Highlights: Salah and Gini secure victory for the Reds | West Ham 1-3 Liverpool

A brilliant Mo Salah double, and a fine team goal finished off by Gini Wijnaldum was enough to give Liverpool all three Premier League points against West Ham United at the London Stadium.

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100+ comentarios:

That one touch, long range, pinpoint assist tho
Du Wir
Du Wir:
The second Salah goal is pure magic.
The control by Salah in 2nd goal incredible!
Hendi Bird Home
Hendi Bird Home:
akhirnya menang :)
Berita Sepakbola
Berita Sepakbola:
Back to top perform👏
dirty fades
dirty fades:
Second goal is just on another levels😱😭💯
Kick jimmycangga
Kick jimmycangga:
Nazmul Sagor
Nazmul Sagor:
King Salah is back🥰 20+ goals in 4 consecutive season for Liverpool! Still half way of the season! What a player! Top of the leauge with 15 goals! Still 17 match to go!
Raizo rain
Raizo rain:
Salah Did a great job by finishing the goals. but don't forget about those assists and team effort. especially that 2nd goal in counterattack , everything there was perfect.
Fan Site
Fan Site:
Let's just hope Shaqiri stays fit for the rest of the season.. His presence can really make a difference!
That Milner celebration was one of the best moments
the reaper
the reaper:
The second goal is just crazy. Problably one of the best goal of the season
Stephen Vlogs
Stephen Vlogs:
For the second goal. That's our captain running from being a CB in support for Salah. Mad respect. ❤️❤️🙏
Isaac Asamoah Tv
Isaac Asamoah Tv:
Salah first goal is classic and the second one pure team work. Up Liverpool.
Mohamed aamiin
Mohamed aamiin:
that pass from shaqiri was unselfish and world class
Siddhant Kulkarni
Siddhant Kulkarni:
That second goal required less than 5 touches, absolute class 🔥🔥🔥
Muhammad Iqbal Hsb
Muhammad Iqbal Hsb:
Robertson's clearance + TAA's long ball + Shaqiri's accurate pass + Salah's ball control & finishing = all perfect teamwork to become a goal!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥
0:52 just 4 touches for a counter-attack goal amazing play from start to finish
Fatoom Gierdien
Fatoom Gierdien:
Mo Salah and Co...... phenomenal display of soccer genius!!
Well done 👍 YNWA
Slamet Ristiyono
Slamet Ristiyono:
Semangat Senin Slurrr..
Bálor Club
Bálor Club:
That first goal from Salah was absolutely outstanding and stunning that even Goalkeeper will be thinking its impact for a week.
L.A.P.D !
L.A.P.D !:
I love how milner celebrated with klopp after we scored🔥💪
Mo AlFa
Mo AlFa:
The second goal in less than 9 seconds; amazing!
0:47 man look at Salah speed then Shaqiri's pass and then the ball control and goal
Albert Alberto
Albert Alberto:
Come on Jurgen, use Shaq more! Look at that fabulous Assist!
Huseein Bin-Yahya
Huseein Bin-Yahya:
I Love Mo Salah 👑👑
is a world-class player 🤩
Utsav Prabhakar
Utsav Prabhakar:
on the counter, hendo was the first to reach salah. Which means hendo did push forward with all he had so that Liverpool's chances of scoring increase. He is a defender in this game but the passion he has and the effort he puts when he wears a Liverpool shirt is absolutely phenomenal. Proud to have him as captain. :))
