Crystal Palace took a first-half lead, despite being outplayed for long periods, through debutant Cenk Tosun. City then saw a penalty decision overturned by VAR.

Sergio Aguero's 250th goal for the club on 82 minutes levelled the scores.

And five minutes later the brilliant Argentine headed home his second of the game to put City ahead, but Palace had the final say as Fernandinho deflected a cross into his own net on 90 minutes.

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100+ comentarios:

joja anyang
joja anyang:
Aguero really is man city's saviour
Martial Matters
Martial Matters:
Pep: *wins a match easily.
next match: let's bench the players who played good to make this more challenging.
Hussein bulehlib
Hussein bulehlib:
well , the algerians theory is right till this moment , lol .
Younes Ten
Younes Ten:
When Mehrez does not play from the start, a draw or loss in City
No Mahrez No WIN 😔🤔👍🏼
City should buy a team defender, Fernandino is a midfielder, not a defender
Lam' Diengdoh
Lam' Diengdoh:
My suggestion is Bench Sterling at the moment he looks lost
joja anyang
joja anyang:
Sterling's in such bad form recently pep should of played mahrez and stones needs to goooooooooo
joja anyang
joja anyang:
Sterling's keeps tryna run thru the oppositions defenders like he's some in form adama traore it's not working we need creativity
i love fernandinho but that was such a bad luck :(
Makungu Chimanga
Makungu Chimanga:
Let's just be honest here. Sterling is vastly overrated
Fernando Pizarro Villagarcía
Fernando Pizarro Villagarcía:
Fun fact: Tosun is on loan on Crystal Palace, his transfer belongs to Everton, and has just helped Liverpool again.
Hehe Kiki
Hehe Kiki:
pep: Mahrez is the best 😡😠😖
brad Minytor
brad Minytor:
That's what happened when mahrez kept heating the substitute bench, I Just don't get it how sterling still playing with this mediocre form!.
Why the hell cant he stick to one play style? You saw how good it worked against Aston Villa so line up like that again. Absolutely pathetic, why on earth mahrez isn’t starting is ridiculous.
Akshay Panwar
Akshay Panwar:
Sergio Aguero , is the best cf we've had in epl
Do Not Disturb
Do Not Disturb:
We deserve this result for not playing Mahrez whose been our second best player this season
James Masey
James Masey:
Thankfully Laporte is able to play soon!
Rutul Dhote
Rutul Dhote:
I though it's going to be another long Agueroooo but suddenly it was
Fun fact: Pep and all three previous City managers failed to win the match held on their birthday. Yesterday was Pep's birthday. Cursed.
leroy sane
leroy sane:
Pep should stick to a strong XI
Cancelo - Laporte - Eric - Mendy
Rodri ( Fernandinho)
Mahrez - KDB - Bernardo - Jesus
Aymen Sehairi
Aymen Sehairi:
You did not learn this whole lesson from your philosophy
Thanks Mahrez
Abdo dz
Abdo dz:
Mahrez : Oh okay I'm starting today after I was playing well previous matches
Pep : Hold my philosophy
Stefen Alexander
Stefen Alexander:
Congratulations Liverpool FC for be the champion of premier league 2019-2020
Just a liverpool fan Passing through
TBNRDelta 420
TBNRDelta 420:
0:22 palace fans in home end celebrating 😂😂
Play mahrez!!!
Soni Rai
Soni Rai:
Why is Sterling even playing in when he's getting wrost every matches. 😡
Mahrez should played at first wrong mistake from pep !!!!
Daniel Sánchez
Daniel Sánchez:
Who is better?

Like: Kün Aguero.

Comment: Bernardo Silva.
Hanif NR
Hanif NR:
Thank you Palace 🤣🤣🤣
joja anyang
joja anyang:
Clear penalty but when is VAR ever on our side🤦🏾‍♂️
Im Squall
Im Squall:
Pep:This league is easy "benches his best players".

Also pep:So i miss calculate this situation I think 🤔.
Rasya Ayman
Rasya Ayman:
Do Not Disturb
Do Not Disturb:
We played so good against Villa last week with a different formation why would he change back to this when it hasn’t been working all season🤦‍♂️
Darth Vader
Darth Vader:
I love seeing city collapse like a house of cards
Connor Furniaux
Connor Furniaux:
Stones has to go, too many mistakes
joshbuj 96
joshbuj 96:
Oh City! We're all laughing at you 😂😭
ramo Ramo
ramo Ramo:
The Problem of guardiola is Mahrez, he has 'Leo Mahrez' but he doesn't know !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yusuf Yaiache Temam
Yusuf Yaiache Temam:
Riyad mahrez warom nicht 🃏🎮🔑⁉️
Seems like any team that park the bus and leaves two dangerous 'daggers' aka quick/fast/rapid strikers to counter attack will destroy Manchester City, the defenders are a total joke and yeah they are very expensive players and not your average Philippe Christanval's.
kichou said
kichou said:
mahrez needs to start .,fernandinho is very slow,clumsy and without landmarks in this post
420 Shreck
420 Shreck:
Imagine if we won the league
Like it u believe it can happen
Oussama Benbicha
Oussama Benbicha:
Never change a winning team Pep! The team played a very good match against ASV specially Agueiro, Mahrez & KDB! City needs points not to satisfy players.. And I think it's time for Stones & Fernandinho to get out of the squad.
Come on City ✊🏻
Y B:
if MagiC MahreZ does not start, Man city finishes without Victory.
Danial Khan
Danial Khan:
Not a City fan, but how isn't that a penalty? Clear handball
Saya setuju,
Saya setuju,:
Algerians people kinda true though...
Mahrez should be starting 11
Denzel Richards
Denzel Richards:
Pep draw a match on his bday wow. Star Mahrez next time mn
crystal palace reserve team wth is happening to city pep's rotation philosophie ruined this club
Shan Dhruvstein
Shan Dhruvstein:
Aguaro is a beast
Love him
City still got hangover after the party with the ladies! 🤣
Indian Pride
Indian Pride:
OK Pep keep benching Mahrez and we won't get results in our favour, happy now.
Fahri Mahendra
Fahri Mahendra:
City game over.. 😂
Ging Frecchs
Ging Frecchs:
I love when City draw or lose
Nuzii 17
Nuzii 17:
Just stay like this Pep.. we from liverpool side.. jajaja
wan studio
wan studio:
Stone : Okay i'm starter.
GK : Hard worker today
Chris Smith
Chris Smith:
Aguero is just incredible. Easily top 3 striker in PL ever
Rino Justama
Rino Justama:
Eko Kuchiki
Eko Kuchiki:
As Liverpool fan I'm happy to see this result ❣️
achmad fadly
achmad fadly:
This is a very good game from palace.

