Highlights Manchester United - AZ | Europa League

Samenvatting van het Europa League-duel tussen Manchester United en AZ (4-0) op Old Trafford in Manchester.

Scoreverloop: 53. Young 1-0, 58. Greenwood 2-0, 62. Mata (pen.) 3-0, 64. Greenwood 4-0.

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Opstelling Manchester United: Sergio Romero; Ashley Young (67. Phil Jones), Axel Tuanzebe, Harry Maguire (67. Ethan Laird), Brandon Williams; James Garner, Nemanja Matic; Andres Pereira, Juan Mata, Mason Greenwood; Anthony Martial (59. Tahith Chong).

Opstelling AZ: Marco Bizot; Jonas Svensson, Jordy Clasie, Stijn Wuytens, Owen Wijndal; Fredrik Midtsjø, Calvin Stengs, Teun Koopmeiners; Yukinari Sugawara (67. Ron Vlaar), Dani de Wit (63. Ferdy Druijf), Oussama Idrissi (77. Thomas Ouwejan).

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100+ comentarios:

Ciaran Kennedy
Ciaran Kennedy:
You guys played really well in the first half. Safe trip home for your fans and best of luck in the next round ⚽️⚽️
Robert Mcewan
Robert Mcewan:
A very good win against a very organised AZ team, 2nd goal was a killer for them, definitely a foul, nobody will want AZ in the next round, they can be dangerous, 4-0 flattered us a bit, but good to see Ole's plan bearing fruit, bring on the next round and good luck to AZ 👍🏼
Greenwood haven't unlocked more celebrations yet, my guy is leveling up quick though.
Jordan Devlin
Jordan Devlin:
Dutch is such a weird and wonderful language. I feel like I can understand what is being said but can’t at the same time.
As a United fan the second goal shouldn't be given. It was a foul, happy for the win though
ashyyy cake
ashyyy cake:
Cheers guys you we’re class in the first half, good luck for your campaign 🙌
Greenwood looks so relaxed everytime he plays. Thats what i love about him
Dr. Sam Hill
Dr. Sam Hill:
Ashley Young gets a lot of stick, but bloody hell he has scored some blinding goals in his career.
Enomat Abbuh
Enomat Abbuh:
Worthy opponents, you played really well home and away
Man Utd Lists
Man Utd Lists:
Yous played well in the first half, good luck for Ajax at the weekend ;)
In the first half, you were dominating the game since the United's midfielders were not connected, and then after Ole pulled Mata a little bit deeper to support Matic and Garner, they started showing their class.

However, that was an entertaining match.
Good luck for the next round.
Thank you for coming Old Trafford.
Good Luck AZ.
Well done AZ. It was an amazing game, just unlucky with some shots 👍👍
Mr. Ritesh
Mr. Ritesh:
Pereiras displaying his brazillian DNA😂😂❤❤
Moksh 2632
Moksh 2632:
Massive respect for uploading this vid
Max Ukas
Max Ukas:
I hope Greenwood is the future Man Utd's legend
OOOOHH this first goal atack - WOOOW! Pure techique
What a CLASS all the united fans show az love en natuurlijk ik ook we gaan door jongen met streams az gaat daar ook in komen komt goed ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
D L:
Idriss and Stengs were really great. Much respect.
Agyemang AquilaLarweh
Agyemang AquilaLarweh:
Congratulations guys
U played very very well in the first half
And later lost concentration in the second half.
Well played
Wishing you all the best in your knockout game
you guys tried your best and the first half you were all over us, safe trip home to all the fans❤️🔴
Edy N edy
Edy N edy:
What a great performance 👏👏👏
Fultz 1813
Fultz 1813:
Fair Play. You guys played really well but sadly couldnt get the result you wanted. Good Luck in the Knockout stages!
Outstanding play from you guys in the first half!
Shahlazavier Q S
Shahlazavier Q S:
Matic still have the touch 💯
Good play from you guys in the first half, best of luck in the future.
Pavel Krasnodarskiy
Pavel Krasnodarskiy:
The first one was really good!
xXx D3ADsh0T
xXx D3ADsh0T:
Az was very good in the first half honestly 👏👏. Let’s go MANU youngsters
5:19 The ref said he took the ball, wow, good call
Jabir VDB
Jabir VDB:
Van een Ajax fan:

