HIGHLIGHTS & REACTION | Barça 3-1 Girona

Enjoy the highlights from Barça's 3-1 friendly win over Girona FC with goals from Philippe Coutinho and Leo Messi, and all the reaction from manager Ronald Koeman and the American winger Konrad de la Fuente.


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FC Barcelona
FC Barcelona:
🚨 Remember you can watch our last friendly match against Elche this Saturday LIVE on Barça TV+ 👉 http://barca.link/fpYK30r8AZu
Koeman certainly is bringing the best out of Coutinho and Griezmann. Araujo is just a pure talent at the back❤️💙
John Joerell Bumagat
John Joerell Bumagat:
The first goal man. How did Messi know Trincao was gonna go there? I bet he can hear his teammates footsteps. What a GOAT 😂
Joaquin Velez
Joaquin Velez:
Barcelona jerseys color looks like the outcome of when I used to accidentally put red clothes with white in the washing machine
Ugwueke Sixtus
Ugwueke Sixtus:
The first goal need be commemorated. That messi's pass was so perfect, What an alien. More likes for the G.O.A.T
Ajay Parab
Ajay Parab:
How the hell messi see trincao takin that run from behind.
Just G.O.A.T things🙏🔥
Christopher Becerra
Christopher Becerra:
Listening to Messi’s first goal when it hits the post is so satisfying 🔴🔵
Pranav Chhabra
Pranav Chhabra:
at 1:18
Messi (in his mind): the post is bartemou.... the post is bartemou.
Jaeger Meister
Jaeger Meister:
Messi again, i cant imagine Barca without him
Rachit Jindal
Rachit Jindal:
2:22 that was an amazing run by Konrad if only Pedri could convert it
Syaufi Shaharuddin
Syaufi Shaharuddin:
messi can score 2 goals n 1 assist when hes unhappy at the club damnn
Divyansh Agarrwal
Divyansh Agarrwal:
2:41 Classic Dembele stuff. Will split open the defence with his pace and quick turns only to shoot wide off the goal or straight into the keepers hands. He needs to improve his game inside the box. Has been wasteful in front of goal number of times.
 Mr. Pineapple 94
Mr. Pineapple 94:
once Dembouz gets his finishing right, he is going to be a headache for opponents.
Emilio Estrada
Emilio Estrada:
Everyone: Oh what a goal Messi!
George Adwaith
George Adwaith:
Pele: Messi cannot use his right foot
Messi: 1:00 hold my boots
Himanshu Verma
Himanshu Verma:
Trincao, Pedri, Konrad, Puig, Alena, De jong, Arajuo, Coutinho all played really well.
*lmao Messi looks like he's not even trying yet he scored two amazing goals*
Seriously. If Dembele can stay fit, he'll help us get the CL trophy. He's done some amazing things for us already but he just keeps getting injured.
Liban Ahmed
Liban Ahmed:
Youtube : how many comments are you gonna write
Fcbfanclub : yes
Man wrote like eight comments 😁😁😁
Watched the game and I really loved how they played when in posession. Some transitions still need work as it is becoming more common for teams to press high but I really liked the match. But when defending... well, I feel like we conceded too many chances.
Akinwale Agesin
Akinwale Agesin:
Scary thing is that Messi doesn’t even look like he’s trying. He’s going though the motions and scoring goals.
Anurag Kumar
Anurag Kumar:
Just feels so special and always amazed to see Messi's plays...the way he dribbles, through balls, shots....G.O.A.T for a reason ❤️❤️
ABM Noor-E-Alam
ABM Noor-E-Alam:
1:01, messi what a goal🤩. Best player of all the time
0:29 When you want to dive but the hand of God of Football reaches out to you to get you up so you just can't refuse.
mtiba mth
mtiba mth:
Dembel is fit. He's too good.
Huy Lê
Huy Lê:
Messi goal is one of his best right foot goals of his career. But we still concede goals against these types of opponents. Clearly there needs to be an improvement on defense.
Coutinho needs more confidence. His mentality has changed since he left Liverpool. It is Koman's responsibility to do that.
And please give more chances to that left wing Konrad, he has pace and knows when to dribble.
Gaming with Kraken
Gaming with Kraken:
Look at Messi how miserable he's looking, he isn't as lively as before.
yusuf Ahmad
yusuf Ahmad:
Messi was amazing - 1 key pass and 2 goals.
LOZ 97
LOZ 97:
Barca’s new kit looks amazing probably the best one for the new season
Attack Titan
Attack Titan:
Literally all the new players need to get better at is shooting, their build ups and dribbles are phenomenal
Abdullah Mohammed
Abdullah Mohammed:
I don't blame the keeper ...
He actually was facing the GOAT !
shashwat gupta
shashwat gupta:
I hope this time Barca wins all the championships.
The Second
The Second:
I really love this coach. He has very positive mindset. Always winning mindset!!
Aviral Soni
Aviral Soni:
Even when he did not want to play for the club and apparently looks annoyed, he just can't stop scoring.
Bartomeu OUT 💙❤️
Bartomeu OUT 💙❤️
Bartomeu OUT 💙❤️
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Bartomeu OUT 💙❤️
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Bartomeu OUT 💙❤️
Bartomeu OUT 💙❤️
Bartomeu OUT 💙❤️
Bartomeu OUT 💙❤️

Con toda la pandilla de mangantes blancos y jugadores vividores de la sopa boba.
Con toda la pandilla de mangantes blancos y jugadores vividores de la sopa boba.

