Highlights Real Madrid vs Valencia CF (3-0)

A double from Benzema and a goal from Marco Asensio in the second leg of his injury give Real Madrid the victory that continues in the fight for the league title #RealMadridValencia J29 LaLiga Santander 2019/2020

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100+ comentarios:

As a barca fan was kinda hoping Madrid would lose. But seeing Asensio score after 11 months can even make an opposition fan happy. He deserves it
Redmond Lee
Redmond Lee:
How ramos resisted the urge to literally kill that guy who was kicking him and add another red card to his name I will never know 😂
Rey Flame
Rey Flame:
What a goal from Benzema! 🔥🔥🔥 Asensio deserves his goal, and good to see Hazard assisting again 🔥🔥
Berita Sepakbola
Berita Sepakbola:
Gol Benzema bentar lagi nyusul messi😬
Kofi Quartey
Kofi Quartey:
Asensio hasn't played for about a year but scores in his first game back on his first touch and gets a wonderful assist. Superb!

Also hazard seems to be back on form getting another assist today
Gia Kien
Gia Kien:
Football Comp • 5 years ago
Football Comp • 5 years ago:
Benzema goal of his career? You must be joking. He has scored so many beautiful goal in his career. That guy is underrated.
Dániel Istvánfi
Dániel Istvánfi:
This game was so much more than just 3 points. It was a great performance and a magical night for both Asensio and Benzema! Hala Madrid!
BMW Performance
BMW Performance:
Kang In, Kang Out.
Jay Phillips
Jay Phillips:
As a Valencia fan,I guess Kang was anxious about this playtime. He's just nineteen and I think he had an urge to show something that would attrack people's attention. It turned out in a bad way though.
J L:
lee kangin this isn't world cup 2002 u can't get away with shit like that in la liga lol
Pink Wolf
Pink Wolf:
This Korean player was mad.
Sub 2 me For no reason
Sub 2 me For no reason:
I mean. At this point you can't even blame ramos for reacting like that cus most players would do the same.
Korean Hat trick!!🎉
That second half was PlayStation football from Madrid
Shamel Khan
Shamel Khan:
What a goal by Benzema
Matty Ty
Matty Ty:
What was kang Lee doing 😅😂😂😂
Benzema 😍😍 What a goal
Izral Zawaki
Izral Zawaki:
1:17 pretending to be shocked
Jack Napier
Jack Napier:
1:09 Tae kwon do
Kasper Dolberg
Kasper Dolberg:
Take Kubo >>>>>>>> Lee kang in
Salah: "AVENGE ME!!"
Kang Lee: "Got it boss."
Shreyas Verma
Shreyas Verma:
Damn that Benzema goal was sublime🙌🔥
That second goal from Benzema was truly amazing, one of the best goals this season
Қуаныш YT
Қуаныш YT:
1:09 Ramos vs Liu Kang(Mortal Kombat)
مجهول الهوية
مجهول الهوية:
Kang in "Bruce" Lee
Marcelo Lopes
Marcelo Lopes:
The red card guy just wanted to go Ramos for a while. And he made it perfectly, didn't he?
Emmanuel Ossai
Emmanuel Ossai:
Madrid played exceptionally good.....had a very high accuracy
Bob Cichy
Bob Cichy:
0:55 Benzema's goal
Joseph Daouda SENE
Joseph Daouda SENE:
Benzema’s goal looks like fifa20🎮
Im a Barça fan but hats off to Asensio for scoring after returning from injury. May the best team win La Liga💪❤
Udhay Chatha
Udhay Chatha:
Whose here just to watch that benzama goal
Alli Dawaki
Alli Dawaki:
Asensio is back real zizuo is back
Wizmor English Teacher Boye
Wizmor English Teacher Boye:
The contrôl of KB9 is the best way to confine a ball in that area. 😍 and then score an astonishing goal in the net
Gianluca M
Gianluca M:
That guy was doing a kung fu move on ramos lol
Will Power
Will Power:
Lol they got Ramos
Maria Jose Parker
Maria Jose Parker:
One of my soccer players is back! Go Asensio!!!
Hala Madrid
Hala Madrid:
At full strength this is the best team in the world hala Madrid!
Jeremy Tyreec
Jeremy Tyreec:
Benzima the Goat, best goal of his season⚽⚽
Man Utd Lists
Man Utd Lists:
Kang Lee showing his inner Temur Ketsbaia at the end 😂
b Bo
b Bo:
1:08 2002 World Cup revives
The Real Deal
The Real Deal:
Benzema 🔥🔥 France is missing out over some nonsense man.
Émile ANDRÉ:
1:09 W...T...F... He really did want his red card
Javii Rockaz
Javii Rockaz:
It's the first time ever that I've seen Sergio Ramos got someone sent off 😅
LG Jaguars
LG Jaguars:
1:08 my sister when she gets mad
