HIGHLIGHTS | Sheffield United 3-3 Manchester United | Premier League 2019/20

Enjoy the best of the action as goals from Brandon Williams, Mason Greenwood and Marcus Rashford saw the Reds drew 3-3 with Sheffield United in the Premier League.

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100+ comentarios:

I strongly dislike Phil Jones as a footballer.

Thanks for the likes. Didn't expect it but it shows the amount of people who think he's garbage.
200000000 subs With no vids
200000000 subs With no vids:
Phil Jones literally is the worst defender ever , look at the first goal
nihar jathar
nihar jathar:
Feel sorry for de gea, gave his best to avoid every goal
Simon nilli
Simon nilli:
James does a lot in the game but no one talks about him .
What a underrated player.
Huz 9
Huz 9:
Just shows how much mctominay is to us
R.nwldn 24s
R.nwldn 24s:
De gea saved us from losing again that’s 4 games now that’s he’s been saving us
Đạt Tiến
Đạt Tiến:
We almost forgot James-the hero works in the silent
Alex Cohen
Alex Cohen:
Dea is amazing I don’t care what anyone says.
Even if he let 3 goals in, he had a great game!
Chris smalling out here scoring 1 goal and getting 2 assists while Phil jones is falling on grass
Ousmane Sow
Ousmane Sow:
Dan James is getting so much better 🔥
ali albaldawy
ali albaldawy:
This is what u get when u start phil jones
Nsuku Baloyi
Nsuku Baloyi:
We should loan Phil Jones to a Championship side😩
naim islam
naim islam:
Phil Jones gives me anxiety as a footballer
The assist by James was wonderful!
The assist by Jones was awful!
Lalrohlu Puia
Lalrohlu Puia:
strongly dislike pereira .too much miss passed.this is what wet get if u start pereira
Williams's been great and we need more players like James
Timotheus H. Nakashona
Timotheus H. Nakashona:
The defence let the team down once again, Williams is turning into some footballer.
Ole buys Maguire to start him alongside Phil Jones🤦🏽‍♂️While Smalling making assists and scoring goals over in Italy
Lê Xuân Bắc
Lê Xuân Bắc:
When I saw Phil Jones, I thought something unlucky was coming.....
I would rather have Smalling over Jones
Fery Ams
Fery Ams:
Why The Hell Phil Jones still play football?

go home Phil Jones, youre Drunk !!
Start Tuanzebe instead of Jones to have a more robust defence!
Rendi Eka Purnama
Rendi Eka Purnama:
Start Jones against Hotspurs and Jose will be delighted.
The Hh
The Hh:
TSAL_ Me me
TSAL_ Me me:
Maguire need an active strong defender playing aside of him
Obihiele Uchendu
Obihiele Uchendu:
And this is what you get when you have JONES at your defence.
Happy Happy
Happy Happy:
Ole did a great mistake by playing Jones instead of Tuanzabay.
Nasser Hossain
Nasser Hossain:
It took us 70mins to realise we were playing football. That game was there for the taking towards the end and go 5th.
Conceding in the last minutes. That’s the new “Classic MU” now...
Mason just loves to score😍
Randy Saputra
Randy Saputra:
Nearly lost, but then almost win.. Jones is another clown
Herez Grishmar Wienanta
Herez Grishmar Wienanta:
De gea plays apick today
If no, i cant imagine how many goals were score
Evelyn Tan
Evelyn Tan:
I would strongly recommend you to put more pro players Manchester United
when i saw jones on the starting XI i felt weird
FC Maniac
FC Maniac:
Best match this season so far imo
Shorty xx
Shorty xx:
Was that last goal for Sheffield a hand ball?
Khalidul Haq
Khalidul Haq:
I feel for Phil Jones, he's such a bad defender. Let him earn his money playing for the B team for now or maybe for the rest of his career.
Tyler Nyika
Tyler Nyika:
When I die of a heart attack you will know its stress from Phil Jones playing for Man U
Etz Germaine
Etz Germaine:
Fred was my man of the match, dude was everywhere trying to make something happen, pereira is clueless and will forever be clueless,, we really need more midfield options more than we need a striker, peace ✌
meika putra
meika putra:
The young manchester united 🤘
Jay Henry
Jay Henry:
Tuanzebe fit = plays Jones
Afiq Harith
Afiq Harith:
I mean what do you expect when you start Jones😂
This was incredibly amazing
Tamiru Getachew
Tamiru Getachew:
JAMES is the best of all including the brilliant De gea !
While Jones still become clown at United, Smaling become Smaldini in Roma.

