Highlights: Liverpool 5-3 Chelsea | Eight-goal thriller before the trophy lift

Watch key highlights of an historic night at Anfield, as goals from Naby Keita, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Roberto Firmino, Trent Alexander-Arnold and Gini Wijnaldum gave the Reds a victory in their final home game of the Premier League season.

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100+ comentarios:

Kayfabe Zone
Kayfabe Zone:
Arnold's free kicks are just a thing of beauty.
Most interesting game I've seen in a while! Big up reds and Pulisic who had an outstanding performance!
Ahmed Hossam The Copywriter
Ahmed Hossam The Copywriter:
Liverpool gets a free-kick

Alexander-Arnold: Oh I'm gonna enjoy this
Jamil Uddin
Jamil Uddin:
Keita was outstanding if he can stay fit we have the perfect box to box midfielder, YNWA ❤
Military Update
Military Update:
Incredible performance by Solid Teams
Fan Site
Fan Site:
The last goal kinda reminded me of that third goal by Belgium against Japan in the World Cup
Land 360
Land 360:
Liverpool knew they had to perform to make their lift even more special and they delivered
Nostalgic Games
Nostalgic Games:
The curve on that cross from TAA to Firmino was insane, what a player
Khalil Young
Khalil Young:
Keita is gaining confidence and soon taki will also.. 💯 With our current squad anyone can score. . Also i keep seeing people comparing TAA And Wan Bissaka smh Trent Is world Class. ❤🌍YNWA All day everyday
When I was watching trents free kick I thought I was watching the palace game for a sec
Haitham N
Haitham N:
if Gini didnt score and missed, imagine Liverpool not getting a penalty after jorginho handballs it twice.
Jimothy Persson
Jimothy Persson:
When Bobby finally scored❤️❤️❤️
Keita is turning into a world class player 🔥
Bernadino Angga
Bernadino Angga:
Trent scoring goal with a free kick against Chelsea : Home & Away
Firmino scoring goal with a header against Chelsea : Home & Away
Kepa versus Liverpool home & away : Karius
Subscribe to an Egg
Subscribe to an Egg:
To the 1% seeing this God bless you and have great day
Redy Pajero
Redy Pajero:
That Naby lad super strike ✔️
That Trent gorgeous free-kick ✔️
That Wijnaldum scores ✔️ (hopefully signs contract extension too)
That Firmino class header ✔️ (and that sweet Trent's assist goodness me)
That Ox smashed into back of the net (and that superb Robbo's assist to counter attack)
*We Are Liverpool*
_Champions of England_

Note: I've been waiting for this highlight from this Liverpool channel tbh,
was watching it over and over from Chelsea's YT channel before lol
Keita’s goal: a pay back time for the No.8
Arnav Jaydev
Arnav Jaydev:
One of the best crosses I've seen in a while.....
What a beauty TAA😍😍🔥
Alexander Arnold is AMAZING
Cat Industries
Cat Industries:
Naby Lad's strike was insaneeeee
Andreas Yosia
Andreas Yosia:
Chelsea's player, fans and frank lampard: it was so difficult when you play without goalkeeper.
Bayu Kresna
Bayu Kresna:
Perfect win for the last home game.
And please include goals replay on the video,
s a
s a:
Naby is underrated ❤️
Salah is the next Messi
Salah is the next Messi:
Gotta give it to pulisic man he's phenomenal. World class player can't fault him at all
Aditya Verma
Aditya Verma:
Andrew Robertson’s runs are orgasmic
Sebas SR
Sebas SR:
Congratulations to Liverpool although I'm from City
Mohammed Nasser
Mohammed Nasser:
SALAH and MANE are unlucky in this match 🥴🥴
Ben Talmage
Ben Talmage:
Best team in the world 🔴🏆
Best match I've watched in a while. Good luck Chelsea against Wolves! Brilliant and exciting opponent. Will be interesting next season.
What a great way to lift the trophy ❤️🔴🏆
Prayuda Ray
Prayuda Ray:
0:41 beautiful cross from Alexander Arnold
Sparky_ Gar
Sparky_ Gar:
These goals were incredible, the match was so up and down too
Abraham Purba
Abraham Purba:
Commentator won't bother to say "the American" when Pulisic is on the ball lol
Kev Wright
Kev Wright:
Champions of EVERYTHING!! YNWA.
Tom Smith
Tom Smith:
That passage of play by Robertson was outstanding from a defensive mindset to an attacking mindset was second to none to read the play and then the quality of cross ⚽️🏆
0:43 "FirminOHGGGGHOOOO!" that was satisfying
Jacob Hextall
Jacob Hextall:
Firmino has nearly had a year to score at anfield lingard 15 mins at the king power goal lingard is better then firmino
Florencia Krebs
Florencia Krebs:
yeees i was waiting for this video🙌🏻
iron assaulter!
iron assaulter!:
Kante:I wish I can win Salah in the game

