HIGHLIGHTS | Rayo Vallecano 1-2 Barça | Copa del Rey

Enjoy the highlights of Barça's victory over Rayo Vallecano as Ronald Koeman's side booked their place in the next round of the Copa del Rey.


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FC Barcelona
FC Barcelona:
MESSI back and MESSI on fire! 🔥🔥 👉 https://youtu.be/v2VdT2fmEbw
Aras HD
Aras HD:
*Leo Messi*
_Best Of The World_
أيوب حجي | Ayoub Hajji
أيوب حجي | Ayoub Hajji:
Nash Almeida
Nash Almeida:
Why no one is praising Griezmann? He was the soul if todays game
Ro Qu
Ro Qu:
Everybody talks about Messi, when no body talks about the great play Pedri makes with Griezman and he assist on Messi, Barça needs more plays like this
If griezmann Messi and de Jong plays like this, then we can expect a new Barca with full potential coming very soon.
We want Barcelona to lift this trophy to avoid trophyless season.
Deez Guyz
Deez Guyz:
Messi's last goal attempt was a roast against the keeper. He made him go down, too bad it didn't get in. Messi is still GOAT. Ronaldo may have most goals, but Messi... He has skill that even Maradona and Pele would want.
Edit: WOW! 160 likes 😂 Thank Y'all. Messi is the GOAT
Shohel Dybala
Shohel Dybala:
Messi- Griezman
Messi- Alba- De Jong
What a combination ❤️❤️
Ali Alaa
Ali Alaa:
Messi was having fun in the last attack 😂
Vishnu Sankar
Vishnu Sankar:
4:18 thats a gem of a pass
shsjjsk svsbwn
shsjjsk svsbwn:
Frenkie de Jong has to be player of the month. Amazing performance this month🔥🔥
Titanos. K
Titanos. K:
Frenkie has become a nice goalscorer. I see him on the sheet every now and then !!
Messi and Greizmann deserve praise as well !!
voila hulu
voila hulu:
Love how grizi understood when to run and wer on de jong's pass which led to messi goal. Grizi is steadily understanding the barca way.
MT10 Creations
MT10 Creations:
De jong is having an amazing season at barca he already scored many goals..he is back in the form like before in the ajax😍😍
RizkY AdiTyA
RizkY AdiTyA:
4:48 epic moment
Nik Pala Gaming
Nik Pala Gaming:
That ball from Messi to Alba will never get old! The precision of that ball is just too good.
Gaston Kitabayashi
Gaston Kitabayashi:
De Jong hace goles casi todos los partidos y muchos dicen q Fede Valverde es mejor
Grizzman just needs more confidence in front of goal De jong is pure class 🔥 Messi still Messi
Babe Evans
Babe Evans:
Great game , De jong , Messi , Greizmann and Alba
Fhhuo Ghikhh
Fhhuo Ghikhh:
Don't forget Riqui Puig also showed his class today
Messi playing with them like if he was in the playground when he was younger😂😂
Dejong is amazing he is the one who makes barca win in difficult times great help by youngster keep going
Sushil Shrestha
Sushil Shrestha:
Our French🇫🇷 man Griezmann isn't selfish ❤💪
Barca plays more freely without messi and wins i think messis playing makes it difficult for them
Gonzalo Barrios
Gonzalo Barrios:
Muchos hablan de messi pero nadie del gran rendimiento de de jong en los ultimos partidos
Frenkie de jong with an important pre-assist and goal and messi also a pre-assist and goal
Sir Sam Theodore the Third
Sir Sam Theodore the Third:
The way Messi falls onto the turf like a kid after missing that chance with his right foot is hilarious. Anyways, gg bois. ForcaBarca💪
2:47 Dembele "Oh putain" 😂😂😭
Roshan Roy
Roshan Roy:
Griezmann played well again. Good assist 😎
The Marlon10
The Marlon10:
Riqui lo ha demostrado , se merece esto y mas , Visca Barca ❤️
Garçon Paúl Ed’son
Garçon Paúl Ed’son:
De jong esta haciendo gol en cada partido ✨🥇
Cooker List
Cooker List:
Something tells me they will bottle it again
Muluken Zewge
Muluken Zewge:
Does penalty rules change when barca plays
De Jong has to be player of the month
Pro Philmz
Pro Philmz:
1:50 three open players and he shoots, so pathetic
Leader of the band
Leader of the band:
One of the reason why I love messi is because of his assists and passes
amit youtube
amit youtube:
1:51 if they had given ball to messi he would surely scored.
Nana Yaw
Nana Yaw:
Ego else watched the game and still wants to watch the highlights? 😂
When messi is in big difference everytime
Davino Vlog
Davino Vlog:
Viva Barca
William B161
William B161:
Congrats on winning Barça you really deserve it victory your the best I’m very happy for you Barça
Hope you hit 11M soon
Aref Karimi
Aref Karimi:
The way Barca plays is like when I play Fifa and my hands are sweaty :D
ഇവിടെയും ക്രോസ്ബാർ ആയിരുന്നോ വില്ലൻ😂😂
Micheal Mpana Jr
Micheal Mpana Jr:
De Jong is team player men is a genius. Great work from our boys 🤝
F F:
1:52 Trincão não passou a bola para o Messi. Seria gol do gênio com certeza! Vacilou Trincão 😡🤬
Rani Sony
Rani Sony:
4:52...see messi......like a child who is playing hide and seek and hid in the most difficult place but still get caught.....😂😂😂😂
When de jong scores more goal than dembouz and grizu...
Luis Gutierrez
Luis Gutierrez:
Thanos: Te ganaste mi respeto Frenkie de Jong😀
06. Soham Sarkar
06. Soham Sarkar:
4:50 I wish that would have gone inside. I mean it would have been such a nice goal.
Coming from a Ronaldo fan.
The way that guy went past Lenglet was too easy, I hope Koeman sees that Umtiti should be starting in the near future !!!
What an amazing performance by Dimitrievski, what an goalkeeper.
Timur Perdebaev
Timur Perdebaev:
Messi, De Jong, Grizzi, Alba, Arauxo, Puig, Pedri, Mats in short all of the members of team are perfect! Good job, guys
Rubina Shaheen
Rubina Shaheen:
the ball from de jong to griezmann and messi to alba 🔥🔥🔥
Rakan Al Daheri
Rakan Al Daheri:
De jong is rn on his prime!!
Davide Totaro
Davide Totaro:
de jong is so important. he's sooo good
oduro daniele kyei boahen
oduro daniele kyei boahen:
4:47 that pass from Pedri!!!
Brayan Zamarripa
Brayan Zamarripa:
De Jong con gol cada partido y participando en las jugadas de otros goles Enhorabuena por De Jong
Shuma Atiqunnassa
Shuma Atiqunnassa:
3:17 lenglet got done by a 2nd devision player
He can’t defend for sh**
Johnny Johnson
Johnny Johnson:
Looks like Trinçao is improving 🔥🔥🔥...
De Jong está jugando mucho. Espero que algún día pueda convertirme en un buen jugador de pelota como Messi
Trincao, puig, de jong and messi: brilliant performances tonight. ❤️💙🔥🔥Really happy to see trincao getting more minutes and playing really well too, he was unlucky not to get a goal tbh. But this is what we need to see more of, this is the trincao we want❤️💙happy for griezmann too with another assist! 🔥🔥🔥
(Good) Tanasak Voravetvudhikun
(Good) Tanasak Voravetvudhikun:

Messi..goes for the right foot!.....

missed it!

Btw no mean comments plz Messi is the G.O.A.T
Ansu Fati 22
Ansu Fati 22:
De jong step up one more time this season. He is a worldclass midfielder with no doubt.
Aaron C
Aaron C:
Who else hates when the opposing team doesn't even score deserved goals?
1:52 dude had Messi wide open
But selfishly took the shot himself smh
Josimar Aragão
Josimar Aragão:
Pedri final pass to Messi 🔥😍
Shreyash Borade
Shreyash Borade:
4:48 , Yes we saw him Drifting again😍
NTA Games
NTA Games:
4:49 Messi just toying with the opposition team 😅
Charbel Saikaly
Charbel Saikaly:
YES WE DID IT! But we need to improve the finishing because we missed too many chances
Riqui Puig, we love you <3
Yogesh Vaddi
Yogesh Vaddi:
Keep Pedri, DeJong, Puig as Midfield and groom them and we can seeee Messi at Barca till 40
Okeke Uzoma
Okeke Uzoma:
Wow!! How on earth did Messi blow up that last supposed goal... like he was playing with the goal
mario omar
mario omar:
De Jong on 🔥
Andrew Ngwenya
Andrew Ngwenya:
Messi is by far the Greatest Footballer i have ever seen😍😍 His Gameplay, Assists, Decison Making and Goals is what makes me love the beautiful game of football
Ilham Ando
Ilham Ando:
4:50 best moment😅😍
Mariano lopi
Mariano lopi:
4:17 esas jugadas necesita el Barcelona, (partiendo de messi para jordi alba y después define el 9)
Amirul Shaqil
Amirul Shaqil:
Only Messi can pull that last one 😂
De Jong 🔥 what a player
Ian Emuron
Ian Emuron:
🐐10 always shows his presence with a goal
Saikat Roy
Saikat Roy:
I wonder De Jong will probably be good at goalkeeping, too!😄
Aditya Saraswati
Aditya Saraswati:
3:51 magical pass from De Jong 😲😲😲
In this game we should appreciate our forwards(messi,griezmann) and our midfielders(dejong).
Frenkie de Jong is on 🔥
Camila Castillo
Camila Castillo:
Lo de De Jong es increíble 🔥
We gotta give prompts to Griezmann 🔥🔥🔥‼️to
Bhargav anand
Bhargav anand:
4:48 instead of dribbling messi could scored that goal very easily by just chipping the ball through goalkeeper but...... 😔
One can only try to understand an equal, judgement occurs from a pedestal 🔺
c ñorito pica papas
c ñorito pica papas:
4:48 cuando te haces una jugadaza en el area rival en el fifa y por lo emocionado presionas X
Leo Messi
Leo Messi:
Izaz Khan
Izaz Khan:
The GOAT is back❤️
Dhanvith k.r
Dhanvith k.r:
Now there are two goat players one is f de Jong and messi ❤🤘
Keen Observer
Keen Observer:
That's what I want to see more when Messi drops deep De Jong have to make forward run from midfield.
Ahia The Great Shih Tzu
Ahia The Great Shih Tzu:
Incredible job from the home side goalkeeper!
Vir Bhutani
Vir Bhutani:
How is griezmann still playing so well, even after playing SO MUCH over the last several games
Saurab Mani Rimal
Saurab Mani Rimal:
Messi was really amazing as always and De Jong was too.
We must win Copa Del Rey to avoid trophyless season.
Sukma dek
Sukma dek:
Messi well played 👏👏👏💖
Hearing the players call each other is so fun. 😂😂
M. Faiz Rizani
M. Faiz Rizani:
the fact that de jong is actually an amazing creative playmaker yet he score goals too is outstanding.
Razib Shakil
Razib Shakil:
Messi's last run was amazing.