Con toda la pandilla de mangantes blancos y jugadores vividores de la sopa boba.
Con toda la pandilla de mangantes blancos y jugadores vividores de la sopa boba.

Con toda la pandilla de mangantes blancos y jugadores vividores de la sopa boba.
Con toda la pandilla de mangantes blancos y jugadores vividores de la sopa boba.
Mustafa Plays
Mustafa Plays:
Barcelona's Cordination is just BEAUTIFUL 👌👌🤩🤩
Olaye favour
Olaye favour:
*Messi's right foot goal
*The epic teamwork that led to coutinho's goal.

👆These were my favourites in the match.
Alimardon Abduvayitov
Alimardon Abduvayitov:
Messi struck that first goal like his Right foot is his dominant foot. So blissful to watch.
Olufemi Balogun
Olufemi Balogun:
I'm impressed with the new players. My concern is a worthy Suarez replacement. And of even greater concern to me, is if the team can match other teams that play at intense rates like Liverpool, Bayern and Chelsea. We are undoubtedly football's best artists but not yet among the great winners of the sport
Lewandowski's Memes
Lewandowski's Memes:
Pele:Messi is only good with his left foot
Messi: *hold my beer*
Godwin Saidu
Godwin Saidu:
Your first goal with your supposedly weak foot sure left Pele bemomosed now
The build up to for the assist was unbelievably beautiful
Your second told them the King is back
King Leo Messi
1:01 I love how you can hear somebody say “golazo” before the ball even went in 😄
[ bLacK AnGel ]
[ bLacK AnGel ]:
The Young players are just awesome. FCB❤❤❤🔥
Muntasir Uddin
Muntasir Uddin:
The first half was slow! But it all got exciting when the youngsters got involved! Though the goals were scored before the substitutions, the team looked stronger in the last 30 mins! The young players are doing good! Hope the manager sees that too!
🔥🔥🔥 Great win!
saul lozada vera
saul lozada vera:
Roshan Tamang
Roshan Tamang:
I really like the build up to our first goal.. The visions of players looked sharp
Coutinho está jogando Muito bem que continues assim
Mario Lopez
Mario Lopez:
Nice to see Coutinho playing well again!🇧🇷
Hasan Bohra
Hasan Bohra:
Trincao is such a good signing.Firpo was awesome too in today's match.
Sula King
Sula King:
Couts was exceptional 🔥
Mpendulo Mabila
Mpendulo Mabila:
Coutinho is on 🔥🙌🏾💯. He scored and had an assist

I can see Messi is gaining his confidence and he played very well🔥🙌🏾💯

Well done boys👏🏾🔴🔵♥️
Anusha S
Anusha S:
this team looks way different. im for the first time in quite some time excited for this season and i believe that under koeman greizzman dembele and de jong will shine
Divenaldo Penaldo
Divenaldo Penaldo:
That Philippe coutinho goal was like Guardiola is in charge of barca. Return of tiki taka
Samuel David
Samuel David:
Pele: Messi can’t use his right leg

Messi: Hold my 6 Bollon D’or
It’s rare to see Messi score with his right foot. He still seems unhappy tho. I’m just glad he’s staying, I don’t care for Barca I just don’t want to see him join Man City.
tanda seru
tanda seru:
I believe that trincao Will be great this season
Prince Opoku
Prince Opoku:
Love what I'm seeing. Good build up play. Barcelona Forever ✊
Sankoun Gassama jr
Sankoun Gassama jr:
To be honest I don’t get Depay deal he’s a great player no doubt, buy another striker will just crowded the squad, need to focus on the defense right and left backs
Siddharth Rajan
Siddharth Rajan:
Dembele was magical from 2.32 to 2.40.....✨✨✨✨ Watch those amazing dribble and dance around 2 players......

Hit the likes guys...
Zalmaan Isack
Zalmaan Isack:
Why no one is talking about the Magic pass of messi For the First Goal😎 0:37
2:38 Dembele's "BOOM" shot! Hear it!
Jean Rony Pierre Louis
Jean Rony Pierre Louis:
The set play on the first goal, that's what we want to see from the biggest team ever ! Visca Barça!
Dizzy Roses
Dizzy Roses:
Trincão is a special, special player...

