Highlights | Manchester United 3-3 Everton | Premier League

Watch the highlights of the 3-3 draw against Everton at Old Trafford as goals from Cavani, Fernandes and McTominay were not quite enough to claim all three points.

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100+ comentarios:

Michael Teoh
Michael Teoh:
Breaking News: Vidic and Ferdinand have decided to come out from retirement after seeing the United defense.
deeq cade
deeq cade:
The goal scored by Bruno Fernandes is just amazing and world class to watch.
I mean united's defence is so bad that no one is talking about fernandes' goal 😂
Can we take a moment to respect Bruno's change to the overall team?
As our great legend Sir Alex Ferguson said,
“Attack wins you games, defense wins you titles”

This couldn’t be more relevant to our team at the moment.
Berita Sepakbola
Berita Sepakbola:
Bruno goal 😂
eazy player
eazy player:
One thing is for sure: Cavani loves to score against Everton
ibrahim shehu ibrahim
ibrahim shehu ibrahim:
Manchester at the top of premier league is like an elephant untop of a tree nobody knows how it got there but everyone knows its going to fall x3
IMDBrief TV:
Maguire raising his hand for the offside yet He is actually playing behind his own goal keeper... stupid
As much as we want to drop our center backs, unfortunately we literally can’t. Maguire and Lindelof is our best and only CB pairing we have. Bailly is injured and we didn’t sign another CB in January.
Sherwin cass
Sherwin cass:
this game was so painful, i lost it and just started laughing.
Joel Anil Jose
Joel Anil Jose:
Goal by Bruno👑.
He looked up for the second time to see the goalkeeper's position. Absolute genius💯
This is heartbreaking💔💔
The defense is so faulty. If they don't sign new CBs, our chances of winning the league will always be minimal.
Eric De Souza
Eric De Souza:
Bruno's goal is class, absolute class
This draw feels like a loss ffs. The defence is shocking
Prince Eddy Official
Prince Eddy Official:
That Drogba celebration from DCL, Such a nostalgia.
Mohit Patel
Mohit Patel:
Don’t get distracted from the fact that maguire costs 80 million
Semere Manchawi
Semere Manchawi:
When mctominay scored 3rd goal i was very happy before knowing maguire and tuanzebe had their own plan
Sinalo Mlindi
Sinalo Mlindi:
really love it when JAMES is happy. fav Everton player.
Muluken Feyera
Muluken Feyera:
Maguire raising his hand for the offside yet he is the one who kept everyone on side 😂
With this defense United wouldn't reach anything. And every time Ole say we need a attacker although he have the best attacks in the Liga.
Mayborn Music Beatz
Mayborn Music Beatz:
The funny thing is the one who raised his hand looking for an offside was the one who destroyed the offside trap.
I don't even wanna mention his name 🤦🏿‍♂️
Gangga Hayu
Gangga Hayu:
Everton 1st goal, just shockbreaker the defense 😭
Disgraceful squad.
When the attack is clicking, the defense have off days.
When the defense decides to turn up, the attack doesn’t show up.
Ray Ping Miners
Ray Ping Miners:
Manchester United Attack= Absolute World Class

Manchester United Defence= ChampionShip
Fion Luk
Fion Luk:
Disappointed losing 2 points, but we had a few decent plays throughout the game, don’t let the result blow you up. We need to maintain the style of attack, just bit more focus.
don't mess with me
don't mess with me:
I will remember this match for a very long time I got goosebumps at the end
Dream Timer
Dream Timer:
A minute of silence for those who thought United won the game after Bruno's goal.
Al- Gharibie
Al- Gharibie:
MU's main weakness is rear expansion. quickly buy a new defender, Ramos, Opamecano or Koulibaly !!
Jonathan Philip
Jonathan Philip:
Doesn't maguire get tired of raising his hand after he concedes a goal
Markus Furulund
Markus Furulund:
I don’t think we draw here and lose to Sheffield United with Ramos as CB
Scandalous that United failed to win that game.

