Highlights Real Madrid vs Villarreal CF (2-1)

Real Madrid beat Villarreal CF with a double of Karim Benzema to win the 34th league title in the club's history #RealMadridVillarreal Matchday 37 LaLiga Santander 2019/2020

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4 years
3 UCLs
2 leagues
*Penalti dudoso, revisan en el VAR, lo pitan, mete Ramos, lo mandan repetir y gol de Benzema. La liga del brujo Zidane. Quién es el Barça de Guardiola?? este espectáculo no lo ha dado nadie*
18-102 Alfa Yudha
18-102 Alfa Yudha:
Zinedine Zidane as a Real Madrid coach :
🏅3 UEFA Champions League
🏅2 UEFA Super Cup
🏅2 La Liga
🏅2 FIFA Club World Cup
🏅2 Spanish Super Cup

Next, 14th Champions League?
Lizzie's Lukas
Lizzie's Lukas:
the most deserving La Liga titles for Real Madrid in a long time... it almost looks like everything Zidane touches turn into gold
Abdirisak Awes
Abdirisak Awes:
Zidane with 11 trophies
Like Ramos said everything he touches turns into gold. Legend.
Finally Benzema shows what he is capable of. He was always in cr7 shadow and he gets to show what he is made of.
Very deserved champions that double save from courtois at the end was crazy
M-A _
M-A _:
Zidane will go down in history for being a top 5 midfielder of all time and also being such a successful manager
ɦaʏʟɛʏ ʟɨsa
ɦaʏʟɛʏ ʟɨsa:
Benzema Legend Forever For Real Madrid 👍💯🔝
Tre-Dupree Webster
Tre-Dupree Webster:
Fun fact: Eden Hazard Claims La Liga Before Antoine griezmann, despite being injured and left out the squad
El Buki
El Buki:
Even after being knocked out, Courtois won the game and the league for Madrid today.
Hala Madrid
Hala Madrid:
Anyone remembers the start of the season? I thought Madrid was done lmao
Sékou Smiley
Sékou Smiley:
My goodness!! Zinedine Zidane is truly blessed!!! Amazing track record 👏 braaavoooo! This man is not done amazing football fans yet
Congratulations Real Madrid on the 34 Title, very well deserved.

ɦaʏʟɛʏ ʟɨsa
ɦaʏʟɛʏ ʟɨsa:
Zidane is a soccer player legend and a football coach legend 👍💯🔝
Nathanael Gomez
Nathanael Gomez:
0:14 🤣🤣🤣🤣
I'm glad Zidane is Real Madrids coach. Always liked him.
Jack Back
Jack Back:
Ryan Alanzo
Ryan Alanzo:
Champeones !!!!🏆🏆
- Kings - RM -
- Kings - RM -:
Now let's rest our main players next game against Leganes for UCL in the next coming week!!! 💪💪👍☺
- Kings - RM -
- Kings - RM -:
Campeones Campeones Olé Olé Olé! HALA MADRID!! 👍💪🏆🏆
Hello Madrid fans

Congratulations for winning the laliga title.

