Highlights | Manchester United 5-0 RB Leipzig | UEFA Champions League

See all the goals from a memorable UEFA Champions League night at Old Trafford, as Mason Greenwood, Anthony Martial and hat-trick hero Marcus Rashford gave Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's side a 5-0 win over RB Leipzig.

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100+ comentarios:

Ryan Kanungo
Ryan Kanungo:
I see that United wanted to beat Leipzig to lower Upamecano's price, not that he was all that bad that day.
What a man Marcus Rashford is!
Lester Bezuidenhout
Lester Bezuidenhout:
👇 Fred appreciation button
Vincenzo Bisbiglia
Vincenzo Bisbiglia:
Fantastic Fred!!! He does fantastic job and recover also balls in the offensive zone
He must only improve in losing less balls
Luke Skywalkman
Luke Skywalkman:
Finally, this highlight has come.
Benji Man
Benji Man:
not ganna lie i rewatched the highlights about 6 times thats how gassed i was about the teams performance...GGMU
Michael Humphrey
Michael Humphrey:
This is the typical Manchester United I know and love: brilliant, clinical, deadly. Let's give those goners the same type of treatment.
ElzzJs_ *
ElzzJs_ *:
Ole needs to use the same formation for Arsenal today. Matic/Scott Fred Pogba Bruno as the diamond then Rashford and Greenwood up front. GGMU❤️
Rashford stunnin performance
Elliot N
Elliot N:
Do the same to Arsenal now. Come on you Reds!
dieter helstrom
dieter helstrom:
What the hell took you so long

Also can we appreciate that brilliant finish from Mason? He can find the net from ANY angle.
Saahil Nagar
Saahil Nagar:
Amazing Performance, we beat the Semi-Finalist of last years CL. Come on United, lets do this. 👹♥️🔴
Elliot H
Elliot H:
I'll tell you what. Marcus definitely knows how to hit the ball. Probably has one of the most powerful shots in premier league.
Y M:
Best formation to use. Great performance 👏🏽
I miss this Rashford
Best performance in a minute ♥️🐐
Outstanding performance from Rashford, 18 minute hat-trick.
Matthew Teahan
Matthew Teahan:
It was all going so well...
anjishnu nandi
anjishnu nandi:
Does anybody remember that before the match Leipzig's Angelino told that the United side can be average. I think United gave the perfect response to him. Actually the whole Leipzig side along with angelino played very average
Supreeth N Shekar
Supreeth N Shekar:
That second goal by Rashford, SO MUCH POWER !🔥
Mr Lebz
Mr Lebz:
Most of our goals came from Freds tenacity. Love that guy🗣
Muhammad Arslan Aslam Sandhu
Muhammad Arslan Aslam Sandhu:
Believe in your team...ggmu forever♥️
Gomez Brothers
Gomez Brothers:
Young, calm, talented, humble. We're lucky to have MR10. He should be United legend!
Rashford hit that second goal real hard
The Man
The Man:
Fred on Rashfords second goal was amazing
Mick Riverside
Mick Riverside:
really happy that we kept attacking till the end, no defensive subs and letting opposition take confidence
play it smart against arsenal, don't let opposition outsmart you, be adaptable
cant wait to see what you have practiced
chinedu obuekwe
chinedu obuekwe:
I kept smiling all through 😁
Guilherme fifa7
Guilherme fifa7:
Que jogue assim amanhã contra o arsenal, vamooo United
For Players
For Players:
Fantastic🤘😝🤘 winning performance by my favorite😍 forever Manchester United
FirstName LastName
FirstName LastName:
I love how the commentator is just talking about Rashford's last goal, then he's in again with another one before he can finish the sentence.. lol
Stan Marr
Stan Marr:
We need this type of performance in EVERY SINGLE GAME...everyone worked hard,but Fred was like an Energizer bunny!!
Jovan Gunawan
Jovan Gunawan:
This is what we want👏🙌💪
Young Devil
Young Devil:
Five Star Performance From Man Utd In The Champions League Group Stage, Front Three Shined On Wednesday Night. Bring On The Gunners Of North London.
Challenger Jakku
Challenger Jakku:
We smashed Leipzig, lets go smash the small club from London.
Amos Owaga
Amos Owaga:
Bruno, Bruno Bruno, what a player, what a monster, what a beast.
nando damanik
nando damanik:
3points+cleenshet+hatrick 🔥🔥🔥
Allan Drummond
Allan Drummond:
The boys had to stand strong and remain resolute in that first half. Leipzig pressed high and hard nearly the whole half and made it tough for us to get out our own half. But second half, the lads took full advantage. The passing and finishing were deadly. Exceptional win. Can’t find fault with anyone’s performance. I thought the whole team were brilliant.
Erik Ten Hag
Erik Ten Hag:
Go to the 1st place!! COME ON ❤️🥇
Onkul Janu
Onkul Janu:
My darling Manchester United ❤️
time traveler
time traveler:
Unique team, Everytime u believe this team can win, this team will lose, when u think we're not gonna make it, we win. I dont understand
Osman Yüksek
Osman Yüksek:
Who is here after Leipzig kicking Manchester United out of the UCL
Darren Alexander
Darren Alexander:
Rashford’s first hat trick of many to come⚽️
mohammed almohammadi
mohammed almohammadi:
My team❤️
Emmanuel Hh
Emmanuel Hh:
That's Amazing Performance 😒👍👍👍👍
masilo moshesh
masilo moshesh:
Let's keep the momentum going gents with another 3 points against the gunners🔥🔥🔥
Gia Bảo
Gia Bảo:
Don't forget Fred,he's is Silent Hero of the match !
Jovan Gunawan
Jovan Gunawan:
One Of The Best Man Utd Match in The UCL🔴🔴
Danso Sarfo
Danso Sarfo:
0:55 look how far Fred was from the Leipzig player but still ran all the way from there to win the ball.

