Watch key highlights from Liverpool's UEFA Champions League second leg tie with Benfica, as the Reds secured their semi-final place after a six-goal thriller at Anfield.

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100+ comentarios:

Miguel Dias
Miguel Dias:
Benfica has always been a team with courage and determination! So much determination on the part of Benfica is to be praised and for the fact that they never give up on their goal!
El-waleed Ibrahim
El-waleed Ibrahim:
It's a quarter final game in champions league, yet it has the atmosphere of a friendly game. Both teams scored, both teams got their moments, both teams made their fans enjoy the game, and both teams are happy with the result. And the fact that the refree didn't have to use yellow cards all the game tells much about how peaceful it was.
Rudy Loreni
Rudy Loreni:
We rested 7 key players in the Champions League Quarter finals and didn't lose. This is what depth looks like.
Leticia C
Leticia C:
Seeing Bobby scoring always makes me happy.
Trung Dung Dang
Trung Dung Dang:
Benfica this match they played with full effort, knowing that Liverpool will keep many players in this match. They can leave the tournament with their heads held high. Congratulations to Liverpool on winning tickets to the semi-finals ❤️
Yodit Yohannes
Yodit Yohannes:
Weird game there was times we looked so so good and I think it was a good performance overall but we just weren't as good defending. But considering we made so many changes it was a good result. I feel like Bobby has to start against City his pressing is immense and he kind of becomes an extra midfielder when he falls deep.
Aanisah Mohungeer
Aanisah Mohungeer:
People aren't really taking about it but Tsimikas is like the best replacement for Robbo. He's crossings are on point.
Pushpender Gusain
Pushpender Gusain:
Hats off to Roberto Firmino. Benfica deserves appreciation for not giving up and stretching the match in a draw.
Flavio Araujo
Flavio Araujo:
Que jogo foi esse,apesar dos sustos que teve durante a partida.O importante é sair com a vaga garantida...E o Firmino voltando ao time e ainda fazendo gols sensacional ✌✌✌✌👏👏👏👏👏
Samuel Martim
Samuel Martim:
always good to play at anfield road, we gave our best but it wasn't enough, rest of good season reds 🦅
hassam saqib lodhi
hassam saqib lodhi:
Great performance by both teams players 💚💚💚. Firmino played phenomenal Football to take Liverpool to next Knockout stage 👍👍👍.
Tahmidur Rafee
Tahmidur Rafee:
Coming from a liverpool fan, benfica really played well. Amazing performance from them apart from some mistakes which happens so no big deal. Wish you all the best in the future
Putra Manurung
Putra Manurung:
no one talks about 2 brilliant assists from the Greek, Tsimikas. What a good competitor in our left back. 💪
oh well, also 2 goals from Bobby si Senor was great! ❤️🔥
addison fung
addison fung:
At 3-1 I knew it was all over, 6-2, no way of coming back. I think that let the Liverpool players’ guard down. Luckily it wasn’t punishing.
Nicolas Hartenfaust-Lutz
Nicolas Hartenfaust-Lutz:
very well done lads! a huge joy and the possibility of continuing in champions with the hope of winning!
Jason Addo
Jason Addo:
With this performance I am sure we can win it. Go Liverpool
Francisco d. S
Francisco d. S:
"Eu amo o Benfica".
Gideon Larbi
Gideon Larbi:
Tsimikas has amazing deliveries.
Firmino 🔥🔥
