HIGHLIGHTS | MARINE 0-5 SPURS | Vinicius, Lucas and Devine on target!

Watch full highlights from Tottenham Hotspur's 5-0 FA Cup win against Marine, including a Carlos Vinicius hat-trick, a fine Lucas Moura free-kick and our youngest-ever goalscorer, Alfie Devine!

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Patrickster 05
Patrickster 05:
Imagine seeing ur school teacher play as striker against TOTTENHAM
Goatdog 08
Goatdog 08:
Imagine having a world class player (Bale) just casually warming up at the end of your garden and mourinho sat right below you
The Unknown
The Unknown:
Can you imagine spurs team playing in a field beside your house 🤣
Mr Thunder Zapp
Mr Thunder Zapp:
Marine fc only conceded 5 remember man utd conceded 6 against Tottenham
Tottenham players against marine
Rookie Gamer
Rookie Gamer:
The best moment for me was Gareth Bale showing an imaginary card to Dele for his dive, 😝
Imagine looking out your bedroom window and seeing 4 time's champions league winner Gareth bale warming up 🤣🤣
dydwns tj
dydwns tj:
Congratulations Devine for the youngest ever goal for Tottenham!!
Arga Wibisono
Arga Wibisono:
Alfie scored his first goal on 16 y o, while me watching him scored on youtube at 16 y o. #COYS
Leatile Raseroka
Leatile Raseroka:
I hope the way Dele Alli took this match seriously, even though Marine was not a major threat, gives Jose enough trust to start bringing him back into the fold, I'd love to watch Kane look up and have him see Son And Alli sprinting ahead of him
Arvind C
Arvind C:
We want after match highlights.. where both the teams interacted
Oemah Kucing
Oemah Kucing:
Respect to marine
Cool Josh and Cool Pheba
Cool Josh and Cool Pheba:
Well done
Especially Alli, Vinicius and of course Devine
Alfie is talking about how he scored the goal in his zoom class today...
mino ro
mino ro:
That Alfie goal being the youngest to score in TOT reminded me of Son being the youngest scorer of Hamburg in his bundesliga debut xD
this is amazing. Marine is composed of your everyday men... respect!
Rifky Nur Ikhsani
Rifky Nur Ikhsani:
FA CUP = Symbol of Equality & Togetherness. Forget what tier you come from, just have fun to play together
Why is gedson even nervous against marine😭😭
Jerry Martek
Jerry Martek:
It’s funny how there’s so pictures of people watching the game from their bedroom
2:23 Damn, the ball dented the bar, what a shot!
You can stay at Home 🏡 sipping beer while you watch Spurs play.
Самашки Online
Самашки Online:
Jose Mourinho is managing so far, Tottenham may take the trophy this season
imagine scoring 3 and not passing to a prospect
feel sorry for marine,they put up a good fight for a club their size
7:10 he looks lost after realizing Jose is not around
giselle ng
giselle ng:
truly memorable
Orizon Gaming
Orizon Gaming:
its absurd how much talent this club has
Thomas Lefranc
Thomas Lefranc:
‘James barrigan binman by day and central midfielder by night.’ Quote of the year
Gavin Winks
Gavin Winks:
Cheers to Mou for playing Devine in the game. He was an absolute steal apparently. Levy a master negotiator as always.
David Green
David Green:
It reminded me of what the F.A cup was all about , it should act as a reminder that MANY small clubs struggle to make ends meet , and that gestures however small by footballing giants like Spurs CAN make a special occasion , magical
Vini’s first goal is how I always score my open nets in fifa 😂
Dingngheta Khiangte
Dingngheta Khiangte:
i can imagine the half time team talk, Jose will probably tell them to go soft
Greenfly 12
Greenfly 12:
I got to give loads of respect to Tottenham.
I have admiration for the way you approached the tie with Marine , professional , with complete respect for the FA cup and opposition.
I'm WBA and I'm ashamed to say that my team had the exact opposite approach.
Best wishes with the season and go grab that cup , it's got your name on it .
Wilfred B
Wilfred B:
i live near crosby, it was an experience not to forget
Island Life
Island Life:
Alfie is gonna be a serious threat should definitely hold on to him that strike was with pure confidence 👏🏽👏🏽
지미홍의 이중생활
지미홍의 이중생활:
Great game. Thanks for the players and supporters of Marine AFC!!! I was very impressed by their efforts and attitudes!
3:02 시선⚡⚡
Wynn Luin
Wynn Luin:
Mourinho: We will show them respect by picking a strong line up
Also Mourinho: Dele in starting 11...
Angela Thompson
Angela Thompson:
1:53 what a shot!