Salah:cAn U HoLd mY mUg
Siddhesh Misale
Siddhesh Misale:
Robertson. You beauty 💯.
Apollyon Schiffer
Apollyon Schiffer:
What a pass 😲😱
0:42 that curve tho 🔥🔥
de123 45le
de123 45le:
i like how the he says
Bang Bang Naby Keita
Finley Coventry
Finley Coventry:
0:13 just Beautiful
Ayman Buljubasic
Ayman Buljubasic:
2:05 "champions again" now did he ment of england (no hate i am a LFC fan) YNWA boys❤❤
We want Inside Anfield!!!!
dayana reyes
dayana reyes:
" You'll Never Walk Alone " ❤ ❤ ❤
Sami Hassan
Sami Hassan:
....we have been waiting for years...I am sixty two now and I was a young boy when we won the last title thank you LFC,, you never walk alone but with my soul and heart..Sami Julis Israel.
stanell giddings
stanell giddings:
He should've said naby lad‼🔥🏆
Ryan Hopper
Ryan Hopper:
Im an American Liverpool fan and this was a great game to watch
genevieve onorato
genevieve onorato:
I love how Gini is more excited about Naby's goal than his own
Lui gamer official
Lui gamer official:
0:42 firmino's amazing head
Look at Robertson working so hard for the last goal.
Cheikh MBOUP
Cheikh MBOUP:
1:12 counter attack. Sadio mané to Robertson 💪🏿
Ur Uncle
Ur Uncle:
YNWA ❤️❤️❤️ class game and an amazing year for us
Asep Suherman
Asep Suherman:
not only beckham can free kick like that,arnold also can

you'll never walk alone
Manú MC
Manú MC:
0:46 : "Sai" KKKKKKKKKKKKK who knows, knows
Ovidiu Terinte
Ovidiu Terinte:
We are the champions, my friends!!!
I wasn't surprised, this is Liverpool guys
Aditya Shirolkar
Aditya Shirolkar:
TAA: We can't win the lift the trophy without giving Firmino at least one goal at Anfield, can we?
Firmino: It's all good......now...
Ephaistos Vanguard
Ephaistos Vanguard:
Me: Can you show each goal more than one time in different angles ?

Liverpool: We don't do that here.
Ahmed Ibrahim Abdalla
Ahmed Ibrahim Abdalla:
the amazing match the Liverpool 🇪🇬 I love you mohamed salah
youssef samir
youssef samir:
We will never walk alone
Klopp confirms we will have a proper presentation and party when the fans return to Anfield can't wait,para
Mark -
Mark -:
Naby Keita has been on fire since the restart. A pleasure to watch
derp smith
derp smith:
That running from Robertson remind me of arjen robben when he used to play for Bayern
emily fusco
emily fusco:
I LOVE the commentary ! I want to listen these guys commentate on every Liverpool game 😂😍
Adie 'dillez' Ardiansyah
Adie 'dillez' Ardiansyah:
Andy André
Andy André:
Congratulations Liverpool, haven't lost a home game in 3 seasons and deserved champions this season.
Zamira Smille
Zamira Smille:
What an amazing attacking that last goal wassss
Galymzhan kyrykbaev
Galymzhan kyrykbaev:
As a Chelsea fan wanna say that the game was amazing. Thank you! Enjoy your days, Champions of England

I hope, Jürgen and Frank is a new epic rivalry begun at that day⚔️
Lalu Makbul
Lalu Makbul:
Love for liverpool from INDONESIA congrats!!!
Vandit Panvelkar
Vandit Panvelkar:
I'm here again just for this point accurate ball 0:41
00:42 L1+O over in PES 😄
Adam Nkola
Adam Nkola:
Liverpool is the best club of the seasons in the Premier League!!
Andrew Carroll
Andrew Carroll:
The best day every of my life for me and mum and dad and the cat to.😂🤣😁🤩🇵🇷
siregar regar
siregar regar:
Perfect assist from TAAsist to firmino.
Gorbi Norbit
Gorbi Norbit:
TAA and Keita's goals were amazing👌🔥 the 5th goal from spectacular counter attack closed by Ox was sensationnal too, so what a lovely game for an unforgettable night😍❤
Winter Soldier
Winter Soldier:
evra : congrats last time LP win epl, i 9 years old 😁
Alo Shikhu
Alo Shikhu:
The best counter attack!🌝
nerd dad
nerd dad:
Great match, would have been a perfect end to the season if the fans were there..... And if we didn't have 1 more game to play
Avigyan Ray
Avigyan Ray:
Wow, the change of commentary in the Chelsea channel and here is way too much, 0:35 enjoy this initial save, it was 🔥
Face Man
Face Man:
Naby Keita Goal...BOOM
Bludy Awesome
Bludy Awesome:
I got the chill when peter drury called robbo and trent "the two princes of the flanks" when they faced the ball before trent's goal..
Massive Thank you to Jurgen and all the players and the background staff. You all make dreams come true x.
Cristiano Messi
Cristiano Messi:
Who walked the league?
Fibry Alkahfy
Fibry Alkahfy:
perfect score to seal 19/20 EPL champion
Thang Le
Thang Le:
Such a beautiful game displayed by this current Liverpool team - BEST ever in my book!!!
Catalyst thawmte
Catalyst thawmte:
Arnold assist was perfect...between two defender♥️
Kienan Wee
Kienan Wee:
Im a utd fan and i love this commentator ahahah
Radhityo althafsyah putra
Radhityo althafsyah putra:
Likeke 2,2 commentke 156 wkwk = i'm from Indonesia, umur 12/12 years :v maaf kalo jlk b.ingris ny aku blm jago
iam jus1
iam jus1:
did the keeper of blues smoke or what ?! hahahah
Liverpool winning while Klopp and lampard are fighting each other LMAO
Khanya Khoza
Khanya Khoza:
Finally was waiting for this whole day
JoshLove re for a bit I am not
JoshLove re for a bit I am not:
Tears in my red eyes 💔
Up the reds!!!❤️❤️❤️
Adhetia Angga
Adhetia Angga:
The Kop, Liverpool, The Champions Premier League 2019 2020 😂
Mark Whelan
Mark Whelan:
Now that's a 🍒 on top off what's been a golden year /Season Liverpool premiers great team awesome coach that's a trifecta of Plus's. Never Walk Alone !!!
Kareem Hajeer
Kareem Hajeer:
Love you guys also when can I know when the next premier league is Liverpool please tell me also second
Abhilesh xD
Abhilesh xD:
When I think that we were once in the race to sign Pulisic ☹️