Allez allez allez
Beautiful own goal⚽⚽👏👏
Aguero still ON.
Yusril Fiskal
Yusril Fiskal:
I don't understand, why pep doesn't put Mahrez on line up😔
Aguero the GOAT
naushad junglee
naushad junglee:
Mahrez should leave man city. Pep does not trust him.
Tony Uhuy
Tony Uhuy:
Man of the Match,Fernandinho,,!!
Ozan A.
Ozan A.:
Tosun paşa ❤️
Mr. Cock
Mr. Cock:
Draw draw draw draw draw draw draw draw at home
Mufunwa Mudau
Mufunwa Mudau:
0:10 imagine that went in
Pebo Rebel
Pebo Rebel:
Rip city
pawlo sergio
pawlo sergio:
Guardiola caused the loss
Aaaaand we were robbed again! Clear penalty not given!!
Paul Muchiri
Paul Muchiri:
This mancity is dead
Alexander Hikmala
Alexander Hikmala:
RIP City
Nick Fox
Nick Fox:
Stones is too weak to be a CB, say goodbye in the summer
Cristiano Ronaldo Dos Santos Aviero
Cristiano Ronaldo Dos Santos Aviero:
I Wonder how they will beat Real Madrid in this way. They'll probably lose by 5 to nothing.
Chebka Antik
Chebka Antik:
can anybody explain to me why every time mahrez start city win
and every time pep bench him city lose ?? what kind of magic is that ?
Black Tiger
Black Tiger:
Pos 2gosis
Pos 2gosis:
United : Hahahahahahahahaha 🤗🤗🤗
Darth Vader
Darth Vader:
Fernandinho, the city legend, has ended the title challenge
Ali Yare
Ali Yare:
Liverpool good 💪👌💯✔️
Niranjan Rajesh
Niranjan Rajesh:
Kdb brilliant once again,but if you have 20 shots,dominate the game,the beta players in the world,and still cannot win the match,then you have to admit that liverpool have done it,its their year
k. rida
k. rida:
No mahrrz no win
ThaCape Buffalo
ThaCape Buffalo:
City were celebrating like they still had a chance of winning the league...so sad🤣
Deepanshu Sharma
Deepanshu Sharma:
1:06 This could've eneded the Aguero progeny. Good miss
Kevin Debruyn
Kevin Debruyn:
Before mahrez entrance : 1_0
After mahrez entrance : 1_2
C'mon pep if mahrez start this match it will be something else !
Specially with KDB😕 and with defence l am worried about the ucl !?
Toni Bermuda Creative
Toni Bermuda Creative:
var technology doesn't work... 🤣😂
Abdenour Dz
Abdenour Dz:
Aguero : yes we won 😃
Fernandiho : hold my baldness 😂😂
Fikry Anbiya As
Fikry Anbiya As:
Palace accuracy, 💯% ,,, hell yeah
Johnny Bauer
Johnny Bauer:
Im back here to see Aguero's goals. Really miss watching him plays
Mehdi Janati
Mehdi Janati:
Man city doing really good this season tho
Especially aguero
SNPR Megat
SNPR Megat:
Man city: includes players from opposition who scored own goal.
Also man city: not including man city own goal.
Raul Lochan
Raul Lochan:
Right now we look like prostitutes at the back just about anything could get through us 😯
kkwazzawazzakkwaquikkwalaquaza ?'* Zzabolazza
kkwazzawazzakkwaquikkwalaquaza ?'* Zzabolazza:
Agüero : Yes ,we win

Fernandinho: No
AZ Ibrahim
AZ Ibrahim:
No other words than Fernandinhoooooooooooooo haha #YNWA
The Collector
The Collector:
crystal palace: 2 goals 1 shot XD
Arif Rakhman
Arif Rakhman:
SIT DOWN! NOBODY TALK! dressing room immediately collapse
Asri Loremsa
Asri Loremsa:
Own Goal from Fernandinho 🙄 sadly 😔
Vijay Iyer
Vijay Iyer:
salah semaoui
salah semaoui:
AGUERO ! wow.. what a good player ...(DeBruyne-Aguero-Mahrez ) 💪
Naboth Anyang'
Naboth Anyang':
Crystal Palace 🔥 🔥 🔥