just Love it ❤️ Love Liverpool ❤️
Sufyaan Ringtooa
Sufyaan Ringtooa:
All of this from training ground
WELL DONE Liverpool🤩
Liverpool daily edits
Liverpool daily edits:
Just love everything about Liverpool. They're always pressing on their oppositions🧘‍♂️
Opening Knight
Opening Knight:
Trents goal was sensational and ELECTRIFYING !!!!
what a goal by Trent !
Eleventh Earl of Mars
Eleventh Earl of Mars:
Thiago was poor last night and could of cost Liverpool dearly, I’m not totally convinced by the guy tbh, there’s too many mistakes with him.
Varun Madhavan
Varun Madhavan:
Props to Konate!! Defended calmly and brilliantly.
marcus lam
marcus lam:
Trent was brilliant.I hope that he can become the first choice RB for England .
𝑨𝒂𝒍𝒊𝒚𝒂𝒉 𝒇𝒂𝒛𝒖𝒎
𝑨𝒂𝒍𝒊𝒚𝒂𝒉 𝒇𝒂𝒛𝒖𝒎:
Wow what an incredible goal of trent 🤩
Маша Аллах Салах , в отличном форме , Ливерпуль тоже молодцы !!!
What a goal by Trent
Ultimate bully Maguire
Ultimate bully Maguire:
At this point I would really love to see Liverpool vs Bayern. Any of the players in these team can score, defend, chase, hold. It would be an interesting game.
Sesa Ahza
Sesa Ahza:
Amazing, Salah's goal against Newcastle ensured the Egyptian player has contributed to scoring or assisting Liverpool in the last 15 matches in the Premier League..
Austine Onovo
Austine Onovo:
Liverpool always pulling opponents liver. Great game, great win. YNWA!
Alexander-Arnold's is out of this world. Just spectacular 🙏🏿😇®️😬😮😯😲
pearlhub hub
pearlhub hub:
That dummy run from the referee. Thank you. We needed that once in awhile.
I am a liverpool fan but honestly the first goal with two newcastle players injured was far from class from our players.
Asha D
Asha D:
Being a liverpool fan from a nippa all I need to say that every game that liverpool play with any team it always puts me on edge of me seat....my neighbour's lock the windows whenever liverpool play pmsfl 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝....big up big time to the whole team the subs and especially our manager dammmmmmmmm keep up the magic work you put in with the team and the results wow pure 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
J P:
What a goal !👍🏻
What a goal to celebrate our 2000th win. What a team 👏put a parachute on that ball
HA - Fugler GK
HA - Fugler GK:
Gerrard-esque from Trent. I was at the game and no joke I flinched when he hit that ball it was a rocket. Right behind the goal I was and I thought it was hitting us.
Android118 Xx
Android118 Xx:
People dont realise enough how lucky we are to have klopp and what it would mean when he leaves. I Look at all the other big clubs, for years they have been struggling to have a top coach and I look at ours and i feel very safe, secure and relaxed and eating my popcorn. Even if klopp has a bad season, I'm still confident and have belief in him. In my opinion, even if gerrard gets experience, i still dont think he'll be at klopps level. Klopp is too good of a manager and we want him to stay, of course not force him, the fans in the stadium should show that they want him to stay, the time is coming closer and they need to start showing. Yes klopp said he wants to leave, but you never know deep down, with enough support from the fans he could change his mind. I know klopp loves Liverpool, the club is perfect for him as he is perfect for us and it's the best league in the world, so i know we aren't forcing him. if you want something in life, you have go and try. If you sit back time will come by fast and then you'll realise you should've done something earlier. If klopp decides to leave and we know he wants to leave because he needs a break so heres my plan of what we should do: when klopp leaves we should hire an interim manager, maybe pep linders or someone similar to ralf ragnick. After completing the whole year or season we should go back for klopp, atleast that way klopp has had his 1 year break and can takeover liverpool again and start firing. I know he'll accept to come back because he loves liverpool and where else would you wanna manage apart from the best league in the world and with the perfect club liverpool fc.