Highlights Real Madrid vs Deportivo Alavés (2-0)

Real Madrid achieve another important league title win with goals from Benzema on penalties and Marco Asensio #RealMadridAlavés J35 LaLiga Santander 2019/2020

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100+ comentarios:

Kings - RM
Kings - RM:
Asensio has more goals than Hazard in just 4 games...
Mon tana
Mon tana:
So happy for asensio, if it wasn’t for Covid he wouldn’t have played a part in this season after his horrible pre-season injury ruled him out for the whole season
Kings - RM
Kings - RM:
"Both goals shouldn't counted"

- A salty Barca fan
El Buki
El Buki:
5th clean sheet in a row..

*Attack wins you games defense wins you titles*
дочь королевы
дочь королевы:
Real Madrid Champions La Liga Season 2019/2020 🏆
Courtois and Rodrygo have improved tremendously.
Kings - RM
Kings - RM:
5th clean sheet from the team! So proud of my team! 💪💪
Campbell Ross
Campbell Ross:
Hopefully they can continue this good run of form when they play Granada, otherwise I’m not gonna get my 95 Vinicius Jr 😂.
El Buki
El Buki:
👇 how many cules were hoping for us to slip up 😂
Puskás Is a god
Puskás Is a god:
Barca fans praying for a miracle that won’t happen. Real are going to win the league, Barca kind of fluffed it if we’re being honest.
I would've preferred if Real Madrid had won 1-0 with a penalty in added time of the second half, would've tasted better for the barka fans
Kings - RM
Kings - RM:
Hala Madrid!! 💪👍 3 more games!
Osian D
Osian D:
Although I don't particularly like them, you've gotta give credit where credit is due for Real. I'm really excited to see how they do against City in the UCL second leg now.
El Buki
El Buki:
Mendy is just the best LB atm workrate, defensively, offensively...
cooking with Berke
cooking with Berke:
I like how positive and encouraging the Real Madrid fan base is. Even after barely ok games which are won 1-0 thanks to a penalty and even when the team doesn't play great, you still hype your team up and focus on the positives. Barcelona fan bases are filled with negative comments even after a 3-0 win with a ton of chances. I'm so sick of it.
Mendy's leg stiff and strechted when he sees somebody coming! ...never saw that before 🤣🤣🤣!
LeBryant Howard
LeBryant Howard:
Comment Section:
30% about the actual match
1% complaining about how VAR helped Madrid
69% complaining about the 1% of people actually complaining
Irakli Samsonia
Irakli Samsonia:
11' Karim Benzema (Pen. 1-0); 50' Marco Asensio (2-0)
The immigrant potato
The immigrant potato:
0:16 to 0:17 slow it down look at mendy’s right foot defenders left knee it’s an obvious pen plus it’s on the line so it’s a pen
Buki's Opinion Is better
Buki's Opinion Is better:
Now the crybabies will cry again 😂😂, just keep on focusing on your club that is in the verge of falling apart.
Igor Brezovic
Igor Brezovic:
Los Blancos just clicked, shifted in Race mode and checked out! Amazing effort...
Nurtas Toleukhanov
Nurtas Toleukhanov:
From Qazaqstan 💪🏼🇰🇿✌
In form Benzema is beyond scary, top 5 deadliest strikers in Europe
Comoe Amadou
Comoe Amadou:
Great KBnueve 🔥🔥🔥
Hala Madrid !
miko foin
miko foin:
Mendy's leg stiff and strechted when he sees somebody coming! ...never saw that before 🤣🤣🤣!
Moroccan Streamers
Moroccan Streamers:
Is done real Madrid champions laliga 2019/2020
N M:
0:53 RIP Benzema, he was left hanging
pedro armendaris
pedro armendaris:
Sin penales no ganan, típico del Madrid
Xking Master
Xking Master:
Why is nobody talking about Mendy, he is playing great!
Jr Vargas
Jr Vargas:
Florentino, grandpa you screw the League hahahahahaha and that the best league in the world. What antics ... Now give the league ..... and finish this theater.
Fabriciio LeahermanoSarmporias
Fabriciio LeahermanoSarmporias:
