HIGHLIGHTS | Portugal 2-1 Ireland - 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifier

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It was heartbreak for Ireland as two late Ronaldo goals sealed a comeback win for the hosts against an Ireland side who gave their all.

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Saumitra Roy
Saumitra Roy:
This man was born to play football.Incredible passion for the game and for his country.
Charlie Liang
Charlie Liang:
CR7's movement for the second goal is amazing. He is behind the man but reads what's coming and steps in front at just the last minute to steal the ball away, leaving the defense clueless what just happened. The anticipation, timing and the movement. His football intelligence is of another level when compared to a normal international. It's the difference between good and great.
Noman Johan
Noman Johan:
What a player. Hope he will not retire for another 5 years, he is only getting better with age. He scored his last 50 International goals in less than 50 matches. That's 1+ goal ratio. Incredible!
ابو شيخ الغرباء - PS
ابو شيخ الغرباء - PS:
11:00 - notice PEPE’s attitude, how great his friendship is with CR7. He was willing to go pick up the CR7 jersey...and best of all, he flipped the jersey, sheathed the tire armbands to CR7. What e real brotherhood!. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
Jason Lee
Jason Lee:
I don't care how old he is, he is amazing! Also, O'Shea deserved the slap. The Irish goal keeper is excellent. Viva Ronaldo!
nado nhado
nado nhado:
On the last goal Pepe hugs the ball boy to join the celebration 😅
The Maharani's Closet
The Maharani's Closet:
This guys a beast. He will be playing at the highest level into his 40's.
Damn he really is the main character in his life
Ronaldo’s suspension is out of this world. He does this all the time when it’s needed the most. Hala Madrid. It’s so great to see two Madrid legends Pepe and Ronaldo play together against. The love is genuine.. Hala Madrid
He is worth be depend on whenever you need a comeback. His mentality bring spirit for the team when they need it the most. 🔥
Abi singh parmar
Abi singh parmar:
Cristiano is always there when his team needs him the most, it's not about just scoring goals it's more about scoring the most important ones that's why he's the GOAT 🐐
आमोस गुरुङ
आमोस गुरुङ:
after Cristiano scored the second goal, look at the celebration of Pepe hugging to the security with his right hand
The dedication is just unmatched. He’s like a kid just starting out for a big team every single time he steps on the football pitch.
The Spark
The Spark:
As a Portuguese I will admit to a lucky call, in my opinion that was a clear penalty by Palhinha, he shoved the Irish forward with his body quite clearly. As for Ronaldo, he never ceases, he will still be banging them in when he is 45 :-D.
I literally cannot stop myself from replaying the second goal over and over again!!! Viva El Ronaldooooo!
Username 384
Username 384:
Regardless of where you sit on the “Ronaldo/Messi debate...we are extremely blessed to have two of the greatest footballers playing at the same time on our generation
Sean Meng
Sean Meng:
Incredible Ronaldo! Man United would be very delighted to have him back!
Iroh Ehm
Iroh Ehm:
Feels bad for Ireland

That ending was like a FIFA match

Ronaldo is built different

Two great headers from Ronaldo
We played so well, in the end of course ronnie wins it for Portugal.
what I admire about Ronaldo when it comes about playing for his national team, he never backs up and never rejects to play for his team, no matter if it's just an exhibition match or qualifying stage and etc. he probably missed just a few games over the course of last 17-18 years.
you will tell me that scoring 110+ goals for national team is an amazing achievement
I'll tell you playing over 180 games for national team is just as spectacular achievement
kevin Oundu
kevin Oundu:
I already miss him even before he retires 😭😭
Armando Gomes
Armando Gomes:
quando o arbitro mostra o cartao amarelo a Ronaldo, parece lhe pedir desculpa !!porque esta a viver um momento istorico...parabens cristiano..pelo record .!💪💪🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹
Lukas Wolfs
Lukas Wolfs:
The administration PEPE has for Ronaldo is amazing 👏
ashish boora
ashish boora:
The clutchiest of clutch player I've ever seen. Man is on same table with Jordan. 🐐🐐
oladele mike
oladele mike:
Ronaldo is likely to play till 40's.He still possesses the agility at the top level.
Les Gilligan
Les Gilligan:
Great game, Best Irish performance I've seen in a long time, Bazunu was the stand out for me, some Great saves
Mutali Mudau
Mutali Mudau:
They grabbed a security who's in front of fans and celebrate with him🤗😂
CR7 keeps rescuing his nation in the most difficult times 😎
Respect for Pepe, because his take the shirt of Ronaldo when Ronaldo do celebration...

