HIGHLIGHTS: Manchester City 2-2 Liverpool | Reds level twice to share the spoils at City

Watch the key moments from Liverpool's 2-2 draw with Manchester City in the Premier League.

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Мистер Огонёчек
Мистер Огонёчек:
Salah's assist was amazing
Both Salah’s and Cancelo’s assists were brilliant
Alden Padilla
Alden Padilla:
The assists were just as satisfying as the goals; respect to both of these top teams. Whoever wins the title has earned it.
Kornel Paroczai
Kornel Paroczai:
The two greatest teams of this era, with the two greatest managers of this era
Ellis J07
Ellis J07:
tough game, but at the end of the day, it’s better than a loss. well done guys ❤
As a liverpool fan, you can really see the respect between both teams. Friendly rivalry almost, which is insane considering they are literally fighting for the top spot. Very good game too.
Ayushman _
Ayushman _:
Best game of the season..
Both the teams looked dangerous in their every attack..
Salah and kdb 's phenomenal performance 🐐❤️
We had a tough job staying with City yesterday. They were superb. I think they limited Liverpool to about 6 attempts over the 90, that shows how good they were. It's not a great result for Liverpool but considering how well City played it's definitely not a bad result.
Ryan Lee
Ryan Lee:
I'm a man utd fan however, you can see the difference vs either man city or liverpool indeed. What a great game last night, top level, fantastic passes.......that's why these 2 teams are on top of the league table....
*The respect between Klopp and Pep is one of the most fantastic things in the world of football! It was without a doubt the best game of the season!*
MOF gaming
MOF gaming:
What a match! Respect to both teams .💯
Salah is back to his form and provided big big chances, with a really high performance across the match. Jota is on fire! Just was unlucky after missing 2 goals. IMO, Man city played a bit better in the Etihad, but they failed to finish all the chances they had...
The technique , the tactics the passes in the free spaces its insane in the Premier league matches,love it
lokesh kumar
lokesh kumar:
Being United fan, I was really scared watching games like these. What a quality from both sides. Hope United becomes half good of these teams next season.
Pep and Klopp are masterclass.
For those who say that Salah was bad because he did not score Salah's goals, he had the highest rating on the international website
Miguel Dias
Miguel Dias:
The respect between Klopp and Pep is one of the most fantastic things in the world of football!
It was without a doubt the best game of the season!
Salah's pass for the second goal... was simply out of this world!
1:51 that pass from de Bruyneee🥵 pure class..whatta an assist it would have been!!
Trung Dung Dang
Trung Dung Dang:
Looking at the picture when Klopp and Pep shook hands in the last match, the feeling is always, the two have a lot of respect for each other. This match deserves to be the current Premier League super classic 💙❤️
Henicker Hillman
Henicker Hillman:
Good result, both teams still in it. At this point we're all excited to see how things play out cause honestly, both teams would dominate any league they were playing in at this form. It's brought the spirit of the El Classico of old to the premiere league.
sané Woude
sané Woude:
What a goal from Sadio 🦁
K N:
Epic game between epic teams…
Go Liverpool, hard result, but considering how good Manchester city played, I’ll take it…
Afdal Rosihan Hasbi
Afdal Rosihan Hasbi:
what a game...brilliant for both team
Mohamed Zanaty
Mohamed Zanaty:
This match became the pinnacle of the El Clasico of the earth.. They play a beautiful, fast, modern ball full of enthusiasm and rivalry.. and sportsmanship as well 👏👏
Ibs Ali
Ibs Ali:
Great game, both their 2 goals came from our players falling asleep.our 2 came from 2 great passes, as for potential sending offs the Tiagho one he was being held by Rodri which stopped him from getting the ball and made him late with his challenge as 4 Fab on another day yes it could have been red but it was a late challenge nothing malicious, today Fab was very slow and bypassed too easily, as 4 Hendo I thought defensively he was good but in other direction his passing was very poor, jota played really well, sadio kept going but again needs to be better in final 3rd, Robbo got into some excellent positions but his crossing let him down I actually rate Kosta as a better player offensively, VVD played few loose balls but lest not forget his block on Jesus and the way he swatted Sterling away, as for Sterling's offside goal imo it should stand and attackers were always meant to get benefit of doubt but VAR has messed that rule up and we gave suffered more then any other team since its intro Hendo goal against NEverton Mo vs Burnley, Salah was not in his best form but still had enough quality to set up a goal and could have had another Assist, Diaz played well when he came on bobby not that involved, I would have liked to gave seen Naby Come on for Hendo much earlier as he has more pace and ain't scared to shoot, over all happy with the point and now it's all about winning all our games as I'm sure city will drop points
Vid Škrlec
Vid Škrlec:
The highlights could be 90 minutes long. The game was just incredible.
Nissani Aragão
Nissani Aragão:
Que jogo 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Probably the best and the most entertaining football match I've watched in couple of years. You would usually think these big teams are very careful when they play against each others and the end result is many times 0-0 but this match was pure action from the first whistle till the very end.
Petani Cipanas
Petani Cipanas:
A big refreshment after watching how my all time fave Man United play. These two is on another level..
Jay Murthy
Jay Murthy:
2 of the best teams going at it at the highest level. Great football.
Marissa Williams
Marissa Williams:
even if salah didn't score i thought he played much better and his assist was absolutely bueatiful so i'm so happy he's back to his form
Anjas Apriadi Achmad
Anjas Apriadi Achmad:
Klopp interview after the match : "the match felt like being in the boxing ring, everytime you let your guard down you took a hit left and right..so we have to be careful of what we are doing but overall i like what i'm seeing from trent alexander arnold and the guys tonight, they showed their immense spirit and never back down from a fight.."
Jeremy Lalhruaitluanga
Jeremy Lalhruaitluanga:
what a great teams they are, they presented us a fantastic game
Sou Brasileiro adoro o Liverpool 🇧🇷
i'm brazilian i love liverpool 🇧🇷
Alasan Conteh
Alasan Conteh:
That final Pass from Debruyne to Mahrez was just on 🔥🔥
Rhyme Designs- The Poetry Studio
Rhyme Designs- The Poetry Studio:
The Handshake at the end. Respect for the game by two greats.
Dave KikA
Dave KikA:
Manager's and players respect for each other is amazing even due i think Liverpool where fouling a lot the respect was still there
Mang aboey
Mang aboey:
Fantastic game, very exciting and equally strong match
Shukor Hadi
Shukor Hadi:
Apart from the two gaffers, both sets of players also took time to commiserate each other after the game. The handshakes and respect given to each other are genuine to my eyes, worthy of an exciting rivalry at the summit of the PL. The same thing also happened when they met at Anfield earlier in the season. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Peter Abram
Peter Abram:
As a Man Utd fan I watch these two teams and am staggered at the gulf between them and us. Great game guys!
Aly Gano
Aly Gano:
What a goal from Mane🔥
Kami Ryougi
Kami Ryougi:
Alisson was the man of the match.

Alisson e Ederson são os melhores do mundo, fato incontestável. Que jogo maravilhoso, que espetáculo de ambas as equipes. ~
Fantastic game, excellent performance from the two teams 👏✨👍
Sanal Hak
Sanal Hak:
I had my heart in both games.
The Silent
The Silent:
Mane was so good tonight alot of effort .. loved passing between him and Salah ,Jota missed 2 big chances .
Salah was brilliant every single touch made the difference.
Noah N
Noah N:
Legendary match👏
Ahmad Malik
Ahmad Malik:
amazing game! TAA is honestly amazing and both teams really provided quality football
Asrar Naseer
Asrar Naseer:
Salah's Assist Was Amazing😍 💪
Kaydee Duminy
Kaydee Duminy:
The one of the best premier league match of the season very intense. 💯👌🏻
brad styles
brad styles:
Captain Henderson running to hug Salah after his beautiful assist warmed my heart.. True Captain ♥️
Can't love Klopp-Guardiola more. They're super respectful legends!
Rujal Kawan
Rujal Kawan:
De bruyne passes so well🔥❤️
Well played both teams 👌🔥
Poerwa Jaia
Poerwa Jaia:
A beautiful game, especially once Salah made assist to Mane and fruited a goal.
Cyril cele Cele
Cyril cele Cele:
This was the best Draw for 22🙌🙌🙌
Steve Marshall
Steve Marshall:
Isn't it nice to see managers respecting each other, both of them are pure Class.
Francis Mwacha
Francis Mwacha:
What a classic game Liverpool come on 🙌🏿
Stefan Vladica
Stefan Vladica:
Awesome game, I loved Trent's pass for Joao.
mst 4891
mst 4891:
The best was the end with the two coaches! This what football is all about!
El Barca Indo
El Barca Indo:
What a game 🔥🔥🔥
Cheeky Monk
Cheeky Monk:
Two exquisite passes for the assists from Trent and Salah.
Sports Info
Sports Info:
Great performance from both side. I have the believe that Liverpool will win the league.
sarath kumar
sarath kumar:
The mutual respect between klop and pep is amazing
I wonder how Kdb pass the ball at last City attack. What a WorldClass Passing!!
Kab J Penzilao
Kab J Penzilao:
No love for Manchester City but Debruyne is a just a Living Legend❤ his passing style is out of my mind🙌Best MD in the world👊
Devaldy Jonathan
Devaldy Jonathan:
this game felt so quick. didn't feel like 90 minutes.
Frank Borman
Frank Borman:
Вот за что МЫ любим эту игру! Концовка с обнимашками, вишенка на торте! Кайфанул от просмотра;)
Nathaniel Agbo
Nathaniel Agbo:
Liverpool have been very impressive with their performance this season. They have played the most entertaining matches this season.