And 4:18 what a free-kick!
Congo Dubz
Congo Dubz:
Let me be the first to congratulate & 👏👏👏well done Vinicius on your first spurs hat trick !
Cezary Posłuszny
Cezary Posłuszny:
where mou was when the coach of marine looked to find him :D
Shane Roberts
Shane Roberts:
6:30 “weeeeeeyyyyy...... wankerー” 😂
Mario Prawirosudiro
Mario Prawirosudiro:
Marine is to commended for this match. Even against one of the world's strongest club, they didn't just roll over and give up, despite their eventual loss. We're talking about a club of part-time footballers here. Respect. 👍
Noe Diaz
Noe Diaz:
Damn if we (Spurs Fans) think about it Bale hasn’t been what we All thought he was gonna be once he rejoined Spurs again, he hasn’t Been BAD but he hasn’t been at our Expectations, I hope he Comes out and starts Making surprises for us…
Trystan Grant
Trystan Grant:
Imagine celebrating against a bunch of plumbers and teachers😂😂😂
Great win & show of character vs. Marine. Good job! We got Fulham next. Those rested like Lloris, Højbjerg, Dier, Ndombele, Bergwijn, Sonny & Harry can take care of business Wed. Let's go! #COYS
Lee Mitchell
Lee Mitchell:
Respect to marine never stopped fighting and big respect to José and all the spurs boys for giving 100% coys
Navin Mahatara
Navin Mahatara:
Great win. Some amazing performances from the players like Dele, Vinicious, Rodon.
Hope Vinicoius will get some more minutes in the PL after that Hatrick.
Beleive in Mou. The trophy will soon come to Spurs.
shakira de cabelo verde
shakira de cabelo verde:
brazilian boys, lucas and vinicius, well done 💚💛
확실히 비니시우스 잘한다
Donna Applin
Donna Applin:
Many respect to marine such a delightful little club 💙 ❤
Ginger Baker
Ginger Baker:
I Iike Vinicious. He just scores goals. He doesn't chase back or run about all the pitch etc. He just does his job. Scores goals.
Alex Gallion
Alex Gallion:
Respect for Marine a 8th tier team playing a Champions league team regular also respect for TOT for helping marine through the pandemic
Kiki Haitatsu
Kiki Haitatsu:
3:29 Mad goalie tries to kick to ball but hits the post🤣🤣🤣🤣
Gil Osorio Luis Roberto
Gil Osorio Luis Roberto:
Así debería anotar hat-trick vinicius en la Premier League 😅
cherry boy
cherry boy:
Little things amuse little minds
Little things amuse little minds:
Good frstival for MarineFC 👏👏
Donghyun Seo
Donghyun Seo:
Jose really showed a great respect to the team as he said from the match preview press interview.
katie mak
katie mak:
Hope Dele will not go, he is one of the excellent player in the world.
Bubba King 13
Bubba King 13:
Money Matters
Money Matters:
Need this pitch in fifa
Talha Zubair
Talha Zubair:
Job done, we go
Danny Kim
Danny Kim:
well done marine u guys fought well! rly proud of yall
ruaz p
ruaz p:
So nice to see it in live
Muhammad Gilani
Muhammad Gilani:
Mourinho was right to show respect to a small club by playing a strong team. Unlike a certain Aston Villa, playing their U23s against Liverpool.
Football impact
Football impact:
We the Tottenham Hotspur fans , hoping this season we gonna win some titles , lots of improvement in our players , really glad and proud to be ... Looks like Jose morinho have managed the team i very well
... Together we can .... Keep going 💪
Kengni goodjob~~~
Nayan Pradyumna
Nayan Pradyumna:
Dele was excellent after a long time !!
Hubba Bubba
Hubba Bubba:
Can we just appreciate how far Marine have made it into the cup. Their striker is a PE TEACHER.
Aarav Gupta
Aarav Gupta:
Vinicius is truly a gem!
DS AL7 tripstory
DS AL7 tripstory:
Lihat tu @indosiar lapangan gini aja sutingan nya keren
Football impact
Football impact:
I can't believe Spurs team playing near a house ... Wow man amazing to watch live 👏 , great job...
Pithecanthropus Erectus
Pithecanthropus Erectus:
3:15 i love how vini strikes the ball as if he shoots from 30 meters away
It hasn't been long since I started watching England football but I'm loving everything about it. This was so cute, I love how different their systems are and actually give all the teams the same opportunities.