MU Board : *Seems like we loaned wrong defender lmao*
Paradoxxx Region
Paradoxxx Region:
What the hell, Defender don't have a body balance(jones)?
Phong Nguyen
Phong Nguyen:
What a comeback from Man United! Keep fighting boys 🔥🔥🔥
2:14 Handball
Muhammad Jr
Muhammad Jr:
R A S H F O R D ❤
Akshat Kumar
Akshat Kumar:
When the commentator said "This is classic Manchester united" i literally laughed... Like boy have you even seen classic manchester united?
Servant Of Jesus Christ
Servant Of Jesus Christ:
Each time I re-watch this clip, I end it at when we took the lead smh, Ole is at the edge of the cliff..
Riki Riawan
Riki Riawan:
Phil jones looooool smalling laughing at this
Matt Murray
Matt Murray:
Jones should never play for us again and that was handball!
Aditya Vandy
Aditya Vandy:
Phil Jones please out!
fishing SG's Wild
fishing SG's Wild:
1:17 ... time stood still for 2 seconds!! mental strike
Ashish Sachdeva
Ashish Sachdeva:
Same mistake again
Substitute forward fr definder
Did it against liverpool : late goal
Dit it against s united : late goal
Let it be simple n keep attacking
Idol David De Gea ♥️♥️,I LOVE DE GEA, He has shown excellent performance
Meme Master
Meme Master:
De gea was the m.o.t.m 4 me as he played really well
Nice game lads on the next
Santumukherjee Mukherjee
Santumukherjee Mukherjee:
0:44 thank me letter 🤨
Khoa Quân Dương
Khoa Quân Dương:
phil jones chilled the atmosphere in bramall lane stadium while our best cb - smaldini was having 1 goal and 2 assists in roma
septian rianto
septian rianto:
Man.Utd becoming like this 😭 I miss you win strike, and face the big club and beat them. Now you struggle so hard. 😭
Tristan DR
Tristan DR:
Imagine Jones got Ballon d’or. He’d somehow find a way to send the ballon d’or trophy ball into his own net
Denis Gheorghe
Denis Gheorghe:
2:03 Man Utd in a nutshell !
Kicker Judge
Kicker Judge:
Semua sayang ole.. always love ole
Just Kabelo
Just Kabelo:
We're proud this🤦🏽‍♂️
Need to improve more❤️
Video ends at 2 minutes
You're welcome.
Nathan Le Guern
Nathan Le Guern:
Phil Jones is a tragic football player.
Peter Rapenda
Peter Rapenda:
Can't ole start greenwood instead of pereira i would love to see how that turns out
Peter Rapenda
Peter Rapenda:
I think we shouldn't have subbed out martial for tuanzebe coz we were playing very well no packing the bus
Statman Dave
Statman Dave:
Dan James ▶️ Marcus Rashford = ⚽️
Jareth Roner
Jareth Roner:
That game was 🔥🔥
Jeremy Cohen
Jeremy Cohen:
Bros listen to me. Besides the mistake leading to the first goal, Jones wasn’t bad
tony stark
tony stark:
When i saw jones in the line up...i shut down my tv n went straight for a cold beer n some hot chicks!!!!
Bernhard Sonn
Bernhard Sonn:
1:20 what a joy😂
Zeljko Antic
Zeljko Antic:
when its 3 in the back its total mess
Steve Land
Steve Land:
Once again phil Jones having an impact on the game, so consistent our phil🤣🤣
Michael Rose
Michael Rose:
Yet another Phil Jones masterclass 💩
Jones, Lingard, Fred, Young. Out ajg!
C’était vraiment un gros match j’ai vraiment aimé a le regarder 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👏🏼
Wisnu Nugroho
Wisnu Nugroho:
Solksjaer: No more Phill Jones for the entire of MU match.
SweetTalker & Nonsense
SweetTalker & Nonsense:
Williams may scored an important goal but look at the space he left at the back, terrible defending.
If you take notice just before we scored @1:12 you’ll notice that DJ was going to pass to Andreas but realized we just might lose possession🤦🏽‍♂️happy he decided to just go for it👏🏽
Phil Jones do us all a favor and retire please
Joseph Jordisson
Joseph Jordisson:
Dissapointed match, but well done United👏
1:11-2:02 if you want to stay happy
Muhd Firdaus
Muhd Firdaus:
Classic ManU. Drawing with other mid table teams
Alekz Paz
Alekz Paz:
2:00 this is Manchester united... After 10 seconds.. this is the real Manchester united :-)
Yousef Ahmed
Yousef Ahmed:
Why go all out in the 70th minute seriously should have done that in that at the start. We made them look like Barcelona in the first half
Tb M Andzar Azka
Tb M Andzar Azka:
Cmon! One step closer to be back as king of comeback!🔥
moha arab
moha arab:
lion man United ❤
Bear Music
Bear Music:
Please, 🙏 Jones go away
Martin Fabbah
Martin Fabbah:
Even if Man Utd drawn i love seeing this match
timo rammy
timo rammy:
0:41 why is jones so far put of position ?!!
สมพงค์ ศรีโพนทอง
สมพงค์ ศรีโพนทอง:
Abd Hkm
Abd Hkm:
lord jones action this weekend you must silent and you see him show next match v astana wkwkwkwk
Langgeng Wicaksono
Langgeng Wicaksono:
Sayang ole 💙
Arnav Mangal
Arnav Mangal:
0:43 waits two seconds, then gets up 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Vikito Awomi
Vikito Awomi:
Ole Out Woodward out
Mark Leacock
Mark Leacock:
Intense game , everyone looked so hungry for goals