With Chelsea (H&A)
With City(H&A)
Mirko Perego
Mirko Perego:
amazing a fantastic presentation for both teams
Earl Gerald
Earl Gerald:
The last pass from De bruyne was simply magnificent
I had my heart in my mouth the whole game
MarlOut the Kun King
MarlOut the Kun King:
both teams played well respect to liverpool for givin us tough match👏
André Hatlevik
André Hatlevik:
It was a brilliant match without a doubt I was hoping dearly on a Liverpool victory though but it was no loss in it
Leo Gagaev
Leo Gagaev:
Im a Man Utd fan, but Klopp and Pep chemistry gives me chills🔥
One of the best 90mins I watch in my life
That second Liverpool goal wow
Pushpender Gusain
Pushpender Gusain:
The goal by City within first 5 minutes was a shocker. And it took some time to come to terms.
How was Mane & Salah still able to play in that high level of game considering both were fasting, respects to them 😊
дмитрий корышев
дмитрий корышев:
It was amazing and great game 😊😊
Alex Black
Alex Black:
Невероятный матч !)))
Bonar Sejati
Bonar Sejati:
♨️💫💫👍 Two of the greatest teams in English Premier League. I love them both.
Just Arkon
Just Arkon:
We had a tough job staying with City yesterday. They were superb. I think they limited Liverpool to about 6 attempts over the 90, that shows how good they were. It's not a great result for Liverpool but considering how well City played it's definitely not a bad result.
राजेश हमाल हु म
राजेश हमाल हु म:
Moment when guardiola and klopp exchanged hugs shows how much they respect eachother ❤️❤️❤️
Tseke Maila
Tseke Maila:
I love data so much and in the modern game I understand how important it is. Having said that I think Liverpool was able to use data way better that City to come back twice. What insane assists from Trent and Mo. Win the league now, from a Chelsea fan
The Football God
The Football God:
A Match Made In Heaven: De Bruyne and deflections from Matip
Rahul Mohaimin
Rahul Mohaimin:
It is always peace of eyes to see Liverpool on the field. ♥♥ Love and Support from 🇧🇩🇧🇩.
Lalu Iwan Paradita
Lalu Iwan Paradita:
Great game!🔥
Rock Tiger
Rock Tiger:
If Jota had not missed Salah's passes or had passed to him, the victory would have been ours, but unfortunately Jota was completely finished physically since the beginning of the second half anyway, it was a great match
IZ The One
IZ The One:
Well done lads. Keep fighting that's how we do it!
Tomas Finan
Tomas Finan:
For a neutral this is a great game

For me a Liverpool fan was frickin nerve wracking
De bryne and salah had the most assistances imagine those playing together they will unstoppable. Big mistake from chelsea selling them
History Mystery
History Mystery:
What a game !!! LEGENDS
2 best coaches and best teams in PL, no doubt - From United Fans
Roslan Hassan
Roslan Hassan:
Beautiful assist from salah to mane..goal 💪
Syed Hussain
Syed Hussain:
So happy to see Salah slowly getting back to his best self.
1:28 was a brilliant pass. Should have been scored.
And how was 1:40 not a corner?
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss:
1:51 that pass from de Bruyneee🥵 pure class..whatta an assist it would have been!!
Ajitem Pisal
Ajitem Pisal:
What a game man😍😍
Elijah Moyo
Elijah Moyo:
What a pass from Salah 👌
mohamed saji
mohamed saji:
Well played reds ♥️
Anglers Angler's World
Anglers Angler's World:
The match was amazing....very entertaining..
All Liverpool players are so amazing too...so do Mcity boys...
Salah didn't score but his assists are so beautiful ❤️..very sharp to Mane's foot and Mane did it right.....jota also wonderful....
Smart Cookie XP
Smart Cookie XP:
Izo assists weh! I've always said it, there are times it gets tough for Salah and all he needs is to pass the ball instead of forcing to score. Look at that amazing assist.
Oluwafemi Kehinde
Oluwafemi Kehinde:
That hug between Henderson and salah... 💚