Samido Samido
Samido Samido:
What a moment for the goalkeeper. Good game feom both of the teams and congrats to the G.O.A.T
Valery Moniaga
Valery Moniaga:
Force of Nature this man is. Man Utd is going to be scary this season and this coming from a chels fan. Should be a cracking season!
For me it's the energy and Joy Ronaldo gives the funs, amaizing
Soumalya Datta
Soumalya Datta:
There had never been a more clutch player ever! The greatest of all time without a speck of a doubt!
Nassah Rakim
Nassah Rakim:
This match just made me respect Ronaldo much more. Never gives up always finds a way to score. Broke the international goalscoring record. He may not be the player he once was but he's still one of the greatest for sure. This is coming from a Messi fan, the Ronaldo we are seeing rn proves he still has that goalscoring ability he once had in his prime which is unreal
Dr. Negroni
Dr. Negroni:
That was an amazing penalty save! With the given context its even better!
your DISCOVERelax channel
your DISCOVERelax channel:
So happy for him for his great success. Yes, he has Talent... but this is also the result if iron will and hard work. Goat!
Rvve Duio
Rvve Duio:
Even ireland keeper conceed 2 goals at last. He should be proud of himself coz he stopped Ronaldo good freekick and penalty in 1 match at the age of 19😍😍
CR7 scores a wondergoal in Fergie time! At 36, he's still capable of the sublime. He seems to be able to float in the air, and still generate power. Maybe he'll play 2 good years for Manchester United and still have something left for a couple of years playing for Becks in sunny Florida!
johny dragon
johny dragon:
Whenever any team asks a question to portugal...cr7 always answers for his team.
João Rebocho OaW
João Rebocho OaW:
10:35 look at the Irish players getting on their knees before the king
yuvraj sharma
yuvraj sharma:
Ireland : There was an idea To bring together, a group of remarkable people To see if we could become something more
Ronaldo : In time you will know what it's like to lose to feel so desperately that you're right yet to fail all the same
Dread it.
Run from it.
Destiny still arrives
dolita windo
dolita windo:
The clutchiest of clutch player I've ever seen. Man is on same table with Jordan. 🐐🐐
Ireland had an amazing match, they gave 100% of their ability, unfortunately faced a Ronaldo who usually transitions into a mindset of coming back from a defeat no matter what. So many matches where he has done this, most memorable against Sweden a few years back, Spain in the World Cup, Netherlands in the EUROs and so on...
Sanjog Rai
Sanjog Rai:
I stopped watching after the 80th minute and went to sleep frustrated! I missed one of the greatest moment of cr7! How could I forget that cr7 is capable of doing this kind of heroics!
Liannaldo valentine
Liannaldo valentine:
the ref was like "sorry man, you know how it is it" and gave Ronaldo Yellow Card with a smile...
Nayaka Wicaksana
Nayaka Wicaksana:
What a mad lad. I thought Ronaldo vs Spain is one of his best performance that could never be repeated, and yet this mad lad shows bigger possibilities for that to happen.
Random Videos
Random Videos:
That clearly should've been a penalty for Ireland as well. Btw, both goal from ronaldo was out of this world🔥🔥🔥
shisir thapa
shisir thapa:
Even ireland keeper conceed 2 goals at last. He should be proud of himself coz he stopped Ronaldo good freekick and penalty in 1 match at the age of 19😍😍
Royal Me
Royal Me:
The God of football decided the breaking record goal would be a header.
Leo McCarron
Leo McCarron:
10:44 Pepe just grabs the security guard. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Joko JMC
Joko JMC:
9:21 classic ronaldo, he pushed def and then backtracked, because he knew his header was really strong
11:42 the ref really said sorry to Cristiano ❤️🤣
Moses Obasola
Moses Obasola:
100% motivation. Every successful team needs a CR7.
Bisola Yoyo
Bisola Yoyo:
Ronaldo makes me feel happy always Ronaldo you are my happiness in football I also welcome you back to Manchester United I wish you all the best 🥰🥰🥰
A header hits the post and the commentator went, "incredible save from Bazunu". The keeper was nowhere near the ball. 😁
Exploreworld of Sports
Exploreworld of Sports:
"He denied Ronaldo, He's a star already "🤣😂🤣🤣
Ronaldo 🐐
Ref had a smile and said sorry when he gave the GOAT the yellow card 😂
Marvin Brando
Marvin Brando:
Cristiano is an animal. I will miss this player when he retires.
Just as I thought Ireland has his win, Portugal always rigs it the last minutes.
4 days 2M veiwers this man's range🔥💥
