Catch the highlights of Barça's final pre-season test ahead of the start of the 2020/21 season at the Camp Nou in the Joan Gamper trophy!


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100+ comentarios:

Vincenzo Gargiulo
Vincenzo Gargiulo:
Gibril Jallow
Gibril Jallow:
If this defence line isn't fixed, we will be hammered well soon. No worries.
Michael Soegianto
Michael Soegianto:
Why tf are we selling Puig?! He's easily the most talented midfielder we have
Xavi Neira
Xavi Neira:
At this point I’d rather have Trump in barca than Barto
Anggha Lionadi
Anggha Lionadi:
Finally there's no stupid square on that shirt.
Who Want Bartomeu OUT
jamaican bwoii
jamaican bwoii:
0:12 So why aint i hear no one talking about the pass from messi to alba..
Nixon Sanchez
Nixon Sanchez:
Our attack is looking incredible, but our defense still needs work.
Sexy Abs
Sexy Abs:
Barca waste a lot of chances and Elche keeper is good and on top form. Could've been at least 4-0 though. 🤷‍♂️
Yordi Cheung
Yordi Cheung:
Ansi fati is so confident and skilled. He MAY be a top 5 player in his prime
Santiago Mira
Santiago Mira:
If they sell to riqui puig this is not a club is the misery of football
Abdullah Musa
Abdullah Musa:
It's really funny 😂 seeing Barca defense trying to defend.
Task Force
Task Force:
Good performance especially by Griezmann, Coutinho,Messi, De Jong, Fati just happy to see our side on the Winning one once again.
Osman 736
Osman 736:
For people criticizing koeman for not playing youngsters:
1.Guys it's preseason he had only 3 games to experiment with whole squad.
2. There is a specific plan in which a team plays and if a player doesn't fit in he won't do his best.
3. İt's not like FIFA or Pes that u can make a player do good in any position u want
4. The issue is more than skill. Take an example of Arthur Melo. He was a great midfielder, but he hardly did well after 50 minutes in a game and had to be subbed in almost every game and hardly played 90 mins.
5. Victor font has already said that if he becomes president koeman will not be a Barca coach.
6. So be patient if u want to see him out.
7. Bartomeu out.
Reverse That
Reverse That:
Messi always find someone to score goals or who can assist.
What a vision!
We definitely should’ve scored more than 1, im not disappointed, im glad dembele and coutinho are back 🔥
Why is no one talking about that thumbnail LMAO. Looks like they’re kissing
its nice to hear coutinho speak spanish, for portuguess is easy to learn it.
the Vat
the Vat:
EA logic: LeTs DoWnGrAdE MeSsI PaSsInG
Boy Kelly
Boy Kelly:
Elche a second division team, with no stars. Mvp Elche.
antoni Lyrics
antoni Lyrics:
What skills from couthino I think he's going to shine this season 🔥
Jared Sanchez
Jared Sanchez:
When I saw the thumbnail I thought it was Zlatan 😂😂
This is the best name i could come up with
This is the best name i could come up with:
Coutinho: I want to look like Perisic
Barber: Say no more
Gusde Tanaya
Gusde Tanaya:
Wow Elche keeper literally saved like 10 goals. Give that man a cookie.
Abraham Gutiérrez
Abraham Gutiérrez:
Bartomeu resignation!! Ter Stegen doesn't renew his contract and now they want to get Riqui Puig out. Where are we going with this incompetent directive??
We need the votes of the partners to get Bartomeu and his board of directors out as soon as possible.
Laporta or Victor Font next President!!
The best player in this Games is not Coutinho, is a goalkeper of Elche
Kayyisah adya Muharani
Kayyisah adya Muharani:
Ok this is enough. Theiy playing so good but still bartomeu out
Herculano Junior
Herculano Junior:
Tô orgulhoso de vcs mesmo com toda essa bagunça que a diretoria fez vcs estão jogando muito parabéns visca Barça 👏👏👏👏👏👏
Coutinho: I want to look like Perisic Barber: Say no more
True Alpha
True Alpha:
2:36 this just gives out flasbacks of the same defence that lost against bayern, liverpool. Buy defenders plzz
Riaz Masud
Riaz Masud:
Coutinho is doing really GOOD 2 goals in three matches a few assists and AMAZING Dribbles. Also Messi has been doing Amazing Goals Dribbles Passes.Give PUIG a CHANCE easily most talented with a lot of potential.
