HIGHLIGHTS & REACTION | Barça 3-1 Nàstic

Enjoy the highlights of Barça's first pre-season victory, and a first win under new manager Ronald Koeman who spoke after the game with new signing Francisco Trincão.


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FC Barcelona
FC Barcelona:
🔜 Can't wait to see this NEW SIGNING on the pitch too! 💙❤️ https://youtu.be/7ZJW5KoC-W4
Subhadra P S
Subhadra P S:
This is the number of people who want Batemuo out
Saikat Saha
Saikat Saha:
Atlast Dembele on the field, Coutinho is stronger than ever.. team is improving but most importantly "Bartomeu Out".
Dziya Faaridz
Dziya Faaridz:
everyone: coutinho is back stronger than ever

me: he was always good, these barca fans just didnt appreciate him
Gen Moba
Gen Moba:
Coutinho came to barcelona to win the Champions League

Mission completed👍
Matanmi Joseph
Matanmi Joseph:
Attack ✅
Midfield ✅
Defense ❌❗️
We need to improve our defense!

You thought I forgot? No
Bertomeu out!
wee senpai
wee senpai:
I really want to hear Messi speak English during the interview.
Nicol ás
Nicol ás:
Damm even a B team managed to break that 1rst team defense, wtf that's humiliating, have you seen Busquets and Sergi Roberto defending?? Omg they r so slow
Man Coutinho looks like a beast after a year of Bayern training
M squad
M squad:
All about freestyle
All about freestyle:
Phil Couthino playing style is really better than before and he is in good form
Messi doesn’t seem happy. Let him go and let’s get defenders with the money
Pagaga VBLOGS:
Lo mejor: Pedri & Trincao son unos grandisimos fichajes!
Lo bueno: La vuelta de Dembele y Coutinho (a ver si este son sus años)
Lo malo: la defensa sigue siendo un coladero, sobretodo por las bandas....
Kucing Bahagia
Kucing Bahagia:
Odading mang oleh
Rasanya seperti anda menjadi ironman
Lucca Pacheco
Lucca Pacheco:
Coutinho!!! is a monster. what an amazing player!
It's Retro Dripper Bro
It's Retro Dripper Bro:
Griezmann's confidence was down so Messi gave him the penalty so classy!
Constipated Potato
Constipated Potato:
"Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this?" John 11:25‭-‬26
challenge to get 4,578 subs with 1 among us vids
challenge to get 4,578 subs with 1 among us vids:
I pray who ever reads this becomes successful. :)
Su videos7
Su videos7:
Attack 💪
Midfield 💪
Defense ❌
And coutinho need his 7 shirt back he is even better than griezman and why did leo didn't take the penalty he need to enjoy before he leave
Hector P. Puebla
Hector P. Puebla:
The chemistry seems off. Like nobody wants to be there.
Ali Zahran
Ali Zahran:
This is How many goals Messi will score this Season 🐐

Le apunto a la pelota xD
Miguel D
Miguel D:
believe the gospel and your saved. Remember we can’t earn our way to heaven.
Selim M
Selim M:
1:16 this guy is great boiling
1K subs with no videos challenge!!
1K subs with no videos challenge!!:
“Life is today repeated over and over again”
Adrian Soocka
Adrian Soocka:
We have enough class in midfield and in attack we need defenders
Arsim Ajdari
Arsim Ajdari:
Goal scorers:Dembele, Griezmann and Coutinho
If these three are in form this season we're going to see a lot of goals scored by them
Hootish Pursun
Hootish Pursun:
Come on that was not a good perfomance, you won on penalties😩
Divij Jain
Divij Jain:
Feels so weird to watch without audience. 😂
Qué pasa que no compran defensas? O por lo menos en estos partidos de pretemporada por qué no ponen a defensas de la cantera para ver su rendimiento?
Adithya Udayan
Adithya Udayan:
When your team got thrashed 8-2 and still don't sign any defenders .
J Grimes
J Grimes:
*one day you will know who i am from my name alone, Mark my words. I will leave an everlasting impact on all y’all !* 😈
J Grimes
J Grimes:
*one day you will know who i am from my name alone, Mark my words. I will leave an everlasting impact on all y’all !* 😈
Chuck Works
Chuck Works:
Bárça in second half reminded me of 2009🥳
Moonart Coffee
Moonart Coffee:
Messi is back and Bartomeu should resign
DEFENSE 🤢🤢🤢🤢💩💩💩

Bartomeuo OUT
Den Fathurr
Den Fathurr:
metanoia03 sweden
metanoia03 sweden:
Repent of your sins my brothers and sisters! The rapture of the Church is near ! Give your life to Jesus Christ and walk according to his will! God bless you ! 😊
Can i get 1 sub before 2021
Can i get 1 sub before 2021:
To the 1% who's reading this Stay safe,god bless you and have a wonderful day!💙⏪
Something seems missing here...
Yeah! Its Messi's smile!!!
Phil Rey
Phil Rey:
Coutinho looks stronger than ever… Also Bartomeu out
Dr Phil
Dr Phil:
Tbh, I think Koeman really can improve the way Barca plays. Bringing back the good old tiky taka (sorry if I butchered that)
The Precious
The Precious:
Why I m feeling no energy in them
Francisco Oliveira Mr.Oliver
Francisco Oliveira Mr.Oliver:
This is so much sounds like golf match lol
Viktor Brida
Viktor Brida:
Coutinho looks like he is in better condition then he was before
Wayne Rooney
Wayne Rooney:
nah ones talking about the goal the guy iv never heard off scored 🤯
Syd Fayez
Syd Fayez:
What a goal!! 1:35
Gurveer Singh
Gurveer Singh:
We have to admit that without fans the sound of shot is so cool!
X-IPS-2 Muhammad Rayhan Alvansyah
X-IPS-2 Muhammad Rayhan Alvansyah:
2:36 that save 💥
El Buki
El Buki:
You know its hot when Griezmann is wearing a short sleeve
Sid nambiar
Sid nambiar:
I love that coutinho is back , just gives me confidence for some reason 🙌💯
Music World
Music World:
Kerala Blasters Uyir
The Yosmel Games Free Fire
The Yosmel Games Free Fire:
4:27 No pudo meter ese gol y quería la 10 de Messi 😂😂, pero suerte que Messi no se fue del barca por que la banda de capitán y el número 10 quedarían en malas manos
Nasen Kuss
Nasen Kuss:
Make Messi in the Thumbnail to have more Views 🤣👌🏽
Tactical Manager TV
Tactical Manager TV:
Seem like Barcelona is getting on track again.
Messi staying was very helpful too!