7:34 Bruno almost score a goal from long range and that assist from our legend Ronaldo.
siba Superhero
siba Superhero:
I am blessed to watch messi and Ronaldo play ❤️❤️
They are definitely from another universe
For anyone to say it was missed on purpose you are dreaming, keeper did a good job in saving it
Purushottam Ghimire
Purushottam Ghimire:
Both excellent goals by Ronaldo though Ireland goalkeeper saved three times.
10:45 Pepe's like ball boy u celebrating with us as well😂
DeeTube Updates
DeeTube Updates:
am I the only one who watched this highlights more than once, CR7 is a goat and not forgetting Ireland's marvelous shoot stoppers ... great Goalkeeper
Pepe take his shirt & also give it to him (C) armband too. What a respect from pepe. Cr7 always there guys when he team need him the most. #GOAT
alida flus
alida flus:
Ronaldo is likely to play till 40's.He still possesses the agility at the top level.
Æthelstan Edwardsson
Æthelstan Edwardsson:
"Ronaldo threw a punch" - 🤣 Did they actually see the incident? Barely touched him!
changdiar Shan
changdiar Shan:
He deserves to be the goat👏👏
Amerul Al Rashid
Amerul Al Rashid:
That irish player was exactly like mcnugget, overreact, overrr its overrrrrr 🤣🤣
Pvt. Almost
Pvt. Almost:
"ANOTHER BRILLIANT SAVE..".. by the phenomenal solid post..
Abdul Ahad
Abdul Ahad:
He's love he's a class he's everything 🙌🇵🇰
Wow 😳. That performance is just amazing 🔥🔥🔥
Olie Zuka
Olie Zuka:
The thing that moves me about this man yes he is talented, it's his HIS HUNGER AND DRIVE.
lawrence khumo
lawrence khumo:
This man is unstoppable,keeps doing it again and again and again
Bilal Syed
Bilal Syed:
True and world class players show theirselves in tough time CR love you man. Keep it up.
niddg viiut
niddg viiut:
Regardless of where you sit on the “Ronaldo/Messi debate...we are extremely blessed to have two of the greatest footballers playing at the same time on our generation
C-Bastyan Aka
C-Bastyan Aka:
CR7 was amazing on his 2 goals, however, that is a victory for the referee against Irland. Very bad and deceiving refereeing. (1) The penalty given to Portugal is arguable, (2) the penalty denied to Irland was much clearer, (3) time was up and the referee still let it ongoing, Ronaldo scored after the 5 min extratime.
Bravooo to the yound Irland Goalkeeper.
Arif Muhammad
Arif Muhammad:
11:18 Respect to Pepe pick up cristiano's jersey and badge captain
Ylda Edita Ramos Soto
Ylda Edita Ramos Soto:
Eres el mejor CR7, nunca te das por vencido hasta el último segundo, un líder inigualable, el MEJOR.
Apit Idham
Apit Idham:
Cant wait to see him back at EPL
10:44 is the best when Pepe hugs the security guy to share his joy with everyone on the pitch xD
10:49 that guy that shaked CR7's hand is gonna use a glove for the rest of his life. He is never going to wash it for sure 😂
Waqar Hassan
Waqar Hassan:
No one has a "never give up attitude" better than Ronaldo 🇵🇹
Regdu Geht
Regdu Geht:
For me it's the energy and Joy Ronaldo gives the funs, amaizing
K1ng Gamer
K1ng Gamer:
Yo the 2nd commentator is DEPRESSED when ronaldo scored those 2 late banging headers the first one he complained how Ireland didn't get their subs on but the 2nr one he said it's just unfair
المغرب للعلوم والعملInternational
المغرب للعلوم والعملInternational:
Great things are accomplished by men who aspire to them, so that they go according to their desires, as long as their aims are noble and they do not deviate from them.
He’s a real hero! Congratulations!
We are witnessing greatness... soak it up boys. When Ronald retires there will never be anyone like him. GOAT
Amazing game by both teams.
João Coelho
João Coelho:
Our coach looks like is always suffering, even when we're winning, lmao!! xD
April Helmi
April Helmi:
That second goal show experienced beat any good current striker nowadays. He know his position offside before the cross and went back onside instantly when crossed made. Any haters said he only did tapping goals,but his real weapon is he know to place him in right position in a right time.
De Vries
De Vries:
poor Pepe hug security still cool ❤️
10:45 Its so funny because pepe was hugging the guard lmfaoo
elvis daod
elvis daod:
Breaking word record at age 36 . Shredded to the bone 🙌🏻
Malik Bilawal
Malik Bilawal:
Best for a reason 🔥🥺❤️
CteFox Zeus
CteFox Zeus:
Cr7 is just unstoppable. There is no limit to this guy's talent.
captain area
captain area:
In fact cr7 🥰 is truly a living legend👍👍👍 much love cr7 🥰
Olu Lawal
Olu Lawal:
He is very faithful to his team, hardworking, courageous, determined and goals oriented. He is my Number 1.