AZ ik hoop dat jullie ver komen en misschien zelfs Ajax loten😉
Veel succes nog💪
Hileni And Clicha
Hileni And Clicha:
glad seeing Mata being that guy again!!!
Chhuana Tlaubualchhuak
Chhuana Tlaubualchhuak:
Mason greenwood... He is always calm and love to score goals... I looks easy for him to score goals
Chan Chan
Chan Chan:
Tough defeat to take but you lots played really well and also deserved to make it out of the groups
Marv Mark
Marv Mark:
AZ boys played well hats of to you lot and their fans is mint!!! from a local red manc
Unlucky guys you didn’t deserve that heavy of a defeat. Good luck for the next round
John Addaquay
John Addaquay:
You gotta love the composure of greenwood. He doesn't just blast the ball into the net hoping to score like Rashford too. There is a lot of refinement in his technique and finnesse
You guys played well 👍
Melvyn Joey
Melvyn Joey:
Good performance from both sides.. AZ had chances in first half and Man Utd had chances in second half... And Man Utd got to finish and score when they get the ball
Ras wien
Ras wien:
Low driven shot from Mason that guy is so composed
Darielle Darwin
Darielle Darwin:
If Greenwod keeps performing brillianty, soon he's going to be like a flying Dutchman.
Wesley Edwards
Wesley Edwards:
Well played in the first half of the game AZ...but we just tun up our pace an momento in the second half an blow you guys away...all the best in the next rounds for you guys same way 👍👍
Hajduk Split
Hajduk Split:
Congrulations to Man United on winning against Az Alkmaar
Viettrung Truong
Viettrung Truong:
Still got a lot work to do,but well done lads.hope to see man utd in europa league final
Emmanuel Arthur
Emmanuel Arthur:
Real United fun but referee didn't judge well for the second goal it was supposed to be foul.Good work done
Gijs Hagedoorn
Gijs Hagedoorn:
Jammer maar wel trots en een eer om in dit stadion te spelen
Lâm Nguyễn Đức
Lâm Nguyễn Đức:
Good to see Mata has a score
S, Isa
S, Isa:
Greenwood is absolute the best Young academy player of Manchester this Guy is unstoppable..
Hugo Medina
Hugo Medina:
What a match for MU, but we have to be fair, it was a foul over AZ player at the 2nd goal.
Jammer Az maar we hebben gestreden!⚪️🔴⚪️🔴
Mata was awesome !!
Nice to see greenwood on the scoresheet
edi supriadi
edi supriadi:
Love to see young player have time to play,
Suradet Sangketkarn
Suradet Sangketkarn:
Mufc 🔥❤
Gadhu On It
Gadhu On It:
He make it look soo easy!!!
Joy Division
Joy Division:
Such a beautiful game, btw stengs similar look a like rashford
Was alsnog top om erbij te zijn!
Омурбек Сайпидинов
Омурбек Сайпидинов:
Матич тоже играл очень важный и ключевой роль естественно
Stijn H
Stijn H:
Overtreding waaruit de tweede doelpunt voort kwam en de overtreding waarvoor de penalty werd gegeven waren vrijwel identiek. Slaat nergens op en ik ben geneens een AZ fan
omondi k'osir clinton
omondi k'osir clinton:
So Anthony Martial skied that shot!! 😅
R.D. Daris
R.D. Daris:
Second goal shouldve been disallowed.
Norman Nkala
Norman Nkala:
Gud tactical play.chong and Gomez deserved to play too yesterday. It hurts to see young talented players sidelined all the time.Mr coach rotate too like you do with the goalkeepers...."
Wojciech Natanek
Wojciech Natanek:
nice won Lads! GGMU!!!
Gr8 game especially for greenwood
rowland jnr blay