Btw did they had to mention the jobs of the Marine players like that lol...
Kengni shot was awesome i must say, pity it hit the postbar but #ezWSpurs
다들 잘했어요 ㅋㅋ 알리때문에 큰 웃음지었네요^^
무리뉴 감독님 알리좀 칭찬해주세요
전 토트넘팀들이 너무좋아요 으샤으샤해서 우승컵 가져오자구욤
알리 아버지해주세요 너무 주눅들게하지말구요 선수들 다 무리뉴 가족이 잖아요
사랑은 큰 힘을 발휘해요 홧팅~~^^♡♡♡
Imsu lomou
Imsu lomou:
Dele is back😍
FaZe Craig
FaZe Craig:
Come on... 4th round! #COYS
Achmad Farizqi
Achmad Farizqi:
GG Marine #respect #coys
FrenchButter Cookies
FrenchButter Cookies:
Glad to see Dele, Vinicius, Moura, and the other lads did a good job. Congrats Devine for your first goal for Tottenham. Dele's trumble and Son & Bale's reaction was hilarious :-) Job well done.
Mark Dowse
Mark Dowse:
Spurs just took it easy on the Marine lads in the second half, obviously...... 😉

Well done to the young fella Mr Devine - great goal! 👍😄
Harlan brooks
Harlan brooks:
Full credit to Alfie divine brilliant
Gerki 666
Gerki 666:
I think Alfie will be an important player for us in 2-3 years!
And Vinicius should get some minutes in the Prem especially against Fulham and Sheffield im sure he can score and boost his confidence and relief sonny and kane!
Patrick Anusa
Patrick Anusa:
Alli playd nice and good the Middlefield indeed Spurs win without kane & son let's go my Spurs 🌟🌟
Well done lads. Showed them respect and played well to help them out
eiphyu win
eiphyu win:
#N17WHL angelo
#N17WHL angelo:
4th round next small club the gooners, COYS!!!!
한국 뉴스에 막 나오고 손흥민 앉자 있는데 캬~~손흥민 잘생겼네
Fikry Maulana
Fikry Maulana:
Bob Parsons
Bob Parsons:
Great credit to Marine. Nice looking pitch too.
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🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥
Joe hart ngelamun wkwk
Lalibela Lumumba
Lalibela Lumumba:
Will Doherty/Aurier-Tanganga-Rodon-Sessegnon be the back 4 for the future?
narasimhamurthy ramakrishna
narasimhamurthy ramakrishna:
Joel Ananthan
Joel Ananthan:
Just realised I'm also turning 16 this year lol
Time flies...
Smbep alexa
Smbep alexa:
I love it 😘
Ben Lee
Ben Lee:
3:08 what a sportsmanship