Tuanzebe coming on to concede a foul so naive, Maguire dropping to play Everton onside, De Gea weak at the feet of an attacker again.
the real Jekyll and Hyde performance out there. credits to Everton in the second half, especially Doucoure who changed the game.
Alexandre Fanfan
Alexandre Fanfan:
I nearly had a heart attack watching this game😬
Dayne Richards
Dayne Richards:
At the end of the season these games could come back to haunt us
Fedora_ _Thexplora.
Fedora_ _Thexplora.:
Brunos goal is truly a piece of Art.
Shocked by the draw, but Bruno's goal tho am i right
Nitin Rawat
Nitin Rawat:
For how long do we have to depend on other teams to drop points so that we can climb up? Feels like a loss! Anyhow GGMU
Deno Kalz
Deno Kalz:
I hv been disappointed . I spent yesterday's midnight watchin' my fav team playin bt our defense is such a mess. Anyway credits to Aaron,Scott ,cavani and Bruno
Human Beings R Thinking Beings
Human Beings R Thinking Beings:
The Control and Fire for James Goal,Quality.👌
Osborn V.L Hriatpuia
Osborn V.L Hriatpuia:
Man uih' Concede a goal in "Fergie's time" Is the best 😝
Everton GK Olsn Slipped #1:53 man uih got lucky
Human Beings R Thinking Beings
Human Beings R Thinking Beings:
Everton had a Clown in Goal,Man United still find a way to bottle it. 😂
Wairimu zipporah
Wairimu zipporah:
Those goals from Everton were really avoidable😑ruined my Sunday
Only James Rodriguez's goal was acceptable considering the other big mistakes the rest were unforgivable mistakes by the defenders and goalkeeper.The defense of man utd is a joke nowadays
Servant Of Jesus Christ
Servant Of Jesus Christ:
I wonder how does Bruno, well Scotty feel to know that his goal was just about to earn us 3 pts, but the keeper and the defense prevented that?? Why can't De Gea be more dominant in his box?? Why is he so slow to get off his line??
Big Draco
Big Draco:
I feel really bad for Cavani, Fernandes and Greenwood. They worked their boots of just to get betrayed by that non existent defence
Farhan Pratama
Farhan Pratama:
What a performance by Axel, very nice wow wow wow just wow
Ishaan Khanna
Ishaan Khanna:
Lukey's assist 🔥
Bruno : this is easy
Maguire : i'll make it harder for ya
Darrel Zimucha
Darrel Zimucha:
When Ole learn that at 80mins we need pace it front that's when he is suppose to put Dan James.
Ernesto Glez
Ernesto Glez:
Bruno ultra mega CRACK !! 🤙🏻
BoyOep Creativity
BoyOep Creativity:
Stay energized, focused, consistent and go on
The challenge grows harder ahead
Go Go Man Utd
Muzi Mocah
Muzi Mocah:
Get well soon Pogba 🙏🏾💪🏾
Forget the league. Finish top 4 this season. Change the CB’s in the summer. Win the league next year. This defense is shocking.
Dude of Valor
Dude of Valor:
It’s so frustrating as the team is so close yet still a long way to go. The players have got to learn to see a game out and be switched on for the whole match if they want to win trophies.