Petro Kishchuk
Petro Kishchuk:
2:25 What a move! Vamos Coutinho 👏👏👏
Uzta Vizaki
Uzta Vizaki:
At least 10 attempted couldn't convert it as a goal. Good performance just need more communication who as a target man.
Morgz is the best Youtuber in the world, nigga
Morgz is the best Youtuber in the world, nigga:
Is nobody going to talk about the Elche’s goalkeeper?
Mystic Boi
Mystic Boi:
Honestly I think coutinho was lying when he said he felt good coming back to Camp Nou
Griezmann going better!!! Keep it up, we hope a lot from you.
YQ Cui
YQ Cui:
You can easily feel the intense atmosphere from their face. That "I need to seem happy here cuz we won" "I need to careful not to talk about our real problem" face. So familiar.
Guinhø Lč
Guinhø Lč:
MT bom! Mudou da água pro vinho estou gostando do jeito que o Barça vem jogando, o time todo jogando meio campo top! So trablhar a finalização que fica 100 %. Visca Barça !! 🙏🙋🙋
Huy Lê
Huy Lê:
Congratulations on winning the trophy, even though it doesn’t count as an official one. Hope that this is not the only trophy we will have this season.
Trinh Vu
Trinh Vu:
This year Barca has a blue away kits jersey like 2019 ?
Daniela Gómez
Daniela Gómez:
2:27 coutinho
Agung Surya Bangsa
Agung Surya Bangsa:
Elche's goalkeeper is surely the Man of The Match.
Lazy K Studios
Lazy K Studios:
2:47 did they just play the song “What You Know” in the background?
Again *Messi proves that there is magic in real life*
Messi, Countinho y Griezmann vamos por todo!!! 💙❤️
Reese Holt
Reese Holt:
Dammmmn them new kits are 🔥 also Messi seems so damn comfortable passing to Coutinho even tho its been a long time away from each other
Hanif indiyarto
Hanif indiyarto:
"Don't sell puig"
"Don't sell puig"
"Don't sell puig"
"Don't sell puig"
Golden Circle
Golden Circle:
I' m a Messi fan from INDIA. Can Messi give a Hai For this comment. Plss🇦🇷🇮🇳🔥
Delayed Creator
Delayed Creator:
Trincao could've scored today but the luck was not with him
dhawal c
dhawal c:
Just some great finishing and we could've scored 4-5 goals easily
Diki Ki
Diki Ki:
I love to see Countinho drible❤
Shahnaz Shamim
Shahnaz Shamim:
People who just watch UCL and highlights don't know how massively underrated Puig is, he is the best midfielder in the team
Hope victor font or laporte comes soon!!!
Yvonne Kordorwu
Yvonne Kordorwu:
Man of the match should be
Elche Goall keeper
He stopped all the shots
Nikhil Narayan
Nikhil Narayan:
Dam at last Coutinho is on fire🔥🔥🔥
This maybe his best season 🔥
mala freak
mala freak:
why always this Messi-Alba combination😏
Pankaj Mishra
Pankaj Mishra:
Coutinho was on fire 🔥🔥🔥
Griezmann,Coutinho and Dembele Are Back With A Bang🔥🔥🔥
Cristian Angel
Cristian Angel:
I said it an I repeat it ... Coutinho came back whit an amazing level
Young players' pass feints were superb!!! 🔥
Mhmmd Ansyari
Mhmmd Ansyari:
Coutinho 🔥🔥🔥
Eu amo o Barça so que pouca confiança com o Coeman
Samuel Guerrero
Samuel Guerrero:
Coutinho mvp

Marta Lopez
Marta Lopez:
Coutinho the best of the party 🔥🔥
Nihal Rehim
Nihal Rehim:
We had a good game...we need to improve on finishing and desperately need to get a good defender...
