City booked a place at Wembley in the Carabao Cup for a third successive season, despite losing 1-0 to 10-man Manchester United in the semi-final second leg.
City had two goals disallowed and missed a number of early chances in a tense derby at the Etihad.
But the 3-1 win from the first leg proved decisive, with Pep Guardiola’s men edging home 3-2 on aggregate.

The new decade is only one month old but the Blues have started it the way they ended the last one.

Now a final on 1 March against Aston Villa is in the bag and a chance to claim the first silverware of the campaign.

Clearly, this is a competition Pep, the players and the City fans love – now the aim will be to win it for the third successive year.

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100+ comentarios:

Lord Klaus
Lord Klaus:
-KDB is still world class
-De gea performs whenever he wants to
-Aguero is a world class finisher
-Sterling is kinda selfish
-Mahrez is underrated
Vitesh Kumar
Vitesh Kumar:
Man City Played Very Well, but de gea was outstanding.
axel juarez
axel juarez:
“And here come United with Lingard who loses it” A line almost no commentator says about Lord Lingard
Deleted Account
Deleted Account:
When Leroy comes back i think Pep should bench my man Sterlo a bit until he gets more comfortable
It's actually de gea that saved us. Like every other time.
Man United might have 999 problems but beating man city at Etihad ain't one
Those offside goals were some of the most beautiful I’ve seen lol, what a shame
Mikel Angelo
Mikel Angelo:
Is it commentator of Dream league soccer? 😂😂😂
Bunono Mfobo
Bunono Mfobo:
Pep should have taken Sterling off instead of Marez
Pep clearly favors Sterling
ariss leein
ariss leein:
When KDB pass to sterling, for sure that's gonna be goal and sterling just like hold on i wanna this goal to remember all time 😁💙
Andrew Gayle
Andrew Gayle:
3:34 all the city players turn their head to look at sterling at the same time lmaoo
Anti_mahrez the algerian potato sell him
Anti_mahrez the algerian potato sell him:
sterling need to take a sniff in the bench
Leo Lai
Leo Lai:
We played a more beautiful football yesterday than united even we lost!
Still very proud to see this performance by city as a city fan.
Come on City!
Buy Albino Sulcata Tortoise
Buy Albino Sulcata Tortoise:
Great match. I love the arena and how the reds came up so menacingly to squash the brilliant opponent
Sterling 's reflexes were not good he hasn't been a good finisher off late. He should justify the money he is paid which is twice as much others do. What a hard luck.😑
Man of the match: De Gea
Child of the match: Lingard
Twina Christian
Twina Christian:
We are so discouraged with this results as city fans but David was in his perfomance
Sawma Chhangte
Sawma Chhangte:
When De Gea play at his best, Utd cannot lost. 👍👍👍
Sterling is that one guy that says "But I'm the striker, I'm not meant to pass"
Mahlatse Seaga
Mahlatse Seaga:
We might not see Riyad mahrez reach his full potential. They always take him off when they shouldn’t
Dave TV
Dave TV:
A BIG congrats to City for qualifying to the finals and I pray they lift the trophy against Aston Villa.
Gabriel Cahyadi
Gabriel Cahyadi:
David is insane 🔥🔥
What was this City? I understand the two goal advantage, but where was our team?! I saw many individual players but not the Man City I know and support. Pep has every right to be furious when easy chances are missed. Play the ball faster, set the game to your tempo, don’t play at the pace of United (which apparently was slow since they had barely any attacks compared to us)! Is this the team we’re bringing to face Madrid? Because if it is there is no way we’re going to pass them and reach the quarters. Of course I still support you City, and I always will, but something needs to happen to turn our fortunes around (like not selling Leroy to Bayern, or snatching up another center back that can cope with Premier League football and has the ability to keep clean sheets). I understand that some days are just bad ones, but lately it seems almost all days are bad. C’mon City, pull yourself together!! No matter what tho, I will always support the blues!!