Si parteco aseom ser❤❤❤❤❤daja seos chtres as cersace cserxze drivador 😥😐😑😁😁😁😧😧😧😧😨😨😨😨☺
Jose Antonio Gonzalez Rus
Jose Antonio Gonzalez Rus:
Antis llorando diciendo robo en 3 , 2, 1
Mircea Poteras
Mircea Poteras:
Czekam w składzie na Sergio Ramosa❤️🙈
Daniel Weremei
Daniel Weremei:
Great saves from the keepers!
alida flus
alida flus:
Now the crybabies will cry again 😂😂, just keep on focusing on your club that is in the verge of falling apart.
Raimondas Marciulevičius
Raimondas Marciulevičius:
LaLiga, Real Madrid,
Good job. Together we are strong :) :)
Apex Alpha
Apex Alpha:
Hey, this comment section taste are so salty.... I wonder what's going on.. 🤔
Даурхан Нуржанов
Даурхан Нуржанов:
Асенсио 💪
Mendy is Nasty🔥
Мадияр Султанбеков
Мадияр Султанбеков:
Center io
Center io:
Hala Madryt 🇪🇦🔥🔥
Courtois 👌🏼👌🏼
Abu Ilyaas
Abu Ilyaas:
Early comment
Веселый Папа
Веселый Папа:
Giovane Rossi
Giovane Rossi:
Outro penalty mandraque...desse jeito esquece..dá o título ao Real já
Eric Hernández
Eric Hernández:
Soy de el Madrid,y pienso que se lo que me pasa a lo de el álabes pobres espero que no bajen un fuerte abrazo!!!!
Stamenkovic Sasa
Stamenkovic Sasa:
Mijatović the Best.. 1998..Madrid number 1
Bilal Kazımov
Bilal Kazımov:
Real Madrid Champion!!!
Zou Hair
Zou Hair:
Hala Madrid ❤️
Zulfa king
Zulfa king:
Максут Дюсембаев
Максут Дюсембаев:
Marley Boy
Marley Boy:
I see mendy is learning real madrid's trade mark moves
Priasem Mudyiwa
Priasem Mudyiwa:
good job guys we are proud of you
keep the fire bunning
Dario Mecaj
Dario Mecaj:
courtois is a beast, another clean sheet!
Benzema must leave this team !!!! He is blocked on this position in JOVIC !!
Laszlo Fabian
Laszlo Fabian:
What a goals
What a Glorious victory 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Heberson Cardozo
Heberson Cardozo:
Hala Madrid ✅💪
Lameka Thompson
Lameka Thompson:
Abdifatah Ahmed
Abdifatah Ahmed:
I am happy to see Asensio score again
Real Madrid penalty champion!
karim benzema
karim benzema:
Hala madrid❤️👑
Bek 250
Bek 250:
Real Madrid champion 19/20 from 🇺🇿
Silmara Nogueira
Silmara Nogueira:
X Raba Material
X Raba Material:
Asensio good
akude obiora
akude obiora:
Yeaaah!!! #halamadridynadamas
slickepinne44 vls
slickepinne44 vls:
Pens. 24/7
Bagus Surya
Bagus Surya:
bye barcelona👋🤭
Daniel Fuentes
Daniel Fuentes:
Marc Torres
Marc Torres:
Buen partido del árbitro comprado
Yahya Calio
Yahya Calio:
Yes réal man good player
Marco1 Njie
Marco1 Njie:
Manchester city are you watching???
luis alberto
luis alberto:
Nah madrid el equipo mas ladron
Siempre marca gracias al var
Pajar Pratama
Pajar Pratama:
champion yeeeee
Ibrahim Tariq
Ibrahim Tariq:
Franco is still alive 🤬🤬
reza ariyanto
reza ariyanto:
semoga real madrid menang melawan granada. salam dari fans nya real madrid indonesia #HALA_MADRID
Joaimar Silva
Joaimar Silva:
Isso ae real madrid 😘💕💕💗😉🌎
Cant say robbery this time though
amari ebbin
amari ebbin:
Lol pk a game damn makes it hard to beat anyone
Vannesa Delgado
Vannesa Delgado:
rm2 vs da0
How do Juve and Real win a Penalty every single match ???
alem xewar
alem xewar:
Real VARdrid 🕶
Хикматулло Абдурахимов
Хикматулло Абдурахимов:
Барсага омад тожикистон
Anik Kurniasih
Anik Kurniasih:
Hala madrid ynafda mass
Woooo var!!!
Stefan Kazimirovic
Stefan Kazimirovic:
Penalty fc
khalid great
khalid great:
Fc penalty
꧁Райан замановиц꧂
꧁Райан замановиц꧂:
Benzema the G.O.A.T. 🇷🇺
Mialene Bien_aime
Mialene Bien_aime:
what a cheap penalty :)
Barca fan confirm cry
EiJi Lee
EiJi Lee:
Haven't heard much about Hazard over there, is he a sub or first 11?
Silvia Sanz
Silvia Sanz:
Otro piscinazo más otro robo para la colección
Omaima El-Haddadi
Omaima El-Haddadi:
Hala Madrid 💜⚽️
Dano 18YT
Dano 18YT:
Esperance Niyonkuru
Esperance Niyonkuru:
Real madrid road to tittle
lainx Bassene
lainx Bassene: