Highlights | Manchester United 2-1 Tottenham | Premier League

See all the highlights from Old Trafford as Marcus Rashford's double strike gave the Reds all three points against Spurs in the Premier League.

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100+ comentarios:

Statman Dave
Statman Dave:
What a result. What a performance. GET IN!!!!
Abdul Rehman
Abdul Rehman:
imagine if rashford scored that long shot and the free kick :O
siphosethu ignasius
siphosethu ignasius:
It's like Rashford was told to break Morinho's heart💔😂
Nobody mentions Fred’s outstanding performance.He did everything he was everywhere.What an effort
geeza Lee
geeza Lee:
This is the sweetest moment for Man Utd manager beating his predecessor
Airpod Giveaway
Airpod Giveaway:
Dear stranger who ever reads this may your mother live for more 100 more years
Solomon James
Solomon James:
Rashford is gonna score a lot of beautiful goals in his career.
2:17 poor guy 😂😂😂 *handshake fail*
Is it just me or he shooting technique looks like ronaldo when he played there ?
tim Kariuki
tim Kariuki:
Rashford has really gathered confidence, the composure with the ball, the attempts speaks it all.
Aliraza Punjani
Aliraza Punjani:
Mourinho finally managing to get Utd playing well and winning :P
Commentators : “ and that was a crazy challenge”

Me: he just tapped him
Benjamin Nkwasibwe
Benjamin Nkwasibwe:
We should be proud of Marcus he's so reliable.
Matt hew
Matt hew:
I’m sure Harry Kane was on that team sheet somewhere 😂
Nobody mentions Fred’s outstanding performance.He did everything he was everywhere.What an effort
This match was Rashford VS Tottenham lmao
jilo kizito
jilo kizito:
Against a big side, they perform. Against average ones, a lose.
Kelcie Marques
Kelcie Marques:
05/12/2019 8 :45 In Guyana I know the cross bar is still shaking after Rashford shot
Vedant Sharma
Vedant Sharma:
I am here after spurs got united 6-1
Seams like Rashford is now able to make the ball dip at will
Amoh prince
Amoh prince:
The way the commentator says "oh" makes me watch highlights thrice 😂
Ye Dad Bent
Ye Dad Bent:
"The bar's still reverberating!"
Rb Banju
Rb Banju:
Here after we crushed City 😂❤❤
hritik pawar
hritik pawar:
1:28 Delle Ali's goal was beautiful too😍.
Syd Fayez
Syd Fayez:
Rashford- the new Ronaldo of United ❤️❤️
Ancent King'oo
Ancent King'oo:
lingard has improved... deserves to start the derby..
Thulio Linhares
Thulio Linhares:
Marcus Rashford: A Monster! He simply destroyed in this match. All of United's moves of real danger came from the feet of this future legend.
Tottenham Hotspur
Tottenham Hotspur:
2:21 Revenge for this move (6-1)
I'm a Tottenham fan but I was honestly scared everytime Rashford had the ball. Its crazy how young he is too. But I still like Dele better lol. Nice victory tho, ManU definitely prepared for this win.
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom:
23:13 this footage seems too high contrast relative to rest of the entire video.
Wilmah Mina
Wilmah Mina:
Yesterday's goals still giving me chills😍😍😍now thats how we should be playing
Emily An
Emily An:
Rashford is gonna score a lot of beautiful goals in his career.
Glyn Curran
Glyn Curran:
Imagine all those people who placed bets on Tottenham hammering Man Utd.
Rashford looking like Ronaldo out there
Danish Ali Shaikh
Danish Ali Shaikh:
Common Ole we want some more of these wins !
Fun fact: Marcus rashford in two consecutive games had a penalties and he shot right
Mensah Mbro
Mensah Mbro:
Well done Rashford...you were immensely great in this game...keep on going bro
agung gempur
agung gempur:
Imagine when rashford was comeback from injury duet with martial in cf and bruno in playmaker
Agapel Channel
Agapel Channel:
This is one of my favorite match this season so far, Rassford on fire..
Arindam Das
Arindam Das:
Those Man Utd attempts show how much Tottenham missed Hugo Lloris in yesterday's match. Wish for his speedy recovery!
Quarta Era Il Gigante Milan Torna
Quarta Era Il Gigante Milan Torna:
Formidable boy, he split the game in two, a great talent, one of the few players on the team, who is eligible to play in a Legendary Club like Manchester United.
Uli yadoM
Uli yadoM:
The reds devil!! 🔥
Đức Nguyễn
Đức Nguyễn:
Rashford transformed into Ronaldo :))
Highlights: Rashford vs Tottenham
Antosuper M
Antosuper M:
Dr. Sam Hill
Dr. Sam Hill:
That touch from Alli to set himself up for the finish was simply world class and sublime.
Amien Fadhillah
Amien Fadhillah:
Rashford loves to score againts Tottenham 🔥👌
Oki Rifki
Oki Rifki:
Kita semua sayang "ole"
Petronas ken
Petronas ken:
The defence needs to improve, at least the front line is gradually improving 👍
Harrry Grover
Harrry Grover:
Mourinho would’ve bee like “daym what players I had”
Khai Herh 孙恺贺
Khai Herh 孙恺贺:
As we can see, Rasford's shot power was more powerful and accurate than ever before
Silent Gamer
Silent Gamer:
I miss football so much 😭
Mourinho took his revenge 🔥 6-1
benny boy 2018
benny boy 2018:
Sounds like im watching a fifa game 😂
Godswill Chiemerie
Godswill Chiemerie:
Rashford shoots like Ronaldo
If he scores 100 goals 95 is with shot
빠꿈's Mobile Game
빠꿈's Mobile Game:
That's why I made Man U squad in my game!!
rze Granda
rze Granda:
2:17 F
Ankara Bai
Ankara Bai:
I love Utd. I appreciate Ole's service. But honestly im tired of his fistbumps here & there. Too nice!
alvee kajempa
alvee kajempa:
Apart from Ronaldo and Bale, Rashford currently the maestro of knuckle shot
lol tbh the penalty was soft "THAT'S A CRAZY CHALLENGE"
magical football
magical football:
Can’t wait for Manchester derby 🔥🔥
Metal Mark
Metal Mark:
Here thanks to the Youtube algorythm.
Leeds Leeds Leeds
Doni Saputra
Doni Saputra:
"To hot to handle'
Rashford needs to be like this always. <3
who thinks 2 - 1 for MANU in this weekend at Etihad?
Ahmed kafi ak Ak
Ahmed kafi ak Ak:
man u for eve ❤❤❤❤❤❤
kevin kevin
kevin kevin:
@1:33 And Manchester United came back 1-1.
I still remember the brilliant action of Rooney from the past
Lil Logan
Lil Logan:
This was Rashfords highlights not uniteds😂
2:18 Shake my! Oh ok
stan theman
stan theman:
Thanks for the highlights!. All I saw on Amazon Prime was pixels, lag and broken sound😒
Rockson Kingsford Quansah
Rockson Kingsford Quansah:
Yes This is what I expect RASHFORD to be doing all the time
He got me smiling...
Mr. Panda2000
Mr. Panda2000:
Rashford finishes like Ronaldo...His been watching his vids
We love you Ole, we do. We love you Ole, we do. We love you Ole, we do. Ohhh Ole we love you!!
Rifki Mutia
Rifki Mutia:
0:56 Wow Rashford👏
ishant mahendra
ishant mahendra:
United best performance in this season.
Pradyuth Pavithran
Pradyuth Pavithran:
Rashford seems much confident and aggressive in this match
WIN: All Hail OLE!

Yayaz Covers
Yayaz Covers:
how is this recommended after the 6-1 defeat
I think we have now found the man Chester United Ronaldo rashford
Justice Ojule
Justice Ojule:
Marcus RashFord thanks for the current form on the field of play, secondly united please maintain the winning mood.
Danuja Aldea Nararya
Danuja Aldea Nararya:
Naaaaah... This is MU in real, know how to fight for pride.
R-TéZ Rão
R-TéZ Rão:
Rashford is becoming rising star for Manchester United ❤❤
Come back, Rashford :'-(
Nissabillah Mayo
Nissabillah Mayo:
We love you manchester united ❤️❤️❤️ from indonesia
ABS Flowerhorn
ABS Flowerhorn:
Dele goal is the same as yesterday's equalizer, it's MU's weakness. Improve it
Sinister Fingers
Sinister Fingers:
That settles the "glory glory man utd" vs "glory glory Tottenham hotspur" feud😂
Eoin O'Callaghan
Eoin O'Callaghan:
I was watching Man U win and I was delighted, things aint what they used ta be lads, cud b the end of times!!
Shadow 2.0
Shadow 2.0:
Does any one else have a dja vu?
José Mourinho at the side line of old trafford, is like he has never been away. HAHA
Wathing his Team geting autplayed.
CeeKay Mathers
CeeKay Mathers:
Here for Dele Alli's fine touch
Oduk Brian
Oduk Brian:
We as fans deserved this win cos we had a bad week previously
Supa Copper
Supa Copper:
This win is not really surprising. If they manage to win or draw against Man City, it is also not a surprise because they always step up against strong team. It is the performance and losing points against smaller teams that becomes the main concern..
2:21 Twin
Asiya Ahmed
Asiya Ahmed:
That is what we want 💪 keep going united
Ardi Pahlawan
Ardi Pahlawan:
why director wants sacked him as manager :(
Now, let's show the same determination and drive against city at the weekend. GGMU!!!
Adi Kurniawan_20
Adi Kurniawan_20:
Rashford just getting better time after time 😍😍😍
ibra danish
ibra danish:
just another wins with penalty..

ole out!!!!!!!!
Debjani Chatterjee
Debjani Chatterjee:
Rashford doing it the old Ronaldo way 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jake Momo
Jake Momo:
Number 10 make me remember legend wayne rooney.