I am a Barcelona fan. You’ve done good this season. Congratulations 🥳👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Oh my gosh tanks for 138 likes I have not got this ever! Thanks.
Mohamed Abderrahmane
Mohamed Abderrahmane:
First season back for Zidane already has won 2 trophy’s
all video game coupons
all video game coupons:
Why wasn't he booked for diving? How the hell is that a penalty...no wonder Madrid gets a penalty almost ever game
Osian D
Osian D:
Real vs City is gonna be epic
Issei Hyoudou
Issei Hyoudou:
"They're going to suffer whitout ronaldo"
altin younow
altin younow:
Now that they are champions they need to rest and work hard. They are 2:1 down against MAN CITY in UCL quarter finals. #HALA_MADRID
back scratcher孫の手
back scratcher孫の手:
Real Madrid, you, I would not probably win Champions League even la League when started pre season. But eventually you got big seasons! Vamos Madrid!
Hân Trần
Hân Trần:
0:22 haha Ramos :)
- Kings - RM -
- Kings - RM -:
So proud of my team, massive improvement from last year. Good job! Now let's celebrate!! Hala Madrid!!! 🏆🏆
Surafel Wondemu Bekele
Surafel Wondemu Bekele:
Zinedine Zizu Zidane! U never seized to amaze us! Congrats to you and RM!
Muhamad Pandriansyah
Muhamad Pandriansyah:
Champions 34
Lucky Irish
Lucky Irish:
The Real Champs in the world 🗺
Madrid congratulations 🎊 best of future titles
Irakli Samsonia
Irakli Samsonia:
29' Karim Benzema (1-0); 77' Karim Benzema (Pen. 2-0); 84' Vicente Iborra (2-1)
Người yêu Nước Việt
Người yêu Nước Việt:
Congratulations Real Madrid, Congratulations Zidane!
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt:
My goodness!! Zinedine Zidane is truly blessed!!! Amazing track record 👏 braaavoooo! This man is not done amazing football fans yet
ɦaʏʟɛʏ ʟɨsa
ɦaʏʟɛʏ ʟɨsa:
Congratulations To Real Madrid To Become Champions La Liga Season 2019/2020 🏆
Emily Redfarn
Emily Redfarn:
BEEN EXCITED 😊 FOR THE LAST 4 match games! Come on real!!!
Слава Хомяков
Слава Хомяков:
Российские болейщики Реала, поздравляю вас с заслуженным чемпионством, HALA MADRID
Tu Ho
Tu Ho:
Congratulations! Zidane is really a great coach🤗🤗🤗
Mike Dale
Mike Dale:
Good manager and a club that’s bringing in the right players and investing in younger players. Real Madrid will dominate Spain for the next few years while Barcelona attempt to rebuild after becoming an absolute shambles.
ab10 kg
ab10 kg:
Congratulations Real Madrid fans with amazing league victory! With huge respect from Barca fan!)))
Luke Tube
Luke Tube:
Real didn't win this year, it's Barca that had lost.
One more thing: Ramos stay at home instead of do those tricks...
Barca DZ tv
Barca DZ tv:
Wooooow Goal Of Villareal Is Amazing
Goat Messi 10 Liga
Realmadrid 3 Liga
Forever VLOG
Forever VLOG:
Thank You Mr Zidane
Charlie Charlie
Charlie Charlie:
It seems insane to me that Real Madrid get another go at it just for completely failing it the first time.
Zubair Ibn
Zubair Ibn:
First time a team won the league thorough penalties 😅
Mas A
Mas A:
Liverpool fan here congrats on being Spanish Champions!
Royal Fists
Royal Fists:
*M A D R I D*
Marcos Roberto Oliveira
Marcos Roberto Oliveira:
Parabéns Real Madrid!!! Maior clube do mundo👏👏👏
Now that we capture la liga zizou should start focusing on man city
Subdit Secret Number
Subdit Secret Number:
Hala Madrid.... Congratulation~~ Congratulation~~ Vamos~~~
Kareem Lewis
Kareem Lewis:
Even though Madrid had some questionable wins with VAR they’ve been the most solid team in la liga. My Barcelona team has been playing really sloppy, not the Barcelona we all love and know. I hope my team doesn’t end up like Arsenal 😭
endy Macedo
endy Macedo:
Campeones!!! #HalaMadrid ❤
B D:
Zidane saved his job 💪🏿🦾✍🏾
1 Gol
1 Gol:
Kiệt Võ
Kiệt Võ:
Congrats Real Champion La Liga 2019/2020 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Nihat Hamidov
Nihat Hamidov:
Freitas Freitas
Freitas Freitas:
Jotei do pênalti 💪💪
सुन्दर नेपाल beautiful nepal
सुन्दर नेपाल beautiful nepal:
Vedio too short 😏 please make more long.. 🙏
khama billiat fans
khama billiat fans:
Akoss Beto
Akoss Beto:
Merci à toi Zidane ✌️
Shinobi_ kein
Shinobi_ kein:
Afonso Bunga
Afonso Bunga:
Halla madrid! Somos campeões
Bless DaPoet
Bless DaPoet:
Feels good good to be champions 💯💯
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo:
Fun fact: Eden Hazard Claims La Liga Before Antoine griezmann, despite being injured and left out the squad
Wlad P Cypriano
Wlad P Cypriano:
Congratulations from a Bangu fan, RJ BRAZIL !!!
Gucciboss10 X
Gucciboss10 X:
My favorite part is when ramos dived good stuff madrid well deserved
Mokhtar Belkaid
Mokhtar Belkaid:
Vive Real Madrid ❤️💐
Василий Васильевич Пупкинг
Василий Васильевич Пупкинг:
Hasta el final, Vamos Real!
sk 87
sk 87:
Doubters : RM won't win trophies without cr7.
Me: you were saying? 😏
Муслим Эдиев
Муслим Эдиев:
My heart in last minutes ☄☄☄
Igor Sulic
Igor Sulic:
How old is Modric? 34 of 24 ?Amazing performance
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt:
Fun fact: Eden Hazard Claims La Liga Before Antoine griezmann, despite being injured and left out the squad
drttyu liqm
drttyu liqm:
Benzema Legend Forever For Real Madrid 👍💯🔝
Mohammad zain gamer
Mohammad zain gamer:
I saw this game on my TV
Aimar Dixneuf
Aimar Dixneuf:
Muchas felicidades al Realadrid por su 34 liga. Muy merecida por cierto. Y siendo culé he de admitir que no a sido una temporada tan buena como la que esperábamos.
Albert No Einstein
Albert No Einstein:
Zidane memang hoki..👏👏👏
Manu 123
Manu 123:
I'm a real fan but Ramos tried copying messi and suarez😂😂
David Cortez
David Cortez:

Jonathan Qeisieh
Jonathan Qeisieh:
I like it how this match was on my birthday
A.Rouv Saifullah
A.Rouv Saifullah:
best zidane ...💪💪
Best zidane...😍💪😇
Best zidane..💕💕
even if there's no cr7 ...
نادي القرن
نادي القرن:
hala madrid from morocco
Pedro Felippe
Pedro Felippe:
Madrid deserved the title. Congrats to them.
Zxenon Nemrod
Zxenon Nemrod:
serdy ximi
serdy ximi:
Robson Pokora
Robson Pokora:
I love real madrid ♥️♥️♥️
grazef6 Motivation
grazef6 Motivation:
Zidane truly is an amazing coach... Still let's not forget how much Courtois has gotten back to his A this season... massive display... congrats madrid
Hy i am real Madrid from indonesia
23 goals conceded in 37 matches is impressive. Shame that _Citeh_ will score at least 4 against them in their UCL eliminator...
paco ramon
paco ramon:
Member when Barcelona was going to win La Liga?
real madrid memang YESS
Alex Hearten
Alex Hearten:
Courtois man of the match gg
Solid _Splitts
Solid _Splitts:
that disallowed third goal was a beauty
Shannon Harris
Shannon Harris:
Congratulations, from a Barca fan. Well deserved 👏
Сабир Нигматуллин
Сабир Нигматуллин:
Congratulations Real Madrid fans!!! I fan Barça
How was that even a penalty?
Marko Cuturic
Marko Cuturic:
We did it👌
Shek Don
Shek Don:
Zidane top
player n coach in the world he prove it