HIGHLIGHTS | Man City 2-0 Aston Villa

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Kenny Liu Galarza
Kenny Liu Galarza:
1:45 Ruben Dias Masterclass
Rutuj Shah
Rutuj Shah:
im a city fan but respect given, youll have given us the toughest fight of the season.
Pineapple Penguin
Pineapple Penguin:
Wish we got at least a point, but this is a good result considering we just had a massive COVID outbreak and got thumped 3-0 and 6-1 by them last season. Love the improvement from the team!
Adrian Sparks
Adrian Sparks:
Foden is a genius👌
Benny 10
Benny 10:
Aston villa should have scored first 65 min
Liz C
Liz C:
Disappointing result, but not because of the way we played! Great performance 🤍
What can I say, city is good in all departments man. Just loosing the at times when taking risks to create passes but that's what make them so strong and powerful as a team.
guntor clement
guntor clement:
Always decided by the referee who going to win. Got robbed by the referee
Erastus Cheruiyot
Erastus Cheruiyot:
how was villa not awarded a penalty on the other side when someone handled the ball? bias refereeing for the first goal as well.
1oo BLAZĖ:
Sanson 🔥🤞
The controversy overshadowed what was a sound performance. We were under the cosh as you'd expect from City, but we defended well and had a good few chances of our own. Positives. Second season back. Much improved from last season. 26 points, midtable with 3 games in hand. Secure safety asap, acquire more points than last season and that will be a marked improvement, imo. UTV
penalti ketengah doang😂
Chantara On
Chantara On:
Respect villa
Antoni Cahyadi
Antoni Cahyadi:
Unlucky defeat of villa with on fire city, i hope they can still fight for european spot next season...
Sethabutra Viraseranee
Sethabutra Viraseranee:
Aston Villa play really well and deserve something out of this game but what can you say when you can't score. City will surely punish you.
Should have been more than 2 goals
Valent A.
Valent A.:
01/21/21 21:21:21 😀
Luke John
Luke John:
What's with city's plastic goal 😅
Aston Villa will end up with 10 to 15 as they have one thing that they win one match and than loose 2
Good to see officials decide yet another match...
High Hova
High Hova:
Rodri was onsite, mings teammate eventually played him on. After mings tried to make that second touch.
hiker Woody
hiker Woody:
A good performance from Villa, I think the ref got it right on reflection, but 2 harsh goals to concede
zacharia takwada
zacharia takwada:
When playing fifa 2014 and an offside player comes to collect a lose ball.,you would hear the commentary saying it's an offside player was coming back from an offside position 😐
Pophut Media
Pophut Media:
Well played lads. Konza incredible, Mings not so much, going to miss Hause I think, Martinez signing of the summer, Got to beat Newcastle on Saturday, if we don't these "plucky" performances against the big sides and Man U will be forgotten quickly. UTV
morris gavhure
morris gavhure:
Nakamba is the only one person able to stop Man City
chrisa ncrew
chrisa ncrew:
Hand ball and off side villa got screwed
Mike Haywood
Mike Haywood:
The Villa player had the ball so I don't think he was offside for the first goal . But the penalty decision is everything which is wrong with todays game Cash wasn't even looking at the ball. when it hit his hands .
Saed Abdul
Saed Abdul:
Mancity won the game but Astonvilla won our hearts...
Reet Pateet
Reet Pateet:
Draw would have been fair!
james murag
james murag:
I would have loved city to lose but no way is that offside by any measure
M Wong
M Wong:
What a disappointing bunch of EPL referees! Getting from bad to worse!!!!
Fitrah Maliq
Fitrah Maliq:
Bernardo silva evolution to be a dangerous center forward
Titou Benmarouf
Titou Benmarouf:
Mahrez income .. the result changed 💪❤🇩🇿
Ma'mun Nurhayati
Ma'mun Nurhayati:
Ederson memang mantap 👍👍👍
I'm so impressed with Gundogan's work ethics since he joined ManCity from Dortmund.
DuelLinks KuroRama
DuelLinks KuroRama:
Grealish: skillful but no vision
Benny 10
Benny 10:
Without makrez city won't score
Mody Gaming
Mody Gaming:
Good luck in the next time 💪💪💪🥰🥰🥰
Pearce GreatestEverLeftBack Knows Best
Pearce GreatestEverLeftBack Knows Best:
Always Good to see Villa Lose
Rudy Mwaurah
Rudy Mwaurah:
Football is becoming more and more difficult to understand...
Suyog Pangeni
Suyog Pangeni:
City are well deserved
Jacques Procureur
Jacques Procureur:
City goal is OFFSIIIIIIDDEEEEE VARchester city !!!!!!!!!!
Benny 10
Benny 10:
Sterling should be bench
PhiStol TV
PhiStol TV:
For those who are crying about the 1st goal, read the rule book it's just a loophole
Benny 10
Benny 10:
Sterling out of the game
Positive Guy
Positive Guy:
Those who complain about offside don't know the rule of the game
Bashir Hussain
Bashir Hussain:
VIlla were and are brilliant this year, got cheated in Manchester both united and city, referees needs educating. VAR is a joke
Faheem Assotally
Faheem Assotally:
As from now on premier league would consider the first city goal offside as new rules came in, cheap tactics like the first city goal won't work. IF THAT'S NOT OFFSIDE THEN SALAH ALSO SHOULD HAVE BEEN AWARDED A GOAL AS THE ACTION WAS THE SAME But MORE EVIDENT SALAH WAS NOT A MILE OFFSIDE LIKE RODRI, BUT NO, REFEREE DECIDED IT WAS OFFSIDE, BUT NOT FOR CITY. WOW, NOW I UNDERSTAND WHY THIS HAS CAUSED WORLDY REACTIONS.. ANYWAY, I'm not making excuses or complaining, I'm just telling facts. YNWA
Fasal Pulikkal
Fasal Pulikkal:
Great saves emi martinez 💪💯
Pierre André Chiro Gonzalo
Pierre André Chiro Gonzalo:
Shouldn't the first goal be disallowed?
The defender had his hand in position prior to the header that sent the ball onto the hand, not much var justice there.
Great game lads shame VAR is so corrupt i can't see why we don't all just stop it if we all tell them and our clubs they would have to sack it until competent people can take over and tec catches up i mean there drawing 3D lines on a 2D image for a start lol
Electronic s Arts Sport's
Electronic s Arts Sport's:
This game is supposed to finish 2-8 😂how is it 2-0 it doesn't even make sense 😂
Mr X 15
Mr X 15:
Its like,here a 3 points for you.... He should have headed or clear the ball
Hilmi Blaze
Hilmi Blaze:
ref in their pocket... 1 lucky "onside" goal and a penalty or else it is a draw... we better get Watkins play like rodri, tackle from the back and score
The Goal keeper
s s
s s:
There isnt offside. its clearly the aston ville player touches the ball and cancel it. Whats the problem?