rowland jnr blay:
Az played well too in the first half... but big ups to man United
Ahmed Musse
Ahmed Musse:
Bro, really good first half but next big team cumback mn untd 👈👉❤️
Gadhu On It
Gadhu On It:
All Glory to God
im sory AZ for the 4-0,because we need #GGMU
game astro
game astro:
4:02 i kill for this moment
Orson Rosas
Orson Rosas:
I’m happy to see so many nice United fans, you guys have a bad rep but I guess there’s plenty of nice people here and n the comments. Hard luck in the final yesterday, it was a good game!
Kyan Dokter
Kyan Dokter:
We zijn alsnog door💪🏻
Syno Osprey
Syno Osprey:
Congratulations on makeing it past the group stage u played great just shut of for 15 in the 2nd half
Del La Hoya
Del La Hoya:
I understand stand Mata is old and might be slow, but look at how many times the finds space in between the lines. 2 assists and a goal.
Joep Oudendijk
Joep Oudendijk:
Goeie eerst helft! Groetjes, 020
Justice Ojule
Justice Ojule:
greenwood is the real deal what a talent.
African Reaction
African Reaction:
From a city fan who staked a bet, thank you Man United, see you next year in Champs league
Mohit Hellan
Mohit Hellan:
Well done guys a top class team az want u to win the erdeviesie
muhammad hussain
muhammad hussain:
Nice played Manchester United♡
exactly as i had daht and expected if az would win it was pure luck but as expected manchester united has just what i expected
Diederik Van Der Bend
Diederik Van Der Bend:
balen, maar we spelen nog op 3 fronten dus hoofd omhoog!
Suka Piknik
Suka Piknik:
Mantap!! Good job MU
Subhayan Adak
Subhayan Adak:
Well played yesterday specially in the first half. Good luck against Ajax. 👍
Op naar zondag ❤️👊
Big Boss
Big Boss:
Thanks for the highlight, your channel faster upload highlight than man united channel.
saadaq cosoble
saadaq cosoble:
Az alkamar fantastic team from somalia 👌✋✋✋
Rival Ferdinand
Rival Ferdinand:
Respect AZ
Geoffrey Njoroge
Geoffrey Njoroge:
the only natural striker i know is Greenwood💯
Agung Pambudi
Agung Pambudi:
Very very good highlights 👍
Nurdin Zheng
Nurdin Zheng:
not AZ fan, but, thank you :)
Francis Tawiah
Francis Tawiah:
Man Utd should sign Stings
vladimir putin
vladimir putin:
The second goal wont count cos that was foul..
Alex A
Alex A:
Unlucky boys heard u log on the tram laughing at us in Dutch for losing against Newcastle we’ll take this !!
Linh Khánh
Linh Khánh:
Awesome Greenwood💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯
I can't believe Manchester United is still in the Europa League.
Goede voorbereiding voor zondag!
Edgard Rashnikopfff
Edgard Rashnikopfff:
Als Ajax fan vond ik het bizar om te zien hoe AZ heeft gespeeld! Jammer van de 2de helft maar veel kansen en goed spel! Nu moeten Amsterdam en Alkmaar Europa laten zien wat Nederland kan💪🏼💪🏼
People Of Culture
People Of Culture:
Greenwood should give long term contract from United.!
Nathan Bulus
Nathan Bulus:
We should sign some of az boys tho especially that boy steings
Morryne Chege
Morryne Chege:
Manchester has been doing good without pogba😊😊😊
2e goal had afgekeurd moeten worden dan hadden we misschien gelijk kunnen spelen of kunnen winnen, ze speelden echt niet veel slechter dan United
slaghekke Job
slaghekke Job:
Hopen op een goede loting
clifton Zumba
clifton Zumba:
My team keeping playing good tomorrow