If Pogba could do just a little bit of this for us.
Mahda Auro
Mahda Auro:
Hatrick from subtitute and no penalties👍👍👍
Hamzah Hameed
Hamzah Hameed:
Same result hopefully tomorrow.

Allah with me never be deprived
Allah with me never be deprived:
Who else was waiting this for last two days, and watching it 5X😂
Sushant Rauthan
Sushant Rauthan:
that bruno pass <3
Mayo Kudu
Mayo Kudu:
Fred was amazing.
He has really improved
Come on Man Utd!! ❤️❤️
Shin Ryuga
Shin Ryuga:
Everyone said we're on the group stage of hell. Yeah, we placed in where we used to be
Football DKT
Football DKT:
my club ❤❤
Apex Productions
Apex Productions:
Let's continue the consistency with a win tomorrow! GGMU🔴
youssef nayel
youssef nayel:
Glory glory man UNITED ❤❤
It's always a bit sad seeing Old Trafford empty.
Martial is soo underrated 💯
mohan hhalubai
mohan hhalubai:
Champions league nights back at theatre of dreams... Imagine this game being played with 70k+ fans in the ground
Sobha Datta
Sobha Datta:
Must say that the communication between the red Devils players is growing and becoming better day by day. Luv u Manchester United from India.😍😘
Rivaldo Channel
Rivaldo Channel:
Glory glory Manchester united 🔴🔴
justin aw liang tze
justin aw liang tze:
Amazing match
We need the fans back!!!
Paul Echiverri
Paul Echiverri:
I wanted cavani to score his debut goal but anyways great game
Lucas Glory
Lucas Glory:
Come on Reds
Let’s win today
Going for 3:1 United 🙌🏽❤️
What a win lads let’s keep that going into arsenal
here after Leipzig 3-2 man utd
Raven Purple
Raven Purple:
I have a love hate relationship with Man United😭😤
The way they played against Arsenal was just😖
koustav mukherjee
koustav mukherjee:
That no look passs!!! Goodness meee!!!!! 0:28
Nicholas Pitter
Nicholas Pitter:
When rashford came on and scored Leipzig looked like they gave up
i Love Manchester United from Colombia. 🇨🇴
Charlie Sutton
Charlie Sutton:
What a game!
King Marcus ♥️
Lallisprogr 10
Lallisprogr 10:
Happy birthday marcus rashford the star of Manchester United
Willliams Tenzy
Willliams Tenzy:
“Group of death” they said.
Meanwhile man utd is the team of death
Emma Tlau
Emma Tlau:
I've been waiting this highlight from the day we won over 😛😛
Jr Kay Ferland
Jr Kay Ferland:
Glory Glory Man United 💪👿
Febrian Nesta
Febrian Nesta:
Rashford give assist to martial for first ever hattrick
And now martial give assist to rashford for first ever hattrick
What a duo 🔥
ManUtd VanCam
ManUtd VanCam:
Sir Marcus Rashford ✌🏻
I wanna see full angle video of that Bruno assist..
Marcus Rashford MBE 👍👍
Samad Spencer Momori
Samad Spencer Momori:
Finally😂😂 Love From Ghana 🇬🇭🇬🇭
Jenny Ng
Jenny Ng:
You guys won finally you guys use to lose so many times but great job
Erico Wildan
Erico Wildan:
Marcuuuuus 🔥🔥🔥
Manizz Creation
Manizz Creation:
I think rashford is man of the match in this match
samarth nayal
samarth nayal:
Rashford is now officially world class
Mobile Games KH
Mobile Games KH:
I have waited for this 🥰🥰🥰🥰
Utd District
Utd District:
Greenwood's Goal was the best finish against fresh RB Leipzig
1:00 The Way Upamecano got his ankles broken 🤣🤣
Fred showing his value now 💓
Edrick Seth
Edrick Seth:
Rashford is absolute brilliant
De gea is a legendary keeper
Martial all he can do is diving and own goal
Maguire is a slow lazy pro wrestling
Lohit Bhatt
Lohit Bhatt:
"Live and kicking in the group of death. "
Lol, this aged well, yo!
Malini nandi majumdar
Malini nandi majumdar:
Supporting the club after such a long time.Did not because they were loosing and drawing
Jay Henry
Jay Henry:
Rashford 🙌🏻🙌🏻👑👑
Muhammad Ainul Azis
Muhammad Ainul Azis:
Brilian marcus rashford🔥
Juan David
Juan David:
Fauzi Rahman
Fauzi Rahman:
Glory Glory Man. United 🔴