With that said BARTOMEU OUT !!
Ahmad Fahreza
Ahmad Fahreza:
Trincao played like Messi when he was young
Amiin Askar
Amiin Askar:
Coutinho stronger than ever also greizo, Othman but BARTEMOU OUT
Marvin L
Marvin L:
But de Dembele, Griezmann, Coutinho..
Coutinho is now a complete creative playmaker 😍😍happy to see that 😘but we want messi to reload his left leg and shoot some missiles to the goal post
Riqui Puig
Riqui Puig:
Trincao is a fantastic talent

Bartomeo out
Give Coutinho the 8 and De Jong the 6.
Gogito YT
Gogito YT:
In TV: Gooalllllllllllllllllllllll what a beatiful shot.

In RL: team(YAY) claps
Argento Ibérico
Argento Ibérico:
2:57 can he fully stop once he starts running for the pk?
òŗéŝŧíś ţòśķà
òŗéŝŧíś ţòśķà:
Bro coutinho puig and de jong is 🦁✨👑🤯🔥 alena too we have such good players in the attack and midfielder our keepers are golden but our defence 😐💤 the defence in the second half was better than the good and experienced defence that was in the first half we shouldn't but players we already got them we just need to know how to use them look at the la masia player's shining right now 😍😍😍
Trincao was so Good in this Game 🔥.
M Rizky S Putra
M Rizky S Putra:
Still don't forget 8-2
Tony Amigo
Tony Amigo:
Referee "How many eleven do you want...... ?
Tino Rizo
Tino Rizo:
great... dembele played, bet you he's out for the rest of the season again
Ahora si, el Barcelona...

Tiembla Getafe, tiembla Celta de Vigo, porque en medio campo y defensa da lástima el equipo....
Syed Saqlain Ali
Syed Saqlain Ali:
Coutinho is looking much more confident than last time he was here
serdy ximi
serdy ximi:
remember “Life is today repeated over and over again”
Diego Teixeira
Diego Teixeira:
5:14 - The result is more important. I mean, picture it:

I) We played wonderfully well but lost 0-2
II) We didn’t play our best but won the match 1-0

Choose one.
Tahmidur Araf
Tahmidur Araf:
The intensity that was in this game give me hope
Unknown W
Unknown W:
Improve your defender, or it will 2–8 again 🤣🤣
Primos Master /MAKING OF Y MAS!
Primos Master /MAKING OF Y MAS!:
Todo bien , pero CAMBIEN LA DEFENSA PORFAVOR es una gran desventaja ( dejen su like para que lo vea el barca)
Messi ❤️❤️
1000 Subscribers With No Video Challenge
1000 Subscribers With No Video Challenge:
Randoms who's reading this may your parents live a healthy life and god bless you all.
Ahmed almousbah Ahmed
Ahmed almousbah Ahmed:
Just wondering when will dembele sustain an injury this time! 🤔.... Pre-season or start of laliga?
One doesn't own emotion, and when one is owned by emotion, it's a reflection of one's belief that one owns them🎈Non-Duality
Wa lntana
Wa lntana:
Dembele, Griezman and Coutinho all scored,, a very good beginning
Bahen Phom
Bahen Phom:
Trianco was so damn good ..Dribbling⚽
Pine Melon
Pine Melon:
Looking nice with that away kit!
Fallou Sylla
Fallou Sylla:
I just want to say "Bartomeou Out!"
Natacha Griezmann
Natacha Griezmann:
Antoine Coutinho Dembele 🔥🔥 they were on fire!
Why is pique still there
sekou Tandia
sekou Tandia:
Coutinho 💪💪
RG sony music
RG sony music:
hard work is taken to the floor
""Those who reading this comment may your parents live more then 100 years with good health.♥️♥️♥️😍😍😍
Trincão 👏🏼: those nutmegs were savage 😂💔💀.
Hariom Thakur
Hariom Thakur:
Messi Messi🖤🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Denilson Silvério Pedro
Denilson Silvério Pedro:
Coutinho joga muito, se derem chance e o Messi quiser jogar, da bom... time não é ruim, falta tecnica, e tecnico.. e vontade
Aryan Das
Aryan Das:
Barcelona fans...I think penalties are important right....😂😂😂😎
Darth Elius
Darth Elius:
Mike Staub
Mike Staub:
Albix 2725
Albix 2725:
Esas jugadas no las veía hace mucho tiempo, espero que el Barça salga adelante ,
Great to see Griezmann got his lucky no 7 back and really hope Koeman used Pjanic for future eventhough he is probably not in his plan but what can they do, Barca waa the one stupid enough to make a decision for the swap deal.
*T R I N C Ã O* 🔥🔥🔥