Freda asmr-! l
Freda asmr-! l:
The Beautiful line is Milner reacts salah's first goal.
King_ Zeknova
King_ Zeknova:
Firmino could scor it but He has a heart to pass Wijladum and that why they are Named Liverpool❤
Winston Churchill
Winston Churchill:
That two goals from Salah was world class. Just wow!
Robin Mavhunduke
Robin Mavhunduke:
Firmino is still world class, everytime!!
Proud Father
Proud Father:
Classic Salah, Classic All Liverpool Wingback Assist
Avneesh Awasthi
Avneesh Awasthi:
1:12 That back heel from Ox tho
Sheikh Mbaba
Sheikh Mbaba:
Shaqiri, one of my best players ever, I love watching him playing 💪🏾⚽️👏🏾
Jamil Uddin
Jamil Uddin:
lads Mo Salah first player to score 20+ goals in 4 consecutive seasons since Ian Rush, 35Mil..... Bargain, YNWA ❤
: Antypas
: Antypas:
I've watched this video clip probably over twenty times today, and I can't go to sleep.
Mr. NAV 22
Mr. NAV 22:
No Van Dijk
No Matip
No Gomez
No Fabinho
No Keita
No Jota
No Mane
No problem for Liverpool
Layth Barzangi
Layth Barzangi:
That amazing second goal has a lot of similarities with another great goal from last season: You know the one I'm talking about -- our second vs City at Anfield. Trent switching the play wide to the left, but this time it's Shaq to pick it up instead of Robbo, then a perfect left-footed swing into the box and guess who's there at the end of it to score again? 👍
The only thing missing is the crowd.
The second goal was beautiful two perfect passes perfect control tucked away with composure Liverpool are back.
Deluded Fan
Deluded Fan:
I hope Klopp sees that we really need Shaqiri moving forward. Man literally creates something out of nothing
Daniel Dorobantu
Daniel Dorobantu:
In my book, Nat Philips was a beast. Great, amazing team play and goal throughout the whole 90 min, but the way Nat carried himself and ran over West Ham attackers, and everything they tried, he crushed it. I feel bad he didn't have a slight better positioning at that corner, to head over that pass as well, eiterway 100%. He's should get a lot more time on the pitch. Confident, and no nonsense.
Mo second goal was sensational to the extent of covering the magical first goal!
Just A Dude On the Internet
Just A Dude On the Internet:
The way the second goal was scored is absolutely beautiful.
MI axy
MI axy:
What a team play by Liverpool, insane two goals from Mo Salah
Rolla Coasta Ride
Rolla Coasta Ride:
the pass from Arnold is just sheer perfection, and what happens next is the cherry on the cake, team football at its' finest, it's like the harlem globe trotters of football when LFC are on blob, such a treat
Pakkathe Veetu Paiyen
Pakkathe Veetu Paiyen:
That 2nd goal was masterpiece! ❤️❤️❤️
Abhi Dhoundiyal
Abhi Dhoundiyal:
That's why i love Firmino, he's so unselfish player. Always there for his team, such a great team player
Nick Cannon
Nick Cannon:
I Love Hendo's run in the second goal. Guys this man is magnificent. You can see how happy he was after the second goal.