I hope Bobby could get his top form and bring the balance in the front three, i feel so many chances missed cause they're not passed the ball to better position players
Fuzzy Logic
Fuzzy Logic:
Firmino has excellent positional sense - being the right man in the right place at the right time.
Ivrish con-Abarth
Ivrish con-Abarth:
Konate is going to score us SO many goals in the coming years...
Yoel Arokeum
Yoel Arokeum:
Fantastic team Bobby Firmino ❤️👑
radish pea
radish pea:
So pleased Firmino scored. The two conceded goals were poor defending. Thank goodness for the away win.
Sarthak Garg
Sarthak Garg:
Always special when Bobby scores ❤️❤️
Sazm G
Sazm G:
If anyone noticed as soon as firmino switched positioning, that's when the floodgates opened. Seemed like he wasn't comfortable until diaz moved to the center/left side
Jota with the slip. Firmino with the shin. Semi finals here we come!
Medo Leo
Medo Leo:
I rarely say stuff like this.. but im not too happy about how Matib ran so slowly like he doesn't care about beating the guy to the ball in the last two goals of Benifica .. can't see it as anything other than wreckless defending although i love Matib
Darwin is a natural finisher only a matter of time when the european cream will come for his signature.
gamer guy
gamer guy:
Liverpool under Klopp is always impressive to watch
Armarillos Yellow
Armarillos Yellow:
Great football Club Liverpool!!
Gillie Monger
Gillie Monger:
A good Omen? Every time we've beaten Benfica in the CL we've gone on to win it!
A good game to reflect on our mistakes and improve for the next matches leading up to the final stages of the season. We will push through and end the season on a high. 1 trophy already won, possible 3 still contending for....YNWA
Bobby should’ve been played earlier against city. Hope he will in the fa cup semi final
Just A Dude On the Internet
Just A Dude On the Internet:
We get the job done. Next up the Semi-Final. Also I now get all the fuss about Darwin Nunez. What a talent 😳
Dalmakhanov Sandibek
Dalmakhanov Sandibek:
What a game🔥
Vinayak K
Vinayak K:
Liverpool is blessed having jurgen 😩❤
Max Rl
Max Rl:
Stunning performance
Ross Fleming
Ross Fleming:
Credit to benfica, could've easily been 5-5 on the night, nunez in gonna be a star, hopefully thats an anfield audition for him
steven mah
steven mah:
The result is quite fair, even liverpool rest 1/2 of main squad but still get thru the result, that's why tactic need to be good & precise, Tsimikas can replace robbo when needed & damn he deliver 2 assist, konate wit opening goal, Bobby wit 2 goals are mostly done, benfica really play well, they got what they have, credit give to both team, so move on bois to next game FA cup semi final
Edenilson Galdamez
Edenilson Galdamez:
Vamos Liverpool 💪❤ saludos desde El Salvador 🇸🇻 YNWA
Junior Oliveira
Junior Oliveira:
Tirto Ananda
Tirto Ananda:
Brilliant Goal From Firmino. Liverpool Go To The Semi-final UEFA Champions League 2022.
A Voice
A Voice:
The linesman was a man of the match
Tity Thomas
Tity Thomas:
It's great to have two really good leftbacks. But it must be sad for tsimikas because he has one of the best leftbacks in the world ahead of him.
Tiago De Azevedo
Tiago De Azevedo:
When VAR actually pulls through 👌🏼
The Confounded Magister
The Confounded Magister:
Alright fam, this is it. We gonna have to make a song for Tsimikas. Lad's too precious, inherits the same spirit for the club as the previous no. 21, Lucas Leiva.