Tekken cool
Tekken cool:
Sterling needs a bench moment...he's so out of form lately😫
Nikesha Silva
Nikesha Silva:
Great performance by De Gea🔥♥️
Joyo PGH
Joyo PGH:
“When you need to score two goals to force extra time but you dont even try to attack City that shows how strong United are”
Castellee Harrison
Castellee Harrison:
Sterling need some time on the bench.
Asadusjaman Sazal
Asadusjaman Sazal:
City’s last effort was fabulous!
Ardhy E-Project
Ardhy E-Project:
Manchester City sudah menunjukkan performa terbaiknya 💪💪💪, walaupun mengalami kekalahan, tetapi perjuangan untuk meraih kemenangan selalu ada. Semangat terus Manchaster City 💙💙💙💙💙
Imposible parar ese balón,
Contigo siempre Claudio Bravo.
Just unstopable goal.
Always with you CB.
Goddamnit De Gea. You got my respect
azizi muhibu
azizi muhibu:
Oooh,brilliant goalkeeper David degea👏👏👏
Millo Sosa
Millo Sosa:
KDB is most under rated player...
For me, he has always been the third best player...
Yusril Fiskal
Yusril Fiskal:
5:54 if it was Mahrez, it's 100% goal. I mean what Sterling doing? just shoot the ball😌
marc johnson
marc johnson:
City still so good to watch from a footballing point of view
Rubina Shaheen
Rubina Shaheen:
not gonna lie
city's 2 off side goals
were a piece of art 💯
Jovin Amos thecool
Jovin Amos thecool:
We need more and more talented winger and striker .well done degea u're my best player
Dean JP_Comps
Dean JP_Comps:
In my view, Manchester City's focus is on the Champions League. It is a title that the club has been aiming for a long time, this achievement would put City on an even higher level than it already is.
Sergio Bascunan
Sergio Bascunan:
I have been saying this for sometime.
Sterling is like a tree trunk "un troco"
And he is the number 10 jersey for England…!!
Xo Din
Xo Din:
if Sterling improved his finishing her would've scored more by many
Unbelieveble save from david de gea ,keep strong city ,we proud of you all
saacid moha
saacid moha:
Ole looks very happy for the win lol 😜😂 😂
Benson jr5
Benson jr5:
Degea such an outstanding goal keeper.He works for Manchester uniteds defence as well.
Jonah B
Jonah B:
Aguero just standing there laughing as Sterling refused to pass and missed 🤣🤣🤣
Do Not Disturb
Do Not Disturb:
6:55 When you want to press “shoot” but press “pass” instead on Fifa
Sidi Ali Cherif Houari
Sidi Ali Cherif Houari:
Every one want to score by himself except mahrez
Romdhoni R
Romdhoni R:
They created an enjoyable highlight to watch unlike any other extended highlights on youtube, props to the team that made it
mucojamex james
mucojamex james:
Congratulations to De Gea I really like how he behaved last night!!! He's nice GK in the world!!! But Manchester city must go back in training ....because it seems they had pressure . they supposed to calm down and relax! Think twice!
Johnatan 305
Johnatan 305:
Degea made a perfect match!!!!!!!!!!!! Very good goalkepper
Dr. Lungo
Dr. Lungo:
de gea man of the match❤️🔥🔥
Omgggggg i feel sad for my city but i love Mu too so congrats ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
William Orgeness II
William Orgeness II:
That must be the Best Offiside Goal of All time
Caliph Bukhari
Caliph Bukhari:
City got the last laugh 😆 👍
bryan soriano
bryan soriano:
don’t start sterling at all!!!!
emma gilmartin
emma gilmartin:
the goal was amazing u gotta say
6:56 Gundogan was shocked by that pass 😂😂
Thou....we won
Sinan Uluc
Sinan Uluc:
05:54 Raheem Sterling making all the wrong moves. AGAIN.
Damar Santosa
Damar Santosa:
It could have been 5-6 goals for city but de gea playing good. Best GK in the wrong club 😊
Kapempe wera
Kapempe wera:
MU Victory as Congratulation to Man City for the finals. 😂🤣😂🤣😂👍👏👏👏👏
isaia mohau
isaia mohau:
Rodrigo is a complete midfielder 😍
ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 스털링은 어쩌다 한 번씩 보여주는 골 결정력 ... 신기하다. 다비드 실바도 확실하게 하려다 보니 그 찬스를 날리네.. 데 헤아가 막을 수도 있다는 생각이 있어서인가... 수비수 때문인가
Shak1616_Solo Channel
Shak1616_Solo Channel:
5:53 sterling was greedy!! He should pass the ball to kun!
C E:
the sterling goal was well worked
Deleted Account
Deleted Account:
Wish Maguire joined us....
He would be great
The One Above All
The One Above All:
When a game is fixed by the owners just to save Man utd coach.. Imagine sterling missing those opportunities and smile afterwards
Marcelo Viggio
Marcelo Viggio:
6:53 When you love her but you're shy
Our strikers were too wasteful today, Pep please work on quickly turning processions into "attack,attack,attack" ; the square passes are awful too much. And drop Sterling he doesn't deserve to start ahead of anybody in the squad.
Haaji Fathi
Haaji Fathi:
Art of missing chances🤣
Indian Pride
Indian Pride:
Raheem Sterling is very selfish.
Poor aston villa, with united in the final, they could have had a chance but with city they will lose 6-0 or something like that
Yes my FRIEND:
Respect for manchester united I hope they become again a big team who wins ucl
Bá Nhuận
Bá Nhuận:
Fan Man City from Vietnam with love!!❤❤
Rayn Music
Rayn Music:
The whole match felt like fifa 20 scripting omg
logan wood
logan wood:
I’ve seen Raheem sterling kick the ball purposefully at an Opponents hand at least 5x recently. He is always looking for the penalty rather than a shot at goal. He needs to be benched and get a reality check because right now he is in bad form but is still a number one choice for his position.
subscribe to Daily Reaction Dose
subscribe to Daily Reaction Dose:
There was a word that I used alot in primary school, and I think I can use it for some players today
Gabriel Miller
Gabriel Miller:
You have to give it to De Gea he played well
Jaradat Gamer
Jaradat Gamer:
what a very pad players in MU (Lindelöf, Luke Shaw, Fred, Lingard, Pereira)
Stannley Charles
Stannley Charles:
I don't know how they 'll play against real Madrid when all their reaction are so 🤕🤕🤕🤕
De gea’s form is so weird it changes but today he was fire
Bendy Bendy
Bendy Bendy:
Didn’t know etihad was Man Utd’s training ground 😂
Dominic savio Obinwa
Dominic savio Obinwa:
Despite Utd's win, City totally outclassed Man Utd.
Abdifatah Hussen
Abdifatah Hussen:
Legends Back, United For Ever.
Maguire made some key blocks. Great game for him.
Miri Abdullayev
Miri Abdullayev:
6:54 Gundogan did not make mistake.He didn't wait for Silva's pass. Silva made a mistake. Sterling was very bad in this game. I have not always liked him. :(
Even @ 1-0 I was never worried, united didn’t create a thing outside of free kicks, didn’t win any corners either
Ram Tysoe
Ram Tysoe:
Sterling back on the right, Sane on the left (once he’s fit)
Tma Kawlni
Tma Kawlni:
What a strike 🔥🔥🔥
How can united be happy about winning this game when they had like 1 shot in 90 mins lmao, if it wasnt for de gea being as class as he is this couldve been another 6 1
Rahul Kumar
Rahul Kumar:
Raheem sterling needs to improve man smh
Anas Safwan
Anas Safwan:
Give the armband to De Gea. He deserves it more
Sarawak's Sky Dweller
Sarawak's Sky Dweller:
6:53 David Silva could have scored himself but he's way too generous
athens hooligans 1312
athens hooligans 1312:
Kevin De Bryne....the art of passing🔵⚪
cky Ri
cky Ri:
City needs Sane
to da
to da:
everytime, at first opportunity the others score a goal
teresa shepherd
teresa shepherd:
great finish by aguero. just offside
Ralph Abughazeh
Ralph Abughazeh:
There were 2 opportunities in which raheem sterling and gundoan could have passed to Aguero that could change the result but they were selfish.
Bro Yod
Bro Yod:
When you played lingard and thought gonna lose but actually won but the reality was its totally lose
Man city fighting. I am Vietnamese, I love man city.
Langa Matseka
Langa Matseka:
5:55 Sterling was selfish
Man city should buy Lingard.
He is the core player in England