Highlights | Manchester United 1-1 Everton | Premier League

See the highlights from Old Trafford as the Reds draw 1-1 with Everton in the Premier League.

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100+ comentarios:

We could have scored 3-4 goals in the first 30 minutes
Najiib Van Xirsi
Najiib Van Xirsi:
Why did the camera man expose our tactics when Greenwood was coming in???
Noelle Francisco
Noelle Francisco:
Mason Greenwood is a star 🌟
Jason Byrne
Jason Byrne:
Mason greenwood HAS to start from now on. This game also highlighted our desperate need for a creative midfielder
ODR Invests
ODR Invests:
Sucks to see VAR screw us again! Clear foul on De Gea
All things Man utd
All things Man utd:
Greenwood has to start next game against watford in league
Who's Saini
Who's Saini:
Lingard!!!! If he didn't miss that golden chance we would have won!!😬
Anuvab Ghosal
Anuvab Ghosal:
Bruno Fernandes would have scored that at Lingard's place
The goal was a foul from Everton
We really need to start converting our chances
Greenwood defo should start vs watford!! What a finisher!
Oliver Laudi
Oliver Laudi:
Come on you reds! We all make mistakes we still have a Long way till the end of the season.
JayB Producer
JayB Producer:
What did we learn in 2:36 seconds??

Sweet fa
P K:
Another 2 points dropped against the minor teams these draws need to turn into wins for Ole to take united into the top 4.
Mawii Adam Zaps
Mawii Adam Zaps:
There was a time when Liverpool use to Earn 3 points from Top 6 Clubs and give it to Relegation place Clubs..Now its United turn..😂😂😂
Az Aman
Az Aman:
Lingard is the worst number 10 in history of Manchester United
Saúl Martínez
Saúl Martínez:
Every game that Lingard plays, I always ask myself the same question, why is he still at United?
PolaroidFreak 600
PolaroidFreak 600:
How did Lingard miss the goal in those 20 first seconds???
Parijat Saha
Parijat Saha:
That birthday present from James to Lingard! 😅 Straight in the face!
eRshad ershad
eRshad ershad:
If we draw or lost To Watford.. Oh man I'm gonna dead!
TheRock Kha
TheRock Kha:
Greenwood always that low shot!
We’re unbeaten in 6 games which isnt bad at all
Arjun Home Kerala
Arjun Home Kerala:
That was a clear foul on goal keeper.
98 JF
98 JF:
Lingard has to go does my head in week in week out
Michael Oliver... it was a clear foul :/
Arthur H
Arthur H:
Come on Reds🔴
Our one chance to get even closer to top four man annoyed 💀
Muhammad Ilyas
Muhammad Ilyas:
We love Ole...
Евгений Стогниенко
Евгений Стогниенко:
Come on United !!!
Badman No.1
Badman No.1:
Everton have jinxed us... We gifted them 2 goals this season....
Bryantama Art
Bryantama Art:
When pogba is back? We need him
Khang Hồ Hoàng
Khang Hồ Hoàng:
Mu still scores two goal
M zulfitrah nasakti
M zulfitrah nasakti:
wkwk lindelop ndolop
David Joshua Makaya
David Joshua Makaya:
Nearly, close ,when they score the goalkeeper.
Knight Templar
Knight Templar:
Guess all team in premier league loves Lingard playing 😂😂
Filiams Salakay
Filiams Salakay:
Khoirul Al Manshurin
Khoirul Al Manshurin:
de gea n lindelof must be rotated..
maybe romero n tuanzebe
greenwood more than rasford n martial, if he is often given the chance to play
Shaurya Manchanda
Shaurya Manchanda:
we have to start doing well against small teams or else we can’t get in the top four🤦‍♂️
We love you from Africa
Mason greenwood is the best👍👍👍
456 123
456 123:
Haland, Dejan kulusevic, Ruben Neves
arun runy
arun runy:
Greenwood celebration says it all...such a mature reaction to the goal considering his age....as simply as another day with a goal in the bag😂
KC White
KC White:
semua sayang ole skuy...
visit my channel red red ole ole ole
Sam G.
Sam G.:
I love you Mcsauce so much but mate you need to improve your off the ball awareness, drop more in to space and make yourself available to improve the fluidity of the midfield.
Octave Rukundo
Octave Rukundo:
If we get Eriksen or Grealish and Haaland in January I would be happy!!
Hemlata Kamble
Hemlata Kamble:
Who's here after United drew 1-1 again against Everton 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
SweetTalker & Nonsense
SweetTalker & Nonsense:
1:11 James you didn't have to hit Lingard so hard in the face like that. Poor Lord Lingard..
Anton Pratama
Anton Pratama:
Grenwood ancen mantep tendangane
Afifa_baihaqi 93
Afifa_baihaqi 93:
Btw emyu tetaplah seperti ini .
Greenwood. He's phenomenal
Kim Kroon
Kim Kroon:
Asimobi Emmanuel
Asimobi Emmanuel:
Mason "hit it at the near post" Greenwood
Muneeb Khaki
Muneeb Khaki:
Lol lindalof was daydreaming
gafur Sing
gafur Sing:
Lagi dan lagi untungx ada pemain muda klu ngga ya pasrah dhe kalah lagi..thanks greenwood saya yakin dan percaya bhw kamu akan menjadi pemain bintang..
Jadi Riani
Jadi Riani:
4000th consecutive axademic game..
Mason greenwood(academy player) scores... 🔥
ngadiman DUDULZ
ngadiman DUDULZ:
Grenwood bast finising
Ifan A
Ifan A:
Greenwood ma boi
Tjak Ghoenz
Tjak Ghoenz:
pickford saves evertonian hope
Rizky Sepsarianto
Rizky Sepsarianto:
hmmm sudah kuduga.
Артур R
Артур R:
Гринвудыч супер!)
Mu kok imbang terus
Iwan Q_wonk
Iwan Q_wonk:
kaga konsisten😈
Hải Trần
Hải Trần:
Gabriel Eze
Gabriel Eze:
Our players need to be more creative. It's so apparent that Pickford enjoys punching the ball off the goal post. We could easily have punished Everton by striking long balls at goal from within the box and when he punches it off, we score on the rebound. Ole should take a bigger blame on this too, he's not able to make in-game decisions that can actually convert to victory.
The Governor Online
The Governor Online:
If it were not for that own goal it could have been 1:0 in favour of Manchester United...
keringat cangkul
keringat cangkul:
Dari pada mount lebih baik lingard yang masuk timnas inggris
Iskandar Agung
Iskandar Agung:
strategies and players that cannot be relied on.
MU needs a creative and goal-hungry player
aku dewa
aku dewa:
taruhan? QQhokibola saja
bisa pake pulsa
Maruf Rohan
Maruf Rohan:
Greenwood will be monster infront of goal in future
Film Favorit
Film Favorit:
susah banget buat menang
mohammad junus
mohammad junus:
Kalau Greenwood aku yakin 99% pasti goal
Gabriel Eze
Gabriel Eze:
Greenwood should start more often and play min of 5 minutes (if Ole is being extra careful with the young lad).
football JLlingz
football JLlingz:
Happy birthday Jesse ❤️
Ari Budiono
Ari Budiono:
Another yo-yo performance
Zeeshan Siddiqui
Zeeshan Siddiqui:
Announce goal of the month
Lindelof vs Everton..😑😑😑

Expected nonsense performance
Glyn Curran
Glyn Curran:
Romero deserves a PL appearance. It's proven that he can keep clean sheets.
De Gea is easily distracted nowadays, it's kinda scheisse.
Okky Sanjaya
Okky Sanjaya:
Dan terjadi lagi...
Mai Hiếu
Mai Hiếu:
K thể thích nổi.
adhi aja
adhi aja:
GGWP Manchester united. keep like that... Liverpool, Manchester city, Tottenham, Chelsea love it so much to you this week end 😘
De Gea's gotta be stronger, jump into that kinda 50/50 knees first or do the same arm thing to the attacker's face. Referees always take the keeper's side when a heavy collision happens in the box anyway, just not when it's a light contact like that.
Dasika Sairam
Dasika Sairam:
They seem to be crying out for a no.10 who can carry out defence splitting passes and break down packed defences. Also, the bench looks thread bare as they lack many difference makers. The commentator calls it the 400th game in his commentary when mentioning the academy player run (listem to it between 0:20 to 0:29).
Achmad Rizky Firdaus
Achmad Rizky Firdaus:
Ole sedekah mulu dah
Amir Syabidabidu
Amir Syabidabidu:
We played really well,this time we just unlucky.
Get fred out of the club please
Rixx Kumar
Rixx Kumar:
Winning game slipped out of our hands
Need Greenwood fully play
Ross Jones
Ross Jones:
Romero in for De Gea
When facing big teams = Manchester United FC
When facing small teams = FC United of Manchester
Seann _32
Seann _32:
Should’ve won
Manchester United needs Pochettino.
Cimindi Photo
Cimindi Photo:
butut ajig
Vishal Sorout (Main)
Vishal Sorout (Main):
Ole out
Arta Tami
Arta Tami:
Ole out
Didi Sutardi
Didi Sutardi:
Ole out
papa muda
papa muda:
Oke out
Eko Kuchiki
Eko Kuchiki:
Even Manchester united can't win at old Trafford
Ferdy RK
Ferdy RK:
De Gea got distracted before goal