the leader is Hendo!!
Anne Collins
Anne Collins:
Fun fact: salah is now after scoring 20+ goals for 4 seasons in a row! Love you Mo!
That second counter attack from Liverpool is sensational.
Amazing performance! Congratulations everybody!
Robin Mavhunduke
Robin Mavhunduke:
The precision by Shaqiri wow!
Shout-out to Nat Phillips, won nearly every header and overall came in and defended well
Sean McSweeney
Sean McSweeney:
That counter attack is one of the best iv ever seen. quality from start to finish
Just Appu
Just Appu:
the pass from shaquiri was just wow🤗♥️
Mohamed Koraem
Mohamed Koraem:
I can't stop watching the video whenever I see Salah's magic goals❤😍🔥
Deqa Ali
Deqa Ali:
This time we have to back our position number one I can't let Them to see us we are top five I'm sorry we have to back our position Number one Never give up Liverpool We always with you🥳🥳🥳💥 If you lose or We wiiin We don't care Just stay happy🤩🤩💪💯
What's Up
What's Up:
Wish Shaq to be given more time, he's a fantastic player, especially when duoing with Mo👌
Oscar Ahmed official channel
Oscar Ahmed official channel:
2 goals ✅ 3 points ✅ Man of the Match ✅

Mo Salah ❤
John Odande
John Odande:
Now on to Brighton and Man City. Win those two and we're right back on track. Thank you, Red Men. You've put a smile back on my face.
Zulkarnain K.
Zulkarnain K.:
Those passes from Trent and Shaq were amazing.
Shaqiri and chamberlain always make game more alive ... nicely
Nicola Vivarelli
Nicola Vivarelli:
Great and very important victory in a no easy match. Go Reds from Italy
Naftii- hure
Naftii- hure:
Oh my god, Salah is a wonderful player. He must win every award.
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf:
salah still the star i love him 🥰
I hope this club becomes a career place until retirement for the players. stay solid and uphold kinship in the team guys
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide:
That Milner celebration was one of the most best moments
The boys have found the key to unlocking defences again. Love it !
Abdi Mustafa
Abdi Mustafa:
Watched that Salah second goal quit few times. I'm impressed with the control.. doesn't seem too hard for him but its not an easy ball to control
Paskalis Raswantoro
Paskalis Raswantoro:
That process wijnaldun goal was special for me. Haha what a combine pass bobby and ox.
Sharath Bhat
Sharath Bhat:
Clever 1st goal from Salah, thats why he is a constant threat. And what a pass by Shaqiri and first touch by Salah on the 2nd goal.

Man Utd fan who also loves good football
Ginni Moreno
Ginni Moreno:
I can hear hendo screaming all the way down here
Mo Salah, already a Premier League legend, and his best years as a footballer are still ahead of him
Gredi Nainggolan
Gredi Nainggolan:
Shaqiri’s assist to Salah is outstanding.
Mandar Karnik
Mandar Karnik:
The second goal was the best counter attacking goal I have seen this year. Crossfield by TAA, straight back by Shaqiri and placed in goal by Salah after incredible control
Cmon guys, nobody talks about how great and consistent Nat on this game?
Shrikant Chavan
Shrikant Chavan:
Beautiful team work!
Alexander Kenway
Alexander Kenway:
15 goals in the league, 21 overall. Mo Salah needs to be respected more!
Great préformants from the team I love salah’s first goal it’s just his thing to score like this the second goal was awesome team play and Salah new how to catch that ball and lastly origi’s goal was very good too! Liverpool are Premier League CHAMPIONS!
Ahmed Sayed
Ahmed Sayed:
Shaq pass + Salah receiving and shoot 💥 incredible goal from Shaq and TheEgyKing 🔥
Oh my word! This is exceptional 👏
the reaper
the reaper:
Shaqiri pass was absolutly phenomenal
Quanchai Purananda
Quanchai Purananda:
Bobby was so unselfish. Could've gone for goal but passed to Gini for an open shot on goal. Respect.
Dude this was a brilliant match!
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss:
That Milner celebration was one of the most best moments
Wiwik Praptiwi
Wiwik Praptiwi:
Beautifully done by Mohammed salah ❤️
we love when people greet people who score or do some good play
looks beautiful , exciting and STRONG
Ayush Prabhash
Ayush Prabhash:
Have to give Jurgen the credit for today. He's a world-class manager But he's quite stubborn when it comes to formations. He isn't that flexible. Credit to him for trying a midfield diamond today which worked incredibly well.
Rabbit TKO
Rabbit TKO:
One of rhe best counter attacks ive ever seen! 3 passes and scores
aria irta
aria irta:
I find it incredible and somehow hilarious that hendo (as center back in this game) rushing to the opposition goal behind salah (2nd goal)..
Salahs 2nd goal was a thong of beauty. That trap was sensational, and the pass both from Trent and Shaq,👌👌👌👌👌
MANE the Goat
MANE the Goat:
Bobby is back if he gets 15 goals n abit more assists he’s had a good season. It’s jus that he had a blip at the start
Clint Buchi
Clint Buchi:
20+ goals in four successive seasons for Mo. Guess the definition of "one-season wonder" has changed over the years.
Cmon let's do a comeback boys 🔥🔥🔥
What an amazing second goal
Jerrall Ajay
Jerrall Ajay:
What a game this was !!!🔥🔥🔥🔥
Shukoor Hassan
Shukoor Hassan:
That one season wonder continues to wonder every season... 😍
Daniel Fox
Daniel Fox:
That counter-attack was pretty insane and in old Liverpool`s style
Azwar Anas
Azwar Anas:
I couldn't account how many times I watched second goals of mo,
Believe or not make me smile my whole night 😊😊
The Second
The Second:
Shaqiri's pass to Salah was tremendous.. LFC should make him play more