Else imma start a petition lol
Ben Nizom
Ben Nizom:
What a linesman!
Mohamed Khader
Mohamed Khader:
Imagine liverpool vs man city in final
Sumaiya Chowdhury
Sumaiya Chowdhury:
What a match
Thomas Paquette
Thomas Paquette:
I hear worry about the high line where there shouldn’t be any. There have been some flaws in execution lately but trust in Klopp and he will get the lads to hold that line as they should.
Twillight Cyber
Twillight Cyber:
Firmino all the way..much love
Ronny Nielsen
Ronny Nielsen:
We should be proud of our "reserve team"
Ahmed Bassam
Ahmed Bassam:
Bring on Darwin. The lad is deadly
It's a quarter final game in champions league, yet it has the atmosphere of a friendly game. Both teams scored, both teams got their moments, both teams made their fans enjoy the game, and both teams are happy with the result. And the fact that the refree didn't have to use yellow cards all the game tells much about how peaceful it was.
Thomas Paquette
Thomas Paquette:
There’s something that the Kop wants you to know, the best in the world his name is Bobby Firmino.

Our number 9, give him the ball and he’ll score every time.

Si Senior, give the ball to Bobby and he will score.

Best Liverpool song.
Ahmed abd alsabour
Ahmed abd alsabour:
There's a problem with the heart of Liverpool's defence from the start of the season.
Hope we can sign Nunez.He will a great player for us
gaming pro
gaming pro:
Man of the match is Firmino.
Liam Booth
Liam Booth:
Trying to understand how they didn't need to VAR check Liverpool's second goal considering how bad the linesman decisions were going in that game.
Agam Neam
Agam Neam:
Come On Liverpool. We Love You!!
Christian William
Christian William:
Gotta fix the defense for our second team.
darwin nunez beating alisson 3 times, what a player
Norma Gúzman
Norma Gúzman:
Que Talentosos ; son los jugadores Brasileños.GranJugador Roberto Firmino ; un jugador Decisivo.Cuantos triunfos Importantes le ha dado a Liverpool. Recuerden.
A Yousef
A Yousef:
We are liverpool ❤️
saulo mb
saulo mb:
Nosso time está voando!!!!! Que movimento dos reds
I swear we can't keep keep hold of the lead without Hendo on the field
Absolutely no stability in that midfield
Abri Sam
Abri Sam:
Ibou what a header!!! Score 2 goals in 2 matches and Bobby what a brace with tsimikas created a brilliant assists, Luis Diaz shows class that night but unlucky for him for not available in the scoresheet, Benfica also played well that night with Darwin Nunez, what a player he is
Fabian Wardana
Fabian Wardana:
Roberto was 🔥
يارب سترك
يارب سترك:
بالتوفيق لليفربول دعونا نستمتع بالمباريات المتبقيه تحياتي لكم من مصر 11mo 🇪🇬
zachary bmgo
zachary bmgo:
Let’s go liverpool
Winston Wan
Winston Wan:
Liverpool can't afford to let opposition team to score back another 2 goals when leading 3-1, fix the defense problem immediately, hopefully we can win against Man City in FA Cup next💪
What was number 88 doing when a Firmino scored his second goal?? He just stopped in his tracks instead of marking Firmino…..
Good game benfica really fought for it and they got 3-3
Mohammed Ali Khan
Mohammed Ali Khan:
When will Salah end his goal drought man 😢😔
Ade Kus
Ade Kus:
Great Firmino, ❤front 3..firmino mane salah...
Mario Soncerdi
Mario Soncerdi:
Liverpool need Gleison Bremer as central-defender ❤️👍
Jim David
Jim David:
Konate is like ying & yang in one he scores then he lets them..
João Rebocho OaW
João Rebocho OaW:
Somewhere in the first 10 minutes during a Benfica attack, a Liverpool defender passed the ball to Alisson and he grabbed it. No one noticed 😂
Efan Ferdianto Wibowo
Efan Ferdianto Wibowo:
There was no need to play high line when we were 3-1 up. Oh well...
Love Liverpool, from Bangladesh 🇧🇩🇧🇩
Salah Fawzy
Salah Fawzy:
Imagine all Liverpool team are cool like Firmimino. Firmino is the best 👌 😍
Opening Knight
Opening Knight:
Konate will be addicted to goals from corner soon ...
Good for us
bergstrom oliver
bergstrom oliver:
Gorbi Norbit
Gorbi Norbit:
Job well done👌it is the most important. Now focus on FA cup against City again💪
Winning Liverpool - Berita Liverpool Terbaru
Winning Liverpool - Berita Liverpool Terbaru:
this game is so tight!
Рустик Рустик
Рустик Рустик:
Болею за Ливерпуль.
bosa bobaba
bosa bobaba:
mo salah
mo salah:
it’s in our hands
John Keats
John Keats:
Benfica played very well as well
❶ القارئ مصطفي محمود / Qari Mostafa Mahmoud
❶ القارئ مصطفي محمود / Qari Mostafa Mahmoud:
Mo Salah The First In The Final 💪🇪🇬😎
sultan 🇸🇦
sultan 🇸🇦:
I love you Liverpool
Dea Ilham Pangestu
Dea Ilham Pangestu:
Я огорчен откуда взялись в наших воротах 3 гола от Бенфики .
Mimodody dody
Mimodody dody:
هكذا يصبح دفاع ليفربول عندما يغيب فرجل 🥴
Muhammett Khankisiyevv
Muhammett Khankisiyevv:
Dan Sheldon
Dan Sheldon:
Gotta stop with the high line. Benfica literally did what city did to us beating our offside trap.. doesn’t take a genius to take advantage of our high line