I really appreciate when Ramos didnt fight back against Lee otherwise he could've also got a red. hes been one of the most disciplined real madrid players this season!!
Reb a
Reb a:
1:09 The return of 2002
Mr Bille
Mr Bille:
1:08 Ramos like "who's this MOFO"
Hussein EL-DIRANI:
Ma Korean boi Kang In Lee practicing his kung fu on Sergio Ramos
canal bolado
canal bolado:
Esse benzemar e de outro planeta
aj 1000
aj 1000:
Benezema Haters, where are they now?
Qaz 1
Qaz 1:
Cuando miro benzemar veo lo real, es uno futbolista totalmente entregue al club galáctico. ..
Korea national service training imparting amazing martial arts skills, first Son Heung Min, now Kang In
Allan Runner
Allan Runner:
Even im a madrid fan, im happy kang messed up with ramos. Its funny thou 😂
Kang in: Asian rising star of kick boxing😂😂😂😂
Kal El
Kal El:
LOL That Gangstar Lee Kang In-diot 🙌🏻😂
kb9 benzegool
kb9 benzegool:
Hala madrid benzegool toujours présent en 🔥🔥🔥ascencio enfin de retour 😎😇
John Peters
John Peters:
That benzi goal! 😍
William Ramírez
William Ramírez:
Le di Like al vídeo por el golazo de Benzema y la patada que le dieron a Ramos Sólo por eso le di Like
Alg Droid
Alg Droid:
First touch first Goal by marco asensio 🔥
THe Unforgiven
THe Unforgiven:
The background sounds 😂😂😂😂
1:10 Korean styles.
Mister Yougatagaa
Mister Yougatagaa:
Benzema it's an Amazing player !
R. Patterson
R. Patterson:
Ramos how the tables have turned
Mubiru Isimail
Mubiru Isimail:
I love this. Today I came back to review again my team real Madrid after Arsenal disappointing me. Long live Madrid
Always my stress killer. Zidane invite Mikel A for more couching please.
The man is really not concerned that Fans Lives Matters.
Guidson Santos
Guidson Santos:
Bom dia família amada e paz do senhor dos exércitos e paz do senhor dos exércitos e paz 2
PUBG Pranthan
PUBG Pranthan:
If kang Lee was kicking zlatan legs then zlatan would tear him into pieces
Javier Avendaño
Javier Avendaño:
First touch, 12 months after...Marco Asensio.
REAL Madrid
REAL Madrid:
Asensio 🔥🔥🔥
sileude batista
sileude batista:
Vim aqui pelo Benzema 9 ☺️
LJ Lee
LJ Lee:
I wish there was a control of lee’s kick in fifa for those who drop back. 😂
nbofdds rtre
nbofdds rtre:
Kinda hope real would lose.
But real play really good specially in the second half. Hazard slowly get his perform back,benzema play well, Vinicius who's dangerous in LW and asensio play amazing from someone who just come back from long injury.
Gusti Raka
Gusti Raka:
Asensio is Real Madrid's new player for this season and as always he's the best super sub for RMA👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻
Beatrice Wangechi
Beatrice Wangechi:
This was a really good experience
Nikita Selin
Nikita Selin:
болел за Валенсию
точнее за Черышева)
Lufefe Ngilana
Lufefe Ngilana:
Great to see asensio back in the team getting involved in 2 goals
Chicken Wing
Chicken Wing:
I remember watching Asensio like 2 years ago and he always scored bangers and 9 months after injury he does that💥
_kaledo _
_kaledo _:
legend ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
Prince 13
Prince 13:
The prince of Madrid has returned people ♥️ Great to see him back
Asensio!!! 😍😍😍
Hope Nyavor
Hope Nyavor:
Good to see Asensio back 🙏🏾🔥
انوار انوار
انوار انوار:
amazing REAL MADRED I love this match 😍😍😍
Lee needs more time to play
he seems so anxious about his playtime and that shows up on his play :(
Shivan Jairam
Shivan Jairam:
¡Hala Asensio y Benzema! 😍❤️😍
¡Hala Madrid! 😍♥️😍
So happy to see Marco back 👍🏻👍🏻,, what a gooool by Big Benz 🔥🔥
Hansel Marin
Hansel Marin:
¿Era Kang Lee o Liu Kang?
مغربي وأفتخر الحر
مغربي وأفتخر الحر:
بن زيمة زعيم ريال مدريد 🇲🇦🇩🇿🇲🇦🇩🇿❤😍
Younes Ten
Younes Ten:
I hope Real Madrid buys the French player, Killian Mbappe, in the middle the Algerian club AC Milan Bin Nasser👍👍😍 Halal Madrid 💛👍
You Tuber
You Tuber:
Benzema top 🔥🔥
Max Lee Williams
Max Lee Williams:
These highlights don’t show the entire build up to Benzema’s goal. An amazingly timed tackle by Casemiro started it off then Madrid worked it from the back up to Asensio who crosses so well to find Benzema. Goal of the season!
Asensio крассава отличный кэмбэк
Salah 2004
Salah 2004:
Big up to RMA🔥🔥
hala madrid
toño stark
toño stark:
Que buenas patadas le dieron a Ramos jajajajaja, me alegro 😊👍🏻