Kayden Neath
Kayden Neath:
I'm keeping my expectations low but I'm actually excited
Fabricio Ortiz
Fabricio Ortiz:
Uhhh amigo, noo un gol solo, no me imagino cuando juegue la liga 8 con cualquier cuadro se comen😂 metan los goles, los deja solo Messi al lado del arco y erran todo🤦🏾‍♂️
Griezmann should score a lot this season!!!
Durud Ahmed
Durud Ahmed:
We went from proudcing best talent to proudcing old players
Sterling Migu
Sterling Migu:
Ultimate Dembele is back 🔥🔥I’m happy to see him fighting for first 11
Phuc L. Nguyen
Phuc L. Nguyen:
We deserve so much more than 1 goal :(( what an unlucky day !
Dhyanjyoti Sharma
Dhyanjyoti Sharma:
Puig worked so hard, you guys are just demoralizing this amazing talent. Puig>>>>> pjanic
Are you serious about selling rique puig?!
Força Barça❤️💙
Mera Sameer
Mera Sameer:
Messi pass👑GOAT❤🐐❤
MITS Koala
MITS Koala:
Its good to see coutinho doing well, ow and BARTOMEU OUT !!
Habibullah Al Saim
Habibullah Al Saim:
The Little Magician is back
Love u Coutinho what a performance
Arsim Ajdari
Arsim Ajdari:
2:27 what a pass from Coutinho but Trincao was really unlucky. The goalkeeper made a great performance
Evan Ethans & Eliza's Kingdom
Evan Ethans & Eliza's Kingdom:
and there is a need to improve the defence
Griezmann y Couthino recuperando su nivel 🔥🔥🔥
Messi ❤🔥 n coutino ❤🔥
Mohnad Bnnu
Mohnad Bnnu:
Visca barcelona🙌🙌🙌❤❤❤
Mohammed Riahi
Mohammed Riahi:
Finally we'll see the liverpool coutinho
Passion Nation
Passion Nation:
We played pretty good but we didn't score many goals because there Goalkeeper was really good
Mr. LOL:
Jan Oblak was possessing Elche's goalkeeper lol....too many saves 😂
I really love the new jersyes!
Marwan Chabili
Marwan Chabili:
I had high hopes on our midfielders until they decided that they want riqui puig out instead of selling old players like roberto and busquests

this club is a joke
Akshai Kanishwar
Akshai Kanishwar:
nice to see the neymar instincts in coutinho but the defense is a bit sloppier when it comes to crucial attacks
Kedar Shenoy
Kedar Shenoy:
The highlight got over literally after the first attack!!😁
Salim CP
Salim CP:
I just want to say that the keeper Elche did great stop our legend by energetic dives and reflexes
Mr. Dyce
Mr. Dyce:
Coutinho was amazing, hopes he gets the starts and the goals next season, Puig has got to stay...
Naman Kumar
Naman Kumar:
2:55 lol blinding lights i thought spainsh peopel didn't listened to english songs
Killer _0
Killer _0:
Hay que tener confianza en coutinho y dembélé, están mostrando un mejor rendimiento
Coutinho played verlas well 👍🏼
The Second
The Second:
M so much impressed by the Coach, he has got very positive attitude!!
Dick Thunder
Dick Thunder:
Coutinho 🔥
That pre-assist from messi 😍 I've always said that messi is by far the best pre-assister in the world (with many other things) and this is why. He always finds the pass to break the defence even when the defence is fully compact. Who else can consistently always do this...
mikin lirou
mikin lirou:
Coutinho: I want to look like Perisic Barber: Say no more
Denny Gangmei
Denny Gangmei:
I really like this Barca's jersey... It makes them look like a king player. 😍😍😘
: Antypas
: Antypas:
I wonder if, when Messi retires, he will take over the youth academy, and train them to be the future of Barca teams.