League is so unforgiving and it only gets harder each year.
Muhammad Milzam Alfatih
Muhammad Milzam Alfatih:
From this fight we can learn that if we want something we have to be consistent
Michiko Boris
Michiko Boris:
What a fight back by Everton
Attack: 🔝🎩
Midfield: 😍😎
Defense: 🐒🤡
If we had bought a class centre back we would be top of the league
Munnangi Pradeep
Munnangi Pradeep:
That celebration of Bruno after 3 seconds 😍👌
Maguire is so slow, why did Man Utd even get him? Looking at him I think everybody can play at Uniteds defence 😂😂
Herman Mhiko
Herman Mhiko:
Drop David De Gea. There should be consequences for performances like that
Abdallah Sofiane
Abdallah Sofiane:
Greatness in football is about consistency. The opposite of consistency is McGuire
Dunbir Nashabi
Dunbir Nashabi:
title-winning attack, relegation defence.
Jim Dempsey
Jim Dempsey:
What a great game.
Ian Y
Ian Y:
David de Gea spills the ball. Alisson gifts City 4 goals! What's happening to defenders?
H W:
It's weird how no ManU fan mentioned the similarity between that Bruno goal and the iconic one by Cantona !
imam apriansyah
imam apriansyah:
It’s time to put some respect on Scott McTominays name. Kid is special.
Bruno's smile after is goal... Priceless 01:00
Royudi Bred
Royudi Bred:
I think Man Utd still doesn't have a winning mentality for this year. cannot exert pressure on man city at the top of the standings. GGMU ❤️
Lake of Avalon
Lake of Avalon:
Our defence were dogshite tonight but I need to say this. Apart from that first goal assist, Rashford literally played 90 minutes with his brain being outside of his head tonight. He is just an over glorified 'mancunian Anders Townsend with speed'.
80 million down the drain, Maguire concedes a goal again. Shocking defending from the captain.
Ampiah Obed
Ampiah Obed:
Chelsea has transfer their misfortune to man Utd.
Andrés Tafur
Andrés Tafur:
Grande James 🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴👍🏻🥳
Forget about the title just focus to stay in the top 4 and win the cup that's it
Well Done 👍 Everton 👏👏👏👏
Awful result. Top four race will be the maximum for them this season. Incredibly poor from De Gea.
Camagu Livumile
Camagu Livumile:
Man City fans be like🤓😁👏🏼 beautiful game lads. 👌🏼🥃
We need a more courageous keeper than De Gea, someone who can command his area and come out for crosses
Mad Man
Mad Man:
I hope man united bring Roman saiss from the wolves, he's great and underrated centre-back (also right back and midfield defender ).
Maguire and Ole after the game: "Its a game full of fine margins"
Md afnan Islam
Md afnan Islam:
Amazing match 😍🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩
mark taylor
mark taylor:
They all need docking a weeks wages for that one. You don't score 3 goals and draw. I'm ignoring the fact that we gifted them a goal in the final minute.
Never thought I'll see a CB pairing worse than Smalling and Jones, but Maguire and Lindelof take the cake.
Adam Tastic
Adam Tastic:
I will never forgive Maguire for the pain he has caused me. 80 million British pounds aswell.
Bradley Hadfield
Bradley Hadfield:
I love ole but his timing on subs needs improvement, if he doesn’t bring on tuanzabe or brings him on 10-20 mins earlier we win that game.
Arvéy Illeszender
Arvéy Illeszender:
49th minute it's 2-0 to United and the commentator says ...

"You still feel like the next goal is a big one".

A child would know that.
Angkor Chinese School
Angkor Chinese School:
I think Bruno's goal was the Best Goal!
erivato25 5
erivato25 5:
I would love to see Ramos and Victor duo
Honestly ruined my whole weekend thank you very much
Harsh Rughoonundan
Harsh Rughoonundan:
I miss the fans🔥☹️
Aditya Sarin
Aditya Sarin:
our attack and mid would be absolutely magnificent, sell pogba in a swap with De Ligt next summer and give Van De Beek some space in team and drop Harry Maguire, give the armband to bruno and if u all still see captaincy in Maguire then i am surely done with United.
Nitin Kymar
Nitin Kymar:
What a tribute to our beloved Busby babes!
Vamos Utd's defence
Amen Tibebu
Amen Tibebu:
Cavani headers👏👏👏
Levis Kulengwa
Levis Kulengwa:
Here in Tanzania 🇹🇿 this match is shown at late night so after coming from work tired you sit on tv holding your sleep so you can watch your favourite team play.. and then this..
Daha daha juga
Daha daha juga:
Forward we have legend ole, midfield we have carrick and fletcher, bring vidic or ferdinand to mentoring cb..
Djsjtj 1
Djsjtj 1:
Thanks for the fergie times lads
E7A07 Ayaan Kabir
E7A07 Ayaan Kabir:
Is it just me who laughed at bruno's goal