True gem ❤️⚡
knandez7 __
knandez7 __:
We just love the fact that our Barcelona squad are passing to Griezmann. Actually looking for him. Its really great to see that, he had the ball alot today and its great. Last season was like everyone hated on Griezmann but now we are seeing a change and that's good.
Finally Barca is updating the highlights of a match...Nice🤙🏻❤
Chris Samuel
Chris Samuel:
Great game, we r starting to mesh as a team in terms of chemistry. In a tactical perspective, we r also getting the hang of how Koeman wants us to play, which in my opinion, suits the player profile that we currently have. Individually, players are also looking more and more fit and ready to face the season ahead.

However, we desperately need a new CB and LB. Our defence looks shaky, Pique, Roberto and Alba are more or less washed up. Araujo has been a beast tho. Moreover, we need to improve on endurance & physicality. Our players, especially the younger ones, look very skinny, fragile and easily gased. When facing opponents whom have an upper hand in physical attributes, we will struggle if we dont have a strict militiary-esque physical training to compete at the highest lvl. Take the Bayern game for example, we were not overwhelmed by skill but rather outmatched in terms of physicality & endurance. Hope Koeman improves this aspect of our game. FORCA BARCA
Prawesh K
Prawesh K:
Griezmann’s game was little bad yesterday.
But Trincao...omfg! just amazing🔥🔥🔥
marinerphil xavi
marinerphil xavi:
Coutinho showed his quality today and has an open mind to play on the flank.
He knows the Team is parked with quality in the middle and the only way he can succeed at Barcelona is to accept and embrace whatever role Koeman puts him.

The Team did well overall.
tali lkr
tali lkr:
love these highlights, keep it up
Arun Warrier
Arun Warrier:
Attack and possession is impressive once again . Good one koeman but defence still looks rusty
sreehari m
sreehari m:
We were playing really aggressive and with high intensity I even remember Messi coming back to almost our top of the box to defend great things are about to happen I have a feeling.
vaibhav satija
vaibhav satija:
Araujo is a freaking beast 🤤
This is one of the best Barca performances in quite some time!
Koeman may just end up being the perfect man for the job. He looks dead serious...
Nahuel Williams
Nahuel Williams:
2:47 que hermoso pase de Riqui 😍
Victor Mahintharaj
Victor Mahintharaj:
Other teams : messi please don't humiliate us.

Messi : so you chosen to die.
Chunky monckey
Chunky monckey:
Damn that first goal by messi was beautiful
Dennis Wong
Dennis Wong:
And some people still say Messi can only play with one foot 💁🏻
Charles Dakubo
Charles Dakubo:
Konrad, Araujo, trincaó, Coutinho, dembele are on 🔥
E vd Berg
E vd Berg:
Mr Koeman, we support you, and are proud that you accept this difficullt job!! But you have the balls to give young talent a chance. Rijkaard did the same with Messi.
Good luck this Season.
Konrad, Araujo, Trincao. WHAT A PLAYER 🔥
The feeling of seeing Messi on the score board is so Overwhelming
Ahmad Izzat Hamizan Bin Abu Talib [MJHEP]
Ahmad Izzat Hamizan Bin Abu Talib [MJHEP]:
People just can "WOAHHH" at messi's goal
Escanor Jab
Escanor Jab:
0:50 messi didn't even look behind and yet he gave a greaat pass leading to a goal, just a Genius
Football Tingz
Football Tingz:
2:36 That’s my boi Dembouz with his ™️ skill 😁😁😁
Now I really feel for pele. That old man.😂😂😂
karan evergreen
karan evergreen:
I watched this match and am happy that Barca was dominating the whole time
maha y
maha y:
I have seen drastic changes since the new coach arrived🙂 old Barcelona vibes 😍
Pelé : "Messi has only one foot"
Messi :
sheer azwan
sheer azwan:
World class✨👏🏽👏🏽💙❤️
All my hopes are on Trincao , Puig , araujo ,fati
and I feel it's a good thing Coutinho is back in the midfield
Andres Gonzalez
Andres Gonzalez:
Lo que yo quería ver,Coutinho y Griezzman junto a Messi!!
Eximachinaytho Exima
Eximachinaytho Exima:
Força Barça ❤️👏
Que Onda?!
Que Onda?!:
Griezmann has to do more, don’t be scare man!!
su dipto
su dipto:
Conrad and Trincao at both wings will be something worth watching! But a worthy number 9 is still missing. If the finances were not so bad, we should have gone for Lautaro, Dest (RB) and a new LB :(
Joe Banana
Joe Banana:
Glad to see Coutinho is doing so well at Barca. May be my Bayern did a good job for your Barca to make him fit like in the old days. Valverde destroyed him. And although barca get embarrassed by his goals it was definitely a win for barca. Coutinho is fit now and improve. And Barca gets about 8 Mio that Bayern makes Coutinho great again 😁
Look at how they changed, they were all sad and had little to no motivation of winning, and now everyone is happy, even the ones who didn’t even play the entirr season :)
Mehsaan alam
Mehsaan alam:
And when people say Messi has only one strong foot.....Wtf is this...
Nabil Sajjad
Nabil Sajjad:
Konrad de la fuente looks real good on the wings.