Man city player is to far away and doesnt have any impact the moment the Villa player takes the ball down.
D F:
I can believe that players and coaches at this level are so ignorant of the rules.
Opinion: So, a 1 - 0 win to Man City then, by way of penalty! The ref and linesman should be fined/investigated!

Now that my opinion is out of the way...

Fact: That was clearly coming back from an offside position and directly interfering with play. The ref and linesman should be fined/investigated!
Yudha Tio
Yudha Tio:
ahmed raage
ahmed raage:
the first goal was offside
Carrington Ndhlovu
Carrington Ndhlovu:
That first goal was offside
For anyone else that thinks their opinion is the rules, sorry you are clearly mistaken! I suggest you read the rules.

If you already have read the rules and still think there was no offside offence, then as you clearly can't read very well, here is a nice picture for you from page 209 of the IFAB Laws of the Game 2020/2021 that clears everything up... https://ibb.co/7vBFZBq
Aaaa Bbbb
Aaaa Bbbb:
The bigger club lost
Benny 10
Benny 10:
Foden missed Scored pep where your reaction
Charged Stork
Charged Stork:
Wow! City with them goals! We are winning the League! GO BLUES
Bon Made 92
Bon Made 92:
Was not given penalty for Villa....😢 Unlucky
Lupus TheKIng
Lupus TheKIng:
What to say I'm in love with jack
Narodna Vlada
Narodna Vlada:
bad game of Aston Villa
Galih Primula
Galih Primula:
rodri walk to the ball, and the whistle isn't sound
Suman Chhetri
Suman Chhetri:
Silva goal should have been disallowed.
Bobby English Ray
Bobby English Ray:
Oh my good , villa lose😢
Abdullah rifai
Abdullah rifai:
VAR would’ve disallowed that first goal- if it’d been Villa. Fact.
Malone m
Malone m:
Ming's needs to get hold on his game play Now or drop him
Gaurav poudel
Gaurav poudel:
Proper highlights
Jay Nepal
Jay Nepal:
Referees have become a joke... football is being destroyed.
AVB 81
AVB 81:
Someone explain the offside
Sammy Burns
Sammy Burns:
what a joke
Ahammad Zakeriya
Ahammad Zakeriya:
Vamos city
Robert Peter White
Robert Peter White:
well what can I say only the VAR and the ref done there jobs and check there rule books next time.
Marius Vladut
Marius Vladut:
Offside...If is not in the rule book, put IT in!
Benny 10
Benny 10:
Rodre selfish no pass the ball
Iconic Production
Iconic Production:
These Portuguese players have been shining everywhere.... Look at Man City possessed with Classic Cancelo, Predator Ruben Dias and Lit Bernardo
Then Bruno of Utd , Leao of Milan and their Captain Cristano at Juve❤️
Kev trot
Kev trot:
Villa has been the most entertaining team to follow this season. They always try to attack and look to create when they have the ball👏🏿👏🏿
TRon Ron
TRon Ron:
Daylight robbery.
Багдат Ахметов
Багдат Ахметов:
It’s like these people r watching a football match for the first time, this rule is there since ages, so many players have scored a goal coming back from an offside position when a defender touches the ball or gives away a bad pass. There r plenty goals like this and is completely legal. It’s shocking to see that even players n manager act so clueless about the rules, this happens in lots of games but people don’t notice Coz other player is generally closer but still behind the defender. But besides all this offside stuff, absolutely epic game 🔥🔥 The way villa is playing this season, hats off. 👌🏻
Glenn Loughran
Glenn Loughran:
Villa fan here. The 1st city goal looked fine to me. Can't understand Smith's reaction. Penalty was harsh. Still proud of the Villa for putting up such a fight. Such an improved team.
m mmh
m mmh:
Joshua obaga
Joshua obaga:
Xien Ting
Xien Ting:
Offside Rodri 😂
Alex Ngenuh
Alex Ngenuh:
u got it for ur negativity..villa could won it if they attacked
Licorice Sweets
Licorice Sweets:
I am not a villa fan .I don't like talking about bad refs but they robbed you
Villa played so well
van Sterdam
van Sterdam:
Jack?? 😂😂
Cdady Smart
Cdady Smart:
Referee killed Aston villa
Harry AV Spruce
Harry AV Spruce:
Top teams cheating there way to the title.... teams like Leicester will never win the league again the extra money the “elites” pay will make sure that never happens again...