Highlights | Rashford & Martial strike again as Reds win | Crystal Palace 0-2 Manchester United

Enjoy the best of the action from Selhurst Park as superb strikes from Rashford and Martial saw the Reds win 2-0 against Crystal Palace in the Premier League.

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100+ comentarios:

Nobody's talking about De gea's saves🤯
Champions league qualifying race is more interesting than the premier league title race was.
Martial 17 league goals this season with 0 penalties. Underrated🤫
Aside the 3 points, i want to use this opportunity to wish Van Arnholt a speedy and enduring recovery 🙏 👍
De Gea was phenomenal today 👏
Dev Singh
Dev Singh:
When rashford scores martial scores 😂😂😂
Dooy 20
Dooy 20:
Rashford and martial giving me that Cole and Yorke connection vibe 🤤🤤🤤
Made Edo
Made Edo:
Then : Cole x Yorke
Now & the Future : Rashford x Martial
I hope Rashford & Martial can be consistent in the following matches and so on
Jirde Films
Jirde Films:
when Matic enters everything is changed big man
Lil dick Offical
Lil dick Offical:
Martials work rate is underrated
Ezekiel Nduli
Ezekiel Nduli:
I'm just glad it's over. Every fixture has got me on my toes.
Leo Browne
Leo Browne:
I remembered when we were 25 points off Leicester and look at us now... Top 4 for us is right there waiting, we can do this💯
Elias Sancho
Elias Sancho:
Goal Contributions since the Restart

10: Fernandes (1.31 per 90)
— 5 goals
— 5 assists

9: Martial (1.35 per 90)
— 6 goals
— 3 assists

6: Rashford (0.82 per 90)
— 3 goals
— 3 assists

5: Greenwood (0.81 per 90)
— 4 goals
— 1 assist

The Fantastic Four. 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Julio CaesarTM
Julio CaesarTM:
1:39 this Lingard's run made the space for bruno.
Hashley Dalloo
Hashley Dalloo:
Tony Martial he comes from France
English Press said he had no chance
Fifty millions down the drain
Tony Martial scores again
Marco Erlangga
Marco Erlangga:
Brilliant performance from David De Gea
Robertho Barends
Robertho Barends:
That Rashford run for Martial's goal should come with an age restriction 😈🔥🔥🔥
Curious Pug
Curious Pug:
We look so tired and gashed in these 2 last games.
This is showed us how important the depth in a squad, we need depth if we want to challenge for the titles next season.
Just Mahmud
Just Mahmud:
After watching this game I realize how important the partnership between Shawn and Rashford
Underrated partnership and that left side
Hope he can play against Chelsea later
Gustavo Oliveira
Gustavo Oliveira:
This team with Bruno Fernandes, Martial, Rashford and Pogba is lit 🔥🔥
Elvis Murege
Elvis Murege:
I'm getting Cole and Yorke vibes from rashford and martial link up🔥🔥🔥
Zaha always tires to score against us but he just can’t 😂
Mohamad Arif
Mohamad Arif:
"Sometimes we win, sometimes we learn"
Klay Thompson
Klay Thompson:
De gea was amazing today!
Mpendulo Nxasane
Mpendulo Nxasane:
Da Gea is at his level best. What a Goalkeeper 💯👌
The Imposter
The Imposter:
Before today we would only win if we played well. We didnt play well today but got the result. This is very reminiscent of Ferguson who used to do this when we were in title battles. Hopefully we get top 4 and then maybe next year into a title challenge. GGMU!!!!
Adam Gordon
Adam Gordon:
Martial and Rashford 44 goals between them 🔥🔥
Fauzan Zan
Fauzan Zan:
Bruno looked very, very tired I hope he's fine against Chelsea 😔
Black Hole
Black Hole:
I love Jose and respect the man but I can't believe I was fully supporting his decision to swap Martial for Willian, credit to Ole for getting the best out of both himself and Marcus this season.
Deco Hernandez Reyes
Deco Hernandez Reyes:
Otra vez me volvió la ilusión de no perderme ningún partido del United. Vamooss
Gul Makai
Gul Makai:
1st half were poor in second half we created more chances and shots . We need to improve our defense problems and put pressure on opponents.
Manchester United Lover
Manchester United Lover:
Just can’t wait for next season 🤩🤩🤩🤩
Mathias Zakaria
Mathias Zakaria:
Don't forget our heroes to day...De Gea, Rashford & Martial💪
Patrikas Sšč
Patrikas Sšč:
United for the champions league!!!👹❤️❤️
Fotis Kousvandelos
Fotis Kousvandelos:
The linkup between Bruno Rashford and Tony was brilliant they seem to have such an understanding with each other
Anyone who edit the crowd sound

I give you *respect* :')
on a serious note here, that was a terrible injury Van Aanholt suffered, landing on his shoulder. Wish him a quick recovery
ASY Motovlog
ASY Motovlog:
Fernandes look a bit exhausted this match.. hopefully he can recovery fast 🔥
Shawn Thomas
Shawn Thomas:
If united keep on fighting to get top four the will get their reward

Come on red devils
Klay Thompson
Klay Thompson:
Thank you united, let’s get ucl and sancho!!! GGMU
Hassan Abdi
Hassan Abdi:
Rashford finding his footing again👀🔥
Dejan Putra
Dejan Putra:
1:07 Just like 2012 against Mata's Free kick
Sliding Penguin
Sliding Penguin:
De gea scared to lose his position to Henderson XD performs like crazy
pak Agis
pak Agis:
The last games of the season would be an epic..... can't wait.
Syaiful Rohman
Syaiful Rohman:
Earnest Erhivwode
Earnest Erhivwode:
Happy to see Rashford score🔥🔥🔥🔥
Paulo Borges
Paulo Borges:
Bruno is on every criation goal 🙅🏾‍♂️🧢
Jiboooty !
Jiboooty !:
Scott Mctominay was amazing this game! He was strong and really did Do an amazing job. U should really let him play more
Sonu Sonu
Sonu Sonu:
Again an assist from Bruno🐐
Fernandes just turned this team into a scoring machine, great value .
ryan lmao
ryan lmao:
i'm so happy timbo started and played well. GGMU
sayyam nasir
sayyam nasir:
What a world class save from DeGea, absolutely majestic 🔥🔥🔥👍
Wisdom Ozubu
Wisdom Ozubu:
De Gea can save any relationship.👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
07. Kiran Sarvesh
07. Kiran Sarvesh:
Martial this season :
22 goals ⚽️
8 assists 🅰️
Minutes per goal contribution: 104

Rashford this season:
22 goals⚽️
8 Assists🅰️
Minutes per goal contribution:100

Whatta duo we have🔥
Yasmeen Hassan
Yasmeen Hassan:
Rashfords passing is so underrated istg
DAY 21
DAY 21:
Glory Glory Manchester United

From Indonesia 🇮🇩
Land 360
Land 360:
Degea was on fire today. And lindelof actually
Ka Seiha
Ka Seiha:
David De Gea come back to top save of legendary
Can replay Rashy's goal tease countless times. Our midfield was poor until Matic came in. Rashy and Martial's form is on fire! Degea is improving. Vital 3 points!
Kabeer p.s
Kabeer p.s:
What a season for martial 17 goals ! After the lock down he became very strong
a bit worried if ole still play the same starting eleven again, bruno looks so tired, i hope he will fully recovered when we meet chelsea at the FA Cup semi-final
Olufunke Awosika
Olufunke Awosika:
Rashford goal was sensational and amazing see how he dribbled
Rachit Verma
Rachit Verma:
Lingardinho has really had an impact on the team. What a player.
Kamran 7
Kamran 7:
Just need to win the rest of our games cmon reds❤️❤️❤️❤️
Pablo Correa
Pablo Correa:
Bruno, Bruno, Bruno
He's from Sporting like Cristiano
He goes left, He goes right
Makes defender look sh*Te
He's our portuguese Magnifico
My heart was on my mouth until we scored the 2nd goal
Congrats DDG1 for equalling the clean sheet record and thank you for saving us🙏
strawberry farmer
strawberry farmer:
Rashford's composure in front of goal is exceptional these days
chris j
chris j:
Man U look incredible at the moment. Just need one more CM, CB and RW
Man Ma
Man Ma:
give them a rest and put the fa cup a second priority.
without cl qualification but win the fa cup is meaningless.
This was such a Mourinho performance, our boys need rest.
baker sendagire
baker sendagire:
Martial is getting to another level
Shreeyash Dhungana
Shreeyash Dhungana:
No doubt de Gea was on 🔥🔥🔥🔥 today
Abdirahman Hussein
Abdirahman Hussein:
Keep strong boys more 2 Games GGMU❤🇸🇴✌
Jaime Moreno
Jaime Moreno:
De Gea's performance today was flawless.
Brian muchiri
Brian muchiri:
Super dr rashford... Love from Kenya
Suvit Manomaiyanon
Suvit Manomaiyanon:
Dear Admn. of Man Utd., Appreciated yr excellent edited clip (not too short & not too long). ⚽️👍
Should have showed Rashford dribbling past the 3 players for the assist to Martial
A S:
Didik Saputro
Didik Saputro:
Finally find another back up for full back. Fosu mensah did really well today, a lot better than dalot
Rainbow Dance
Rainbow Dance:
Fernándes has become an indispensable part of United with the strong positive impact he has created to United since his arrival. Eager to see him top the scoring next season
That Martial, rashford and greenwood partnership is going to be scary in the next few years
what a magnificent goal by Martial
Elvis Mumbwani
Elvis Mumbwani:
Bruno's gameplay is outstanding 👌
Real threat and he is unpredictable 🤔
x tragicsx5
x tragicsx5:
It was so intense couldn't get my eyes off the tv
Saint Wretched
Saint Wretched:
You can't have Cole and Yorke without the depth of Teddy and Ole
Vicky Sieto
Vicky Sieto:
crazy! rasford martial its amaizing duo! i want them play together regularly
Nobody's talking about the invisible crowd roar and breakdancing head spin? 1:58
Bruno's passing game is similar to what Paul Scholes used to do. Those quick long ground and air pass is magic.
Javier Medina Conde
Javier Medina Conde:
Fernandes so effective in the build Up to the last goal
Savio Sebastian
Savio Sebastian:
Hope everyone regain their energy in 24 hours
Diptodeep Majumder
Diptodeep Majumder:
Underrated performance from David De Gea
Christian Ozorio
Christian Ozorio:
Top Quality Finish by Anthony and Marcus, De Gea Man Of The Match and fast Recovery for Van Anholt 🙌
SummonerBraddy SG
SummonerBraddy SG:
Last time I saw De Gea saved a free kick or anything near the top corner, he won the Golden Gloves. Glad to see him playing very well
0:58 what a save by De Gea!!😱
Oh, Rashford, what a genious goal.
Mayhem Felix
Mayhem Felix:
1:37 Jesse Lingard is quick 👍🔥🔥
henry muriuki njeru
henry muriuki njeru:
The moment when zaha took off his shirt and alas! Nadani ni red
Heni Nugroho
Heni Nugroho:
Back on the track.. champion league on target.. matur nuwun
shimul sarkar
shimul sarkar:
Martial turning into Lewandowski right before our eyes! Brilliant
Martial and Rashford together is like watching Yorke & Cole 99'